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How to create a water & soap effect - Procreate App

teacher avatar Stephanie Neto, My Prints Collection | iPad Lettering

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Water Effect - Learn how to create this effect with the Procreate App

    • 3. Soap Effect - Learn how to create this effect with the Procreate App

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About This Class

Hello lettering lovers and welcome to another skillshare class.

If you are new in this digital lettering world, make sure to check the class

"iPad Lettering - Become a Procreate Pro"

In this class, you will learn how to create a water effect on your lettering, as well as a soap effect.

As a bonus, you can download for FREE the materials that I am using for free, the link is down below:


You will find a cool soap brush effect and a tile the background that I will be using.

Make sure to download the supporting materials and follow the videos (a bonus video was added if you're confused on how to install the files and brush).

Check the Ribbon & Outline Procreate Brush Set - HERE

I can't to see how far your creativity goes.

Make sure to publish your projects here on Skillshare or tag @myprintscollection if you decide to publish your art work on Instagram.

Happy drills and let's get started.


Disclosure: this tutorial is based on Abbie Nurse's amazing tutorials

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Stephanie Neto

My Prints Collection | iPad Lettering


Hello there and welcome!

I'm Stéphanie, a self-taught letterer, love enthusiast of digital lettering and the creative behind My Prints Collection.

Every Tuesday, I share a new tutorial and freebies. I'm known on Instagram for my sarcastic and creative quotes.

Check them out for daily inspiration: @myprintscollection and make sure to subscribe to my Newsletter for more tutorials, freebies and updates.

Happy drills

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1. Intro: Hello, Lettering lovers and welcome to another skill share class. I'm so excited to have you here. If you are new in this digital lettering world, make sure to check out the class. IPad lettering become a pro Craig Pro. The link is down below. In this particular class, you will learn how to create a water effect on your lettering as well as a so perfect As a bonus, you can download the materials that I'm gonna use during dese tutorials for free. The link is also done below. You will find a cool so Broch effect and a tired background that i'll be using. Make sure to download the supporting the tea rose and follow along the videos. In these courses, I'm gonna use a particular set of brushes called the ribbon and gloss procreate brush set that you can check out. You don't need to purchase them, but you can have a look and see how cool and quick it can speed up the process off your designs. I can wait to see how far your creativity goes. Make sure to publish your projects here on skill share or attack my friends collection. If you decide to publish your artwork on Instagram's Happy drills and let's get started 2. Water Effect - Learn how to create this effect with the Procreate App: for this tutorial. I'm gonna use the I've been with second generation. Want a 9.7? I'm gonna use this apple pencil, which has this nice cover and celebrate. So that's open right up on the plus sign a new campus. I'm gonna choose the script. So far, this effect, I already have the word quote ready to go. So I'm going to my gallery. Actions add insert a photo camera roll and we are going to dress form this under this, this quote, a cool water effects. So for that, I'm gonna open a my layers. Add a new layer and click. Hold drag. On that time, I didn't slap lettering. So my own my guy didn't swamp. I'm going to the creasy apostasy so I can see what I'm doing. Nuclear. I'm gonna choose a Call it so that. And now we are going to go over my lettering. She creates an outline of this quote itself. I'm gonna go to my brushes. I'm gonna use the woman. Brushed the model. I'm brush over already, comes great, just selected and just decide. Thing is, and I'm gonna go over my quote. It doesn't have to be perfect it could be a little bit sloppy because it's kind of them. One of the great things about one. It's not precise as she's so and you need this that's over. I have my first word ready, and then I'm gonna that Holt drag to feel I'm gonna do this process to the remaining quote . - I also just want to quickly go through one thing that you guys is ever available. If you want to check out, you don't need Teoh a glass and everyone in glass procreate brush sets. So instead of going mentally over my lettering, you can go and check out that set of brushes and what the such thus is. So what the set those is. You have a couple of brushes. Let's go and it helps you out. Go on, then, Own set. You have Ben. It's just closed caps that we have and then leads. Raise your tools. I'm just gonna open just track. And if there's something that you don't find just But yeah, this is another set of brushes. You don't have to use it as an option to just, but you can use them over nine. So let's go back to your brushes and you add this water issue fact, I'm gonna drop drops. Design guidance project is ready together. So I'm gonna go to my layers to beat the guidance. And right now I'm gonna add in your hair and the one that we wrote our quote I'm gonna rename it and call it positive on the top one. I'm gonna rename it and call it thing is gonna be helpful. So you cannot. So you will know which layer I'm talking about. What we are working on leave progress in this project. So genetic negative. Have a salmon collar. I'm just gonna hate me here, Bill Layer And it feels with color. I'm gonna go to my positive one select go back to the anyone as clear. So what this does is by using the letters, I'm saying that I want to change theirs. And on a colorful campus, I wanna delete everything except the background. So I wanna delete my lettering. So this is the negative. Like a photo. This is a positive. This is negative. So I'm gonna select those. So I have this one and I sweat, uh, right. And you see two colors and I'm gonna group them. So he's one of the main groups that we are going t So on top of this group, I'm gonna add three more layers Three layers that we are gonna work on our will be shadows , the coloring, the pop, the water. In fact, the shadow effects the glass back a love this intersection So let's go to the first created rename it and call it wides Negative. Then let's go to the 2nd 1 Which country? Name and call it last one. Rename it and call it posit So how this is gonna work So the what? Negative It says what? Negative. So why is it called That we're gonna use negative is the way that we have any So bear with me weren't Let's go here and select What about to the layers Negative. We're gonna selection negative layer like here click select Go back to my wife thing and a player Click on the options and feel layer You can see so yeah, it feels of a with whites Let's go to this one back name So I'm gonna choose to call a black go back to my layers Negative. We're gonna use negative value. So again, click here and then select. Go back to the black Negative and a big field layer. And what exactly? And no last one, the black positive. So the color is black? Positive. We're gonna go to the positive layer here, select back to the black positive. And what about you? So now that we have the wife and the white and black negative and positive we are going, Teoh, adjust the blending The Goshen Lower off the light yourself. On the 1st 1 whitening it is connected. You're gonna give trump options here, do the adjustments and clashing blur way. I gonna hop until we hit person. Okay, this next, like the black negative Black Negative. We are going to get you to the investments that clashing blur and increase until 15% against. Then on the back. Negative. We are gonna swipe left and forget this one going back positive. Turn it on that skill. Same process Adjustments blushing blue and increase until you get to 20%. In order for us to see what we what we are doing and help us moving layers and continue with process, we are gonna go to the background call is a background layer and changed to a colorful warm Could be a finish so eight will help So let's go, Teoh 1st 1 white native turn it on and I'm gonna decrease benefits and then select And we are going Thio Thio the bottom left. So I'm gonna pretty use, like, into the corner. I'm gonna just a little bit much, okay? And now we are gonna go to our layers and we are going to go to the negative layer it select, and on the white negative, we're gonna click here and click clear. And as in Siege Eats makes this white, um, effect on the edges of our luxury, but it still doesn't look like a war. In fact, let's get going. Now we are going to go to our first black negative site. So the black negative layer here we are gonna way are gonna move this player, do the bottom right bottom right. So select here you can use the corner and the diamond. That's why we've used another color so that you can see that moved it. So that's a little bit like this. You're going back to life Does go to show negative player. Please select. Go back to the first black Negative on. We're gonna select your layer. So what this does is to create a black shadow on your train Back on this getting way are getting that effect. But let's keep going. So on the second black negative layer way are gonna go to our negative select, Go back to our second back, negative player, and click clear what this does is it creates and outside after design, black out and let's go, Teoh last on the black Positive. So the black positive way are going on here Selective and moved to the bottom. Right? Thing is for your shadow. Okay, okay. Way are gonna go to our layers, select positive and go to the black positive and leg clear. So this makes a shadow of the effect of this oneness to make a shaft to make the shops more alive. So this is what this looks like that just turned this off. So you're getting a couple of other adjustments. So on the white negative layer, we are going to change the blending modes. Please. On the end of a year, go to contrast. And over life black negative. The 1st 1 click it's gonna hear contrast overnight and then black Negative Click on the end . Go to the darkened and in your hearts You can decrease or increase. You're positive as you can see it. So if the fact that is gonna do as you can see here the black underline so it will decrease or increase the line is that you have a year. That's so 100% will be like this. That me turn it to 50%. And we can't just this one player if you want. It really depends on the background that we are gonna use later. So and then last one, the black positive that's killed Jews capacity dark in the neighborhood and then see it decreases or increases the shadow that we have underneath our lettering. So I'm gonna turned to 70%. We can go back to these adjustments after, uh, having a backgrounds. So this is looking good. But that's, um add a little bit more tress. Let's go to our lives. On top of all those, let's create two more like these layers that we are gonna that we've created. We're gonna use, creates and inner glow within our water effects. Um, veteran. So the first day, that way we're gonna rename it and call it, and then they're above it. We're gonna rename it and call it glow help. So on the globe, we are gonna go select the color white clothes, go back to the positive value hit, select, go back to the glow layer, hit I feel like and then go help. This is just for guidance. We're gonna choose a color. You're gonna choose the positive layer select to get back to our health. And I feel like so far, this is just forward guidance that we're gonna use this by a bench. We are going to delete it. So on our glow help, we are gonna select a health and move the layer to the bottom. Right. So, like this because he can see you can stop use. You can see that a whites, um hello appears underneath. But now way are gonna go to the low layer. Select. Go to our low layer and his age. Clear now, let's go back to our health and selected again. Moved the layer to the top left so a little bit almost covering everything back. And what we're gonna do is go to the little help select up on your screen and you see here the injury site. So right now what it collects is it's selecting only the letters and not the background. We want the other way around. We want to do so like the background, except that drink. So, like Gilbert and I don't know if you can see the effect right here, but it hurts what we want. We go to our global air and come here. Exactly. So let's reach our glow help here. So as you can see way that red light, it will create this white effect here. So on this tire, we're gonna click that little liar click select weed and an eraser tool. We are gonna correct. Just so I want in. And you know, I'm gonna just like this, Tom, you're passively waiting edges. Now, wait on our global year after doing this, just when we are going to go to our passion for an increase of 11% then blending options way are gonna go, Teoh. And so, as you can see, is crazy school, um, low effects on your lettering. So this is looking very good. Let's go here and we are going Teoh a background for this back. If you check the thing dumb below, you have a link that you can go to and have a free brush and a free background, said Eugen. Doubt both and used for your project. So when you go to the link will download this file. So I'm going to my photo photo camera Roll on. You have a cold tile effect. I'm going to scream on subjects and you know you have underneath the lettering is a fact. So let's see. Remember when I said about the adjustments of let's go to the black negative the second back negative beggar and change your capacity to see if I want to increase decrease 50% is it really depends on your background. Then you have to adjust so and the black monkey player that's going please. So if I want a more shadow less shadow so I'm gonna and you already have this amazing effects See how it looks like water is on top of tile much. So just at the final touch, I'm gonna go Teoh my positive liar. Clegg Select. Go back to the background layer, and then I'm gonna use a whole A feature of preparation. H is called Created five acquitted by and we are gonna use the expendable. So what this does, you can really reduce or increase the size of the pressure. So since this to make a more realistic effect, I'm gonna increase where way have an interception like this. Specs. Very. I will expend what's a lick spent our backgrounds. And here's that. Here's a cold weather effect on your lettering so you can see that you increases here. 3. Soap Effect - Learn how to create this effect with the Procreate App: so far on this tutorial, we're gonna use the I bet for 9.7 2nd generation eat pencil, which has this nice cover and it's open appropriate up on Thank on the outside. And you can I'm gonna choose Screen size is good and, uh, you can check building down below the first up we are going used to make this certain effects is available of Fordham of free and also the ground us we are going to use. So I already have those on my bed. So I'm gonna add background photo as a reset and I'm going at it's a scream. And then for this project, I already have the quote ready to go the words. So I'm gonna go to my gallery into found camera roll and I think here So we're gonna trust from this back venturing into a still be so for this I'm gonna And then you layer hold drag underneath My turned your price capacity of my guidance down so I can see what I'm doing You're back to the new layer created on I'm gonna choose a color Let's go with King and I'm gonna select my a monoline brush These fresh comes already weedy app so you can use it. Let's go here. Let's see. Size. This is good. And we are gonna create an absinthe off my lettering so that you're my age and then tap, hold track. And it's, um, letter. I also have a said step chicken. Check out schools Ruben and close brush sets. And I'm gonna quickly show you can check them out if you want, But you can use them on the line brush as well. It's perfectly fine, but just gonna show how it can speed up to office. So on my brush up, I go to my last thin See the size this kids? No. So what it does, it helps you rate. - Okay , Now I'm gonna go to the same set on the best way and now weighs a fresh. So it's easier and quicker brunch. You can always use a brush. Heads need guidance physicians, and then the same processes swath. This one I'm gonna call, I'm gonna create. Then I'm gonna go here. You go to a positive, takes you back to my negative fire there at three. First here each second, it's gonna be my my, um, so my bubbly layer I'm gonna use So brush brush is available. You don free making something, does just check it out. I'm gonna connect a white collar going to my brush called. So go back to my Elias ghost. You want to get back to my then wait So one select and then what way? Go tonight, White Negative. Have the wife selection native. So I'm gonna go to my negative value next to my whitening. Negatively. Then I'm gonna go and black back to deep back. Negative, Mayor. My negative, Your six. Select Get you back. Negative. And now we're gonna just like so. Oh, my, What made it? I'm gonna go do my adjustments. Question Blur increasing to 10%. Okay. And my back. Negative. Just minutes. Washington. Now that clean those layers on my back negative. I'm gonna wear on the back. Negative layer, Select way are gonna dry it to the top left. Good. Let's go back years. You know, to negative Neier. Thank selects Go back to back. Negative on. It's clear way are gonna go to our white native layer. Thanks. Six ways, Teoh. Right down. Let's go back to a 1,000,000. Get you the negative fire. Thank you. Back to the white thing and desire. You already see a has the effect. Now, what we're gonna do is three life that created that. Selecting that's group time, click on the group and go to a cool function of the property called five You're gonna select the X two missions are our bubbles. Now I want to create a shadow. So let's go to the public layer, duplicate it whole track, and they have a color back. All right. Soon that much, you can do a pinch for you. So now way. Justin's 12% way are gonna track right now. We are gonna change this bread bending over night, and you can increase our increase. Capacity can decrease or increase. Then you go probably effect years drinks.