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How to create a media kit for your blog

teacher avatar Peter Edwards, Writer and illustrator of the Little Fears

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Class 1 Preview

    • 2. Class 2 Introduction

    • 3. Class 3 Project

    • 4. Class 4 Pooling Resources

    • 5. Class 5 Introductions

    • 6. Class 6 Services

    • 7. Class 7 Stats & Social

    • 8. Class 8 Examples & Testimonials

    • 9. Class 9 Content Wrap Up

    • 10. Class 10 Making it look good

    • 11. Class 11 Conclusion

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About This Class

A media kit contains all the information, links and services you can offer a brand or sponsor in a single PDF document.

It doesn't matter if you’re new to blogging and sponsorships or a veteran blogger of 20 years, having a solid and professional media kit will give your blog and your confidence a huge boost when approaching potential sponsors and brands to work with.

In this class we will break down creating a media kit into easy steps from start to finish leaving you with the ability to put your best blogging foot forward.

Meet Your Teacher

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Peter Edwards

Writer and illustrator of the Little Fears


Writer and illustrator of the Little Fears, tales of humour, whimsy and terror.

Denies any accusations of art.

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1. Class 1 Preview: Hi, My name's pizza. I've been a broken on PR manager for 17 years. My advice to nearly every broker has contacted me over the years, wanting to stand out from the crowd when approaching brands and potential sponsors have been to make immediate care. It doesn't matter if you're new to broaden your response ships or a veteran broker of 20 years. Having a solid and professional media kit will give your brother and your confidence a huge boost when approaching potential sponsors and brand to work with. You can take a better time to create good looking media kit. But once it's done will reap the benefits for the rest of your brother. Right in this part will break down, creating immediately. Get into easy step from start to finish, leaving you with the ability to put your best blocking for forward. 2. Class 2 Introduction: a work for a company that owned and managed a number of hair and beauty brands. I always ended up in the PR departments, often on my own. Sometimes of agencies get hundreds of emails away from brokers wanting jars, pots, tins, lipsticks and money for sponsorships. I found when I started doing the PR is because Rama rise. I simply didn't have time to reply into them all that longer, searching social media channels to find out who I was dealing with. Its order from skimming email for the information I wanted, if I didn't see it, had sent the right things, but no thanks. Reply. The brothers who sent me immediate Kate got my instant attention. Immediate get is a document about you and your brother that gives brands and potential sponsors everything they need to know about working with you. It can include audience numbers, rob stats, costs, photos, social media links, think of it like a CV for your broad and, like a CV is worth being eyes to. Making it look as good as possible is putting your best foot forward. Now, does that mean you can save time and stop typing a copy pasting length emails, the brains of potential sponsors. It also saves a receiver of your email time. It stands to impress them. It could make you stand out from the crowd and make people want to work with you. 3. Class 3 Project: for the class project. I'd like to know how you want to work with the brand or sponsor. Do you hope to do? I'm boxing videos or guides and tips on how to use products or maybe review Or do you want to involve the brand or sponsor and photography or artwork projects, please let me know how you want to work with the brand or sponsoring class projects. 4. Class 4 Pooling Resources: Okay, so that's get started in this moment on I would like it to keep in mind is a personal preference. I liked receiving single page A for media kits from brothers. I did receive a few 10 page media kits in the past, and you can imagine how anyone's gonna response to a temp eight introduction from abroad. Right. So with this course, the aim will be to end up with a single a four page media kit. We will produce all the parts separately, then put them together at the end. The first thing you need to do is gather all the resources we may need for your media kit. We might not use them all, especially if you go over in a four single page. I certainly don't. But you can gather them all together and make a best off out of them. So here's what we need An avatar. It could be a photo of you or something defines you on your block. A profile, a brief profile of you be quick and personal. Who are you have older? You? Where do you live? What do you like? What? Your experience. Blogging about the topics that you brought about. Hello there if you have a low there, including image of it. If not, you can idea to cut down screenshot of your box head a text or a simple, readable front screenshots. Everyone will have space to me through the screenshot, but we're gonna pack a lot into this media. Care to take a few good screenshots from your blog's best angles and keep them a hand. Photos this time. Photos of what you brought about on what your posts include. Unlike the Avatar, which represents you, these photos must represent content pitches of products and how you use them. For example, broke subjects make a great list of everything that you brought about did not include what you want to talk about. The reason I say that is people want to see examples of what you've really done, not what you say you might do. Features. How do you feed your brands and products? Unboxing Videos, reviews, guides, tips Social media Please don't make PR's good looking for your social media accounts. We might not include the more on the media kit, but right or platform drawn down. Make note of the follow accounts. Statistics How many subscribers do you have? How many hits do you get? How many views? Don't worry if you just die now, we'll talk about that later on, but certainly get the numbers written down and have them to hand testimonials and price collaborations. If you have any good testimonials from bright collaborations or work with brands before may quit list of them. PDF converter or Libre office. The end result of this is gonna be a PDF media kit. It has to be a pdf if you haven't office package that revert to a pdf Great. If not download lever office. Find yourself a good PDF converter CV templates. I like my own media kids to be quite stylized. Have some visual both to them. You can achieve this very easily by using the CVT, simply found in almost all office off ways and across the Internet for free 5. Class 5 Introductions: Let's get going with the introductions and profiles of you in your block. Don't worry too much about former team right now. We want all of the content of the media kit. First, we'll put it all together once we've got all the content written down. So did you get a photo of you the Abbotts off your personal profile? A close up head drove yourself. Be preferable. If you don't want to include a headshot, make sure your avatar represents you and your brother. If you're an illustrator, you can include a drawing. Habits are of yourself, for example, did not in through the pet picture and natural bloggers a pet block. Would you include a picture of your dog on a CVS? Rabbits are, for example, if your brothers about dogs or cancel budges, and that's fine. If no leave. The pet pictures are home. It's better to not include a profile picture. If you don't only include a random image of something unrelated, it's just taking up space where you should be making a good impression is dead. No, right quick profile of yourself. Who are you? How old are you? Where do you live? What do you like. What's your experience in the subjects that you write about now, A description of your world and sit reading and screenshot your brother. Here things you conclude about your block that help when was established. What subjects do you cover? Is it a very nature trouble? Do you cover a range of topics? When did you start the broken? Why do you write about the subjects you write about? Is there a driving force behind Joe Blow? Are you feeling a previously unfilled needs? What time posts? To your right. Do you write? Reviews, fiction? Do post photography. Do you write about travel locations? Well, maybe around hell twos on products that you don't enjoy. This section needs to speak to brand. You're approaching, so it has to count. It doesn't matter how big or small your following counties are. How many hits you get? If your brother doesn't speak to a brand's target audience, why would they work with you? The last thing to include is any awards of features your brawls had. If you have ever won an award or been featured in magazine, now's the time to say 6. Class 6 Services: it's often helpful to into the seventies and collaboration section here. You want to include anything you can offer a brand of potential sponsor again. It's important to only include what you can do, and it's helpful to have prior examples of what gives down with all four other brands trying to list your services. And if you have room provided description of each service, the most important thing is turning a brand. How you can work together, some other things that you can include here. Space allowing is but will the Brando sponsored get for their money or products if you're offering sponsored posts, but it very review giveaway for a died If you're offering an adv er where will be positioned on the block? How much promotion will give the post? How many shoutouts on Twitter, for example, also include if you want or need samples of productive for the posts? Some people include prices if they have a set price per feature for me personally, or my prices vary, so I don't include prices. Also include payment times they need to pay out from orderly get 30 days when, when you post, how can I pay you? They need PayPal. Would it be a check? Can I do a transfer 7. Class 7 Stats & Social: Okay, I'm going to start this by saying you do not need thousands upon thousands of followers to begin working with brands. That said, You do need to really show what sort of audience you're speaking to. Key pieces of information to include your user names and links to your main social media channels in the main audiences to whom speaking to in numbers, if you have thousands and thousands of photos on every social networks have really high stats include the blocks. That's the amounts of describes. You have social media user names and follow accounts for each network. Another thing you conclude in this section. You can also mention what your followers are hits come from if they come from alternative source. Is there a particular way your readers find you? Other than subscriptions and followers, your articles get shed on social media by other people. Or do you rank hiding Google for a particular search term mentioned those things here. If you did not have highest, that's awful of accounts. Don't worry, it's your brothers knew in in growth. Say so. Let the brand know that your followers all share your interest in the relevant topics on your blog's mentioned linked your best social networks. If you only have three follows on Facebook, don't mention it. Alternatively, state your best to the three social networks. And then so you have a combined following across other platforms off and then put the total followers across all of the other platforms. I know people get half about stats, but I'll end this section by Give your old anecdote. We had a beauty brother who had maybe 800 subscribers in 1000 Twitter followers know a huge following, but with center, a collection of lipsticks every quarter, and she generates so much talking comments on a post about them. It got us into use yet about working with her Hi forward council. Great, but brands love scene commenced discussion of buzz generated about the products. Think about that before getting too hung up about life. Follow account 8. Class 8 Examples & Testimonials: It's good to include prior, well done, my friends. They can see what you've given. Other people include a link In a brief description of the Post you're linking two. Consider mentioning how it came about what the Brandel sponsored got from your post Ron Tickle and if you have one, include testimonial testimonials of Fantastic and Media Kids. An endorsement from another brand can really help. Lynch is an influential way to getting new sponsors asking for testimonials. Offer makes people feel uncomfortable, which is funny, cause all you're asking if someone says something nice about you. You can reach out to any brand that you've previously worked well reviewed products for simply Malcolm Going Miles to get you a testimonial, Simply male would go something like Hi there. I hope you're doing well. I'm putting together a media kids potential sponsors of my blood, and I was wondering, You should be willing to write a short testimony about your experiences. A sponsor off my block. It doesn't have to be long. Just a few words will go a long way to help other small business owners in the decision making process. And, of course, that link back to your website. I appreciate your time. Thank you 9. Class 9 Content Wrap Up: the last things to include her. Of course, your content details, your email, maybe a phone number of broad bling. Now they got those pictures we had to start that screenshots of your broad, your best content photos and pepper them throughout the text. Now take a moment to read over everything. Now the banks to start would be pulled out. Resources go over your resources section by section. And if anything comes to mind that you've missed in the first place added to the list now to go of everything you mentioned are included. The purpose of this is to make sure there is nothing left unsaid this important relevant or shows you on your block in a really good light. Remember, best foot forward. If there's something is mildly good on your media kin could be replaced with something awesome. Warner, Replace it with something awesome. 10. Class 10 Making it look good: by now. I imagine you have 3 to 4 pages within text on photos. Remember, the aim is to have a single page, awesome looking sieving style media care. So we may be about to removal of content shortly. The first thing we need to do those find a style that you like. You might decide to just have a single page of text with some images throughout. It doesn't hurt a local nine or in your office off forever. CV 10 plays. There are millions of free ones out there making Mendon easy visual comfort, your media kit. My template is simple to column template. With a black border, you can see examples of my media getting the resources section of this class. It's super simple, but I'm sure it would. Rate is very visually striking. It makes a very good first impression on those that see it. Now. We need to squeeze everything we've written into this one page, along with images and logos and things. So the key things we want our your personal introduction, your block introduction, what the blog's about, what's his content? The services you offer? The statistics, any testimony? It wasn't examples. Your contact information. Everything you've written is probably not going to fit to slash out. Everything you've written is not the absolute best thing you can say about your block. Be honest and ruthless. Be yourself. Don't in our any fluff only include your absolute best photos. You should end up with a sort of best off media kit, and that's how you make a good impression Now. Proof. Read it several times. Give it to someone else to proof, read and asked them if it impresses them. Finally, export your document to a pdf. Now the reason I say that is everyone seem to use a different version of office, different margins and different software. Different views. What was good on your screen might look like a big castle on somebody else's screen. A. Pdf looks the same, no matter what is being viewed on. In addition to that, everyone can read a pdf even iPads and Android phones Canary pdf's. Sometimes some devices can't read word documents. So pdf it 11. Class 11 Conclusion: I hope by now that you have immediate kid to introduce and show off your blog's. Hopefully, you feel like it's putting your best foot forward when approaching brands and sponsors and enables you to get the working sponsors you want for your blog's. Please do share a link to your Finnish media king discussions. I love to see what they look like. Thank you for taking my class.