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How to create a corporate video with a smartphone and imovie

teacher avatar Deepak Shukla, Inbound Marketing Courses

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

32 Lessons (2h 10m)
    • 1. Welcome to the course

    • 2. (Free) Tools that you'll need to create a video

    • 3. How to find royalty free music

    • 4. Imovie - introducing imovie

    • 5. Imovie - adding titles, freeze frames and audio

    • 6. Imovie - chopping clips and the speed editor

    • 7. Imovie - editing the audio and other features

    • 8. Imovie - color grading the video

    • 9. How to remove the background in a logo for your video

    • 10. Imovie - How to put your logo into Imovie

    • 11. How to create an animated logo for your video

    • 12. Footage - how to shoot good footage - introduction

    • 13. Footage - how much footage you need to capture

    • 14. Footage - having a shot list and choosing your shots

    • 15. Footage - getting different angles and points of view

    • 16. Footage - closeups and 'busy shots'

    • 17. Footage - Longer shots and how to hold your camera

    • 18. Footage - framing your shots and playing with speed

    • 19. Footage - camera 'no-no's' and when to delegate footage

    • 20. Footage - mid level shots and 'end product' shooting

    • 21. Footage - creating stock & filler footage for your video

    • 22. Editing - set up and deleting content

    • 23. Editing - lining up the footage

    • 24. Editing - creating a timeline for the footage

    • 25. Editing - reducing volume

    • 26. Editing - video and speed changs

    • 27. Editing - making speed changes to the edit

    • 28. Editing - cropping and editing individual clips

    • 29. Editing - being ruthless - reducing the video length by 200%

    • 30. Editing - making adjustments to each clip

    • 31. Editing - the final video edits from 1.50 to .47

    • 32. The finale - the finished audio

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About This Class

If you've always wanted to create a corporate video for a client or yourself and don't have the budget to make it happen - then I'm here to show you how.

I'll take you behind the scenes of how I made a video from the ground up using just an old (2014) Android smartphone to produce a very professional looking video.

With just Imovie, a smartphone and some flair you can do amazing things - find out how here!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Deepak Shukla

Inbound Marketing Courses


Hi, I'm Deepak Shukla, the co-founder of Pearl Lemon a digital marketing company based in London.

Here you'll find courses based upon my life experiences:

Sport: 20x Marathons 3 Ultramarathons. 2 Full Ironmen. 1 Fight Won Via TKO Muay Thai. Trained British Soldier

Career: Warwick Graduate. Former Deloitte Consultant. 25 jobs before he was 25

Entrepreneurship: 2 Startups Funded (£5k & £75k). Tutoring Agency (Took to £100k+). Recording Studio (200+Clients). And Now Lead Generation (Pearl Lemon)

Digital Nomad: Lived in 9 Countries. 50+ Backpacking. Hitchhiked 1.1k miles in 3 nights

Influencer: 17.5 million views Quora. 240k YouTube Views. 7.5k LinkedIn Connections. 25k email list built in See full profile

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1. Welcome to the course: Hey, folks, Doings de Patrick Leahy. It s so welcome to the course on how to create a corporate company video with zero budget just using I'm movie on Android. And I think the best place to start is by showing you the actual video that I created on. Then of course, we could talk about steps I took todo it. Now I'm not a professional videographer. I did this as a favor for a friend of mine. I got a D in his cafe quite often. It's called the Theglobe Cafe in Turin or left on their globe in Dolina Ondo, let me show you the video, - My friend again at the end. Amazing. So that's a sorry didn't come out of this. That's ah, that What am 70 Make video and it lost. Probably like 40 47 seconds. And that's for the cafe. And what I'm gonna do is go ahead and show you from the ground up how you can build a video such as that and again I built that using a nexus six. It's not. It's a little bit dated now, to be honest with youth, it's got like a 10 80 p camera I think on the front, I think I even recorded in 7 20 p actually on. I didn't even use, like, any kind of stabilizer. I think I've got one here. In fact, I'm just going get up. So I didn't record it using like a tripod. I just did it kind of freehand on. Then I am transferred it to my Mac book and put it into my movie on. I'll show you all the files are here, Del Modes here, cook and, you know, as a bunch of files. As you can see, I made it on the 12th of February across a 10 25 11 11. So 35. 45. It's a video that I made in 46 minutes. So I made a 47 2nd video in 46 minutes on, um, I'm gonna show you step by step how I built that video. So see, on the other side, 2. (Free) Tools that you'll need to create a video: fading. So to create a video like this, it's It's pretty damn simple. I think I've already mentioned it in the first video, but really simply you can see what you're going to need is spiteful. Now that's only if you want Teoh create through the logo front theme. That logo I made in this fight a book. Now they've got a free version, but that comes with the watermark. So I've got the pro version on its walk like $99 per year, and then you get no bite of water logo logo watermark on you can download to computer, so that is the of course advantage, but entirely up to you. If you don't really fast about that logo three animation at the beginning or you know you can search, we'll turn it. It's probably, and you know you'll find you'll find you here again. Bigger. That that there's like a ton of stuff that you can use against. So the emphasis is, of course, on free options. You can use a free option. You can choose not to have the animated logo tall. That's one of the items that you need on the second item that you need is a smartphone, so I've got on an android. As you can see, it's a Nexus six, but pick any phone that you want, as long as it can record like 7 2010 80 p. And if you're happy with the quality that you've just seen there now I'm doing this on the retina HD screens. So that's why there's some minimal picks. Elation when you see this video, Theo, of course, you know if you want a video that's even crispier than that was just a case of getting a better quality camera. If you if you're using a cannon or Nikon and amazing or a Sony amazing even better. But for me myself being on it to you guys, I just went for simplicity. You know this video shot in 45 minutes? I just did it off the cuff, and I think it's come out pretty good. So they are the tools that you'll need on otherwise I just use handhold shooting like this . I go around slowly in what comes talking about video in a minute. If you're not someone, is that stable with their hands? I do recommend getting a mini tripods because it's just easier to not wobble when you were using a tripod like this and I want to show you how. How easy is to kind of attacks one of the saints. I have a cover here. I'll go ahead and take this cover up and you skip ahead. Thats video. It's stuff that's fairly obvious to you, but here's here's the kind of topic and it's it's extendable, as you can see that you've got this which will keep it quite stiff. We loosen that and then it kind of falls everywhere to decide on. So I keep this quite stick. Aziz. You can see I'm just twisting that there. If you can see, see that bringing to frame some twisting that bit there. That's twisted tight now and then I can kind of loosen it and tight knit. So tired of it. It's just tightening up a zoo much as I can. There you go. Perfect on Ben. I'll go ahead and I need to. First time a gun. It's video inside of video, actually. So then I just go ahead and put it on. Now, if you notice the way that I put it on, I'm shortened to put it on kind of a bit little bit lopsided, you might say. The reason for that isn't in my experience is because Aziz, you can maybe see this Cem how it's best to show you butter There's okay. A perfect to get, well. Torit. So these things are on amazing. In practice, you might have better success with them, but you need to just go ahead and kind of get it kind of set up like that, and it's better when you hold it will put a stationary being stationary on a table, and then it can sit quite easily. But if you're you know, if you've got a bit unsteady hand, then I'd suggest getting a little pride port like this. You can buy them from my eBay or Amazon, just Google camera tripod, and they cost 5 £10. The reason that I put it on the corners because, as you can see here, the two buttons aren't being interfered with there and there by the actual clip itself, because then it starts going haywire on the phone, and now I can manually total the phone like that, and I can obviously unlock here and he seemed my coat. Now go ahead and change it, and then go ahead and kind of get the video set up in this way. And then I can go ahead and do this as long as I'm steady with it. So it's a lot easier to actually use. Perhaps then using your hand. So if you're someone that likes, you know, doing videos with a assistance rather than three hand the Nazi other product that I recommend you get. So you got your smartphone. You go a tripod. You've got that. Down you go. Well, it back, you've got bite Herbal. Um, sorry. Fight, herbal, if you want. That's very, very optional. And then, of course, you've got my movie. So they are more the tools that you need to go ahead and create your video. 3. How to find royalty free music: tell you doing so. Of course, one of the other animals that was actually not covered yet is when you are putting together a company corporate video, of course. Need some royalty free music? Well, you need some audio. Basically a couple of considerations did it. You don't want music that slices because you can have it kind of removed from YouTube. If it is less Since then, you need to pay for that licence. Well, tentatively, you can go for kind of royalty free music. So here's ultimately quick trick that I do t for royalty free music. I literally will type into YouTube. Sorry, Google, as you can see royalty free music that to see what kind of comes up also against you. Video. And you know, there's that thing, just kind of a whole host of stuff here. Alternatively, you can obviously just go to YouTube itself and where we're on YouTube, and that's just token royalty free music. So as you can see what here on YouTube again, we're gonna run a search on, see what comes up and so, ultimately, that there's a bunch of free music here on what you'll often find If we get for example, nightlife Cavalry is. Some of them will have the kind of audio for the actual original composer, and it means that you need to check waiting to see if there's any audio appears. Sorry D J. Signature sometimes have, for example, like audio Johnson 40 audio jungles, and it'll be to prevent people from actually buying from ripping it from YouTube. So go ahead and having to get the actual night since itself t to take a quick peek and it's Creative Commons. Copy and redistribute Herbal So perfect. So this is a license you must give appropriate credit, provide a link to this license, indicate changes were made. So this is the manner in which we can actually use It sleeps a better in mind when you actually grabbing some audio off YouTube. So let's assume you've got the attribution Would be nightlife. Kevin isn't Kevin ism and trapped nightlife cavalry or, you know, grab this link for the attribution makes that's the link that we need. Teoh put in the credits of the video that being YouTube description for examples. So what we could then do, assuming that this is the audio that we indeed want to take is I do have this cool little trick with YouTube 23 right? And by the way, you know this is just on the basis of one search, you know, there's Look, Look at all this hope this which is a neon light. This is like a loaded stuff here, as well as if we actually search YouTube direct fleet. You will see that. You know, there's all kinds of stuff that comes up 282 Jozias no copyright music from Soundcloud. And, you know, you can spend as long as you like looking through and find some awesome stuff and build up a little library, if you like off content that you can use in terms of the actual music files, that ability for it. So do go ahead in your own time and, you know, look through YouTube and search. You know, I did a quick search in the trap I found upon even recreating search. I made Teoh find it announce, But anyway, let's assume that move forward again. That this is the This is the music that the song filed, but we're referring to. So what I do in this case is I whacked in YouTube 23 that's basically ultimately a bunch of converters that will convert a YouTube video into an MP three file. As you can see, these are the ones I click on the ones I quite like YouTube. I've been empty three dot or it's the one that I use most often, to be honest with you. So I head up Teoh, open that just now in our click on I'm in Italy right now, that's why, says convert the video. Probably terrible pronunciation, and that's why that's come up. But you know, no matter, you can switch to English just there at the bottom, if you like. Let's see that Convert never actually even noticed before turbulence. Idiots doesn't. It doesn't appear to be converting the doesn't matter. So did converted here, And Aziz you can see it is that the actual video that we want, it's a it's that video kulti that across that's combat video Hillary gets today you get in the process of actually converting the video, and this or as use of the duration office is a duration of the sultan's. Two minutes was two minutes 41 so it may well be the duration taken to do. It is two minutes. Citizens of 37% of the moment, 47%. And using this, you'll see we'll wait until the download actually finishes. You are able to just take songs directly from YouTube, provided you provide the appropriate attribution Or you can have some that don't require any attribution and tons of people that just have you know nothing here. And it'll be just like, enjoy the song, etcetera. And you should from you to be able to find enough music. Ultimately, Teoh completely, you know, liven up any any videos that you want to do. So I see that finished perfect. Today you get so it's and converted the actual audio online. Now sorry the video into MP three, and now we have it via Del notes. If we go ahead and just play that way, have it the royalty free music that we need for actual I Tunes Song. Sorry, I movie by movie on We'll go hit Downloads will go Teoh Cruelty Free Cavalry. They're listed at 4 20 Drag it across, and typically that should work In the instance It doesn't what we do is we get into there that's not working. I ever to drag that down directly into here and, as you can see, allows you to drag it directly into the actual file. So that is how you ultimately do it, guys. And if we, for example, just drag it into the final now it's. And as you can see, it's that probably interfering with the other music if we What if we just select Teoh? This is a mute button that isn't but a Z. You can see and hear it. They're going on in the actual background, and I've now got rid of Got rid of their actual and so. But that is how you can ultimately get royalty free music from YouTube using YouTube toe forward, slash champion free or and under searching royalty, free music within you should they get 4. Imovie - introducing imovie: stating, So welcome, Teoh. A whistle stop tour of how to use my movie to editor videos. I'm going to show you some of the basics that will really help you with creating your company corporate video. So this is the movie interface. Let's go ahead and shut it down. Yeah, we go. Okay, Puppet. Then open it up again. So get hit on the that it opened up. This is the plans. I got other things to show you on. We get So here we get So this is in My movie is we've got open and what I do is go to create new you click, create new movie So you click a movie, you hit that up and then what's that's done? You wouldn't actually save it there. You wait until till the end. It will say that old one on the exit without saving its Anyway, Let's just go ahead and grab a video. I'll show you, uh, cafe videos. I'll just take a video from his. That's take a a big of you. It's just 29 Make said. Typically, it does actually let you drawing it in, but sometimes it works, and it will say import media. So I get to import media on day. It's just her off go too deep extra clout that Globe Cafe videos. So in here on, let's just import one that's, you know, 32 seconds long, thistles. A video that you made the final cut A Z consist me wondering around eso This will be your actual video clip hit rap. So this is the area that stores all of the actual video for teaching itself could get ahead and add should be out they get so now working, seeking Advil videos onto that you know you can add you know a lot of them if you will see processing violent for on the order that get ahead just, you know, to beat media from event protectively and it's all gone against Okay, so that's how you import and export. Can I use the import media option and grab something from here? Or you can just literally drag and drops it. It's just dragging Grew up again. Get it on. This is a different video again, as you can see so cooked. So this is the actual video and this is the timeline you got to the bottom. Let me Sorry. Go ahead and expand that for you. So you just hover over until you find the bit that term bigot. And then you can kind of make that bigger. Make that smaller school. So it's a pretty easy to this element. That's where you put your body over here to do the same thing for audience. So you've got, like, audio clips that this will automatically find stuff from your actual on iTunes iTunes movie section. Say again, get out and play stuff From here on, you know, there's a whole bunch I got. Like what? How background. There's an internal search royalty to see it. So this is the royalty free music. Thea. Other way to do it is if you want to you to kick my median. Let's just say this is the actual driving up Sea Dragon Rock videos at clips and photos from the browser. But start creating your movie. So you dragged this down here on. Then you could just go to let's just go find some some audience click MP three, for example. Cool. So I can't hear you get to go with, uh, you know, that's find something that isn't embarrassing. Lemonade Sunshine's okay, let's just use that. Okay, so that boot drag and drop on its in right and then put it down here. And it's in the course we need to kill the only in this in the video, and I'll come to that anyway. But t kill to get rid of the Let's delete that from that seniors right click and hit delete for you. Can you hit delete on your actual uh, you're your keyboard instead even and then click right click here to click. Delete media from event. That is how you can add audio to your actual to your actual interface. Hit any what tiles tiles is. You know, if your text clicked out, Texans, you can see you can double click it. DoubleClick DoubleClick. It double click it. Double click it, and it will replace the actual text you got there so late. Title upon tile on it will just give you one kind of tile option, and you can then drag and play with this in the bottom. That's title. Then you got background. That's it's just click education. Gloat, for example, creating what world that parents don't you not use creating world map before instead. So there's on the background on That's where and when you think you need something off that there's lots to come visit. You won't leave the purposes of viral videos on and then you got transitions, which is, you know, you might have a fade out works. See how that happens. That and see what I did that I quickly dragged directly into the actual timeline. That so that's my audio, my media, audio titles, backgrounds on transitions. And they are the only relevant bits that you're really in this section here on in the next section we're going and talk about the actual timeline here and what you can do that. 5. Imovie - adding titles, freeze frames and audio: So I am now going to show you some off the other bitter 11. So you got the timeline here, as you can see on, but what you can do is just move along that to actually, you know, see the video you can. You put the title text here and then you can just double click on that glow, Cafe said. That's an example. So, you know, you see what I did that I just double click on on it. It's over. A double clicking here. Globe Cafe. Let's say on a change of form, you can do so here. Let's say change it to the club. You know that kind of textual? It's a chalk duster or in a big castle on medium. Let's say that's quite nice. You make even smaller, but you can play with the size here, for example, there. Then you can. I didn't know you could do that. They get on drinking, play with the colors. If you've got specific company color, then you can work out what the kind of RGB is the red, green and blue on. You can modify in in here, and you probably said it manually if I can figure out how you do that. Aziz. You can tell this is not a section I've actually used will probably be in here the great scouts, but they have again RGB slider, and then you can pick the text in nets. I think that if I still have it, in fact, but we did find that the company colors. But anyway, that is, You know, one of the ways you can just go ahead and change color. But let's just say it's pick. These guys are kind of more of a brown or something, but it's just it's pink car quickly since you say it's, um you know, let's just get back. It's not good black. This is becoming more complicated than I imagined. Okay? Called it. Let's just do that. That's why that works, Theo. Think that's that's what the Globe cafes. So that's how you can edit that text. You've got the actual long file here so you can see this is 19.2 2nd You can wonder across that look at it that if you double click on it, it does nothing. But if you double click on it, you can jump between you can single click to contribute. But anyway, when you right click on it, that's when you get a bunch of options. Cut, copy, delete. I think I'm you know what they are. Split clip is basically like scissors seeking. Spit the clip, but and then that's very useful for your editing. If you want. You know, insert a little bit in the middle will stop something around you can in a split split split split clip. And then you could maybe swap this around Theo. That's one example. Spit clips and then you can. So you see that bit. That's the actual audio click on there, and the audio should appear anyway. All by itself. It's little topples at the end, So if you want to fade something in, you hit that double and look, it will fade it in so that Children, if you want to make that more pronounce, I think it's not massively accurate that it serves the purposes of you know any video that you might go on and actually create. And that's where it becomes really, Theo. So that's that You could do the same thing at the other end that way. Perfect. They can fade up on That is how you fade in fade outs and you can spit the clips. You can also show at a free spring. That is what a freeze friend is. Basically, you saw that's a little bit about taking, taking a photograph, if you will, to his a freeze frame and you can decide how much you want a freeze frame. Oh, no, For that you get that is a freeze, friend. I'm not used it on. I don't need it for my head. It's but you can't an option, for you were just focused on things that I do know. And you can If you have some audio that you want to keep, you can actually detach the audience. So they get quick, detach the audio, and then you can see it more clearly the actual audio that I was talking about, how it fades out, and then faith sorry fades in, and then faith out that's just commands it. Teoh. Undo that, Andi. They are some of the elements off the edit and we're going talk about some more edits. You conform in the next video 6. Imovie - chopping clips and the speed editor: So let's just keep talking about some of the candidates on. The reason I'm showing it to you this way is because then I can kind of storm through how to make the video without necessarily explaining some of the technical limits Azzawi going on eso thea Other element is that you can assign to get detached. Your baby can also Which one is it that I want to do? Um, Speed is OK. Perfect. So let's click shows. Speed it up. Did you see what I've just done? That I brought clicked it and I hit show speed editor. OK, so Speed editor is what allows you to keep the same the same clip, but you can speed it up will slow it down. So as you can see, there's a rabbit icon just there, Sir Robert upon and there's on. I call it reflects the actual amount of time. Okay, so let's just say that we decided to use you can see his your neo we talked about, you know, failing in the only a fading out the order. You can also click on the audio and, you know, completely removed the audio or boost the audio up to 400%. C zero. You got 400 cents. Let's just say that, you know, we don't know the audience. Want to get rid of the audio because it's just people talking. So there you go. There's now no audio whatsoever. Erect a so you can see it's currently 3.9 seconds. There's a fetish, but have a look at that. There goes nothing much going on. They're not particularly interesting, but you can go ahead. And now let's turn it into let's say 1.5 seconds has gone from one point for 3.9 to 1.5. They That's much faster. Now let's go. You're forced to still just give you a sense of you. Go get false to still. There you go, and we can even do the reverse. And we can really slow something down. So that's now locked incredibly slow to this Come really handy when we're editing says that elements of the video we want to ultimately make it kind of sexy and interesting, like we got some cool things with the edit. So that is how you can adjust the speed off different elements and obviously as you get one on obviously but yet more creative. You can start taking a singular single clips 4.8 seconds and you can spit bits up. So so don't spit that one room, explicitly split clip, split clip. And then you can stop playing with the speed editor So we'll say, Show speed. It's up or we could just come on. All that allows me to do things across all of them, and you can kick pied speed it up. You can click shows, speed it up, and then it should show speed editors on basically all of which, it which I believe it does. It's speeded case, so sometimes it's a little bit dhe. But on the easiest, simplest way is a quick one click show Speed Editor one click show speeder, Determine four speed editors. It we could really lengthen this element. Make it. It does also change the speed of the audio. So, do you remember that If you want to do things to keep the audio, then I suggest that before you do that, you detect you're here, as you can see there. So I was just wondering what that noise was. You could detect you order as you can see that we kill the audience. That's just they were killed. The audio we deleted the audio on, then slowed down the video Ugo on. Then let's speed this right up to speed it. But they are so this is slowed down for video store video. It's really slow video. And then that's really slow video. So they get that some examples of how to use the app to speed it up to some decent effect. So that's a speed it. Let's see what else you got. Hits. I've shown you, of course, the tiles. You know what? Let's let me have a look and come back to you in the next video. 7. Imovie - editing the audio and other features: Hey, folks. So the other thing that we want to talk about is how to change the actual colored rating so you can see that this is the colors. It was shot in your notice that the actual color of the screen has changed because I had a something called Flocks I was using to change the settings of the actual screen to make it a little bit easier online. So I turned it off now, so yet changing the colors off the video. Of course, it's a significantly. It's crucial part, basically making the video look a little bit from it for professional. So, as you can see, we've got the editing there, the video, that's kind of a bit flat. So what we do is we just kick control all and then we go in on those, like a range of options we've got, like, the text option here that relates to detect you've got which is, of course, the Globe Cafe in the corner just here. And probably yeah, I see that you get what it does on and yes, we're recording. And what we want to do is hit control all so they hit control or control all. And then we'll hit command and hit the mass bond. And that's to select all of them. Ultimately slipped every file here and then to just take off one of the options, which is the text. See it control. And then you can keep hold of the mountain, keep hold of the command one and then turned one on and off in that fashion. So well, hit command all again. So you have you see a range of options just here. You've got balance here. You got palette got cropping. You've got Let's you and the crop to fill so we can slightly crop the video here, as you can see, if on if we just do do do that on, then we head back in here, you'll see that the video, at least in that section, is entirely cropped. So it's probably that entire section, actually. So I don't actually, I never use cropping itself. But then there's volume and volume. Their speed you can reverse here. So this is where you reverse or it's something that I'm trying to find out. And I couldn't find audio effect, Theo that I wasn't aware of that. You can use that makes it. I don't reason. You can obviously go ahead and feel free to use it on. It sells you just the duration of the entire items. So that's what all of these icons at the top can do in terms of their explanations on, Let's now go ahead and look at actually changing the color grading and so. 8. Imovie - color grading the video: Hey, folks. So now we're going to talk about the vital element of actual color grading itself. So let's say you got all of the icons highlighted here. They can change them individually, but to be honest with the I just opt to change everything together for the sake of speed. You can obviously go much further and beyond the ideas or elements that I've shown you in this course. So selected all of them. So we've got the palate selected here with a picture of the board man's head here and general, my friend on kick order. And as you can see, it's slightly that turn it off slightly. Change the actual colors here. Now match color. I don't use, you know, you can pick a color. Let's see, Uh hey, presumable, you haven't even really sure how that works to go toe to eat. I don't use a match color myself. It'll so we go in tandem. White balance. Now White balance is, you can see does things like that. It's not really something that I use, particularly again something. The realms of professional video editors are not professional and an amateur on. Then you've got skin turn balance, which is select a color in the frame using the I drop up to that one. Then it changes the balance. Two matches it to his head. To me, that's not terribly bad. Try that. Let's try there, see what happens. I'm unless, um quite subtle changes it. So I just go with you know, auto is you can see it doesn't make a huge amount of difference. But then the next thing that I go for that does really help with this is the actual palette hits. So with the pilot here, there's a whole range of things that you can do. And, you know, I do. I just mess about with the thing so that no, it doesn't look good. And I just make a really visual kind of stab in it. And I'm like, it just want to see is that? No, it looks a bit too clinical, just fines to their logo for this. Can I make the colors of it richer? That makes it extremely rich, as you can see. Probably too rich. We go for there. What does that do? OK, no, let's get back there. That for me too much of the other way. So it was. If we just resettle, get back there, click water, right, and then go back to here. Just changes a little there. Now that probably looks nice. And, to be honest with you, and then we just change it. So it's that's back. Why student? Let's just say we do that. How about that as an idea. So that doesn't look too bad, but maybe slightly more color there, Slightly more cutter again. Ah, and I get, uh, that's killed the old here. Now, remember, kid in your ear so that actually looks pretty good. I think so they get. That is an example of how you ultimately can change the colors in the video. So there you have it. 9. How to remove the background in a logo for your video: how you doing? So, in this next buddy, I'm going to show you how to very simply he bite able to make one of those animated logos gonna take you through the exact steps that I did to actually create this logo that you see at the front off the video handling issue, That video just okay, Perfect. So we head into on vital itself. Well, first of all, actually, let's just assume you get the logo from from the Internet. So what I do. So I kicked the Globe Cafe Children. You know, sometimes we weren't even, you know, be able to the access to the site s o Globo kalfan e. Do you know? Let's keep going, Okay. Some reason it's not coming out to take another example. Okay, let's just say Nike, since you say that, let's say that this is the logo. Okay? So grab that click. Saving the jazz. Let's just say in a company logo there you get. So I got the Logan up, kick it open and opens in preview, if you can see, sits in preview right now to PNG file. So what we do is click this briefcase icon there. The briefcase icon. You click the this icon here, which is like the magic stick if you like, and then we click do that. Would you click and drag? But we click and drag it slightly and highlight the whole thing. And then we couldn't delete. We can convert and suddenly aware that we're left with is the actual white tick of nights and we control and save that have controlled. And we saved that now, for example. So let's just say that's what we wanted. But that's how you get rid of backgrounds, you know, in pictures. So he is probably a better example of it. Will Click, View, image. We'll click saving me. Jess will save over the company logo yet will replace it. Perfect. So open that now. So now we've got the logo again. We clearly don't want the white background. So again we open the brief. Forget opened the briefcase would kick the icon there, and then we click there to delete it. So I just highlight it over it. There you go. Kick their to delete it, and then what we do, you zoom in plus plus plus, even just zoom in on these elements are there? You just It'll just highlight. Highlight it for you automatically, as you can see you get on that. Now he's doing back out is the logo Say that? So I say it is a PNG five double click here and you can write Nike company logo. That is how you actually remove the background using preview, ready to go into bite herbal, and I'll show you now bite a bullet in the next video. 10. Imovie - How to put your logo into Imovie: Hey, folks. So one of the other thing that's important, of course, in any iTunes movie that you make is actually putting the logo onto the screen itself to give it that very corporate. Look, I want to show you how you could actually do that. So again, you've got the option in my media to go ahead and import something. So let's just go by important. It's by my desktop. Andi, I believe that if we go Teoh content created get night company logo. So there is. There's a logo in there. That's one way to actually bring the logo into Thea actual frame. And as you can see, if you press the plus button, it goes straight down. But that's not exactly how we wanted to play. Of course, it doesn't really make sense. So the other way to actually get it into Let's go ahead and start right click delete. Let's go ahead and delete that fine on the other way to do is go into the finder there, find the actual logo itself the night night company logo, PNG files just there, dragged in, dragged it in. Now on. What we want to do is get ahead and drag it onto the actual clip hit. OK, so as you can see, it's clearly horrendous or not fitting in a tall just do the right thing, right? It's covering the entire actual frame. So what we do with that, then I'll show you. We've got that highlighted, says it. Look you can pilot. Each element will highlight that element there, and then we'll go to this screen here so it gives you option. So there's cut away. This is currently cut away, I believe. Then there's a green blue screen, but you're that does, Ah, that Victor credits parents somewhat as we conceive it. See if, well, that does. If anything, clean up. You know that, you know, used through the blue green blue screen before that appears to be some. Okay, cool. Not sure. Then you got spit screen, which is not what we want. But, you know, maybe office kinds of videos where you want to parts of the screen so you can do some split scream individual items if you prefer, or, you know, clips. And then you've got a picture in picture. As you could see, this is already closed toe. What? It is that you know you want it to do in terms of the look. So what we'll do now also is with dumb picture and picture. Okay, But as you can see, even if we expand, it is just says, do the right fit, which which really isn't obviously very helpful to us. So what we do to go over to the options across the top? We've got this frame here. Now this frame allows you to do different kinds of perform different kinds of crops on the actual logo itself. You got Ken burns your crop to filled on. You can try and probably just fiddle with this Onda ce or, you know, fill that. But that's all we really want. What we want is fit. You do fit and you go back to here and now it's actually bought into the whole logo in Go ahead and move it around and put it in any place of the screen they actually want to. So, as you can see it all, put it across there, the top now and they're Ugo and already that makes the video, even though it's clearly nothing, do it, Nike look that much more professional. And that is how you could put a logo into my movie. 11. How to create an animated logo for your video: Hey, folks. So in this video, actually get through bite of also got the world symptoms video making here so vital would say so Just go ahead and log in. You know, you can sign up this usually like Google, Facebook and whatever. So I'm in right now. Okay. As you can see, I've already got the actual Globe Cafe intro here against. But what I want to do is I want to show you that I presume that you're starting from scratch it, creating the video as you can see right correctly Video and uneven click injury. Select that you get to watch it. That's really an example. Logo. But it shows you some of the things you could do. So you've got these different types of videos here, your logo. But just click. Start from scratch. Start from scratch. Test blow. Go click. Continue picking a scene for your video. And as you can see down here, we call this so this shows you the type you can browse by right? And that's stock footage, animation, etcetera. And it makes everything pretty straightforward and practical goal and create a video on how to use by towards creating an animated explainer. It's fairly self explanatory, but we'll go into where it says logo Click Loga, and these are the logos that they haven't is use might know. You'll see that there's a range of logos here on, and it shows you you know how they can be put together. This is the one that we use for for a Z can see there for the globe, and you can just drag and drop the file Click hit upload is it says so click it upload will choose file. We'll head over Teoh Night Company logo. There you go. That's the logo Click upload upload is complete to the logos and there now and will say, Just do it. It's so, for example, you click save the next we'll create, You know, if you wanna decide upon colors on DSO for the Globe Cafe video, let's have a look a week with comes. There's no real colors that part of the brown just at the beginning, and I think maybe when it fades out yet doesn't matter. You can choose the actual company colors by clicking custom colors and then, if you know, if you click like a background, then you can, like, pick a color hate click plus and then it allow you to I'm sorry. My face is in the way. You allow you to select the RGB. They read the green and the blues to determine the specific color, Cancel their custom colors on We'll have a look at. You know what's already here on? That is the kinds already There you go ahead and choose. Do you know colors that pertained to each element of the text here And you're audio. This is a lot like thistle royalty free. I've got a bunch of audio. If you choose Run, click Preview. I skip all of that to go on into the because I'm not using the audio. I'm just concerned with building the actual video itself on. So it says two minutes. It will give us an email you, when it's done, so I'm gonna do is go ahead and pause the video and what has done it again? It download it and show you what it is that it actually looks like. And is it said this rendering Seen one on one on one email you when it's done, so I'll just hang here and see you in a second, guys. Hey, guys, I'm back. So actually waited here and let me just show you how this comes out. Wait, no, If we turn off the audio what I just did there Look, there it is. Just do the right thing and that's alot Together we put up and this is the actual logo itself of how how it comes out. And then, of course, you can just picked a dollar. The video on there is the video on. Let's go ahead and just open that on. It's waiting for it. There you go. But don't 382 kilobytes. Perfect. So there you have it. That is how to create a logo such as one used in the Globe Cafe video using vital 12. Footage - how to shoot good footage - introduction: Hi guys. Welcome back. So in the next section, I'm going to be taking you through some of the tips that are key Teoh ultimately recording good footage because you can only be as good as your footage. And then you cannot be sleep, amplify and elevate that footage. But there's a key couple principles that I'd like to kind of take you through. And so that's what the next videos are going to be covering. Eso See you on the other side on this. Sorry, This comes from my experience of actually having been a video director for a couple of years. When I had a two recording studios, I also shot a lot of video, and I began using kind of handheld. You know, this kind of stuff. It was just like cameras active back at the time. 60 £70 cameras, a shot, awful quality video. But the principles are still the same in terms of how we shoot it. So that's what we're going to begin through right 13. Footage - how much footage you need to capture: tell you doing so. This video is talk to you a little bit about the filming process and some of the tips that I have on filming video. If you're making a corporate video is a video for a friend or, you know, whatever it might be on that a couple of key elements, I think that are really important in building a video that you can ultimately do things I do things with now. The important thing to begin with is that it's it takes. It's a solution. It's a lot quicker than you think that go ahead and click. Select all. I've taken 23 items here, right? There's 23 items and I've taken 9.2 minutes of video today. I've taken 9.2 minutes of video to get ultimately what has turned into a 47 2nd video. So I've got in a maybe 20 times the amount of video that I need, which sounds like a lot, but the whole act of doing it s so it took me. I'm recorded 9.2 minutes of video, 23 different video clips and I did that over the course. Old let's have a look on the 12th of February, so it was a couple of weeks ago. Now, 21st of March. As you can see, I started at 10 25 and I finished at 11 11. So it was like 35 45 46 minutes. And it's not something that I planned. I just came in and I did it off. The cuff on City can be done extremely rapidly, but it's just a few key elements that I want to tell you that I think are really important in making sure that you've got enough footage to then go ahead and create the video. So there's a couple of things get. You know, what first thing do monitor use having a steady hand? You don't have a steady hand and you shaking the whole time. That's really going to make it difficult for editing a video. So if I show you have got a laptop now, but if I stop what's so obvious? But if I start doing that and then I hand you a video like that, if you see me in the bottom right corner, it's extremely disorientated and you can't do anything with a video like that. Of course you need to have a video that's got a steady hand. So if we have a look at, you know some of these videos Theo, Theo. So let's do this quickly. Let's turn the audio down on this video and I will just take you through it. It's do that you can. You know what? 14. Footage - having a shot list and choosing your shots: Hey, guys. Sorry. The last video got cut off and it gave the opportunity to quickly set up a new environment for you. So here's an example of a piece of footage that I shot. I'm gonna go ahead and kill the audio Says you can see here. I've got the audio there and I can set to increase it or decrease put 20 Just talk you through my thinking when shooting some examples off footage. Okay, let's do it. So, first of all, that is just my hand that I'm using. I'm just slowly and sometimes I speed up is you can say I don't have the perfect hand. But, you know, I record enough footage and it's slowly enough so that there's, you know, stuff that I can work with within this clip. So what I'm thinking about when I record this piece of footage is that I might not use all 20 seconds on my only use four seconds or seven seconds or I might spit it up. But if it's still like this, of course it makes it very easy for me to you. Whereas if I start doing this, you know, there's that there's no, a lot you can do with that. There's one of the first important elements off actually recording video. And as you can see, there's some elements where I kind of go quite slowly because maybe I'm thinking off a shot that out later use. They're talking there, as you can see, and I'm kind of looking around a corner, and I'm thinking that, well, maybe I use it in the later piece of footage. So do always record footage. That looks interesting because you don't know necessarily what we will use as part of the end product. I don't think that this even made it into the final clip, I believe, but it gives you some insight into, you know, my thinking when I was recording video. That's an example of a click. Let's grab another example of a clip. This is the course that I'm creating for you literally right now. Let's go to downloads Blow Cafe video. Let's throw another one in here, it seemed, would go. So take that out, pull this one in, and what I'll be doing in this video is I'll be taking you through just some different clips, so I've got and I'll talk you through each of them. So, you know, feel free to skip ahead if those things that already makes sense to you and go on and start looking at the next video. So cool. So this one. I wanted to get a close up of some of the contents of their counter, as you could see zooming in some thinking, Well, maybe I use just one second to second clip of that, and it's incredible how much you can do it, just like a one second clip. If you decide to slow it down, have a little bit of focus just on that section there, for example. That might be only like in a to three second, but it might be enough to make the final click because remember, my my religion or my idea in my mind was a term I make a video that lasted no more than a minute. Cells like right, only 60 seconds of footage. So if we're talking about, you know, three seconds, that's already 5% of the actual entire footage. So that's, you know, one of the things to think about recording some of the videos. I'm going for a close up of the food here. Right? So that was me onto a really great point. Remember what you're recording, right? Remember your subject. So in my final video being when it's probably be a little bit more food preparation of food , I didn't have opportunity that day. So do you always think about all of the kinds of footage that you want? You want footage of a busy cafe, a footage off them, preparing some of the drinks and some of the food, Some of the smiling and laughing of customers entering into the Catholic. And I got, you know, most of those things, but I could probably do a little bit more. But, you know, there's a decent amount here that we can't work with. That's another example. It's going in crap. Something else that's see what this looks like. Okay, cool. Perfect. So here we go again and turned the audio down again. As you can see here. 10. That's right. I guess that's going down. So this is a what? A 36 2nd piece of footage. Just what I was looking for. And as you can see, I've got the till here. Now again in hindsight, this this that part there, that part there. I don't think off the awful. The very stupid pins they have didn't make the final part of the video because you probably don't want toe. Actually think about the trip Independence. But what I'm doing here is again. I've got a mid It's what I call a mid shot. So I had a shot, and this is really important relating to the levels. Get some high, get some middle and get some low shots. Okay, high, middle and low. You will really find that useful because it will give the appearance of being kind of different cameras because you're shooting similar things or the same thing, or even different things, invariably from different angles and shooting everything from what haggled what one angle on one level just gives the impression that you've got kind of one camera on a fixed stationary point, and that's really not what you want to talk. So I didn't make an effort to walk around the shop, the cafe, And as you can see, I've got a focus on his hands there and the actual machines in the foreground. So this is kind of a mitt amid short stops. Kind of seven. So it goes to a mid shop, zoom in and the whole thing is actually a mid shot. And then we've got a close up just here. As you can see, that this made the final cut because actually slowed it down there. They're So you've got a great smile, Gianluca. There is super Barris. I use that. But God forbid, Teoh, part of you guys have gone to Mitt to close. So Aziz, you can see again. This is all freehand and it's going mid to close. 15. Footage - getting different angles and points of view: how you doing? So I'll take you through some additional shots I took while stars in the Cafe Onda again. You know, these kind of came off the cuff on It probably comes as a result of some of the intuitive experiences that I've had intuitively because of the experiences I've had having shot over 100 videos historically and watch how other people shoot them. So I'm gonna show you a couple of things. So this piece is only 6.9 seconds, I think. Is it this one's 36 seconds? This one's 45 seconds Until talk about this one first divorces, drop it in here. And let's, um, kill the audio. So, as you can see, unquiet tall one like six foot 1.5, 186 centimeters? Yes, sir. Half an inch is is important. But as you can see, I've kind of got the camera up here. It's almost as you can see. This is like, uh, this is a fridge and with wine in another drinks and you can see that I'm pretty much level when you think about a frigid. You see that generally the top part will be quite high up. So this is what I call the actual high level short. So yet this is the high level shot. And as you can see, I've got the picture off the picture that the footage off a busy cafe on keeping it quite still because I want the focus to be on the fact that there's just a lot of people on here in here. So see, there's that guy just looking at me there, and, you know, that would be a shop. I'd probably I have a speed up or ultimately cut out later because you don't want people staring directly at the camera on. So there's just one of the things to think about when it comes to kind of post production, which would discuss later. But this is an example or a higher level shot. Let's go again to this peaceful. So this is a 36 2nd piece of footage. I'm killing the audio again. As you can see, it's raining a little bit outside, but this is the bar, for Rather, this is the entrance to the cafes. Andi, I'm having a slow pan across. I didn't really know at the time what I was going to do with this, But I knew I needed something that reflected, you know, coming into the cafe. So I kind of keep trick, keep my hand as still as possible. And if you look just I think is it there yet? Perfect. Let's get this out of the way. You can just see me, actually, that there I am with my red T shirt. I'm sorry you can't see me pointing, but they're they're They're just in the image there, and I'm here. I am quickly wondering across to do this. You know the reason it took 36 seconds Because I need to make sure that I'm relatively quite slow. And this part is another footage style when it mimics almost like my face coming into the coming into the actual store. The cafe. Sorry. So as you look spin Guetta, I'm coming in. I'm going in having a look at this lady and then panning and cross on some of these bits of video did actually make it into a large part of this video. Made it into the final piece of footage. And if you go back to the actual original footage which I recommend that you do in intermittently whilst looking at this, I'll upload this and put it is part of the actual courses. Well, where is it? You know this video here at the Globe Cafe video. You'll see. Hold on. You'll see that I've got There you go. So that's that party it is. You can see him coming into the cafe. I've got that part there again. There's a cafe outside. Inside, Outside, inside, Outside, Outside, Outside. And they're perfect. So do you see how that is? Pot off all of these elements here. So this is all of the video off me. Going from the outside, into the inside on. You can actually see it at work in the video. Relatively close to the beginning. It's the first of all. Wanted to show the busy cafe. Then we're outside. Then we're inside. Busy outside. Inside, outside. Out. Inside. Outside. Inside. Outside. Sorry. Inside on there. You get so perfect. So that's kind of how it will end up looking in terms of product. And what I've gone for here in terms of my shooting is quite slow. Steady footage of me coming into the actual cafe. There Ugo. There I am again in the reflection on that will prove really useful. Teoh, any footage that you that you built 16. Footage - closeups and 'busy shots': I want to show you some more elements off video recording footage to keep in mind. Set courts have got on other PCs, so this is again close up British. So, as you can see, I've got a teacup cafe Cup that we're looking at the whole time on. It's got some people in the background, but again, I've used the actual teacup there to frame everything else. And this gives us the effect of some of the close up shots which will be important to actually put in a video together. And let me just hang on, pause the video seconds. I've got another close up. I would like to share with you guys. I'm back. I've just got rid of that video and I swapped swapped out that with your with another video that just put in its 11.9 seconds, and this is an even better example of it. So here is an example of me just showing you a cappuccino with chocolate Sprinkles on the top, and I'm really cropped and you know, just focusing on the actual CAF coffee itself. And these are quite small, but this is quite some outfitted to take when you know you're not in a five star, a five story cafe with, like, the world's best fittings and trimmings and you want to do quite close shots. And this comes actually incredibly in handy when you're recording videos of any kind and you don't, of course, want the focus to be on anything else that's outside of the actual framed on That, you know, often happens with video such as this because you know, you've got the you know you've got you've got the wine on the right hand side Got my reflection. If you look carefully, you got this lady here. You've got this dude slew giving me such dirty looks, which we're going to talk about, and you've got lots of things going on with this. With this with this shot, it's literally I mean, there's that guy in the background for a second, but literally from there it really becomes or from there, even it really becomes just about the actual coffee itself. These air really smart shots it takes to do try and take a couple of these when you're shooting shooting footage and it will really help. So that's that piece of footage that relates Teoh close up footage 17. Footage - Longer shots and how to hold your camera: a couple more clips I want you to look at in respect of thinking about certain frames and angles, etcetera, that you can incorporate when you're actually filming. It's important that these things are made clear before you go ahead and shoot, because again, you're only a Skoda's. The footage that you go out and get and you know these things as you can see. 7.3 seconds. 31 2nd 45 seconds out. The longest video. Um, you know they're not. They're not long clips a tall, So let's go through this one. That first, in fact on and what I want to show you here. It's a little clip that I actually later decided to cut out in post. But as you can see again, it's another shot where I'm walking up now that where I'm walking up, let's let's talk about that first of all, and I'm going from Ah, whole white frame Teoh Close angle felt As you can see, there's food here. It's being cooked, doesn't look, even though it's probably a really nice broth. If you look at it quickly, what is out? How amazing that that looks on going across him behind him to again get some interesting angles. And he's pointing to some of the items e is using for cooking. Andi, I'm just getting, you know, panning across and standing on the spot, and I'm almost swivel in a little bit on bond. That is what's creating that affect their on going back to the food. So that is a show again. Let me talk to you again now looking the same video. Now that I've talked through it on some of the things that you know ultimately wanted Teoh cut up. So you got this right. You got that part there. Now that's actually Brit. Okay. Bread in there, if you look carefully so it just there, There's Brett. But when you look at that quickly, it looks like it's trash. Okay, See you. Like right? I don't I don't necessarily want that in the videos. That's just something to think about. So we're getting across again and, um, there. Unlike if people look at that, I'm not sure how appetizing she will not give you that looks with food preparation. But, you know, we didn't plan this and it's just what What? The father of the family happened to cooking at the time. That might be something that you might not want to put in, either. Okay, then you got a security camera in the picture again, like security camera. Isn't that something that we want? This relate a little bit it to editing a swell? And then there's a picture of the stuff that they've got for storage all at the bottom on. It looks like a storage area, and of course, that would be better if it was covered. It's not probably something that we want in the video, so there's some of the things to think about when you're thinking about the items that you were later removed. Imposed production. But you know what you're recording? I wouldn't say worry about that. I worry about getting the steady shots. As you can see, I'm walking in Hit, looking at that angle. There you go. That's quite a nice shot there. I've got off him cooking. I'm coming in and cut out his head down and focusing upon the food on this, um, mixing. That's going on now. I've got a different angle and over the shoulder angle, as you can see, so it's kind of looking down as if on The Observer, standing over his shoulder, another nice angle to potentially work with. Then I'm going around and across on the right hand side of the elbow, so looking sprint line across the elbow. Then I've got the hand and pointing here. As you can see again, this is all just, you know, with my phone running around doing this. It's like moving up. And so, as you can see, slow and smooth motions are really vital on Integral to producing the actual video to keep it slow. Keeper Smooth swivel on the spot. You know you could do some of this seated if you want to. I did lots of this seated you can stand. Consider. You can crouch whatever makes you comfortable, and then you can move forward rather than using digital zoom, which has a habit of killing the quality. You can just kind of move forward yourself. Then you can moved back, slows fluid movements on you know that some insights into how you kind of make it work together. And then I was swivelling on the spot. As you can see, that family doing swivel like that before wondering backwards 18. Footage - framing your shots and playing with speed: folks. So another video that want to talk about also it's just this video clip here. It's another thing to do when your recordings killed the audio again. You know that sometimes using Okay, perfect. So let me just play the clip. And you know what? Let's slow the clip down. In fact, so we'll go Teoh speeder litter. Remember? So you can also use keyboard shortcuts, which is a command and artists right that command off they go. The speed of this is up to that. Bring this down ist currently 31.3 seconds. As you can see at the top just here, that's how long it typically normally is. So let's just go ahead and you know, double it whilst I talk through it Cool, which is a woman. It's fine. So as you can see here, it I What's interesting about this shot is it is kind of mid to upper angle again, which is cool on, and I've got a shot off both sides of the bar at the same time, which is quite an interesting shot because a Z, you can see you've got both the customers. You've got both the actual staff and you've got the dialogue going on across the bar, and it feels very much like almost spying on them. And it's quite an interesting shock to actually look at visually because in the foreground you've got a bottle dispenser of some kind. You've got some cakes. Essence biscuit here on it really gives a sense of perspective. Okay, off showing you how kind of long the active shop is to say, OK, that sorry, the cafe is because there's, you know, kind of quite a lot of space in there, and this makes it for a really interesting shortly. You can later use, as you can see at that point at what would have been, You know, I say the 49 2nd point, it would have been about 22nd point. I felt okay, I've got enough of that kind of footage. Then I flipped back to kind of the original angle, and that was my if you will the run out of inspiration moment. But as we go through again, it's really quite useful to get these kinds of shots as well. When you're getting all of that footage that you need for your corporate or otherwise video . Have something in the foreground to give you a sense of difference and friends. And it's framed by you know, this This dispenser here Shall we send this one here and then you've got both sides off the actual bar, which makes it really interesting. 19. Footage - camera 'no-no's' and when to delegate footage: tell you doing so this is going to be a little bit of a quick video. I want to show you something that's quite amusing but also has an important point for fulfillment. So let's drag this physician eso You going to see a wonderful Chappy here? So, as you can see here, I'm trying to get a shot that's moving across is if it was kind of a professional film footage like this and you'll see there this this Let's slow this down to honestly show speeder deter. Slow it down that So, as you can see, he has a look at me there, directly looking at the camera directly looking at the camera is a camera. No, no. When someone looks directly at the camera in this type of video, it really is quite a jarring doesn't make for good kind of company video, if you will. So please do bear that in mind that get as few of these shots as possible. Trying not get any of the sunny wasn't purposeful, but as we see it gets closer, gets close ups, and I'm doing my best to just stick with it and kind of ignore him because unlike right? You know, there might be something in the shot, Bob, you know, I'll keep. And as you can see, there I am. So it's a terrible It's a terrible shock, to be honest with it. But again, you know, 7.3 seconds. Not a lot of thought goes into it. I've got the basic principles and what I was trying to capture. The moment came up and I thought, Let me just hit record and see what happens you'll find as I told you that you know, there was 23 minutes of video or together that was recorded on, you know, turned into a 47 2nd video. So 23 times 60 is like 1000 200 seconds. And from that I use 47 seconds. You know, it's a 47. It's probably, you know, it's 1% off. 1200 is 11.2. So, uh, I don't even really know what it is, but it's very, very little off the actual final 30 Giant used. So So don't worry too much if you get these kinds of shots, but just be wary that someone staring full on your face in the camera the whole time, then it's not going to be the kind of shot that you can really use in. This shot got cut out today again, he's looking also at my stuff to see what it is I'm actually doing. She looks also at me. Look there for a day ago, so it's a couple there and she's OK. She's seen that I have seen and cheat like wonders off on this piece of footage. Never made it to the final cut. So do bear that in mind when recording for teacher people looking at you is definitely a no no. 20. Footage - mid level shots and 'end product' shooting: Hey, folks. So I've got another example footage I want to take you through. So abstract this in from our trusty file here for the original footage that I used to shoot the edited video for the Globe Cafe s so cool. I am Just minimize your neo against. And so here we go. So basically, through the my friends, I think it might be it is Auntie. He came t clean the table, as you can see that she's doing right here. Okay, Now, what I've gone for again is a middle name shot. I'm leaning slightly down and looking over it at an angle was just the most convenient angle at the time. Didn't want to get in her way by focusing upon kind of the hands. And what happened is not something that I ultimately finished. What happened? It didn't come out exactly the way that I wanted, but it's really important to have take advantage others on the spot moments, because the vision that I had when creating this video this'll it'll clip here, and I'm gonna just give you an example. Paul, my camera down. And if you can see, see my hands. Hey, I'm still here if you can see my hands and the idea is that you know she's got a piece of tissue and she's cleaning, cleaning, clean it. Let's just imagine that you know this screening, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Grab that wrap it up. Right, so it kind of disappears. And then you're cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning again. Boom! And now you gotta clean tables. So if you imagine that kind of footage speeded up, it's really quite a nice piece of footage to show that. Okay, this is, you know, 11 of service that you can expect from us. And that was what I was trying to capture here, which I don't think ultimately, that I did the best job job off. Perhaps because I am, I cut it off at the end of the angle. You know, she left and stuff. But do try and think of those little moments when you're recording argue, how is this going to look in terms of, you know, the end product and then just shoot shoot a weight on? And that was division in the idea that had behind that piece of footage. So do you think about those women's 21. Footage - creating stock & filler footage for your video: Hey, folks, in this video, I want to talk about the importance off getting some, I guess, stock footage. So when I say stock footage, it's the footage that it would be almost like the filler shots. But it would also be the actual building architecture. In this case, if you're introducing a small business, been a supportive that you show off the businesses premises, and that's what I've done here is you can see. So I made a efforts to capture different elements off the actual cafe. And as you can see, they've got some really nice wine racks here along the top in a big TV centre screen for people toe watch Walser in the cafe, and then they've got over since since and Chocolate Tips on. So it's really quite a simple thing, I guess, in some to some regard. And if I go ahead and play as you can see, it's just a nice kind of sweeping panshir. Across is a big pot plant that probably won't less of the pop flight. I think I was trying to get the lady just behind it on. You'll often obviously have some shots that you know, show things necessary might not necessarily be that concerned about. So that is something that's a go ahead and get rid of that one. It's dropped this one down. Um, some noise in that killed the noise. And, Aziz, you can see again. This is the way that you would capture the actual wine, as you can see it all the way across. Now, one of the things I want to highlight use it. Look, there is a cropping function. Okay, so let's put the crop to fill. And that's for example. Just say that we want Teoh. They get focus on, say, just just just the wine on. Um, Now, as you can see, it has actually cropped it. Okay, but, uh, to be honest, it just leads to further picks, elation and reduction and foot video quality. Why would say, Always aim for every shot is think of the end shot in mind, you know, take it as a zoo, much as you want to finished project, Or rather, take it in such a way that you can modify as much. Is it as much of it is you want to after? Because if you have issues is going to make it very difficult, potentially toe modify so you can crop very simply. But I would say that just try and get a steady frame and, you know, in hindsight, I mentioned the crop because I probably could've serve of doing this. But I think it wasn't feasible whilst I was in there that so that is by the by do make sure you get some of these shots off the actual interior and exterior itself. 22. Editing - set up and deleting content: Hey, folks. So finally coming to the actual editing off the video. So in this video, I'm going to take you through how you can actually produce a video that will end up looking a little bit more like this. - So there you have it. That's the 47 2nd video that term. I am edited as a consequence of all the footage that I collected previously. So what we're gonna do is we're actually going to go ahead and start a project from scratch , which is going to be pretty interesting on. So go ahead and creating you. Great. The movie on. We're going to get Teoh. Let's have a look in my movie library. So I already got content in the eye movie library here already, and this is the content that already exists. As you can see, we've got the audio. We've got the logo on. We've got the actual content here. So what would do for the purposes off this'll video, It's it will go ahead and pretend as if we've not got any of the actual content itself. So I go to blow Cafe video. Okay, Greg, it'll in a zoo. You can see preparing files for imports it and now we've got is you can see all the 23 files. Quick weight is control of the press command. All pick I. There you go. We got 22 items, in fact, went nine minutes worth of video. It's so let's say that you shot all of the video now on. The first thing that we're going to concern ourselves with is, I'd say, basically the order. It's what's important, working out on ultimately a rough order of things. Is it going to happen? And it's an evolutionary process. The way that it start isn't necessarily the way that you know it might end up finishing. But at the moment in the beginning, it's important. Just, I say toe kind of make quick decisions is to you know what you want to have to start with. So if we go through and have a look, just wondering through the other thing we might do is cut some things out immediately. So this was an actual video of the bathroom At the time I regarded, it seemed like a good idea, but I'm looking at it's like Well, yeah, I don't think putting the bathroom into good idea. So give ahead and delete that media from the event so you can make decisions like that to begin with, which is just working at which content that you want to keep on which content you want to get rid of. This is 1.1 2nd we're not going to do anything with that, Really have a look. As you can see, there's nothing much going on notes. So would believe that. So we're gonna begin by just getting rid of the stuff that we know that we don't want. And 2.8 seconds get. Keep that So I'll go through and have a quick look is toe. You know which of the content is quite short? Almost too sure, that's 2.1 seconds, and that's completely blurred that piece of content, so we'll get rid of that. So that's gone as well. So remember when I was filming, I was filming quite liberally and just getting content as I saw it, and then putting it into into this editor so that Ugo we've now got rid of all the content that we don't want and we should be left with. Let's have a Look, let's do this instead. We had 22 items to begin with. So now we have 19 items. So we've got rid of three items, so now we can move to the next steps. 23. Editing - lining up the footage: Hey, folks. So we've got rid of the content that we know that we don't want in the actual in the final edit. So now we've got rid of the content that we know that we don't mind. We can begin to make some preliminary decisions as to a kind of rough order. And that's where I said, Start working out a basic rough order off where things should be. So this is the beginning to seek to actually make a different edit to the one that that I've current got perfect. So we got we got the coming into the cafe, as you can see, So this is called. We'll start there and hear this function here. As you can see on the bottom right hand side, you can use it to zoom in and zoom up click settings. Trump. Okay, give you some project settings. Would you presume? I presume pit potentially change, but it's not something that I do usability so we can zoom in, zoom out. So I'll stick with the zoom out because just focusing on getting theatrical order sorted. First of all, so you got coming into the cafe court. Now let's go for you know what's inside the cafe? Go. We'll put that in there. We also got what? This one here. Um great. Eso got it. Let's think about it. So inside the cafe, we want people working as well. But are there any more kind of shots of the actual? I can't say this one's a shot off the actual food that have of in the cafe. That's the busy cafe. Ah, So this so his his is another thing you could do. What Wall will come back to this in in another video? Yeah. Okay. Cool. And so we What else is it? Here? It's again showing the cafe they could call. So that's the outside of the cafe again. So maybe we could put that in here. You have a man outside the cafe. We won't use that one. So what will actually get rid of that one is what's so carry on. Making quite kind of rapid decisions is Teoh what it is that you want to keep in. And what you don't want me to go ahead and delete that media from from the event and went out left with probably like 18 items on a sui concedes, removing on the timeline going into the cafe. We've got people outside the cafe. We've got the wine there, got chocolates, we've got some of the food on. Then we're moving into some of the service. So let's do some more of the service. We got this video here for some more of the service, which is great on Bond. Then let's also see what else we got here. So now this one didn't make the final cup. I think I know why. Because looks for there to be simply empty in that frame there. So it's just something to think about. When, when and if I do put that in. I'm thinking about maybe deleting it completely above gone idea for it, which won't discuss a little bit later on. We're just at the moment. Sorting out the order is the museum's dragging and dropping them in. We're not concerned with too much else, so we've got more service than I've got another one of service here, so we'll put that in. Let's see here. So that's the angle that's that angle and then that's third angle. Okay, cool stuff. It's not bad. So, and as you can see what I'm doing. I'm just literally I'm clicking anything. I'm dragging my cursor along on so very quickly get a sense of how the video will look in terms of the sequence of events. Eso so got back to use that footage used that have used that. We've got the kitchen they're showing moved to the kitchen. You should we moved to the audience itself. Look what else we go? You've got a couple close ups of the coffee that So what would you do then, is it's gonna be a combination in case it. I think we'll go with the food now. So dragged food. It's a 45 2nd clip that it's quite a long one relative to the clips that we got one soon out again. But it let's me back number No. Eso got the kitchen here, as you can see on, then we will get some close ups. Let's do the close ups. Yeah, let's do that. So did these two close ups. Um so the kitchen we got close ups on, then finally we can discuss the audience, which I'll talk about in the next video 24. Editing - creating a timeline for the footage: so the final piece off the puzzle in terms of deciding are rough or preliminary layout, if you like. He is is then getting the final bits of footage. So, as you can see, we've got the outside of the cafe. We come in, got the wine, got chocolates, then we're looking at some of the food. Now we've got some of service, and of course, you can see there's a variety of shots. Now we're moving into the kitchen. I probably have gone off of the kitchen at nine sites, but, you know, I got what I got on the day. Then we moved to the coffee on DNA. Now I think we can finish up again. We might not keep this for the final way. Might not keep this exact order for the final sequence, but we'll go to for busy Cafe said. There's one. There's to Okay, so can you see here that there's these two, This couple that this this Sorry, a couple. There are a couple. There are the same couple, so I'm just thinking about in terms of, you know, an actual shop on how that would work. And here's the Here's the actual reception being relatively busy. So stick that in the middle. Maybe is now beginning to think about order perhaps, and, you know, it might not work, But the trick is at this point in time is not over. Analyze it because again, we're just building a rough order of events. Don't worry too much about the edit. Or if you do worry, don't let it. Don't you worry. Don't worry in such a way that it slows you down. So we've got We've used that reviews that we've used so is getting through to work out what it is that we're not used that's been used that's been used. That was one that will come back, Teoh. And I think that's to be honest, a vehicle. So then we've got this. Now this is actually people being served. So maybe we could put this here as well on. But now I think, to be honest with you, yeah, maybe it's a that way. Sorry. I'm only silent because, as you can see, I'm just trying to literally work out what is the best way Teoh put this footage yet. Okay, so they have it, I think, to be honest with you. Yeah. Okay. Amazing. So, to be honest with you, I think that I've actually just put in the entire ity off the footage. So one of the other things what? That's all the footage is you can see and will quickly turn turn the audio down and look through the actual footage itself. So this way is going to take too long. Ultimately, you know, if you're doing it by yourself, you probably pats would look through a four minutes 32. But what I tend to do is just literally go through it with my kind of cursor. Slowly study. So coming into the cafe. But some more bits outside the cafe now looking at the cafe called got Third. They're now moving on to the service Service Service service. Go Kitchen. This is like the idea of some people being served and then more of the service. And you know what we're missing? It's this and that is the cleaning up. Cleaning up could kind of be the end off the actual video. So there you have it. We now have going through it once again very quickly. As you can see Thea outside the inside. It's food, The wine service, the service from either side. The kitchen coffees busy it is. And then cleaning up. Boom. So they have in four minutes, 31 seconds. We basically created a rough timeline for how our video actually stitch together. And we're now go on, talk about the next steps. 25. Editing - reducing volume: Hey, folks. Doing so we've now stitched together the actual video in terms of layout. Let's go ahead and quickly take a peek at it again, as you saw in the lots video. What we going to do now is we're going to do some what I would call some video white edits and modifications. So first thing I do is come on A. I know now that I don't want probably the actual audio to be I don't want us to hear the audio. So ideally, I could've done separately. But they just go ahead. And, as you can see it, do them one at a time. In fact, doesn't allow me to have gun control or but it doesn't seem to about me, too, actually minimizes sound in collectively. So as you can see, the actual wave forms disappear when I reduce that. So that C and second thing that I do in and you know, like beyond getting the actual order in line, there's different ways that you can approach the rest of it. The term this is, you know, the next part I recommend, and I can see the of course because you can see my video. See it? See me? I can't do that. So that that's great. Announce. What we've got, as you can see, is I'm playing it now and you can't hear any audio. Of course, because I've actually minimised it across the board. So reducing the audio across the board would be the next thing that I do. 26. Editing - video and speed changs: we've killed the audio said. There's no audio as you can see here on now. I don't know why I got headphones on when there's nothing else now the next thing to do is a couple of things. Basically, the real edit can start to begin, and this is where you can take a kind of creative approach to it. You go the video in mind. You can do a range of different things. One of the things that we do is have a look if we can show Speed editor to show the speed editor across all of them on and I would say that if we build it out, we'd start looking okay, Cool. So that's quite a good opening clip. If you like that, they're so I probably spit that clip. What happens now? Me walking in Get great So this make that a little bit faster? It seems wrong slows it. As you can see with the speed editor here that turns into a tortoise because it makes it slow up on. Then if we reduce attempt into a a rabbit because it's faster. So now we have a look at it. It's better. It's better it's still perhaps to smoke, so it's too fast. It's a bit faster. Okay, cool. So that seems like a relatively decent left now, one of the things that's really going to dictate, of course, how the video game sounds, deciding what you know, audio yet to use. And I went for a fast audio that ultimately dictated the speed of the song The speed of the video. So let me go ahead and drag that audio. I can't that this is the old year. Put it into here. Let's bring it down a little, but you're gonna You're gonna kind of hear it. Now we see what it sounds like. Turn it up a bit for you. Remember, in the previous videos of how to edit, I move you on how to do things that drag the audio, find etcetera, theme. So with that audio in mind, it does not change the actual impact. The video's going toe. So you know that Julia that I chose to use to the original video, we're gonna keep on trying to do the same thing here on. We're going to stop playing with speed across all of the clips to kind of get a sense of how it will go ahead and do that now 27. Editing - making speed changes to the edit: I tell you doing So this video is going to be one where you're just going to kind of watch me at work when I'm going to be doing ultimately is doing nothing other than changing this speed off some of the videos I It's something that, in terms of how you build it, will require listening to the audio with the video and then making changes as you go along . And what I'll try and do is I will talk out loud as to my thoughts with this process. Thistle's really a creative intimate of it. But I want to see you. I need to see, you know, step. So I go along to ultimately build up, of course, and there's a couple of things that I want to keep in mind that the sun that I'm using is quite kind of choppy. And I think that it fits in with the kind of idea today that people get kind of a weird quite quickly. In a short form. Video is a very big thing and anything, it's the same as you see, you know, on online learning courses on you DeMille skill share or whoever else it might be that longer videos seemed to retain less viewers. So with that in mind, I'm going to try and keep the edit. So I make sure because I want to get it down to, you know, maybe, like a less than a minute minute video. At least at the moment. I got four minutes, 43 of content and no one's going to really sit through 43 4 minutes, 43 minutes. Wear contacts on my aim is to speed it up to try and then get the actual to get the length down. Right. So let's, um Let's give it to go now. And you're gonna hear some of the audio. That part seems okay. Thank this part. This'll flies for too long. So I'm going to try and really cut it down. Speeded up. Massive is when I go to do so get to show speed and I'm gonna, you know, bring that down literally to like, 5.2 seconds. And again, it's not perfect yet, but we're kind of beginning to get there, So let's try again. Okay. Perfect on. We're in. So this one seems a little bit a jaw now, as you can see. So with this with this clip, probably what I'm going to do is I'm not sure what I do with this year. The moment Pat's put us into the middle and take a look at how it looks. OK, so that seems quite interesting to actually watch Will make that video shorter still. And as you can see, I'm beginning to reduce the amount of kind of seconds on on each video. That's very still too long. Okay. Okay. This is getting someone. So that there. Okay, so I'm gonna talk to you about something specific. Now we've been speeding up the video. Ultimately, try and get the work. That the minute countdown. It's four things at 4 40 Something like that. Now we're down to 4 20 But this transition isn't the greatest. So what? I'm movie. Thankfully, as is an option called transition. So you've got cross dissolve across blood, except for it goes on. I keep it pretty simple. And I do cross below there. Said that probably could go in there and let's have a look at how this actually comes out now. Okay, that waas now again for quite a slow thing there. So As you can see, we've got got got cross fade enough school that works quite well. Now, this actually does work quite well being slow. It probably you know what we could do here. What you see is probably just cut off the end a little bit so stopped there. And that's really useful. When you go from some of the edits to bits that you don't want. For example, there's kind of a long plan, but what also be might stop it? There ultimately is a pop block, but will come. We'll come to that later. But as you can see, what I'm doing is beginning with speed first. 28. Editing - cropping and editing individual clips: switch things up a little bit because way we're obviously going through the speed changes, which I think you understand conceptually, of how to make it kind of quite quite interesting by using speed and playing with speed, like kind of back and forth. But what also it's obviously quite useful is looking at content. We actually want to kind of get rid off. So what's where's the content that you don't want? Right? So there from the zoom, there's probably quite night. So I think from there, so from that, quite quite useful. As you can see, I've got rid of some of that content that probably isn't isn't that relevance? So we're going to go and have a look at the same thing here again. That's quite relevant. I think so, from there to the bit in the middle there. So what we do with instances like that we go to There we go spit clip, clip on. They're split clip. Let's get rid of that. Been in the middle, so on there you get so that you can see I'm going to begin to just kind of go through on stop killing bits of that. I don't really want a video of the apartments Point that sale just there on the left. So I'll go. What I do is up on. They're so they're perfect. So I just got rid of that bit now. And as you can see, the video has now shot down to three minutes 48. So I'm getting rid of content. I definitely kind of don't want in the video. Well, this is pretty good. Okay, so here we get his another example so that at the beginning, that looks looks like it looks like it's Ah, I think I mentioned it before. It looks like it's rubbish, but it's actually bread, but we don't really want in. Stop from here. Stop from So what we could do that probably is at a free spring, right? So what a freeze frame is is it takes that individual frame and it just stops right on The reason that we won't freeze friends because that's the the owner of the shop. And what we want to do is we want yeah, to be that as the freeze frame. And then what would do is see if we could make this actually on the pretty short bones with you to split a clip. I get it so perfect we got rid of the actual So let's get from that. And as you can see gonna cross now, Andi, we've kind of done a little bit of a jump. Kaio almost feels that because we got rid of a little bit of the actual content and by dragging it backwards and forwards, you actually remove content you don't want is you can see. So this is all fired. This is all fine. And this is all OK, that's that's the security. So you probably don't want secure to do. That's all we do is we expect, Flip, that's all fine. And there. That's fine with us and food. But what you can see here in the background is that we will see about some basically storage, so probably don't want storage in the actual content or split clip again. We probably do want that food. So what we'll do again is more clip. It's getting there, right click, see if we can. It's gonna let us But, um, that there is what we don't want and we don't want there. If we don't have a look at this. Now, got that. We've got that we got rid of, actually the other way. Bats. Yeah, that And then we can stretch it out to make it a bit longer. Look at it now. That's still too long of a focus on the actual storage stuff there. But, you know, that's one of the considerations can mate when you're recording putting together footage such as it. 29. Editing - being ruthless - reducing the video length by 200%: Hey, guys. So let's keep going with the video changed location yet again, as you can see on what the next thing we need to do is just ultimately continue making some of the edits that we have. 2339 And I'm going to keep going through and editing the video and I'll stop again at point . So you know, I think it's appropriate to expect something to you. So here's a good example. There's ultimately that section of the video is no really that relevant. It's keep focus on the chocolates there, have enough movement, and that should be enough movement. Uh, that's goods. Let's make that that's control all again on Let's Bring in the Speed editor. So right, click show speed and get Just go ahead and to understand it makes everything it quicker. - Says he can see already just five. Kind of reducing speed a little bit before he got it down to 2 14 it was, I think, a 4 40 to begin with. So we're getting closer to the kind of 45 to 1 minute mark. Okay, so we're getting closer to to our target. Let's give it a playback now see how it is so there. So if you hear there's a symbol drop in the actual song. So at that point it might be a good point, actually, speed up the video entirely. So with that in mind, what we could probably do is bring this show the speed editor. Okay, so that's where things start to get faster so we can do now forever. Still is reduced things just a little bit for we'll keep going with it as you can see for what, six. And as you might notice, I'm actually not looking at the video itself. The reason I do this is very specific. It's because it's a great way to kind of prevent you from getting slowed down by worrying about individual edits. Were worried about the overall look and feel of the video. Of course, the emphasis on on the way that we're creating videos is kind of practicality on, you know, unless it's ultimately in Tbilisi. The idea that's in front of you know, my friend I made a video for and he was absolutely fine with it. It's all about the end product, but down to 14 now, hold on. In fact, we should be down, Lex. And even if I just go ahead and bring this in yet So we're down to 1 53 So we get in, we got lesson off the video to ultimately cut. Let's see how that drop works. Now, that's too long. So I can only tell you that that is kind too long. So we'll make that shorter. Sure, it's still so that was half a second. And it felt about right. And of course, as you can see, relying on the actual melody of soft Now the kind of it that you do may change depending upon the force backing backing that you've got for it. But, you know, it really is just a case of kind of weighing it out. That's another area where, Okay, so you're getting a real sense of like how the video edit is put together now. So I'm gonna poured this video here and in the next video, the next lesson, you're just going to see me ultimately doing as much as I can without actually talking to you can see what I do with the edit 30. Editing - making adjustments to each clip: and I'm going Teoh before I run through, Actually, the entire kind of clip edit whilst I do what? I want to show you some of the other tricks I sometimes engage. So let me give me an example that I think I didn't previous video. Uh, yeah. So here you see my friend general kind of smiling. That's quite in that small. What I want to do is make that the focus of the video. So you remember we said that you can minimize and you can kind of expand each and videos here. So this is a great Web kind of getting a look in slow motion. What actually is going on? What a slower frame rate. It's been stretched anyway, you know what that means? And so I would say that the part that's quite cool is that stopped smiling kind of from there. So spit that clip that you get and well, it's no 0.5 seconds at the moment will make it two seconds. Let's just have a So that is a great example of how you complain with speed off specific moments of the video to get, you know, it's a really close shots of, you know, already fun to kind of look at. So another one, for example, might be on. You know what? That's a broth that he's making. So we'll probably want to do is let's keep going and having a look that security, let's get rid of that. Don't care about cameras so much. So what people want to focus on on. That's fine. That's fine there that that far there is fighting it short, actually. So what we'll do is we'll cut the video there will split the clip there. 20 splitting clip. If you watch the heart to edit, I'm ready and I'm really sound I'm doing here. It will spit it again there because that's probably the bit that could deserve to be slowed so slow that down 3.5 and for effect to make it more effective, what would it speed these other elements up? So we do that. We do some speed. Let's have a look at it now, so let's speed them up some more. No nine seconds. Let's make that No. 15 Let's speed this whole thing up also. You went to that slight. It's you alone now. Well, what it is that it is known for one section with its next sexually speed up. So that's about to get enough. So that's so that could be false. Could still Okay, you get so this off now at 7.4 seconds, Do you don't? Slightly false this. It will make you six seconds. Seven. Now? Yes. Now what we can do is juices for still have a look at what we got. So it down Teoh one 36. Now we're getting much closer to kind of our intended and go and let's fight from the top now so that speed works quite well. So make this slightly so Speed Arts editor again will make this slightly false. Still, I keep saying the time going Teoh do the edit inside it, but that's clearly not happening. But you get a real sense of kind of how it worked together again. It's quite nice is my favorite place in the video and we're in on that. Could be faster slided get faster again. Yeah, that's good. Fancy. Just a back end there. So I did was split it up and make that shorter. Let's make this one super fast. Make one slow. So what? Do you speak this up as well, then what would you do if a woman this fits like it slower? What would you do then? It's a spit and this faster that were really getting somewhere, I think. Let's have a quick final look at how much we're down to, uh, on with. Down Teoh. One minute, 25 seconds. Fantastic. Got about another minute, Potentially for 45 seconds. Toe 30 to 45 seconds to cut off, and then we're done. 31. Editing - the final video edits from 1.50 to .47: Okay, So in this video, we're actually going to just focus on the edit. So I will. Time lacks, is at the end and speed the whole thing up. - Okay , guys said they have it. I've just edited. The 41 is now 42 2nd video and in the next video, sure about the color draining to make it look that more professional as well as, of course, adding a low and the explain the video. 32. The finale - the finished audio: right guys coming Teoh The final section of How to create a corporate company video just using free tools on Android phone or smartphone. A lot on Android or an iPhone. A swell as my movie. So we've got the 40 41 42 2nd video in place Now. The final thing that the couple of final things that are missing is the colored rating. So what I do is I control all, as you can see that I've done hit on. But there's really two ways to do this. Let's see if this way actually works so you can pick a section on the video and Porter to see if it's now enhanced. Reset it Perfect. So in heart is actually every section off the off the video itself. Septic auto Perfect. That's done. So that's the first thing that I do want to click automatically, and it says it automatically improves video quality. That is literally the first thing that I do. Second thing that I do is I look it to some of the colors here, and I just have a play with this, really, so you can see that's kind of made. I bought some of the colors out. But I think that maybe there's Paps too much color now that you can see that there's a presence of an edit. So what I'll do now is I'll maybe try and see what that does. That makes it very orangey. We don't really on orangey. That makes it very blue. So maybe no, any of that What this does. Okay, so look black and white. So we do that. That's pretty. No, that's pretty. Know either what we want. So maybe something like there. So it's closer to the black on white side, but just them clearly still, lots of vibrant colors here and all put together quickly. Okay, so that basically is the color grading that I do. It's very, very simple grading. There's nothing fancy directing honest with you on the final things, Aziz. You can see I've added transition at the end of the video, so it fades to black and you know some of the creative decisions I kind of leave to you to make. You may absolutely, for example, take the music. But in that case, of course, I've only shown using YouTube how to find a whole selection of royalty free musically. Go on and put on to this video. Ondas Saunas. You provide attribution linking the comment of uploaded to YouTube or find some things completely attribution Fruits on. Then, as we head off over to media, let's just have a look at the Globes on the final thing that were missing, of course, is I'm putting in the logo. So let's go ahead and find to get a death stop. It got downloaded the logo well, when I first made the video, let's see if I can just find it here somewhere. Screen shot. Well, I am not. Finally, at the moment what I'm that it is a logo hit and cool on. What I'll do is I'll show you what is this amazing? So I'll show you, for example, in the essence of this logo. What else is it plans to put it into the Atra video. It's first of all. I open up the video and you may morning scenes in previous video, so be quick. I'll do that. Do that I delete that section or get rid of all the whites. Basically, on the page is great software. My lips on bond once that's done, I'll save hold on. Let's zoom in compressing the plus one and let's get rid of what's in the all that Ugo. Get rid of the what's inside the R. See how Ninja Weaken G. Oh yeah, that's Donald. Zoom back out on. Then we'll say, That's that's been saved. Will Chuck that into the mix here? So I've got it here now that kind of lead pages Logan's instance will put it across the top . We will just minimizes setting to conceive the video in its entirety on war. Slap it across course. That's just far too big to what you do is you click on the actual video itself. Sorry, the logo itself. You click this four options that will get picture in, picture a picture in picture. Then we'll go to this option. Here Will fit, get fit. Get that picture in picture. And as you can see, that is the actual Loga. Now we can see from that. Lovers, of course, is that probably cut away too much, too much white. So get rid of it. I'll go back to this image, see if I can done case. It doesn't allow me to get backwards but the principles are still the same. Once you've got the logo kind of in here, you can. It's a good point, actually. So what? Some you massive problems actually moving within what I did. Sometimes I go to this same option, and it allows me to move it again. And as you can see there, it looks obviously a tad better. But the colors is something obviously for you to consider as you when you finish the video . And some of you may well, not even wanted a logo. But there you get that looks not too bad. It took on that, ultimately, is how to create a corporate company video using I movie. And then the final thing that we do, of course, need the load on the bottom right there. It's pretty professional is on. We export this video there, and there's a range of options to consider than I movie Idealistic filed for safety. You can put in the title here description tags. Obviously, this plant video and audio 7 20 people, near the quality of which it was reported. Quality is high, compressed, faster click. Next on, you'll see that it spits out an example So let's go ahead and do that. And that will. As you can see, it's loading. It's in the process of exporting, maybe as you could not see just in the top right hand corner here. Gotta wait for that kind of will to spin around on. It really is kind of a simple is that that you can create a corporate company, Really professional looking video, just a A smartphone and to Booth camera on my smartphone isn't even the best scene. If you got your life by news that you've got more modern my phone for me about 18 months, two years old now, maybe a bit more. In fact, when it was first released onto the market will be cameras better, even better quality than mine. So you could go ahead and produce something super professional. And as you can see, I was just saying that to kind of fill the time and it's already done to, like show. Now go to show and this is gonna open up now in the L C. Player on. That is the video that we created a za consequence off doing this course, and I think that you will agree It looks pretty damn impressive given the time that we spent. And there's a range of shots in there high, low and mid angles close up. And then some of the editing that we don't. Of course, that you conceived here with Slowdown. We've made the colors of quiet nights. We've got some images of the food coming in. There's movement going across were gone. Another slow down here again here, and that's a really nice little close up there with panning across from cross fades. The whole restaurant and I could probably do it, turning down the actual video at the end. Sorry, the audio in the video. I wanted to show you how to do that, to go to the video itself. Sorry, the the audio and I movie. There's an option here, as you can see, and you can fade out the audio they and that's a much better finish. And then we just exported again. So I hope that you've enjoyed this course, and that is how you can create a corporate company video just using the free tours that we discussed