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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (2h 24m)
    • 1. Promotional Video

    • 2. Logo types

    • 3. Project overview (part 1)

    • 4. Project overview (part 2)

    • 5. The Logo Design Process

    • 6. How to present your logo

    • 7. Defining the shapes for the first logo

    • 8. Combining the squares

    • 9. Trimming and aligning shapes

    • 10. Adding text to the logo

    • 11. Creating multiple instances on the same logo

    • 12. 5 tips for a great logo design (part 1)

    • 13. 5 tips for a great logo design (part 2)

    • 14. Creating the second logo

    • 15. The Gold Effect

    • 16. Joining nodes on the third logo

    • 17. Welding objects and aligning text

    • 18. Adjusting corner radius on the fourth logo

    • 19. Publishing to PDF

    • 20. Creating simulations in Photoshop (part 1)

    • 21. Creating simulations in Photoshop (part 2)

    • 22. Interview

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About This Class

Logo Design for beginners in Corel Draw and Creating Simulations in Adobe Photoshop for presenting to a client.

Create professional logo design in CorelDRAW.

If you're looking for a way to quickly create a logo for your start-up or if you just new to logo design, this course is for you.

With just very few words on logo theory, we'll quickly start to work on four logos, focusing not only on you copying my moves, but really understanding the reasons behind any of my actions so you will be able, at the end of this course, to apply those new tricks on your own logo.

Create logos just the way you want them.

Practice while you learn. This course includes exercise files so you can follow along and actually learn by doing.

By the end of this course, you will have created 4 logos and already started working on your own.

I'll be teaching this course using CorelDRAW X7, but if you have a previous version (2019, 2018, X6, X5, X4 or X3) you can still learn like a pro.

What makes me qualified to teach you?

My name is Radu Velcea and I've been working in CorelDRAW since 2003. Further more I'm teaching CorelDRAW in LIVE class-sessions since 2011 and have done so to over 1700 students.

- I would guide anyone to do this course, especially with this teacher.  Catalin Palade, Course Graduate

- Well-structured and full of useful information. Cristian Vasilescu, Course Graduate

- The best and most practical course I have ever attended. Iulia Adamache, Course Graduate

- I needed a CorelDRAW course for my business, we intend to save money making the design of the flyers alone. I chose Radu's course, and it was the best investment I've ever made in my life. Sabina Stroescu, Course Graduate

We're in this together!

I'm a full-time graphic designer, trainer and online instructor. I'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message.  

What is this Logo Design Course all about?

In this CorelDRAW course you will not only learn how to create professional logo design, but also how to create simulations and presentations for you client.

This course will cover everything you need to know to to start working on your first logo design, including:

  • Creating new shapes

  • Combining similar shapes

  • Trimming and aligning text

  • Creating multiple instances on the same logo

  • Effective tips on logo design

  • Joining nodes with the Shape Tool

  • Creating simulations in Adobe Photoshop

By the end of this course, your confidence to work on your own will soar. You'll have a thorough understanding of how to use CorelDRAW for fun or as a career opportunity.

Download the Exercise Files

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Radu Velcea

Nothing more practical than good theory.


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1. Promotional Video: If you're looking for a way, the weekly rate, the low before your startup or if you're just new logo design things courses for you weigh just very rewards. The local theory will quickly start to work on four levels, focusing not only on new copy my moves but really understanding the reasons behind any off my actions. So you will be able at the end of this course toe. Apply those nutrients on your own local. Create Logan just the way you want them. In practice. Y rear thesis course includes exercise files so you can follow along and actually learn by doing what makes me qualified to teach you. My name is and they've been working in Coral draws is 2000 and three. Furthermore, I'm teaching CorelDraw in life class sessions and have done so with over 1700 students. Remember, we're in this together. I'm a full time graphic designer, trainer and online instructor. I'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, we can always send me a direct message. In this CorelDraw course, you will not only learn how to create professional, longer design but also how to create simulations and presentations for your client. Thes course will cover everything you need to know to start working on your first logo designs, including creating new shapes, combining similar objects, dreaming objects, text aligning, creating multiple instances on the same logo. Effective tips on logo designs, joining not with the shape Dole and even creating simulations in Adobe for Shop. These scores comes with a 30 days money back guarantee, so there is no reason to hesitate. Enroll now and I'll see you in Lesson one. 2. Logo types: from the widely spread field off logo creation. There are seven types off logo that stand out and can be easily recognized. By the end of this lecture, you will be able to recall the different types of Lagos and Toe also in specific properties . The 1st 1 is called Letter Mark. These are logos created form the company's initials like HBO, IBM, Neza or HB. This type of logo is all about simplicity and because it's based on just a few letters choosing the rifle and is a critical step in aligning with the company's beliefs, just like letter mark local type. The second type of logo is also based on the company's name. Think Visa or Coca Cola? Local time logos were really well when a company has a succeed and distinct name. Google's logo is a great example of this. The name itself. It's catchy and memorable. So when combined with strong typography, the local health, great strong brand recognition symbols are Aiken based logos. This type of logo is only for those who have mean for a long time in the market and are easy to be recognised just by seeing some curves on icon or a specific leather. Think about Apple Shell or Mercedes. This type of logo is not recommended for new companies. Is your audience is still confused about your purpose in their lives? Abstract symbols are a more specific type of symbols, allowing the brands to create something truly unique. Instead of generic images like apples or birds, brands design abstract shapes that become their signature. A few examples here are the Baby Star bust, the new Pepsi logo or Adidas flower mascot logo. Our logos that use an illustrated character. Examples like the Kool Aid Man, KFC's Colonel and Planters, Mr Peanut are great for companies that addressed of families and Children. The combined logo is a local design with a symbol but also a letter mark or local type. The picture and text can be laid out side by side, stacked on top of each other or integrates together to create an image. The main advantage off a combine logo is that your audience will start immediately. Toe associate your name with death symbol, so then you can use it on its own. Instance. Toe help reinforce the brand. An emblem logo refers to a local type integrated with a symbol, a badge or a seal. Most of the times you will find these logos as part off a traditional heritage. 3. Project overview (part 1): I thought about a lot going, creating this course about the structure that bag that I'm going to create. And I was I was planning on talking to you about color theories about different logo designs, how to get inspiration, how toe choose the perfect colors, the perfect phones and maybe in one off the lessons will go through all of those. But I'm thinking that if you're taking a class right now, my class, this class particularly I think that you're going toe be more interesting in the hands on approach on how to really create a logo. And I don't know if you're trying to be a graphic designer. I think that maybe your ah startup entrepreneur that wants to create ah, your own logo for a company or for your brother, this company or for your father's company. But if you are still a graphic designer just starting out, I really hope that the concept that we're goingto discussing this cars will help you a lot . So without further ado, I'm going to present you the projects that we're going to recreate in this course I have also, I have some already some logos that I have created for a customer. Ah, while ago. And I'm going to go. Ah, with those Ah, we're going to create those. And we really explain how I thought about those how I got the concepts, how I organize them and how I, uh, exported, then presented them toe the client. Okay, so, um, this is ah, one of the logos that we're going to recreate. Actually, this is the second page. This is the front, the first page off the presentation. So we see Ah, here that the logo is created for a company called Promenade A Square park. It actually is done. A company. It's Ah, it's supposed to be on apartment building. I think it was something like a complex off multiple apartment buildings. So what we have here is ah, the Nikon Ah logo. And with some ah, typography, you can see that it's a range on in the center and some the other message. Distinct elements are here that the the weight off the square is similar. Toe the with off the be off the letter B. Ah, here we have. Ah, the same logo. The same. The same type, the same type. And on the right side. We have multiple variations for for the lower we have the grayscale image and some colors that I thought well, go great with this local from the brief that I received from the claims, it was told that this is luxury complex. So ah, having gold in the logo seemed great. Especially combined with, ah, dark blue, dark red or just hanging them on black. So later we have some simulations US relations that I've created in photo shop. If you want. Maybe we'll have the time to go through how I've created these simulations because they're just some Blufgan, Is that you? Ah, and that you Ah, insert in four shop and it will almost great automatically. So maybe we'll discuss discuss about those here, Another stimulation. And then I did another one more on the stylish side off the the logo, the game. So this is the first ah, local that we're going to recreate. We have three Moors and we're going to talk about those in the next lecture 4. Project overview (part 2): the next logo that we have here, we can see that it's somehow another, um, variation off the 1st 1 The main difference is that for this one, the older logo is ALS. The elements are aligned to the left. So if this logo is great when placed on the center of the page or a center of a business card, this logo is great to be placed on the left top left corner off the page so you can see how it actually creates the corner there and gives space to breathe for ah, for the logo. And ah, I think it really would would integrate excellent on, um, on, um document ah type or on a contract or something like that. So we have the same. Um, we have the same icon. Okay, for like that, Like the 1st 1 The main difference here is the on the phone side. You can see that the phone now is a lot smaller, and we have, ah, drama Nada aligned with the beginning off the tee and square park our right to the right and also aligned to the right side off the off the other square to create a balance. Ah, in the local. On the right side again, we have the same arrangement, the same operations on different colors. Next again, the same simulations, the gold dish one, the black one and ah Mm, glossy one. This is the second local that again we're going to recreate. And as you may already see, it won't take a lot off work for us because we already have toe be created. The third logo. It's somehow inspire from the from the 1st 1 because we have the same longer resemble, which added another one being, Ah, a new apartment building logo. I wanted to create the the idea off, sustaining off building on top off something So I placed the type onto the right side is really nested there under under the logo. I like this desperation because, as you see, this one is more on the square size. It's something very condensed. All the logo three contest. Their first logo is, ah, somehow spread, and it's ah, divided equally. It centered, and this the fertile ago, let me just go there. The firm logo is more on the horizontal side, off the things and if you can, looked closely it fits well, right on the top corner. Top left corner off often image. It looks great on the bottom left corner often image off off our paper issue if you should have one. And I think it would also look great if it would be to place on the center. Often image like a business card or something, because it has this square, which, um, adds more to the center off the logo. And, of course, year gets into the forties a lot bigger than the 2nd 1 and another difference you can see. I have inverted the waves off the logo. Prominent securities bolder than Square Park Here is Ah, um, is exactly the opposite square. Park is bolder than Promina and again the same Ah, variations and the same simulations. They look really great, and the 4th 1 is something a little different. We have created another shape again. We we start on the square shape, but which added some rounded corners. We've managed, um, cut the square and added, The next year again we can see the square park is aligned to the left and prominent other tastes actually is. The size of Permanente is created from Ah, from the right side off the square text. So I've started toe added the size after I have aligned Promina onto the right side. Okay, so I think this one also looks Looks great. Okay. And here are the simulations again. And of course, this is not another longer that we're going toe recreate after Ah, recreating all of those logo. All of these logos will see how to actually create. Ah, Pdf like this, and it will look a lot nicer than to send ah j peg with just ah logo in the centre on a white background. So I think that these have it's a lot for that kind. Helps the client a lot for visualizing how how his logo could be, um, could be placed on different materials, especially with with the simulations. Okay, so, yeah, these are the locals that we're going to create. This is very, very there is, um, very difficult toe together, all the all the styles off, the local, the phones, all the colors. So in this course, we're going to learn more about the concept when creating a local. We now I just want to take random logos from anywhere because all the locals in the world are different based on the on the targets, the off your audience on the maybe on the logos on the shape that you're going to create. So it's merrily almost impossible to create all of the different types off logo available out there. So what I'm interesting in for you to tow really understand, is how to create a balance between ah Nikon and the text. How to create such presentation toe present your client and of course, in the end will see we charged the best four months in which you can send the local to your plan. So we will be also used by his assistant manager, which she maybe doesn't have a lot off graphic design knowledge and also can be used by his advertising agency when it comes to creating some business cards or some fly out on flyers over any graphical promotional materials. Okay, so we'll take things slowly, will start with the with the first ah logo. We'll see how to create um, this rectangle, basically, you should have some basic knowledge on CorelDraw. You should know how to create ah square how toe insert the text, and that's pretty much it. Because all of the the things that, um, you see here will, um, will learn by doing okay, So this is not a power point course that were with slides that we're going to go through. We're just going to learn while doing okay. So, um, I highly encourage you toe download the ah, the exercise files and just go of follow me in creating this logos came. Okay, See you in the next lecture. 5. The Logo Design Process: the local design process a walk through their points out the most relevant steps off the process. First, the brief conduct a questionnaire or interview with the client to get the design brief. Research Conductor Research on the industry itself, its history and competitors reference conduct research on local design that have been successful and on current styles and friends that made relate to the design brief follow trends not for their own sake but rather to be aware of them. Sketching and conceptualizing developed the local design concept around the brief and your research. This is the single most important part off the design process. Get creative and be inspired. Reflection. Take design breaks throughout the design process. This helps your ideas mature. Renew our enthusiast and allows you to solicit feedback. It also gives you a fresh perspective on your work revisions. Whether you position yourself as a contractor getting instructions from the client or build a long lasting relationship and guiding the kind of the best solution revised and improve your logo as required presentation. Present only your best local designs to your client. Pdf four months usually works best. You may also wish to show the logo in context, which will help the client more clearly. Visualize the brand identity. Preparing a high quality presentation is the single most effective way to get your plant toe. Approve your designs and finally delivery and support. Deliver the appropriate files to the client and give all support that is needed. Remember toe under promise and over the liver. After you finished, have a beer, is some chocolate and then start your next project. 6. How to present your logo: before moving forward and really creating the logos and, ah, the typography is and the text. I want you to see how the pdf that we just saw what's create. So as you can see where he'll bring CorelDraw on all off the pages that you saw are actually CorelDraw pages I have here on page one, the logo itself and on different ah colors. If we go into view wire frame, we can see that all of these are in victor shapes. We can zoom in to have a closer look, and then we can really see how these are created. It's basically just a P inserted in tow square, and it has been cat out from from the bottom. We'll see in just one minute how we can do that very, very easily. Ah, then we have some ah text here and the same the same logo copied over and over, and just ah, used, um, different different colors on the backgrounds. Going back toe enhance will give us the colors again. And on the second page we have this is just basically an image you can see here from view wire. From that we don't have any vectors. It's just a new image that we have graded in ah, before the shop. And we have imported the image here back in coreldraw mind. Ah, the accent that I placed on imports it because images in CorelDraw can't be opened. Images need to be imported into an active document. Okay, so remember these were trying to insert maybe on image with, ah, logo off some simulations or some maybe a new image for your graphic design graphic fly or something. Next on the other pages would have the simulations on page five. We have gathered logos and so one will go through each off the off the pages in we saw in ah, in pdf here on the top left side, we have the description off the entire pdf, which is logo proposal for prominent a square park. And what we have again is there. They're thin line. You can see by going coon view wire frame that it's actually just a line with, um, weight off 0.567 points. Okay, so this is how that pdf or was created. And now let's get started on trying to recreate something very, very similar with this first logo. I won't go. I want going, creating. Ah, And we're using the same phones because maybe you won't have the same phone to the abuse. So I don't want you to think that this logo would be great if you don't use a particular phone. Okay. So you can use any phone that you want. And, of course, here you can also use any with off the off the square that you want and more interesting in for you to understand the concepts behind creating this logo, not toe copy paste. What I'm doing. Okay, so that it Ah, see you in the next lecture. 7. Defining the shapes for the first logo: Okay, so the first thing that we're going to do is actually create a new document. So head over to file new and live it just the default options here. If you're in ah, USA can use the letter format. If you know you're a picking is a for four months. It really doesn't matter. Just hit, okay? Toe have, ah, nice area off work and ice campus so we can see that this first model off logo is, um, created with two different elements. We have, ah, the logo, the shape, the icon if you if you want and the text itself. So in this lecture, we're going toe handle the logo. So we're going to start with actually creating a B. Grab your textile. Oregon is F eight. Then just click once in the campus. Don't don't click and drag because clicking and dragging will create you. Ah, paragraph text. So we don't need that. We need an artistic text. So to create an artistic test, just click once in ah, the campus and use be on your keyboard, does it now head over toe the picture. And of course, you can also increase the phone if you aren't just by dragging the corners. Make sure that you dragged the corners because if you drag the sides, it will distort the the front. So now there is just basically a text. But I don't need a taste because you also you'll use this this logo on multiple devices on multiple, um, four months. And this letter needs to be, ah, curve. So to turn, toe transform, um, lettering toe a curve. All we have to do it. Just use the keyboard for cat control Q or from the from the object menu. Or you have all the way down here control toe curves and you can see it has the shortcut control cube. What this does, it actually converts the entire image in tow. Ah, some curves. So now basically, the programs a softer CorelDraw because it doesn't know it has a text year because you don't have text options anymore. You can have the the fund options anymore, or the bold italics or underlining actions. So this is what we need for now to just create a regular P and, um, um converted to curves with using ah control. Next, we're going to create ah square such great The square We use the rectangle dool with has which has the shortcut f six If you just click and drags, you can see it creates a rectangle But I don't need the rectangle I need the square. So while clicking and dragging hold control down And also you can use a command because I know that now CorelDraw is also available on Mac platform. Okay, so just create. Ah, nice big square. Something like this. I want to play this. Now. You can, um, head over the pickle and just moved, um, of the square side. Maybe the local will be something like this, but first of all, we need to create the week off the logo. And to do that, we're going to need toe. Understand? What is the with off the line off the be here. So to do that, make sure that on the snap to from the options bar have objects selected normally, it would look like this. So just like on object toe snap, the the rectangle that we're going to create on the edges off the p. So why are we doing this? We're doing this in orderto ah have a distinct Ah, this thing wave weight off the off the B. So just head over to rectangle tool and you can see that when I move my mouth closer to the B, I get ah ah, Stop there on the edge. So just click and drag until it snaps to the other side and I can see we have the with off the off the rectangle It's 2.6 to 9. I'm actually just going toe right down its 2.629 millimeters Okay, And many matters if you're working in each is you should write down your preferred wait off course. My, my, this is here. My value here will be different from yours because you have changed. I have choose ah, different ah different size for my letter. Okay, so I know I don't need this rectangle anymore. I've just usedto have the distance from here and I'm just going toe delayed it now to create the the the the weight off the off the rig tangle off those square. Actually, we're going to use not, um, not an option for for the outline, But we're going to create to create it from the contour. So after after selecting contrary. If you don't have it, you should be under drop shadow. So just hold it for a couple of seconds and you get contour. And here in the options bar, we have three options we have. We have the option to create a contour to the center, a NA option to create a control inside of the shape or two created outside off the shape. Of course, we want to created inside off the shapes and make sure that this button is pressed. And here for the with, we're going to insert the size that we've just managed to get from the B. So that size wars too. 0.629 millimeters and hit. Enter. Okay, just go back toe, pick, toe and just toe. See if it really matches. You can see that it's exactly the same. The same with Okay, So this is how you create the two different shapes in our next ah, next lecture. We'll see how we can divide those two to split them apart, how we can combine them, and then how to place the p inside off That square came. So yeah, I'll just see you in a short while. 8. Combining the squares: Okay, so this is ah, really tricky situation because you see, here on the visual side of things, we we have what it looks like. Ah, Two rectangles, two squares. Ah, big square and a small square inside. Let's just leave aside that before. For now. Want toe to talk to you about how we can add it. Those two ah squares by manipulating them in tow. Actually, just one. Because, as you see now, ah, once I hit Ah color. It looks like it. Ah, colors only the outline. But this is just a non option for for the for the object that we've created because here on the in the options bar the white inside It's not transparent. It's actually just white. So you can control the color inside from the options bar while you are on the contour. So but this is not what we want. We don't want them to treat it Two different objects we want them to treat. Ah, we want them to be as a single object so I can cut them here on the on the lower side. Because now you see, if I create a rectangle and dragged, let's say I want toe create ah, shape their toe toe treatment in that situation like we have here. Okay, to create this dream right here. If I select this and this in the options bar, I don't have any options available. They are all great out. Why is that? Because this is actually a nif effect create you with the contour toe and effects can be manipulated. Ah, in the way we want. So what we have to do now is first of all, break that two objects apart. So do that. We're going to objects, my new And here we have brake control group a part or all you can always use the keyboard shortcut Control K. Okay, Clickety it looks like nothing happened. But now you can see that you can drag them separately again. So this is great. But again, I don't want toe to manage them separately. I want to create ah single object from them. So to do that, create a selection around them Amazing pictures, or just click and drag so the selection can have both of them selected because they are selected. If you have this small square right here this small dot OK, and now again from the object menu. Unity combine those actually combining is he is the is the opposite off breaking apart. But we've break them apart from one effect and now we're combining them into a single object. And again, it doesn't look much like a difference. But now I can't move them independently. They will all move like a single object. And when I hit a color because he'd actually just colors the interior. If I place it over over an object, you can see that here is actually transparent. How it should be okay. So again, after I use going toe to toe, I first of all break and then sagged on them, select them again and combined. Okay, so this is how I create Ah, the shape that I really want. And in our next lecture, we're going toe created just so another rectangle toe dream the area on the on the lower side. So the B can feet perfectly in there and actually going to create the rectangle based on the width off, off the be okay. So I also useful 9. Trimming and aligning shapes: next, let's place the piece where it should be. So to do that, we have actually two options that are Ah, fast. Ah, One of them would be if you have. If you still have the snap to objects at activated, you can drag it from the lower side and place it where you wanted. And you can see it really snaps to that edge. Okay, so let's say that this is a good, um, good placement for the people. If it's if it looks like it's under the rectangle, all you have to do is use the keyboard shortcut shift page up, or you can right click on the object, just order and then the front off layer, and it should place the be in front, off the after rectangle. So this is one way you can just drag it. Or if it's something like this, you can are you shift to select the square and then just press be on the keyboard from bottom, so these aren't them. This is one of the light month options we have in CorelDraw. Remember that if you want toe a line just week overview over the alignments, if you want to align on object toe another's object to another object onto the right. You choose our if you want a line it to the top, you press the if you want to line it on the left you press l And of course you've gone toe alighting on the bottom. You press be OK. So this is one way toe Align it. Ah, you can see now that, um, our objects has a field color and an outline color. We actually don't need an al going color. You can also say despite here, so to remove it quickly. Just right click on the X from the from the color toolbar. So again, right, click enough left leg, right click and it will disappear. Okay, Next, I want to create a shape that I will use to dream this rectangle and to make it sure that to make sure that it really will be on the equal sides Off the off the be all creator rectangle based on the with off the be okay, lets give it the color so we can see it better again and remove the outline with right click. Okay. And now what we have to do is just increase the size of the rectangle equally on both sides . To do that holds shift down and direct from the slight from the sides. And again, see, it actually increases on both ways. So again, shift and draft on the sides. This looks great. Now all we have to do, just increase it vertically so we can be bigger than the rectangle behind. So we will trim it as it should be. Okay. And I was just a basic dreaming often object. You have an object here, Hold shift to select the object that you want toe dream. And here in the options bar, remember, ended in our previous lectures, we didn't have these options available because this was just on effect. My Now it's a separate object and we can treat them as a curve as a natural curve. OK, so we have the subject selected and the square behind selected and now gestures Treem again . Nothing happened in a visual, Silas say but actually watch just it is your dreamed the rectangle on the I read that you wanted okay to make to make ah ah to make it look like the B has just packed in there. Okay, so now we just don't need this anymore. You can delete it. Well, we've only use it to be as a tool for us. So now if you want to cancel like them both and apply color to them, okay? And this looks great. Okay. Oh, I just use if you're wondering about the phone, have just used area. Okay, But again, you can use whatever you want. OK? Okay. So this is how we create the icon, the logo for our entire logo. And next, we're going to cover the text. Ah, how will we align it? How we, um place it right underneath, And then how we group all of them together. OK, so we'll see you soon. 10. Adding text to the logo: before moving forward, we create in the text. We have just ah little thing to those most thing too, though I always recommended toe learn how toe work organized. So the organization that I'm referring toa ah, when in particularly to this object is combining them into a single shape. Asked this questions this question Will you ever use these, um, elements that b and the square independently when it comes to working with the logo? No, you won't. Because it's another rectangle or the B that actually creates the logo. Is this whole shape that we've created that identifies as a logo? Okay, so all you have to do to make sure that you never said them aside over use their separately or any other. I know advertising agency has the, um has the advantage or has the possibility off dividing them? Select them both and combined them from the object menu combined, or canali is control. L Okay, so now they are not grouped. They aren't combined into a single object. You can see here on the status of body says we have or curve on layer one. So we have only one curve and okay, of course, If you want to change the color, it will change to both of them. Okay. Okay. So again used. Combine. Next, let's insert the test so the text will be prominent square park. It's just Ah, just the textile. Click anywhere again. Don't click and drag because that will create a paragraph Text. We don't need a paragraph text because paragraph text our news when you have a large quantity off text on block off Texel wall off text. Okay for our situation, we just are We just insert three words. So the 1st 1 is prom in on them. Okay, let's leave this aside for a moment. Anglican other into another area and enter square bark. Okay, Square park. Great. No, If you look here, you can see that. Actually, square park is white till the end to the start, to the left and to the right off the rectangle. Now, there are two ways in which you can do that. You can either click on the square and actually just noted down this size year 30.251 millimeters and create the same text within that within those size or secret. Read some guidelines. Okay, let's explore both of the ways and again, just I said in the beginning, I don't want you toe just see in action doing and just repeat it after me. I want you to really understand what I've done. And what are the options that I have available? Because in coral drop one of the main advantages of working in CorelDraw, you have a lot a lot of different ways go toe to get an object or do to get toe taken action. Okay, so the first thing I said is toe actually create the text at that size. So it's 30.251 Select the text and make sure you have this lock locked because this will preserve the ratio. So it's keep forgetting 30.251 So just elect here it's 30.251 hit enter and I can see it's actually the with off the ah, off the off the square. Okay, so this is one way to create it. And another one Let me just drag it as it was before you can drag from the sides, you can drag some guidelines, so just click on Ah, a ruler and drag until it snaps to the edge Off the off the shape. And again it's naps. Because here on the options menu, I have snapped toe object checked. Ah, when you will create, um, when you were dragged this text, you will want the text to snap on the guidelines. So make sure you also check guidelines to okay, and again drank the 2nd 1 on to the right. Okay, so we have some borders. Just drag the text and fit it in there, and you can see it really snaps to that to the kindly. Okay, so this is another way you can, um, can create the text. Just is the size off them off the off the rig off the square. Now, we don't need these kinds anymore, so just click it and dilated from the keyboard, click it and dilated and just drag the text down. I'm holding shift while dragging. Because if I'm holding shift, I can move them are vertical eight without the moving them side by side. Getting that if I take my finger off shift can move them side by side. But if I hold, chief can move them in a single line, okay? so this looks fine. Now all I have to do, just make sure that Ah, this. Ah, thanks. Probe another. The main text is ah, centered. But first, let's, um, increase the size. We can either increase from from from here from here. Or you can just drag it from the corners. Let's ah, said it. Or maybe 36. No, I think it's too big. Lesson door. Firstly. Okay, Maybe so. And now all you have to do, just make sure that it's on the center on the off the off the square. So to center it, make sure you have the text selected. Hold shift. Select the item that you want to select. Tow line it toe. OK. And now just press see on a keyboard from center toe. Opposition it on the center of them off the of the square. Okay, so this is how you align the text with the the the other element that you freighted. Um, now again working on the talking about the organization off your off off your items. Make sure that these two are not leaved attacks. Because now we can see you can change the phone. I can change the phone family. So what I always, always, like, always always recommend you to do. And I always doing it personally on on my all Palmer on all of my project is convert that text toe curves never leave it as a text. Because if you send the logo in a coral door former toe Ah, print house or to another graphic designer. If you haven't go over into the text into a curve, it will change the front. Yes, I know it will change the phone and you will have basically different a different logo. Okay, So with the text selected, make sure going toe object convert Occurs or again, you can always use the keyboard Shortcut control Q. Okay, so you've converted to the curve. Now we can see affect clicking it. I don't have the option to change the phone anymore. Texas. Great. And now when we just have to do is group them together, make a selection toe. Ha. Select them all and you can use the keeper for cut control, G Okay. Or you can use the object, the bottom from the options bar group objects You can also see here in the status bar. He says that now we have a group off three objects on their one, and now we can move them separately. We can change the size issue we see fit. And yeah, that's basically it. That's how you create our logo with with a Nikon and the text. That's how you online in this How you group it. And, um yeah, next the next lecture, we're going to see how to create these variations here, that it's very easy to do. I think that you already understand how these are created. Their basically just, um, uh, rectangles behind, But we'll just go through them. Um, toe, make sure that none of these escape from our knowledge database. Okay, so, yeah, after you, so 11. Creating multiple instances on the same logo: Okay, So now comes the easy part, where we just need toe provide different variations for different colors off this logo. So, as we see here, in our previous design, there are seven variations. We have a great one, which is Ah, 50% black Casey here and the colors. We have 000 and 50 on the black. And then we have, ah, gold ish color whites white, gold, gold, white and on different backgrounds Dark blue, dark red and black one. So let's just create those to see how easy there actually are. So the first thing that we're going to do is create some sort of a rectangle, something like this that we will place. Ah, are Go on. Okay. Something like this. And just move. It's from what? Science? From science. Now, I don't want to create another another, Another rectangle here to the right. But I just want to multiply this. I want to copy this. So if you've done my previous course on CorelDraw, you'll know how to create a copy. If not, it's very, very simple. And again, we have multiple ways in which can do that. One off them is by using your mouse. So if you're going to use your mouth with the right click, click and drag to a new location release and it will ask you to move or to copy here so you can copy here. Okay, this is one way to do it another way. I'm just going to delete this. Another way is toe. Drag it with the left mouse. Click drag it to the position that you want. And while holding the left, click down also shortly briefly press the right click and you can see we have a plus sign there near our cursor. This myth that it will create a copy for that object. And now release both of them. Okay, again ensuring this one. So with the left mouse, click, click and drag while holding the left click. Most bottle, right click and then release. Okay, so this is a fun one or if you want. If you If you're using a PC and with a full keyboard and you have on the right side of the keyboard, you have that big plus on the Newton. Uh, loom Pat Just hit that once. It has also created a copy and can just drag it to a new location, or it can always use the fold command, which is control C and Control V, which will basically just copy and paste the rectangle. Okay, well, if you're using the mount and dragging the rectangle, I strongly advise you to hold shift while doing that because it go move toe into a lion. Okay, Next, we can see that we have two more here and two more here. So again, we're not just going toe replicate individually. We're going to select them both and copied them on the bottom. I've copied them holding a holding shift and dragging with the left most button. And while releasing after pressed the right most butter Oregon in various blasts. Or you can always use control. See, when trolls e whatever you like. Okay. And I'm going to create another one, okay? And I think I'm just going to select them all, and most them a little bit. Ah, on tablet on the top side of that off the page. Okay, great. So this is our longer And think what? That's going to make it a little bit smaller. And let's apply some colors to these to these rectangles. So we know that these two are, Let's say dark blue. These two are a darker Brad. Less if you find a dark red, if not, will play. Ah, normal rant. And if you double click the field color here you have the option toe increase the color to change the current over. Whatever you You feel like this looks right. This red is very nice to just hit. Okay? And here we have black. So just like them both and left click on the back. Okay, Now we have the local here again. We need to create multiple copies off this of this local. So just use the plus on the people control C control the or you can use the mouse tricks that I just showed you. I'm going to use ah dragging with the left mouse button and ah, shortly briefly pressing right, most bottom to create the copy. Okay, I'm just going toe uncheck gardeners. And not just because I don't need them anymore. And I don't want them toe being convenient just going to move them, move this logo unwto into the rectangle. But for now, I've just moved it. It doesn't mean it's on the center to make sure that's on the center. What we're going to do is use one of the brilliant, absolutely brilliant alignment options we have available in Quarrel drop. So first of all, make sure that the object that you want toe a line is selected. Then hold shift and select the objects that you want toe a line the objects to and now you have both of them selected. It's all there already confirmed in the status bar. You can see it have to object selected. And now all you have to express the two magical keyboard circuit, see, for center e for even. And now that logo is right in the centre, off the off the rectangle. Okay, so this will be gold ish color. Let's say if we find something gold ish orange Mm. Maybe something like these. Okay. You know, I can I can I kind of like this pinkish shade. You were going to go with this being shade. I think it's nice. Yeah. And then we have, um, a white one. So again, I'm going to create the copy act Used Blast this time. Move it to the side. Hold shift select the rectangle. See he and just like the the logo so we can give it the white. Okay, this is great. Now for us not toe recreate the logos and to change the colors again. We're just going to copy this one. So we're going to place this one to the right and this one to the left. So when I'm using, Plus And this time you know what? I'm not I'm not going to move them. I'm just move them in with the mouse. I'm going to move them with the keyboard shortcuts. So now I have selected the copy off the copied object. Hold shift. Select the rectangle. C e. That's it again. Here. I'm going to use Plus, to create a copy holds shift with the rectangle that I want. Toe lyinto. See he and that's it. That's how is it is And again the for these black ones. The gold ish one will be here and the white one will be here plus two. Great. Another copy. Hold shift or side the rectangle O C E. And for this one the same thing. Plus, to create a copy, hold shift and select the rectangle C e. And that's it. All we have to do now is just create another one right here. And we're going to copy this one and make it a grey shade of 50%. Great to 2% black. Like this one right here. Okay. We can always remove the outline. I don't like this black outlines for the rectangles. Do you remember how we remove on online? We select all off them only shift and just right click on the X from the color. Bennett. That's it. Shift therefore, to have a full view off the off the page. Okay, that's it. It looks fine. It's one way to present to the client, and that's just may be the first page off a pdf document that you can send toe to the client. Okay, Next, we're going toe, um, to cover the next the next logo. It shouldn't take us Ah ah, a lot because we already have this icon right here. So we're just Basically, we're just going toe to see how we manage the text toe, align it on a different or different side. Alliance first with the B and then square. Parker wanted to the write off the off the square. Okay, Perfect. Okay. See you soon. 12. 5 tips for a great logo design (part 1): okay before Ah, before moving forward with our second logo design. Let's spend a few moments to talk about five tapes for a great level design. Ah, you will find this file on the second page of ah Carell Jewel document. So on page one, we have the first logo on the second paint have thes Jay Peak one of the first steps when council logo design is so important to define your target audience. I know May that you heard me previously when talking about the logo Ah, when using the colors. And I told you that this ah apartment building is for luxury for people who have some money to spend. So maybe brown would be a good color. So let's let's get just go over some things that we find here so on the target audience is very important to identify the type of person who will potentially buy your products and services, Then design around those principles because you're not designing for your clients. Actually, you're designed for your client client. Okay, So keep referring back to this throughout your design process to make sure you are sticking to the brief so important to always keeper client, um, clients client in mind when designing the product, think about his choices in life to think about his interest, his hobbies. His age is very important because if the target audience is composed off Children, if you're working on a toy, maybe the colors would you that you would use would be more friendly and maybe even the phones, the characters that you would use so very important to know your target audience. And this would be one of the first question that you would address your client. OK, who is this logo for? Who would be the better fishery off the products? Okay, a second. The people would be the form choice so so important Because finding the perfect phone for your design is all about much matching these two. The style off the icon. Ah, this can be tricky, because if the match is too close, the icon and phoned will compete with each other for attention. Andi, I actually have some Ah, if some, uh examples here about let's say bad typography. So here we have Ah, a tart that says Key lime and should say starts. But based on the phone choice, it doesn't really say starts because you don't consider that he is very inclined and looks like an f. Okay, let's see another one. Okay, here we see. Ah, um, on invitation to a party that it should say, flick and float body you get. See that? Because the the letters are too close. It shows something else again. Here the same. The same example. 10 flickering lights, but again because the, um, foreign choices not so great it spells something else. Here is actually a photo taken off the screen. Click here to print this page, But again, if you see here, it was used. Ah, more comic formed. But ah, that Ah, this is between the letters. Wasn't ah adjusted? So this is what we get. And yet this is a birthday. Ah, card. And it says for a special what for special with It's for a special aunt. But you know, you can see that the A It's some sort of a small a bottom up, but it's actually big, so you can read something else. Cover your home in a click because this was a net for on insurance company that you could ah, create your room. Your insurance online, but again, on the fund. The this is between the letters was adjusted. Actually, the distance between the letters it's called turning. Turning with Kate turning, um, getting here. I think it was a matter of something. I for this. I really don't know what the author wanted to say. Something about your dreams. Definitely. Soundings happening with your dreams. Ah, this is a classic one Taxi, Pepsi and a pop. It was Ah, the end. But you can see because the fortress was so low and the national space between A and A pop . Ah, it meant something else. You can see here how it should have bean, but because the phone didn't have any smaller letters, let's say not so great for Pepsi. Um, yeah. And here we consider the reflection over you is actually an age. So yet maybe not the best advice in the world. Okay, so this is should be a tap room. What? You can see that he has something really strange here. Looks like an F. Okay, okay. He's a computer specialist. Specialist click lovers. It should be, but the as you see as we've seen previously, C and l very close to each other. Look like a the So Yeah, And I don't think that the icon is helping them anymore. Okay, um, Kurt should be here. Bought a can see the the phone was, um, somehow handwritten. Um, Categories. Some again. Doesn't say what should be the attack in coffee shop again. The D looks like a f. So come on, guys. Okay, um, when? Yeah, when you're starting with a sentence with a small camps instead of a big camp and everyone expect there to be a big letter like caps. Yeah. Not hope we're for miracles. It's looks like something else. You can see that the all actually looks like an A Yeah. Okay, so these are some Ah, a couple of phones. Mistakes that I advise you not to go further than toe adjust your You're turning to just that. This is between your letters. And don't just leave them or with a different size or the defined default properties. Try to make sure that, um, it really says what you want to say. And if you're not really sure before, um, sending it your client or your client client, um, have your friends have your customer. Look over it. Um, have a different pair of eyes because you're so into this project that maybe sometimes you don't see the obvious. Okay, so, yeah, this is just a short ah, lecture on a couple off tips I see in the next one to talk about the remaining 13. 5 tips for a great logo design (part 2): we all know that colors are so important, especially when you're talking about a sign out mark that will talk to your clients about your beliefs about their targets about their products. So color theory would be something that I strongly recommend you toe have a look at. I won't go through March in this lecture because, you know, there are a lot off information materials out there. If you're if you're a fan off being to rest, for example, your final lot off information about color theory in a more infographic way like I have this. Ah, this image right here. Eso just a couple of information. Every color, including black and white, has implications. Colors need to be carefully to enhance specific lower elements in still certain emotions and bring new ones. Toe your message with the use of shade and tone. So I have here a couple off, um, a couple off. Let's say guidelines. When it comes to choosing the color, what does every color suggests? Where, for example, ran suggests lost power, excitement or even love. Ah, yellow suggest competence and happiness, while green was just good taste and ah, envy. So you can see we have here some, um, suggestions that you can use when designing your your logo on again. I won't go through. Ah, lot of this because I think that if you are the owner of a company and you are you are the entrepreneur yard. The client you probably have Ah, good idea off the colors that you would want to use. Maybe there some preferred colors. But again, I think that the logo is not for you. His year is for your customer is for your products. Customer for a client. Okay, think about your client. Don't just choose the color. Because here, you know, I like a dark brown or dark blue because it was something related to a favorite T shirt that I hadn't when I was a child. Okay, think commercial thing. Business. Think off. What would make the customer have give you, give you give you his his faith. His trust. Okay, more on ah, more on MTV's toe Warren tips. Ah, for for a great level design, another one would be to avoid the obvious. So as we have here in our in our apartment building logo, Asai told you this is local for some buildings, some buildings that maybe families will live in. But I didn't create any squares Rectangle with some small rectangles that looked like windows. You know, the classical one with that looks like ah, like a building. Okay, because again, this is so obvious. And everyone knows where what you're talking about. But think about. Do you really want to have a logo that everyone else has it or or the idea that off your logo eyes the same that everyone has it? I don't think it is. So try toe. Don't make it so obvious. If you're talking about, um, buildings for talking out about that No. Ah. Never polling company line. You like we have here the example. Africa don't use an airplane. Maybe use just a sign that indicates a wing or the wind or the speed or traveling or something like that. Okay. And yeah, maybe one of the best advice is that I found online. Then they ah, I am trying to keep for myself on designing a logo is to keep it simple. Keep it as simple as possible. Um, one off the let's say one trick that you can use on day one of that I also use when designing a logo is think off the different scenarios. Think of the different materials that you'll file that logo that you're working on. So if you're feeling the need to add some more elements to your logo, Astra, solve this. Where with this logo be printed, can it be printed on a T shirt? Ah, what is the technology that is going to be printed with? Adjust our printing machine? Or is it swords? Toe to the court, the to the T shirt? What about a camp? Where would where would the local be placed on the camp? What about the pen? If it's too, it is. That's more to be placed on a pan. Maybe with these darts be visible on on on a pen. Um, what about the sticker? A sticker? How How would that be printed on a sticker? How would that look? Okay, so think of different scenarios. Think of different areas that you will find that logo and this is a good way toe. Just keep it simple to stick to the elements that really say a lot of, but you're about your company about your message that you want to go to say, but nothing. So many graphic elements who came talk. There's also arm acronym keys. Keep that has a lot off meanings. Let's say it was first. Keep it simple, Stupid than it was. Keep it smart and simple. So there are a lot of variations with that one. Ah, the one that you choose their great with just the main messages to keep it simple. Okay, so, uh, let's have some are short sentries that I wanted. Teoh, I want to go through with you to make sure that we are on the same page. And ah, next. Um, let's continue with the with the with the local with the second option for the logo. And as I've told you before, this would be an easy one because we were We already have the graphic element. We just need to this I'm taking around the phone. Okay, so yeah, I guess I'll see you soon 14. Creating the second logo: this logo is all about balance and managing toe. Handle your text so it really alliance to the preferred ah section. So you can see here that ah, their name off the complex is a line to the left off the letter p and the description, which is square park. It's aligned to the right off the off the square. So let's see how we can do that very, very quickly. First, as I told you, I'm going to copy part of this law director. I'm going to copy the entire logo and then just ah, past basis into a new document here. Remember this. We have grouped these two elements together, the B and that's where with the name. So I'm just going toe and group them. Or use the keyboard for cat control. You and then selected text and just deleted. So next what we're going to do is write the names independently, so it's first from it on them, and I'm going to make this a bold one. And for for Ito line again, we have multiple options. First of all, first of all, I'm going toe. Ah, actually, I'm going to live like this. I was thinking off, transferring torque curve. But for now, I'm just going to live it like this because I also want the other. Ah, want to be the same size. So I'll need this this information right here. Okay. So to align it to the left off the B, we have two options. I can either break them apart. Remember that we've we've combined them into a single object. So breaking them apart with ruin the p with the interior of the team and maybe would allow me to do more work. So I don't want more work now on this logo. Ah, what? Another thing that can do is true. Create ah, guideline that would snap to the left side of the P and then snap the text with that guideline. First of all, let's make sure that I have snapped guidelines. It snapped objects active, and I'm just going to drag a guideline from the left ruler until it snaps to the end of the B. Right now I'm going to take the logo and Cassini's really snaps. So the, um so the guy island have just created and let's lower the fond maybe toe 18. Yeah, I think It's a good size Jazz. Move it up a bit. Okay, Great. Now, another thing God, that I can do without creating a new text again is creating a copy off this one. I'm just going to do that by hitting plus on my keyboard and then just dragging it down. I'm checking the ball because square probably discretion isn't bold toe edit it. I'm just going to double click inside control A to select the text. It's not so much different than a regular text editor that you use frequently so even inward. In a world like me to do the same thing, you select the text and then you highlight it if you want to replace it with something else . So instead, off prominent, I'm going through right here, Square park by using, um, enter. And one thing that I can do here is adjust the height between those and make sure it's a line to the right, so to make sure it's right, right to go to the options menu, lying to the right and here we don't need, um uh um the guideline, although we could use it, but we can just used weaken just a line into the right side, off the off the square. So just make sure you have this one selected hold shift and click on the object that you want to align the text to. Okay, so after we have these two, um, selected just press air are on your own. Your keyboard, which refers to the right, So, um ah, it's a line to the right. Now we can see something. It's just misplace here because the phone is too big. So I'm just going to lower rate until it snaps toe that guideline on to the left. So you see how nice it's three really fits in there. So, no, I can really see that square part between the guideline, which is the left of the P and to the right of the of the square actually needs only a 15.817 points size. So I'm just going toe carpet this size. And on the promenade, the option toolbar. I'm just going toe base, this one right here just to make sure that we have the same size of the text jam. So everything is ah, justified. Everything is aligned and anything can be. You can use this as an argument. Wearing someone is asking you what do you choose this phone size or this alignment? So now it really it's great. And it really looks great on in the real thing that Ariel is a great phone choice when it comes to this longer, because it's very Ah, simple there. Redirect. And yeah, it can also be used as I, as we mentioned previously by simplicity, by talking about simplicity. How would that look on a T shirt? How would that look on a camp or on a on a pen? I think that would look great because I don't have all the small elements all the of dot and uh, maybe handwriting phones that would make viewing hard. So yeah, this looks great. Ah, one thing that I can do more now is to select the text and make sure it's converted to a curve. So from object, convert to curves. Or I can always use the keyboard control cute, okay and just elected and group it or control G. And that's it. Yep, that's basically it. Because now everything is alliance. Everything looks in place. I like it. I like it. OK, so in the next lecture we're going to create, Ah, the simulations to write, to see how they this local looks on different colors and almost, we're almost there were almost ready with the file to be presented to the client. So all season. 15. The Gold Effect: in this lecture. I want us to go through how to create the presentation for this logo. So we're going toe, create different colors for it on different backgrounds, onto the right, just like we did the privacy on the first page, bought with something different. Ah, we're going toe. Copy the rectangles here because there's no need to recreate them. A can. Just holding, shifting, clicking on each other. Then control. See going back to pay three and basted them here. Eso to create a copy off that logo. Let me just turn off, snap to guidelines and snap to objects to create the copy of the local. Remember that we can use the plus sign and just drag it to a new place. Make a smaller and hopes. Now you can see it's behind. Why's it behind? Because that the object the rectangle, is actually in front off the up off, the longer you can see there. So if you want to change the order off the object, you can use the keyboard shortcut shift page up shift pager and that's it. So let's make sure it's a line to the center. Off the off the rectangles are holding shift and selecting the rectangle. And then, if you remember from our previous lectures, were going to use, see Lenny to the center Vertical e and e toe a line into the center horizontally. Okay, so what we're going to do different from what I have done before in this first page, we're actually going to choose ah, color for the logo that really looks gold ish. So what I've done I've search on Google Gold seem like a because we're working for pretty and for print. Were using the CIA might seem waking color mode. So because here I found the three different versions off gold, New Gold, gold, gold and Fisher Gold. I don't know if it's there is a difference between old gold and official gold. Very, very. Ah, little difference. Let's say I'm going to use official gold. So it's 2 31 100 0 and let's see how we came. Added those ah, those local. How can we add those colors? Because this will be the case, um, many times when If you let's say, if you're a graphic designer, you will receive color codes from your clients to use in your design So let's see how you can add Ah, colored toe logo. So it's 2 31 100 0 as go back toe CorelDraw. And here on the bottom, right corner, you can see we have the fuel color, which is for now black, which is 000 100. So if you just double click that Ah, that square but black square You get the feel color that all were on the white side. You can enter ah, specific codes for the color. So I have a short social memory. You have 2 31 10 So it's to 31 100 zero. Okay, now this looks like ah ah, gold. Maybe. I think it's maybe too yellow. Yeah, I think it's too yellow. Let's try a different one. Let's try the new gold. 2044 100 to 2044 102. Yeah, I think this looks more like a gold gold ish color, but I don't know about the blue here on in the background. I've selected both off this rectangles and let's try to have ah, darker blue. Yes, this is a nice blue. Yes, there's I like I like this more. More like an Inca blue. Yeah, Yes, I like this one. So it's 1990 to 16. 60? Yep. Now let's good. Looks classy. It looks luxury. Uh, yeah. Okay. Lets copy this one to the right, and we'll make it white. So I'm going to use plus again on the keyboard if you don't have Plus, remember that you can always control C control V or use the mouse with with the two buttons to create a copy. So I'm just going to move this to the right holding shift to select the rectangle and pressing C and e to align it. And let's just make it. What? Yes, even why? It looks great on this color. I really like this color. Okay, so again, let's copy this one to the right. And this one to the left. Let's see how those look on. Ah, this shade of red. So I'm going to use the mouse now, too. Great. A copy. So left, click and drag. And while on that location shortly pressed. The right click. OK, no, let's align it using shift and select the rectangle C and e. Okay, this looks good. Okay, it looks nice. I think it looks it would look great if these were I don't know. Ah, Folder. Our presentation, Mare presentation fold or something like that. This is great. Okay, maybe some some. Ah, a little bit glossy. Yeah. Ah, glossy finish on that print. It will look very luxury. Okay, lets copy this one form creating. I'm creating a copy using the plus drying here, using shift to select Darrelle rectangle C and E. I'm making them. I'm putting me in accent. I'm using them frequently. This selecting the rectangle and C and e are aligning them to center. Because in CorelDraw, if you haven't catch up before this before, you'll use the alignment, the options I locked. And because they're so easy to use, you will find that having things a range and the line in CorelDraw is really what makes those details stand out. Okay, So make sure that you use them frequently, frequently, and basically make use off the keyboard. Shortcuts would see an E after selecting the two objects that you want to align. Okay. And let's see how this looks on black. I think that goes on black Look would look great. I see creating a copy, Dragging it down. Holding shift cnd Yes. Things looks absolutely great. I liked it. Yeah, so great. Imagine this being gonna maybe on a T shirt. Or, you know, maybe just having some glittery stuff over it. Very precious. It would look very precious. Yeah. Okay. Ah, creating a cop of this one selecting with shift C N e. And that's all they look so great. So great. OK, and now let's just create another one. Um, I'm going to copy this one and just make it a grey. 50% black, this one. You know, when you're going to use the one with 50% black when you want to print something that they want to print Ah ah, contract. And you don't have available color printer. So we're just going to use Ah, black and white printer, actually, just a black printer. Ah, one toner with black. So you won't need to know. How would that look? Can always use the black one. Or you can use that great one. If you don't want your log, it really stand out. Okay. So, yeah, I think I like this this local a lot and I like really? How the colors combined on especially in the blue one and on the black one. Yeah. Imagine this option here with a black rectangle and white. The local white on black rectangle can also be used as Ah, footer on your website to really and the information in a classy way. Okay, this was great. Ah, In our next lecture, we going to tackle the third logo, which is somehow similar to this one. But ah, with Siri. We'll see in just a couple of seconds. Get so I'll see you. I'll see you there. 16. Joining nodes on the third logo: This further logo is especially a great one because it would also remind us above the curves about announced. And, of course, about shaped all you can create a real longer great logo without the use of curves, notes and, of course, shaped. Oh, so let's see how going to create these, um, these new square right here the link between those two and of course, the text right here. So let's jump into our file. Let's create in your document. And of course, we're going to copy the first, actually the second the second logo because some off the elements will will be kept like the square and the be. So let's take another look on this logo. So we have kept the beat and first square, when we need to do is create another square that will be placed on the top right corner and then just in search some, um, some text. Great. So first of all, we can see that the group that the whole local it's ah, grouped. So first watch removed the object snap toe and we're going toe on group cleanse the lit the fix, and we're not going to great another square because this one is also is already great. It has the week off the line that were, ah, where we're expecting toe. The only problem is that here on the bottom left corner Ah, it's ah can out because of the p. So what will need to do is create another copy off these entire element. Get rid off the off the tee and let's try to merge somehow. Ah, these notes here. So to create a copy first used the blood on the keyboard. Or you can move it. You can copy with your ah mo streaks holding the left and then breaking on the right mouse click. We remember that we combined this one so we went into objects and we hit. Combine or we can use the keyboard control L. So what we need to do now is break apart the opposite off combine. So let's break apart and we're going to have different element. This one is element 11th element. Great. We don't need this one and we also don't need this one. So now what we need to do is tow Ling somehow the gap right here. One of the ways to do that is to use notes. Of course, you can always create another square and just merged them together here. Well, them. But let's try Ah, different method that will also take us to the notes. If you don't have any knowledge of the notes or for the shape toe place, make sure that you visit my first course on CorelDraw. That is absolutely for beginners. Came so before, um, before, um, moving any further? This is the shape tool. It has a shortcut. F 10. And what we need to do now is to break this corner right here. This one, this one and also this one. After breaking them, we're going toe, delete the lines, their verticality. And then we're going to link this one with this one and this one with this one. And after that, what if they were going to delete them internally? Because the whole line will be sustained, but by this one. Ah, but this note and this No. And on the bottom line, by this note, and there's no maybe it sounds tricky or complex, but please keep in mind it, um, this is, let's say, the professional way to work when it comes to um, adding nodes or removing them. So bear with me. Okay, the first thing I'm going to do is create the selection around the notes, and the perfect tool to create the selection is a can shaped. Oh, here in the options bar, you can see we have the option to break the curve apart. Braking the curve will, um, will give us nowhere feel. And that's normal because you can only have a feel on a closed shape. Okay, so first, let's break the curve. And now we have different notes here. Different lying caps. So what? We're going to these Click on this line and drag it aside. Click on this line and drag it aside just to have a better look off them. Now we don't need them anymore, So just select there in the late Great. Now what we have to do is to join these two knowns, and these two notes also so select them and from the Options bar, click on join two notes. Great. The same thing will need to be done for the notes. Ah, below. We have selected them with the selection. Join. Do not great now because we have joined them and we can see they have created a straight line. And this line is also sustained by the notes at the end. Actually, we don't need them anymore, so we can just select them and delete them. There will be no change made in the line because they were on Lee created there for the gap itself. Okay, Okay, so this looks good. Next, let's go back toe pick Tool. Actually, we're going to need that snap toe objects again. The one that we with our checked at the beginning, off the lecture. And what we're going to do is make sure that we position the bottom left corner off the square. The right to the top, right corner off the off the off. The first square came after that. We're just going to add the text on the bottom, right off the logo. And that's it. Ah, let's do that in our next lecture. 17. Welding objects and aligning text: creating a single object from multiple objects. Inquiry draw. It's called welding. So first of all, let's move the the rectangle, the square that we have just created on the top right corner off the first square. So to do that, just selected with your picture, make sure you have snapped object activated and just select the corner on the very bottom left corner until it snaps and then just drag it onto the top right corner. That's it that's going to wear for him. To really see how these are made, these are created. Okay, so again, I just drag this note to the top right corner, and that's it. Let's go back toe our enhanced view mode, and you can select them all. And from the Options bar, you have the options toe weld to Treem or to intersect. These are the main options and again with cover them in. Ah, my first CorelDraw course for beginners, so we'll just need to weld them together. Nothing really happened, but if we go in tow wire free mode, we can see that these ah, these squares are now linked together, are now welded together. Great. Now let's go back when queen has view mode and let's just add the text. So again we are going to use the type told the textile, actually. So what we're going to do is not going to create. We're not going to create two separate texts, but we're going to create one single object with two lines of text. Okay, so first, ah, enter the name off the apartment buildings hit, enter. And again we're going to add the rest. Sorry. Square back. Great. Ah, we're going to select square park and make it a bold And of course, we need to increase the size, Just positioned it on the right, Tobe left corner off the gap right here and just drag it to create a to make it bigger. Okay, so I'm really glad that we decided to create two lines off text in the same object because now we have the possibility toe, remember how we adjust the haIf between lines of text. So if you're new to coral draw, I'm am strongly advising you to take my first course on CorelDraw. But I'm going to show to show it to you here as well. So to adjust the distance between the lines were going to use shaped all. When you have the text selected, you can see the text is selected, not highlighted like this, but just selected. You can use shape tal, and while having the shapeless elected, you will see Ah, small arrow on the bottom left corner and the small arrow in the bottom right corner. So I only have to do just drag the bottom left corner up, and it will adjust the distance between ah, between the lines of text. Now all we have to do it. Just go back to picture and drag the text more so it fits their perfectly well. How about that? This is our logo. This is our third logo, and we have learned how toe joint nuts, how to break them apart. How to weld, um, objects, vector objects and how to adjust the size between two lines off text. All we have to do now is just make sure we have the text converted to occur so we can hit control Q or from object, became convert curves, select all of the elements, grouped them or use the control G shortcut. And that's it. That looks nice. Very quickly. Let's create the the variations to the right. So let's copy with shift the squares because the colors are just right. Yep. And now I'm going to uncheck objects of steptoe objects because I don't need it anymore. Right now I'm going to locate a copy for the logo. I've just created it with the I'm dragging it with the left mouse click and shortly pressing right, mostly to create a copy. Okay, Just places right here and you don't want. What we're going to do now is to see how we can get a specific color from another object. Because remember, we somehow struggled on ah, on a previous lecture to get this gold ish color. So I want to keep this color. Although I have it here, but I don't want to use it here. I want to use the take the hard way toe have to take the high road toe. Uh, understand. And to make sure we cover also this one, how can I get ah color from another object? So what I'm going to do is select this one, control, seeing to copy it, go back to pay for control V to paste it and that struck. Let's just rugged from here. So what we're going to do now is speak what is called the color eyedropper toe. You can see it on the left side, off your toolbar. Click on the color that you want toe, um, tohave toe get so we can click on anyone and you can see that it really shows. Ah, the color code. So I want this color, and after clicking, you can see the mouth has converted in tow bucket. If you're placing that bucket on an object, you can feel that object with the specific color. Okay, so that's it. That's it that easy. Now let's do this for the Texas. Well, let's it Okay, so again on we have to do when you want toe create and you get a color from another object . Let's let's turn this one into the blue. Just select the color eyedropper toe click on the color that you want. The Of course there will turn into a bucket and just cliff where you want that color to be placed. Okay, pretty easy. Great. Let's make this one as it waas. Okay. And now we have the gold ish color we don't need this anymore anymore. Thank you. And we're going toe adjust and the logo into their rectangle. Remember that we're using the alignment options, so select both of them and see for harder for vertical center and E for horizontal center. Great. I've just created any copy using the plus holding shift selecting the rectangle C and E. And of course, we're going to make this one white. And again, I'm going to create a new copy shift C and E creating a new copy shift and clicking C and E creating a new copy shift C and E creating a new copy shift c nd. And let's just also create the one with 50% black. That's it. That is it. And then we have the circle of great, um, let's see our unless lecture how can create our final lager. And we're going to try something different because that is a completely different lager from what we've previously, mate. Okay, so I guess I'll see you soon 18. Adjusting corner radius on the fourth logo: Hi, guys. Welcome back. So our first logo is a great one because it will take us further into new developing tools and options. So let's go through the the local. This is the logo. The fourth. Welcome that we're going to. Great. You can see that it actually starts still from Ah, square. But only two off the corners are rounded and two out of them are appointed. Here we have the name which is cut out from a side, and we have the description, which is square park. So how are they going to do that on on your document? First, we're going to create in your page and with the rectangle to holding control. We're going to create square just like that. Let's go back toe pickle because there is no reason for us. Toe still have retained a little option two available. So, um, here in the options bar, we can see we have four areas with some, um, values that we can insert. These are cold corner radius between them. We have a small lock if you keep the lock locked. Every value that in you insert in one of these, um, one of these areas will be, um, with the added to the rest of them. OK, so if I say this to millimeters on all of the others will be two millimeters and you can see that the router, the corners are now around. I'm going to hit control Z toe. Undo that. And let's check the, um, the locks off toe. I lock the lock, and we're going to need the top right corner in the bottom left corner to be rounded. So for a bed, I'm going to insert on the top, right? Um, area 10 millimeters and on the bottom left corner, 10 millimeters. Okay, You know what? I think I'm actually going to increase this value, So let's set it to 15. Yeah, better. Or maybe 20. Let's see how 20 looks. I think it's even better. 20. And here, 24. These values depend a lot on the size off the shape that you are going to. Great. Okay, great. Now we're going to use the same tool that we use previously to create a new inside. Ah, square. So this is the contour toe again. If you don't have it available, it may be under drop. Shadow toe access it. Just hold your mouse there for just half a second and you will get contour over the control options bar. We have the three options to create a contour into the center, off the object, inside or outside. We're going to need it to be inside and let's set the value toe, Let's say maybe six millimeters. Let's see how that looks. Okay? Yeah, let's Let's city toe eight. Let's see how that looks. I think it is better that gives it a more death. Toto, the entire object. Okay, great. Let's get it back toe, pick toe and again, the same thing that we've done previously or with breaking up the object toe. Then to be able to separate into create to create ah hole there were going to you use either control K or from object for object. We're going to use brake control group apart. Let's do that. And now there are two different objects, and after that we're going to select them again with the with with with a big toe and we're going to combine them into a single object. And this way, when you add a color, it will add on Lee on the side because here is empty. Okay, great. Next. Let's and, um Ah, battle off the off the building complex. So it will be prominent. Okay. And let's increase the size to something that will just fit right in there. Yeah, maybe something like this. And here, remember, Will will we? We don't have Ah, Square Park. Okay, so yeah, I think this one is a good ah, good measure to good size for the for the text. And remember that we need toe Ah, high. I create another re tangle toe cut through the shape that we've created. And the challenge here, Maybe toe have the text in the middle off that cut out that we're going to quit. And actually, this is quite simple. We're going to create our new rectangle, and we're just going toe. Place it like that toe. Let will use this rectangle as a to to cut out Ah, the shape behind. Okay, So before cutting the tool, what we need to do is to align the text with the rectangle. Okay, this is very easy. Only have to do is just make sure you have the text selected whole shift and select the rectangle and then do you remember? What are we going to use? We're going to is under sea or e no. Line it horizontally. Horizontally, huh? What do you think it's C or E is e okay. Did you see? Just moved a little. I want to get control Z and I'll eat again. So it just moved because we were just there. Ok, Okay, this looks great. And again, we're going to use the rectangle that we fretted toe cut a hole through the shape. Actually, their technical term is to trim. OK, so we're going to hold shift, select the object that we want to Treem and from the Options bar, we will see the dream comment available. Nice. We don't need this anymore selected and dilated. And now let's just add the square park right here. You can see we have a number off alignments that we could use first we would have this end off the off the off the shape that we can use. Another thing is that we have the A that we could use also And if we move the if we move Ah , the items slightly to the right. We will also be able to use the AM the left side off the M for ah, for the text to be aligned. Okay, so we've created these guidelines that would add will actually help us toe a line now in the text. Great. Let's let's do that. Let's enter Square Park Square Park, and let's make it a bold Let's place it on the top left corner. Jesse, it doesn't help me a lot either than the visual cue. I don't have anything else that would have me a line. So you know what? I'm just going toe check the snap toe guidelines and snap toe object options. Okay? Yeah. And then we can see really snaps to, though was ah, catalyze. Yep. I'm going to increase square until it reaches the other guideline. And one last thing that I will do. I don't like the space here is lowers. Ah Ah, as much. Um, smaller than the one here. So what I'm going to do, I'm not going toe. Ah, use the shape to how, um as we've done previously toe manage the distance between text because we've already done that with any. We've already understood how we can do that. But another thing that we can do to adjust the that this is between two lines of text is as we did with ah Rick tangled with with a square earlier toe. Break the text apart once the text is selected. If you go into the objects menu, you will see we also have the break text available The break excrement available and again has the same keyboard circa controlled que. You will see that depending on the item that we have selected, the text here will change. It may be break artistic texts, break paragraph, text breaker objects and depending on the thing that we have are selected. OK, so I'm going to break this apart and what it will do. It will separate the lines off text as to individual objects. Okay, so having them selected, you know what I'm auction. I'm actually going to use another rectangle that I'll create to make sure that the size that we have here will be the same size that we have here. There are, I think, hundreds off times that I have used rectangles as measurement units in my project. So I'm going to just use the rectangle toe and just create a rectangle like this, tohave it to some measure. I'm going to also give you the color so it can be very visible. And with the right mouse click on the X on going toe, Eliminate the outline. Okay, so this is sorry this was just another date. Okay, So Ah, I'm going to use this one to be my measure. Just going to move this down slightly down, okay? Something like this. And then the taste will be aligned to that one. You can see that now. It's actually doesn't snap because while we're in the text on Lee, the corners will snap to the, um to the toe. Another object. So what? I recommend it to do. Especially one working with text in a logo design to And if you said converted to curves, you're right. Get so let's convert it curves. We can either use control K, or we're going from object convert to curves. And for this one as well control. OK. And for this one is well, okay. And now get this jump. You see it snapping? Yes, Does. And only because now this object it's seen bike world grow as curves. Not by not just a text, but also curves. Okay, so now I know that the distance from here is the same with the distance from here. I don't need these anymore, so I'm just going to delete it. I don't need these. Um, well, actually do, because you can see here that he is not on lying to the laugh. Yeah, that's much better. So I don't need this anymore. Neither. This one, neither. This one. Okay, nice. This looks nice. And again what I'm going to do toe finish that the logo. I'm going toe group them, and I'm also trying to save it. That's it. This how you create the logo? Okay. Ah, I know that this has been ah, long lecture, but I really wanted for you toe understand every step that I made. And, ah, when you will create your logos to make sure that you can, um, argue every every step that you let remain, not just because it feels like or you think it would look like it would look good toe to have unanswered for every move that you create. Okay, Because again, my mission here with this course is not toe, um, toe make you to teach you how to create locals. Because as I've told you, there are millions off logos out there and it's practically impossible, Toto. Great. All of those. My mission and what I want is for you to understand the steps, the time taking. Ah, in. And I'm not this really interesting in you having that the steps in the same order because when creating different logos off course, Ural have different orders for different commands. And maybe fonds will Will will take some time to to choose. I just use aerial, so we don't have spent a lot of time choosing phones. Ah, but maybe you will spend some time interesting colors adjusting the fonts, maybe just in the size between the elements. Okay, but for now, for this course, I just wanted you to understand the reasons, but be behind any off my actions. Okay? So hopefully this was useful to you, and I'll see in the next lecture where we'll create Ah, that Ah, variations on the right with with the multiple colors and the gold, each one and then we'll have ah, diving photo shop to see how we create some great great simulations. Okay, so I guess I'll see in just a couple of seconds 19. Publishing to PDF: Okay. Lets great the provisions on the right. And at the end of this lecture will also see how we can export all of our pages from the CorelDraw document into a pdf that we can send to the client. OK, so we're going toe. Just copy the rectangles from the other pages. Holding shift while clear on them control. See and control the Here. Let's make this one smaller, and you can see that it's actually behind the rectangles. So with shift page up, I'm just going to move them out of the logo above the the rectangles. Okay, great. I don't need the snap guidelines or snap to objects. Um, options again. So I'm just going toe, check them, and let's quickly create the logos on the car. So I'm going to hit plus great on your logo. Maybe. Make it, of course, smaller shift. Cnd. We don't even see it because we should make it, um, orange. We are in orange. A goal. We already have the gold here. Okay. The street. Another one? Yep. Under one. All we can extra. She said we have some, um, outline here. This is interesting. Okay, so we need toe um, before hoping any further, we need to remove that outline. Okay? We have it all game. We can see we have it on all of our war. Um, variation. So with right click on X. Going to eliminate doubt that rightly. Here also and right click here. False. Okay, lets see. Ok, the known looks good. And again, let's create a copy. C n e creating a copy. I'm creating a copy with the mouse. I'm dragging it with a left. I'm going to share in just on dragging it with the left and shortly pressing the right most bottom to create a copy. And, of course, we're going to treat the great one as well like this. The 50% black. Look, let's save this. Going to say this one. And now they're just a recap. We have the first, um Well, here on the second page, we have the jam packed with tips. Andi, this on the third page, we have the second log on the fourth page, we have 1/3 logo and the fifth page. We have them, um, the third local and to create, um a pdf from this, um, from this document, we're just going to go into a file publish to pdf Published to be f Here we have some options we can save. Ah Conger's the time, but force, it's only pdf you can give you the name. Let's go through the settings to see what settings we have. So in the general ah, we're going toe advice him to take to export the whole documented current document. Or, if you want, you can only exports, um, pages. And you know what? Because on the second page, we have the tips for the logo design. I'm going to export Onley first. The third, the fourth and the fifth. Ah, page. Okay. Here in color, they're just some standard color options. You can't. You can change the color mold. We don't want to do that. Uh, let's say interesting one. If you have multiple J pings, as you might have with the simulation that we're going to create in ah, before the show, those will be images. So from here, it can control the quality off the image, the off the images that you would like to place in that pdf okay. Off course that the higher the quality, the bigger the file size will be OK if you have any. Ah, texts. This option will convert all off the text in tow. Curves. Heroes in the security can set some password from the pdf on open password if you want that . But you have to be viewable only by your client and give him the passport. Or, if you want to kind of be able to print this permission password will also be necessary. Okay. Lets it. OK, and I'm going to choose, um, another folder and they want to save this here. You see, Just so it saved. And now let's Ah, let's check that the document. Here it is. It has only 116 kilobytes out. This is very, very small. Let's see how it looks. Okay, we can see the first page we can Ah, against We have only four pages because we've asking toe to export only the first, the third to the fourth and the fifth page. So we have the first Ah, over here on the second page, we have the second logo here we have the third logo, and here then we have the fourth, uh, the faithful. It's a different order because I've changed the pages. And it Bob A basically the same. Ah, they're the same locals. Okay, Okay, that looks nice. And this is the document that you can send. Ah, the client. Okay, great. So, um, if you want to change the pages with inadequate, that's just how I did. Ah, it's Ah, I did it because you can see this was the 1st 1 with the blue wish More rectangles. Just drag one page on to another section, and that page will become death location. Okay, Americans, see the first page is that one? Okay, so yeah. Although this is ah coreldraw course. Um, taking a step further in tow, developing your knowledge in distant through this knowledge, transfer off How to create logo on DA will. Take a pic in tow. Other before shop to see how we can create the those more crops. And if you have ah will be for the shop. That's great. You can is any version. If not, you can download it from for free. But we'll talk more when Well, when will be in other before the shop with Ah, look up. That will export. And then we'll import it in CorelDraw. Okay, so I see you soon in photo shop 20. Creating simulations in Photoshop (part 1): creating more cops seem. And we, for shit can be a lot of fun, especially because we have a lot off mock up temple. It's available. Ah, from the internet. So I've provided you with one off them that you can use also on your personal project. But please keep in mind that this is a free template of fremaux Cup that I have also down on the downloaded from from the web send. You can find multiple the other templates or momo cops that can use over there. I'm just going to show I'm going to show you in just a couple of seconds. But before that one thing that we must do in order for us tohave simulations for all of our logos, we will need to export, not save, not brings nuts open. But we'll need toe export. The logos that we've created in tow be dumped into a PNG. Okay, so how we're going to do that? First of all, it's very important to select the element in our case. The logo Did you want to export? Because if you don't do that for equal draw will export Um, everything that sees on the page. Okay, So select that. And from file going toe export organ. Always use the keeper's shortcut control. D great. Select ah, location where you want the file to be selected and just give it a name. I'm going to name it Pro one from Brahman. Ada being the first logo. So prominent One pro one. Okay, Selected on Lee is ticked and export Live it with the default options. And okay, let's do that with a second logo. Also, they were just going toe increase the size of bid Can export control e after used this time . So it's pro to this time. Still PNG still selected on Lee. Transparency is sticked because here we need transparency. Okay, let's do that with furtive logo. Also this one. So name it Pearl three Export. Okay. And the last local, this one control e and brought fear. Great. All right, now going to the exercise falls that you've opened and you will see here the gold stamping logo moke up, not BSD. If you have other before a shopping stole, all you have to do is just double click death one and it will open in force. I have photo shop cc. Okay, and this is the most calm that we're going to use instead off this element here, we're going to place Ah, one of our logo's. You can see here in the layers panel. We have a layer called your logo. Here. DoubleClick dollar Tom, mail the letter. Time is this image right here? There are some effects applied to the logo we want. Ah, go into those and we call. Also have can also change the baker on image. I've already provided you with a background image that you can use. But if you want, If you have a different material, you can apply that material there. But for now, I'm going to use the the smoke up. So I'm just going to change the the, um, it. So we'll just go through the instructions. Double Klay dealer Tom Nail. This is the lower layer thumbnail. And just publicly and miss the death documented that element will open into a new window against you. Here we have a nuclear window, and in this document we will place our logos. Soto, place them right on the center. We're not going to use open or import or a different option, but we're going to use an option called place embedded. OK, so place embedded. Select the first logo hit place and you consider can it will place it on on the center. So all we have to do now is just increase it to cover most of our base year. But we increase it proportionally and from the center out, I'm going to hold shift and old down were dragging from the corners. So shift an old while dragging from the corners release and hit OK to confirm now I don't need the previous element. That was before. So I'm just going to Ah, hide it by clicking on the I I can hear And for now we can see that I have an Asterix here on the on the found name. So that means that this document is not saved. I'm just going to save it using control s and I'm just going to close it. How about that? That looks awesome. Med looks awesome. This is what is called a smart object and really is very, very smart if you've gone through my other first of course, is you'll find out what ah smart object can do and how you can also create your own smart objects. Okay, so Ah, this is a great simulations that we've done. All we have to do now is just save it as a cheap pick and imported in our you know where you know, across the draw document. So going to file save as on Let's choose J Peg. Let's give it the name. Let's call it. Actually, we can also create on your folder and let's call them. Seems From's Was anagrams are short for stimulations. Let's call it pro one on the line seem so prominent. At one simulation. Save the quality should be maximum, and he's okay. Let's see how we can ah, add that Ah, on that want to our toward CorelDraw file and then we'll carry on with the rest. So on after page one, I want to create a new on your page soul. I have to hear the new page bottom, which will create a new page after the one that you are currently in and tow. Add an image into a car older document. Remember a very important aspect. Images in CorelDraw cannot be opened. Images can only be imported. Okay, so to do that we're going to file import, or we can always use the keyboard shortcut control I so import. Here we have the geopark that we've created hit, import. And here you can click and drag the image onto the size that you want it be to make it Sure it's center to the Beijing. And how about that? This is the logo that with previous main. And this is how the looks into a simulation. Okay, I think it really looks great on the next lecture. We're going to continue with the rest of those, but we're goingto make it on a high speed because I think that you are already understood the concept behind that, the steps and why we're doing this. And how are we doing this? So next it would own it will be on Lee for your practice toe to make sure that, um, you've you've covered all of the topics that we're discussing here. So in our next lecture, we're going to speed up things a little bit and we're gonna have great simulations with all of our three logo's remaining. Okay, So get on to work on DA. Put your fingers on the keyboard. Ah, and try to create those under simulations by yourself. Okay, I'll see you soon 21. Creating simulations in Photoshop (part 2): 22. Interview: Hi, guys. Welcome back in this lecture have invited Mitchell, who is the owner often advertising agency to talk to us about how he sees the things on logo design from the other side of the story. So again, Mitchell, thank you for having the time for this interview. One of the first questions that I would like to ask you ease, in your opinion, what would you think is the most important step when it comes to the local design process? One of the most important, I think, is the understand the buyer persona toe understand very well who will be the customer for for that product or the service. If you understand that persona that what challenges, what needs they have, what plans they have you can you can design something connected with their needs. Okay, um is today in today's social media platforms and all the advertising methods that way have and are available towards, Do you think that just having a logo is enough is just the first step. The logo. When you think the logo you need to create after this immediately the entire identity for a company, you you will start with all the places where the company communicate through social media through events you need to establish very well what colors, what funds, what stand up they use when they communicate. So is not enough. You need to design an entire identity for that company. If they communicate through events, you need some roll ups and different giveaways for that event. If for sure you need that logo on a business cut on a presentation. So as a designer it is useful to think forward and to create for the client also this identity back. Not not just the logo. Okay, Having the fact that there are a lot off print options in today's modern world, they think that a logo should be, let's say, or more on the simple side or more on the complex. Where for having it displayed on different materials can be both ways. But the owner, the client must must know that in a complex way, they will spend a lot of money on different prints and materials with a simple when it just simple. You can be very flexible when when you go further to bring the logo and use it on different different materials. Okay, so you're saying that the designer should also have this in mind when creating the logo, maybe about the prices that the client would need to pay for a simple print. The designer in I need to Know this and to advise the client about what means a simple logo and what means that complex local the simple is not is not a simple, cheap logo, the simple can or must be special logo. And my recommendation is to start every time with the simple logo to the client but simple and special one so less is more for for the local. Also, I know that for most of the locals, you've also Bean client, not only a provider, so we are not. A question that I wanted to ask you is by having the logo in a presentation manner, not just on a white background. With that influence. Your opinion about that logo having a display, let's say on imprinted on something in a context with that affect, your perception about the logo usually went when I see a SIM simulation, I'm convinced very fast, comparing with a simple local. This is this is my reaction. As a specialist, I want to see also the simple logo on with the simple shapes toe understand? Very precise. What is there? But if you show me the simulation off that in a contact in a context, you can sell me better. That the proposal. So this is the difference. I want both both ways, but simulation can sell better. Okay, for final of this interview, do you have any advice? Is for the people who are just starting to create their own local first thing is to practice maybe not just toe, not tow create from the beginning. Maybe they can copy some some ideas and practice to have some hours, spend it all on this kind of job on after they spent, let's say, 20 hours they can. They can go by themselves to start a new logo for for a client. So this is this is one of the steps. The second is to have some questions for the client on the first meeting toe. Have a kind of question here about a brief, a brief, that decline may obliterated. Yes, exactly. To to understand very, very well the client from the first meeting, because otherwise you can produce something that the plan don't need. Okay. Thank you. Thank you for this answer. Would you like to add something more? And also, when you add those questions in the first meeting, you you can position yourself as a profession next in the front of the client. Great. Okay, great. Great advice is thank you. And thank you guys for taking this course. And I really hope that these informations are available to you and you're going to make use of them. And until until our next lecture, I'll see you and good luck.