How to create a Transparent Header Menu in Wordpress with Elementor Pro (in 15 min)

Rino De Boer, Designer & Content creator

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8 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. This is what we will cover

    • 2. Settings up the essential basics

    • 3. Filling the menu with drag & drop

    • 4. Adding cool animations with delays

    • 5. Adding nice hover effects

    • 6. Mobile Responsive Optimisation

    • 7. Making all pages accessible

    • 8. You want more?


About This Class

Hi and welcome! In this call you will learn how to make the popular transparant header/menu effect that you see on a lot of super modern websites. This effect is not super easy and needs a little bit of customisation to make it look good. But when it does, then it's really cool.

In this class we're using Elementor Pro on Wordpress, where we can easily use drag and drop to create this header/menu.

If you don't have Elementor Pro yet and you want to get it, then you need to choose from the 3 packages they offer. 

This is their pricing page:

I have the $199 package, but you can also try the $49 package with a 30 money back guarantee (if you don't like it).

I really hope you enjoy this smaller class!

Gr Rino