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How to create an Online Server using Digital Ocean

Attreya Bhatt, Developer

How to create an Online Server using Digital Ocean

Attreya Bhatt, Developer

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    • 1. Create a Digital Ocean server

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About This Class

In this video we are going to learn how to create a cloud server on digital ocean. Digital ocean is a website where you can create servers. But before we get into the actual process of creating a server lets discuss what a server is.

A server or a cloud server is just a remote computer that never gets turned off. Because it is never turned off people over the internet can access it anytime. A server also has a static IP. 

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Attreya Bhatt



When I was a kid I saw this YouTube video on how to make a folder invisible on Windows. I have never looked back since then. My love for technology has only grown.

I started with security since that was one of the areas that fascinated me. Then i went on to win the award for designing using Photoshop at Cofas '2012. On the destructive side, I always made scripts that used to mess up the systems at my school. I was almost suspended. I learned my lesson and vowed to do only constructive things. To make people aware of security issues, along with 2 friends started a Facebook page and group called YAP

To make things more interesting Web development came into my life which helped me get into the most prestigious chapter at my college IEEE. This helped me master different things... See full profile

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1. Create a Digital Ocean server: All right, guys, welcome back. In this future, we are going to learn how to create a cloud server on distant ocean. Distant ocean is a website where you can create servers where before you get into the actual process of creating a so let's discuss or the server is a servo are clouds over. It's just a remote computer or a laptop that never gets turned off on because it is never turned off. People over the Internet can access it any time. A silver also has a static. I'd be address that issue. The I P address never changes. Now that we have discussed what the soul is, let's get into the process off creating a So so the next thing that I want you to do is go to the traditional ocean platform on, have a look around, just get the feel of it. What about we'll be using their distribution platform to create a several. Now the next thing we are going to do is that we are going to open other link, which is going to give you $10 free vote off credits, and you'll be able to follow along this tutorial for free So I want you to goto this link on, then press enter on. Just give you a little bit of time to face to slink on your browser, and then you can press enter. It will take you to the distant ocean website if you go. If you went to that link, it's my reference link and you'll get $10 3 Word of credits. Now you can sign up on the sign up process is pretty easy, so I'm not going toe. Get into that. But what I'm going to do is I'm going to logging into my own account because I'm already signed up. I'm just going to put in my email address my boss would, after you have logged and you'll be taken to a page, which you look somewhat like this on distant ocean servers are called droplets, so the next thing that we are going to do is creator, so that is, create a droplet. So we're going to click on create droplet after taking on that you would see a paid somewhat like this First option is a juice on image. That is what kindof operating system do you want on your so we'll go with Hogan Do latest version that the 16.4 and that's it. Then we'll do the size off. What kind off are removed? Computer. What kind of specifications? Off a remote computer or remorse. So I should be. So I'm going just going to choose the newest one because we don't need that much. If you signed up under distintos in black from using that a friend link that I gave you, then this shouldn't be a problem on. Even if you did not, it's $0.7 but are there's not going to be a problem because they are not going to be using their self for long, so you can just use this option. Then it's going down and it gives us an option off. I'd block storage. You're not going to choose this option. Then we are going to choose our data center region. Deport or one off New York should be fine, but you can choose any off the sewers that are closest to your city. Or you can choose Adidas in the region where a lot off traffic on your website on yourself is going to be coming from and there's going to live in the New York. You can do the same and then it has some additional options off private networking backups and other stuff you're not going to do Stack. Then we're going to get to the new option off idea or, ssh, kids, we are going to get back into it after we complete all the below stuff. The next option say's how maney droplets do we want that disharmony servers to we want. We can click on this plus size on. It's going to show it is going to give us more so us what we want only one sour. So we are going to live it one droplet and then we're going to choose the name. Let's give it the name off. Uh, connection, uh, new good. And that's it. Then you're going to get back to OAG your ssh keys. Now, what is this? SSG ASUs keys are required to connect to your So if you don't add a SSG, which you can do what we do, you will get a email which will have your user name status the root on your password on you'll be able to lock in through those user name on that password into your solo. But we're not going to do that because if you are in Windows, it's really difficult to place the password because it's strictly a really long. So instead of that, we are going to use the SS is cheese, which is actually more secure. So SS keys basically give you gives your two keys private key and public E that you have to taste in. So if you click on new SSG, you can see that there's an option off assess its key content on its name. The next thing we are going to do it install something known as 40. So what we are going to do is they are going to close the staff and then we just go to Google on type in 40 press end off. I will go to the first link. It's a free s a search until late applying for Windows. We're going to click on that. I don't know pretty over here. We're going to click on down or 40. If you are one windows. This is required to connect to your soul. But if you are only knocks, you can just s SS to it directly. But as I'm on windows, I'm going to show you how to do it. Your Windows version. Now, if you're using the 32 bit version, you can download this link, but my computer is 64 bit, so I'm going to download this link harder. You know, this bit is your computer. You can just go to my computer, right, click on it and click on properties. I don't show you whether your computer is talking to Big are 64 big now? They're just going to install this party. We can save this fight. I'm only being installed it on my computer, so I'm not going to do that. But the installation process is pretty simple. Just make sure that you remember where you installed the files. So I've been stored my party in my folder, so I'm just going to search for it on these are the files off my body. So I'm just going to click on putting or dxy double click on it. I will open up this problem now. It has some kind off fears the first field, its host name or the I P address, which we need to put in under port address on If we go to the connection. It's a such assistance. By the way, stand for Secure shin, huh? On if it look on what? There is a part which saves private key file for authentication on. We need toe. Give this file toe putting Now before we go any further, If you are a leaners are Mac user. What I want you to do is go to your district ocean with black form very river, creating a new droplet on We're going to right click on how to use a says it's keys on. It will give you a guide off how to use it in this case if you're on the Lennox or Makris black form and you can just follow this guide along. But if you are on Windows, you can use the other guide that is this cape and I'm just going to right click on it. I'm open in a new top and you can just follow along this guy or you can just follow along the video, which I am currently doing. So as you can see, the US told us to install 40 and 40 j on if you go to our folder or 40 you can see that there is fine called region, which has been installed automatically, Woody. So now we'll be falling along in the Windows platform. But if you're on Lennox or Mac, make sure that you follow along with the Skype on, you won't have to even download 40. So the next thing we are going to do is just open up the teaching. Let me just close it up, actually, so that I can open it up again. On this is the Patijn platform. The next thing we need to do is create a private file private and a public key pair. So what we're going to do is click on Generate and then just called and drop it. We've just randomly move on mouse in a blank area on. It's going to generate a public and the private key for us. The public. He needs to be basted on the distribution platform. So this is Stuckey's rehab generated. This is the public E Alistair. So now we're going to do is we are going to save the public E. Let's actually save it on the deck. Stop. I'm we're just going to name it public. I'm going to save it on. Then we're going to save the private key. Are you sure you want to save this key without a passport to protect it? Yes, that's fine. We're just going to save it. On the next Off on. We're going to call it private. It's going to be saved with the extension off PPK going to click on Save On now. We have generated the public and the private key for us There is this para meter off Sadie s A. You don't have to really very about it. Let it just remain to the fort at us. The Odyssey, another region in the public and the private. We were going to paste the public e on our dissolution black form that we're just going to copy this on peace. This where it says how to use skis just going to paste it on. As you can see, the red color disappears and this name cannot be black. You can name this anything. They're just going to name it Project. Are you going to click on add Ssh! Key advocacy in your facilities there is a new key corporate key. If you don't see the window King. Don't worry about it. This whole, the key that I created earlier. So that is why it's string over here. Now that you have created the Project E, we are just going to click on create, which is going to create a droplet photos or a server for us. After its completion, you will be able to see that the droplet has been created and is showing us the I P address . You're just going to click on copy. But actually before that, we have to do one more thing. We have to go to our duty, not Gordijn. We'll have to goto 40 on in a SS edge, which stands for execution. We're going to go toe ought on. We are going to give it the private key find for authentication. So I just went to click on browse. They're going to go to a dead stop restored a private faith on this is the private or people. Okay, we're going to open it up on then we're going to go back to our session. So if you know distances on message button on, if you don't have the settings, don't worry about it. These are from my previous projects on. We're going to put paste the host name or here, so I'm just going to copy it on. I'm going to go to my party protection and I'm going to paste it over here on the court and limited to 22. Now you can save this. We can just call it new project so that we don't have to do it again and again on we can save it on. As you can see, a new project sitting has added over here. Don't we have done everything that we wanted on? We're just going to click on open now. I'm going to give us this pretty security alert. Just click on. Yes, I'm logging us. You'll have to put the user name as root press enter. I know we have successfully locked in tow. So So, guys, this is pretty much it for this video. In this video we learn how to create a server using digital ocean. We learned about ssh keys on how to open up our server using this terminal off 40. Now that we're in the terminal, we can do anything, for example, begin typing ls and we can see all the kind of folders that are in right now. There are no folders, so we can just create a folder by using M k d. I knew on we can not open Ellis on as agency. The new folder had been created. So now we are going to do more off stuff with this. So in the future videos where we go into how to create something known as a diversion in a project But that is in the next section. So you don't have to really very about it right now. So we also learned about ssh Keys on. Lastly, we learned about how open the stuff up and dominant. So guys, to see, pretty much it for this video, I'll see you in the next one.