How to create an Etsy Listing that converts! | Filipa Rebelo | Skillshare

How to create an Etsy Listing that converts!

Filipa Rebelo, Creative Soul | Small business Owner

How to create an Etsy Listing that converts!

Filipa Rebelo, Creative Soul | Small business Owner

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5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. All About Etsy Listings INTRO

    • 2. All About Etsy Listings TITLES and TAGS

    • 3. All About Etsy Listings CATEGORY and ATTRIBUTES

    • 4. All About Etsy Listings DESCRIPTIONS

    • 5. All About Etsy Listings FINALE

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About This Class

Hello fellow Etsy seller!

If you have an Etsy shop or are planning to open one, in this class - How to create an Etsy Listing that converts! - We'll be talking about the importance of the written content in a Listing and how that content plays an important part while creating a good Listing with potential to convert in terms of views and sales.

In this class, you'll also get tips and tricks regarding:

  1. How to write good Titles and Tags
  2. The importance of Categories and Attributes
  3. Why are Descriptions important to build the story of your Listing

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Filipa Rebelo

Creative Soul | Small business Owner


Hello! My name is Filipa, I’m 32yo and I’m from Lisbon, Portugal - I'm Portuguese and England is my home since 2012.


I started studying Arts when I was 14 at Antonio Arroio Secondary School of Arts in Lisbon and between 2006-2010 I started and completed my Fine Arts Degree at the University of Fine Arts in Lisbon.


I'm also a mum to a wonderful 6yo daughter and married with a great guy I met almost 14 years ago!​


I've worked in Retail after University, was an Art Teacher for a whole academic year at a Primary School in Lisbon while studying for my Master in Art... See full profile

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1. All About Etsy Listings INTRO: If you have an IT shop and you want to improve your listings, then this video is for you. Hi, my name is Philippa. I am an artist and I have an IT shop called people crowds. I opened my shopping 2016, and I sell costume portraits. I also sell illustrations, digital prints, and I do have made planners do. In this video, I wanted to help you to create listings that will perform better in search and it will potentially converting to more sales too. 2. All About Etsy Listings TITLES and TAGS: Listings are a combination of two factors. We have the written content and we have the visual content. The written content is all the information that we type to describe the listing. The visual content is the photography. It's how we visually present the project. At the listing that is packed with valuable and essential information, tends to perform better and will rank higher on Etsy search. And now let's talk all about the written content. I'm talking about titles, tags, categories, attributes and descriptions. A title myths describe your listing. And we do that by using relevant keywords, keywords out words that accurately describe what your project is while writing your titles be intuitive and the best tip I can give you is to think has the buyer and now has a seller. I know it might sound weird, but it actually works. Think what keywords would Abaya type in search bar to try and find your product. Think Has a buyer, not as a seller. For example, costume kids portrait. The first phrase of chosen is basic but relevant and descriptive to what the product is. Used. Phrases instead of single words, phrases are more specific and more descriptive. Single words are fraud and they are very vague. They won't give the buyer enough information about your listings. Single words are not specific enough for your projects. Costume kids, portrait is more specific, but it will perform better than just portrait. By typing both options, we can see that custom kids portrayed has less results available while portrait only has a wide number four results, less results in a buyer's search. You're actually more likely to be found unselected. Create a list of keywords. This part is essential to come up with unique, exclusive, and specific keywords. To give a title to your listing. I start by looking at my project and think Has a buyer, and then I start writing options. They can be Basic, they can be more specific. And then I will start to combine so from that list to create unique phrases. For example, for a baby portrait, I will look at it and outside writing, I can see maybe the child to portrait. Then I'll start to think about materials. It's a watercolor painting. It's a portrait. Maybe I'll save that for once. I have that list of single words, I start combining some of those key words to create specific, relevant phrases during your search. To create phrases between 24 will be the most relevant and the most specific to your listings. Using comments will help your title to look simple, clean, and read. The first three words in your listings title are the first thing about your reads. For example, costume kids portrait. I'm using a multi-word phrase That's quite descriptive but readable at the same time. It's not super complex. It says what the listing is. So the first words in your title must be spot on in terms of description. Now, do not name your listing untitled. Although you were giving a title and name to your maybe not to your listing, but to the product in your listing on title or a phrase that is very specific to you or has a special meaning to you. Untitled is not a useful keyword to be used in description when you're adding value and you're adding written content to your listing, you can actually tell the story of your project. I've named it and title for this disease or that reason. It's a chi in description if you give the body of that inflammation. But when you're thinking about titles, you want something searchable, it's very unlikely for a buyer to go to the search bar and type untitled, untitled print, title, painting. I'm typing in search the word untitled. And you will see that if you're looking for a piece of jewelry, for example, or an illustration, this search results will be far from what you want. This is not a critique to these specific listings named this way. This is just to show you how unlikely it is for a buyer to search for untitled. Let's now talk about Tag. Each listing can have up to 13 tags. Used them all, and each tag has 20 characters available to use, like titles, multi-word tags performed better than single words. Tanks are a great opportunity to add finer details about your listing. Dike, style, colors, texture, theme titles to describe what the project is. Tags are also a good opportunity to describe and going into finer details. And we can now add who is the product for. That's where we will get tags like Mother's Day, gifts for mom, gifts for dad, gifts for grandparents, et cetera, while he writing tax. Don't worry about misspellings singular or plural words. If biotypes that typo, don't worry because Etsy surge will rectify and will redirect to sharper the correct words that they meant. Don't add multiple languages in your tags. Tags, titles, all the written content in your list thing should be in the same language that you set it up. Your Etsy shop. 3. All About Etsy Listings CATEGORY and ATTRIBUTES: Categories and subcategories are available at the beginning of the process. While you are creating a listing, Etsy is a marketplace and a marketplace needs at catalog, it needs sections to separate the different products that are on their platform. There is a wide variety of products on 80. So exceeds u has a seller to tell them as best as you can what your project is. So they know on which section child they place your listings. A category also act has a tag additionally to your 13 tags that you type them in. Category will also convert into an additional tag category is based on what your product is. If you are listing a portrait or an illustration that is dedicated to a couple, your listings category will be arts and collectible. Your product in this specific case, cannot be a gift for couples, because even though it is a gift for the couple, it's no. Project is. Subcategories are part of the categories. A subcategory adds value to your listing in the sense that it's helping you to be as articulate and has descriptive, has you can be. And if a buyer only select arts and collectibles, just because you are also in a subcategory, Don't worry. So if a boy you select a bigger category, you will also show up Bing search attributes that add extra details to your listing. They also act like tags while you are creating your listing. For some reason, there is no category or no attribute that you find relevant to your listing, then don't add it. There is no boast in search. If you use categories and attributes or if you don't, categories and attributes help your listing to have value and more information. 4. All About Etsy Listings DESCRIPTIONS: To me, descriptions work like a bridge, a bridge between me and the buyer regarding my product. I hope this makes sense, is it makes sense to me. You can tell the buyer more about the project, tell the story about the product, contextualize the buyer boat as it does for other benefits. Why do you think it's falling? Verbal descriptions must be informative, but they don't have to be extensive. They must be essential, informative, readable, Israel, ideally, they should be short but engaging. You are talking with a potential buyer of your products. In description, go for easy to read and informative content, provide essential information. At the top has the first 160 to 500 characters are all. You can see before clicking to read more. In my descriptions, I like to use the title. I make a quick suggestion has how great the product is, has a personalized gift for someone or occasion. And I reinforced details I find important. We can also add anything like size, dimensions, color's direction, products, history, et cetera. Lc surge does no take into consideration the descriptions. So descriptions do not add value in the sense that they won't help you rank higher or lower in surge. On the other hand, Google search does take into consideration what you add in your listings description, which is very curious, and we will be talking about it in a different video. So I'm now on my Etsy shop. I've selected the section of my watercolor portrait, and I'll show you how I've placed all the essential written information on my listing to increase its value. And give has many info as I can to a potential buyer who clicks. In this listing, I have the title with three to four short phrases separated by commas to make it easy to read. We can see that it is handmade. It shows the materials and the dimensions. All this information was given while creating the listing and filling the attributes boxes. Below there is the description written by me has a breach to use my own words to reach the buyer. Introducing the project. I like to give a bit of context including details. The fact I accept costs orders, the 5D is listing and all my products are for personal use only. I have links in description as well for other relevance products in my shop. And at the end, we can see all the 13 tags I've added for this listing, plus the category that has a said before. Also, act has a tag. In this case, it's art and collectibles, followed by a subcategories, which are painting and watercolor. 5. All About Etsy Listings FINALE: We have completed the first video all about how to improve your listings in a way that they will perform better and rank higher in search. Next video will be focused on SEO, what it is, and also how Etsy search works. Everything is evolving all the time. So our listings are also evolving and we need to keep a closer eye. This is a constant work in progress. I hope you found some useful, valuable tips and tricks in this video, I would love to hear from you. I hope to see you on my next video. Bye bye.