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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Planning Landing Page

    • 3. Get Your Idea

    • 4. Font

    • 5. Colors

    • 6. Get Your Stock Photo

    • 7. Icon

    • 8. Creating Landing Page

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About This Class

Hi everyone, this class will discuss how to make a good landing page. I'll also demonstrate creating a landing page for e-learning here. I hope you enjoy it and are interested in joining.

Meet Your Teacher

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Charisa Virga

Illustrator and UI designer


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1. Introduction: Hello everyone will come to the class of creating lending pitch. You can call me charisma. As a cheese. You watch this video first before choosing to continue or not. So this is an introduction session. I will give an overview of the contents of this class, indecision. This class is 40. We're interested in UI design. The purpose of the class is, you know, important things in making lending beach tips and tricks when creating lending pitch. And also, you know how to creating lending pitch or do you need to take this course? You must have a TOP installed on your PC Aramaic, because I will use Adobe XD along this course. I hope you also know how to operate Adobe XD, because I'm not talking about basic of Adobe XD in this course. I'm focused on creating a lending beach in discourse. What will you learn in this course? First, you will learn about planning, lending pitch. I will tell you how I blend lending bitch before creating it in Adobe XD. I will tell you how to get idea. As a designer, you have to look for inspiration. But worst case. Next, we will learn about fonts. What kind of funds, our website or landing page, where you can find them. And I also tell you about colors. What kind of colors are good for website. Beach can find them. Sometimes you will need stock photo for a design. Where to find commercial use stock photo for your project. And I also talk about icon, icon in our design. And I will tell you where to get free icon for your projects. And the last creating lending pitch. I will tell you step-by-step how to creating a lending pitch. Let's go to the next video. 2. Planning Landing Page: Hello everyone. This time I will tell you how to plan. Bitch. I sketch like this first. I will make about what should be on mainland in pitch, such as glocal, menu, icon and important button. As you can see, they are so untidy. I just sketch on paper. And that's enough. I didn't arrest on Adobe XD growth factor here. It tells me that I have to put, this is how I put my landing page on my website. I sketch on a paper. It's a faster here. I just write. It tells me that I have to put photos and everything was ready. I immediately execute in Adobe XD. You can also do this step using software. It will so tidy. You can choose to weigh you planning your website or your ending pitch. You can use so you can just get on the paper. It's OK. let's go to the next video. 3. Get Your Idea: Hello everyone. This time, I will invite you to find for our lending pitch. If I press idea, I always come here. Here, the signer around door, shared table. You can see there are so many great work here. If you like something, just click on it and it can see it more clearly. If you have an account, you can save them. So you can find your favorite work is really this is where I always looking for ideas and also share my one. Remember, we are only looking for idea. Not imitating. After you get the idea. It's time for you to make your own. Go to the next video. 4. Font: Hello everyone. This time, I invite you to find a good one for our landing page. You may need. I only go here. Dot You can choose what kind of one category, u1, sorry, since Serif display handwriting or monospace, it, you don't want just to know if you know the name of, to just type it in this searching column, I will recommend a few funds that I like. I like, not the sense. And you will see the details of notice. And also, you can use this nonsense commercially. And three, if you want this one, just click the download button and install it on your BCR me that I like is robot. Let's see the details on Roberta. You can also use commercially. It's an elegant, it's really good. All the fonts that I mentioned earlier can be used for commercial purpose. And then choosing a font page on our website. The most important thing is that upon clearly paid to visitors and also the content on the website, a playful foam or a website about business. It's not she tap. Alright, let's go to the next video. 5. Colors: However, this time I will tell you how to find color inspiration. Pitch. If I want to find colored inspiration, I always come here. Color dot You can create your own favorite color palette. There are many chases and the Lucas monochromatic complimentary and mediators. If you want to change the color, just rotate this hierarchical and the color will change. If you go to the Explorer menu, you can explore the color palate mid theatrical people. If you like, any of them, just cleaned. And then copy this color, could end pasta. You can save it. And you can find the trendy right now. If you didn't like, the more, you can make your own color palette. And Soviet. Choosing colors. The colors reflect the content on the website. Are the corals can reflect the company's image. I don't recommend that you use the many types of color on your website are lending. Let's go to the next video. 6. Get Your Stock Photo: And this time I will tell you how to get photophobia lending pitch is just one and it can instill the place. I will go east. You just need to type the photo you are looking for. And you will get some many good chases. And click the download button. And then forget to the owner. You can use this photo commercially. The other place that I will visit is You also can find a great photo here. Just like pixel. You just need to type the keyword. Ranking for grit. If you like, you just click and click the download button. You can use this photo commercially. And also don't forget. This is a good solution if you need photos, but you don't have money. If you have money, you can give donation for the owner. Are pi iStockphoto. Let's go to the next video. 7. Icon: Hello everyone. This time I will tell you how to get a free icon prior project, I visit material that I, for icons. In this search field. Just type. I can choose the option number two. The icons here can be used commercially. If you need something, just type it here. And we'll keep you a good results. Just click this icon. Actually, you have two option as our PNG. As you turn, let the icon as an SVT because you can change the color. And if you choose PNG, you can change the color. You can choose between plague, annoyed too. But I need icon. You can even choose the resolution, but I always see is 18. Ok, let's hit this SVG button and the icon. Don't let it know. It can get the icon you need for your project. Let's go to the next video. 8. Creating Landing Page: Hello everyone. This time, I'll tell you how to create a landing page design step-by-step. We will create a simple and clear lending bitch designed for e-learning website. You can see the colors on top, the art part. Those are the colors that I will use for the entire lending pitch I'm using. 1920 are put size. I will start by creating a circle. The circle will be local. I will give the circle purple color. I use the eyedropper tool. I'll just hit on your keeper. I will put it on the corner. We'll add text. It will be learning. The size become 24. Are used, not ascends bowl. Now, this becomes, Let's make the size. I also want to put them together. And the texts become like, don't forget to turn off the partners. I don't want Porter's discharge item today. Have downloaded. I'm going to resize it and place the icon in the upper corner. I will give the icon color. To make it easier. We can just click on the plus sign. The main sentence. I still use 73. I'm going to make an unclean to color it. In. Next. I want to make. Get started. And the next pixel, I give the circle like gray color. I will make the circle as the peak runoff main sentence. It's look, empathy. I will please defector illustration that I already created. Woman studying with her computer. So I have this vector illustration using color, the font color here. So it doesn't matter if you don't have your own illustration right now. You can use a simple, clear and attractive landing page that I can demonstrate.