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How to create a vision board using PowerPoint

teacher avatar Creative Empowerment, Designer, dreamer, positive thinker!

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Goal Setting

    • 3. Gathering Images

    • 4. Adding Banners

    • 5. Exporting your vision board

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About This Class

In this class I help you to set goals and create a visually pleasing vision board - which will keep you focused and on purpose.  

What you'll learn:

  • What a vision board is
  • How to get clear on your goals
  • How vision boards are used
  • How to create one using Microsoft PowerPoint

What you'll need:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint (or a similar program)
  • Internet access

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Creative Empowerment

Designer, dreamer, positive thinker!


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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to my class and how to create division voyage using PowerPoint. My name is Misty, and I'm a teacher and surface pattern designer. I really enjoy seeing people fill bedrooms and realize their aspirations. One of the ways this can be changed by creating a vision board. Our vision board is a powerful to that will motivate and ultimately help manifest your dreams into reality. I have a vision boards for all of my major girls, which I interrupt with daily kicking, inspired and on the right path. In this class, you will learn what division bodies, how to get clear on your goals, how vision boards are used and how to great one. Using Microsoft PowerPoint. Be sure to share your vision boards at the end of the class. Let's get started. 2. Goal Setting: Hi, guys. Welcome to class. I'm so excited to have you all here. But the first question I wanted to address is what is a region board? Our vision board is a tool to help clarify and concentrate on a specific goal. Our goals. It's a collection of images that represent what you want to be do or have in your life vision model. Identify your vision and give it clarity and keep you focused on your intentions. Now here are a few examples off my vision boards. Now, this is the one I've used for my Korea. As I said before, I'm a surface pattern designer, So I have a few examples off the few example of the clients I'd love to produce work for. I have a few quotations on here as well. Never get from your dream just because of the Simon take to accomplish it. The time will pass away, which is very true. I don't have images of what, like my home office to look like on the have some statements in here as well. Now this one is a vision bossom off my home. So this is what I love my home to look like, um, I've got another little quote on that on. I've put a few really positive statements in the perfect location, a price I can easily afford. Now I have separate vision boards like for Job, Korea, lifestyle. When you guys create your vision boards, you could include all of these different areas into one vision board. This is just how I create them. I've used vision boards in the past as well. On initially, I didn't realize that a lot of my goals came to fruition that were my vision board. He's only when I went back and looked that I realized that these things had happened. Now a lot of celebrities are off famous lock. Successful people use vision bars just to keep them that gold at the forefront of their minds. So I'll see you guys in the next class. We'll begin goal setting 3. Gathering Images: in this class. We're going to focus on the government images for your vision board. In the last class, we looked at goal setting and you guys were done list off the objects of the things that you wanted to acquire, and it's gonna make this process a whole lot easier. Not one of the websites I really enjoy using is Pinterest. If you guys don't have a print trust account, I suggest that you get among its a fantastic resource for for images. So are just typing trusts into my browser. Um, it bring takes me to the website. Now I have an account on. I'll just give you guys a quick look at my profile. So my profile consists of lots of different boards that I've put together over time. Eso they all have different head ins. I have a makeup, shoes, textiles, workspace, ex actress, or there's lots and lots on. Then you guys can also create secret bars, have got bodies that can be seen by the public and that people can follow, but you cannot secret boards and here is well only for your own eyes. So for the purpose off this video, I'm going to create a vision bottom my dream house. I love thinking about the house I want to move into on that I want and what I don't want to live in. So what I'm going to do I love at Warden, period homes. So I'm just gonna search for a boarding house. Not one of the things that you guys have to do on this to get the best quality image. What you have to do is make sure you click on one of the images that you like. Andi, once you've on that, you right click on copy it. Just make sure that you've got really clear image to use in your vision board. So all I did then waas I right clicked on. I copy. Click on copy image. I can press control, see on a PC. Our command. See on a mark to copy. Then all I'm gonna do is go to a new create new Power Point document. So I'm gonna go file new presentation on I want a blunk presentation for this. I'm just gonna click on these rectangles. It cooked directly on the lines, impressed Italy, or get rid of them so you won't really need these text boxes. Well, not at the moment, anyway. So I've copied the image from Pinterest, and all I'm going to do is click on paste. If you're on a PC, it's control V. If you're on a mark, its command me if you want the short cut. I'm not worried about resize in the images in the minute. All I'm going to focus on is just getting all the pictures I'd want to use. So obsessed with hallways, you'll see that for hope is all of hallways and staircases. I'm going to use this image. So again, I clicked on the image. Oops. You write that. We are, uh I'm gonna right Click. Copy image. Go back to my power point presentation. Comm paste here are abusing marks and the command V. If you're on a PC on its control V to paste on, I'm just gonna give a lot to different images. You guys bear with may. You can just watch what I'm doing. Do you 4. Adding Banners: Hi, guys. Welcome back to class. In this class, we're gonna folks. And adding these lovely Boehner's to our vision boards was part of the course material. You guys have these burners? I've done them in three different colors black, red and pink to insert them. All you do is go to this top toolbar quickening set on. Go to pictures. Picture from file mind should be saved to my desktop. Teoh and I would just like the black one. Okay, so I just click on inset. No, we are for this particular vision boards. I'm just gonna have free bonus. So I've got to my screen already. I'm just gonna copy and paste this one, so I have my third. So it's control. See? To copy on her PC on control V to paste on a markets command week. So it command C to copy command V to paste. Okay, So what? My free bonus. You can adjust the size in the same way that we just did the sights of these images for a vision board. So if you want to keep the portion the same to talk down the shift key, clicking one else these little Squires are just reduce the size. We could make it bigger. Either way now, on these bunnies, I put positive statements on for this one. I'm gonna add bonds such as in the perfect location. Because of what? My house being the perfect location. A healthy, happy home on another one. A price I can easily afford. So to include the text onto our banners. All ideo I'm on the home tab I click on my textbooks to another day was just drug it across on. Maybe that I also want to change the style of foreign sofa Click on this downward arrow Here on I would just like beyond the mountains and when the U two style attacks. So in this one, I'm gonna put a healthy, happy home So healthy a copy So April Okay, let's move into the next one. So again, get my textbooks drunk across changes dollar phone to be on the mountains in the perfect location. Um, Leslie, this one that's just change the style. A phone art surprise I can easily afford. Brilliant. Okay, so that's all done. I'll just extent this. The next thing or what I do is just just the size of the fund. So it's currently 18. I want to try 24. I'll do the same with this. The same with this one. So I want to change the both to 24. Okay, that works quite well. The last thing I'm gonna do she's changed the color of the phone. You guys could keep a block if you prefer, but if you want to change the color, all you do is click on your text, which were one. It may be, um, on and you have a selection of being coliseum in standard colors. If you want to get more clothes, just click on this little icon, and then all you do is sweats, clavicle that you'd like from here. Just use a color picker. I'm like click. OK, I quite like that color you selected. So he's gonna highlight my text. Uh, I'm gonna go to the last one, which is this? It kind of fits in with the color palette. The colors are views within my vision board, so it works well, Fantastic. I think I'll just adjust. They sigh so it could be a bit bigger, um, on the center of them and sent to this one a little bit armed that certain vision board finished. I'll see you guys in the next class 5. Exporting your vision board: Hi, guys. In this class, we're going to focus on exporting our vision boards so you can use a desktop on our desktop screensaver also reprinted our place somewhere within your home or office. Right. So here we have a finished my finished vision board on to export it. All you guys have to do is go to Fargo, then choosy. Export option on I'm gonna exported as a PdF So select Freedia. We could also use a J. Clark that would work to I am going to save minds to my desktop. Andi, I was that unclipped on save. Then we go to my desktop, you will see that we have the pdf there, which is fantastic. So you guys could print this image off a four and what I like to do is nominated to keep it . So if it gets a bit dirty, can clean it off so you can nominate it. I'll just printed have Ozzy's and place in in your home somewhere. Where you gonna call your office where you're gonna have contact with it on a regular basis ? Because the point is that these image become imprinted on your your mind subconsciously. So it needs to be somewhere where you see it on a regular basis. This is a screenshot for my my vision board. I just have it on my desktop. So basically, you can place it on your desktop. Are you concede he is actually above my desk. So I have my free vision boards here. Andi, because I'm working at my desk, Mr Mars during the day. I do see it so Ah, Hope you've enjoyed the class on. And I hope you guys get to create fantastic vision boards and be sure to share your vision balls in the class project carrier by