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How to create a Product Box in After Effects and Element 3D using Cinema 4D and Photoshop

teacher avatar CS Motion Design

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. 00 Introduction

    • 2. 01 Creating the Product Box

    • 3. 02 Creating the UV Map

    • 4. 03 Creating a Texture and Masks for later use

    • 5. 04 Adjusting the photoshop file

    • 6. 05 Import Our Box to AE

    • 7. 06 Setting up the Material and Enviroment

    • 8. 07 Animating the Box

    • 9. 08 Fine tuning

    • 10. 09 The Cover and Normal Map

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About This Class

Hi, my Name is Christian. Welcome to the Course!
On this class i will show you the workflow between cinema 4d and after effects to create a product box by using the plugin element 3D.

After finishing this tutorial series you will have a product box template available with which you can quickly and smartly customize or exchange your artwork.

Beside the better understanding for the settings in Element 3D,
you will also have a better understanding of the workflow for preparing 3d models from cinema 4d for element 3d.

What you are going to need:
- Cinema 4D
- After Effects
- Element 3D (AE Plugin)
- Photoshop
- Materialize (Free Programm, see the link down below)

We will take care of the following topics:
- Basic modeling technique
- Creating a UV map based on our model
- Creating layer and masks inside Cinema4d for later use in Photoshop and After effects
- Import the model to AE and setting up element 3D
- How to use our created UV map inside AE to texture the box.
- How to Animate the Box using a Null Object
- Setting up Anti Alaising, Ambient Occlusion and Motion Blur
- Creating a Normal Map for more Details for the Cover Artwork

Who is this course suitable for?
This course is suitable for anyone who wants to broaden their understanding for Cinema4D, AfterEffects and Photoshop in combination with Element3D.

The free Program Materialize:
Music used in thi Tutorial:

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, my name is Christian. I am a motion designer and 3D generalist.I've worked in the industry for nine years.

During this time I gained a lot of experience, which I now use to build my own business.

Besides the classic freelance work I create templates and now also video tutorials.

i look forward to sharing my knowledge online! I have learned a lot from other tutors worldwide.

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1. 00 Introduction: along ViacomB. In this tutorial, I will show you the vocal between cinema 40 underplayed in elements, ready for after effects to create a product box first. What do you need? You need cinema for the auto shop after effects and the plug in elements. Really, you should bring some basic knowledge with you, but most of the stuff I will explain in detail. We will start with modeling the box and cinema for D. Then we take care off the remap in cinema 42 Houston foot shop and after effects. Then we continue by importing or a model into after effects. And Adam and three, you re take care off the compositing and animation off the product books. I will also briefly explain the free program materialize with which we will create a normal map. We'll use this normal map to add more details to our artwork. After finishing the story, all Siri's you will have her product box template available, with which you can quickly and smartly customize or exchange your artwork. Beside the better understanding for the options in elements. Really, you will also have a better understanding off the workflow for preparing three D models from cinema for the four elements. Really, we have a lot to cover. Let's get started 2. 01 Creating the Product Box: I'd welcome to this first part in this part. We create our product box model. We start by adding a cube to Oracene. Now we have to adjust the size and the size X. We give the cube 19 centimeters on Dwight size. We give it 24 centimeters, and in the sea size we give him six centimeters. You can use the shortcut us to champ directly torque you. Since we have a height off 24 centimeters, I give the cube value of 12 in the white position. So our cube stents on the floor. Now we get the cube around. It's just so click on the cheque books on Give the radios a value off 0.2. Our base model isn already so. Let's move on with the next part. 3. 02 Creating the UV Map: this part is about creating arguing maps, which we can use later to texture or product box, in foot shop and after fix. These are basically a two D re presentation off our three D object. If you didn't know this room yet, we start by transforming or a model into a polygon model by clicking or cube on the project vendor and pressing the sea button. As you can see, we know half a UV texture. Take to see our movies. We have to change around labelled in the right corner above choose of the layout. You ve edit the right side. We cannot see or give ease. You can never get you've even know with the keys one and two. You can also use the most feel just like you're used from the airport. Currently argue these are overlapped if I go into polygon mode and click on the front or a side part received even more clearly to change this, we have to change the protection. Since our model represents a box. This is fortunately not too difficult, so I select the your Republican tool and click into the you've even though now a press the shortcut control. A few select all parliaments under protection. I now click on box. We haven't almost perfect should here to the re presentation off all three d model. If I select the single polygons, we see that there's no overlay anymore. The only thing that is not could get all the gaps between the sides. We need to fix these gaps before we start. I will briefly explain the tools we use. You probably already know the tools point etch and polygon selection. We can use them to make selections in the report to make selections and you even know we used the tools you three points and the Republican selection if a no select a point in the report. We see this election awful in the U even though it works also the other way around. If I know select this point with the three point tool You see the reference you comport again? No, I select the point below. Yes, you can see the reference And if you port chose me the same point, which means we need to connect related you re points in order to keep the scale of our duty re presentation and to close the gaps protecting. We have to move with points first. First I select directing the selection tool and make sure that you re point tools active. Now I mark the points off the upper surface. I also switched to the move tool with a short cut. No, I just the surface to the no surface. My orientation are the points that belong together Now select normal selection tool and mark again the two points which now will age other. Now we connect the points by clicking on UV terrorists up off Now we do the same for the other point of spill and silver go our way through. - As you can see, we have a slight distortion in the corner But that won't be noticed later because it's only the rounding Now we continue with site first a look which points belong together. Then I choose directing selection two and mark the points. I want to move with the shortcut, eager change back to move, tool and adjust the whole thing. Now I change to the normal selection tool and mark the related points and connect them again with you be terrorists. - Now that you know the principle, let the EU run at doubled speed to save some time here. Okay? Or UV map? It's done. So let's move on with the next part. 4. 03 Creating a Texture and Masks for later use: in this product grit mosques for the different side parts and groundings. We will also create a layer to Neymar sites correctly. These layers will surface later its orientation, as well as a tool for creating the artwork in your shop and after fix. First we create a material. Now click on the Red Cross. As you can see, a small pen appears. That means we can draw directly on this material, we reckon, dropped the material onto the object step and edit toe orman back to the material. Step to the right off material. You can see a small, great cross if you dollar click on it. We can create a texture we set of the Texas lies to 2000 by 2000 and we use 16 bits per channel under the top layer. We now see our texture and corresponding layers layout and handling. This very similar to photo shop. So far, we only have fun background layer at the bottom left, we can add a new layer to his left off the layers. You can turn them on and off. Percival named the site parts. Therefore, I click in the material tap on the color icon which leads us to the collective here we can choose our column. I've choose a Redland. If he knows, Select the brush tool on the left side. I can write directly on the box as you can see are a brush tool is also shown in the U Even though now we can start to name the site parts. Now we can name our layer correctly. I will also hide it for no Now we create a new layer. I also changed to you the selection tool and shoes theory polygon mode. Now we mark the front part and press Phil Polygons. I undo the whole thing again because I would like to have a white mask so quickly select the color light and fill it again. The name the layer correctly. Now I repeat this work for for each site. Okay, What we still need are the round ings. Therefore I mark all polygons. Then I go to select and select Invert as you can see. No, we've only marked surroundings. Create another layer and cold this running mosque and fill it again with the column. If we know height, all layers except with running layouts, we can seat better. Okay, then we can make always visible again and moved The layer sites up. If you know safe your project with the shortcut control s you can say it's the texture directly. The texture is located in the folder. Very project is located. Another option to safe texture is under a file safe texture s I will say the texture has suffered sharp file. Another thing we need is son of which a file which you can use in element three D. Therefore, we go to file and choose export Toby chain and they leave the export settings on default. Now we have all elements we need for after effects. So CEO in the next part. 5. 04 Adjusting the photoshop file: since I like to keep things organized. Idol King up and optimize the photo shopped by a little bit. First, I want to add a grit. Unfortunately, I don't know how to do this and for the shop, So I will do it in after things. So in after effects I create a new composition with the same resolution as or a pot shop file. Then I create and you solid on No, the up effects agreed to with solid. We changed sides from two with lighter on the change of the value with 121 on the value border too. Now we go to the tap composition and choose, say frame s since we need a nonfictional, I choose the former PNG with Archie B and Alfa. No said the safe path and it surrender back to you for shop under file place. We can import corporate and confirm it with enter to place extra. No, I mark all layers containing a mosque and group them with the shortcut for key and rename the folder to mosque. Now we opened the photo and click on all mosques with the shortcut control shift. Now use the selection as a mosque for Or grit if we had our masks? No, We can see or adjust with the shortcut. Ultra elite. I changed the broken color to black. Next level quickie. Replace of the naming off the individual sites with ex players. Since you don't have to do this on, the workflow is self explanatory. Havel let you run faster. Okay, That looks fine. The next step this after fix. 6. 05 Import Our Box to AE: I would start by creating two folders. The 1st 1 I call it comes and the other one, like hold footage and under the color setting. So choose 16 bits per general. Now we can create our first composition. I called the Composition Elementary D with a resolution off 1920 by 18. And I work with a frame rate off 30 Onda adoration off 150 frames. Now I can create a solid, which I also name a lemon three D, and here we out effect on ministry to it. Then we open this incident cyclical import and select that which he finally created in cinema four D In the import settings we select under force alignment from models and leave the other settings on the phone and the support we can soon with the most well with left most button, we rotate the camera and with pressed middle mouse button, remove no renamed the newly created Come forward to box ex civil at a plane. For this, I click on create and selected with a right click on the scene. We know we can create a new folder. I call this new photo ground Now I moved the photo down and give it the number two. We have to move or a plane into the folder. I said the scaling to 10 button. For now, we can leave the scene set up, so I click. OK, what we need now is a camera so red click in the composition window and choose new camera under type. I choose one note, Cameron, and that's a preset I use here. The 50 millimeter presents? No. I opened the position para meters off the camera and allowing the camera to our books. All right. Nobody for a basic set up ready. 7. 06 Setting up the Material and Enviroment: next you will create two more compositions. The first cycle box Diffuse. I give this composition the same size as Arctic Show we created in slim 40 with a shortcut . Control the I duplicate the composition and name. It looks normal Now we can add both compositions You the composition elements ready. Then we turned off the visibility and locked them. How important the foot to trip file is footage and add it to the box Hughes composition. Basically, you have the possibility to design the cover directly in after effects. This makes especially sense if you want to animate the cover, for example, otherwise I will quicken mint. Now we still have to assign our texture to limits reading, therefore of the use of the so called custom layers with the custom layers, we can use compositions to influence materials in elementary, under custom texture maps. In layer one, I choose the composition box diffuse and then later to a choose the normal nap composition . Now we opened the scene set up again. First I rename the material so we have a better off with you and the box material. I click on the Defense General now. I opened the drop down menu by clicking on the small arrow and select with custom layer. One, as you can see of the texture, gets updated directing. Now we can add our normal that composition toe the normal bump channel. The material is directly influenced again, but at this point, we haven't created on normal map yet, Which leads to an awfully result. We will create the normal later, so I removed the number map composition for no. Next we take care off the ground, but therefore I first click on the plane model, and guilt was a reflect mode menu. Every change of the mode, from old to mirror surface in the material we have to activate, met shelter and met reflection. No, we can leave the scene set up with the okay button. As you can see, we know half a reflection with an offer channel. Next, I create a solid, which I call background and at the color white to it. Then I create another solid I call it vignette and at the corner black. Now I click with the pressed most button on directing a tool to select the lips, too. No, make a double click on the lips tool to create a mosque in the mosque options. I check the invert box. I've all set of the mosque feather to 250. With the shortcut shift T I opened opacity option and that the value to 15 accival at lights to the scene. For that, I click with the right mouse button on the completion window and choose new light. I named the first light life left. We use the light type parallel and an intensity off 115. In this case, we don't want any shadows created by this light, so leave the check box black. Now we change the few to align our light. We start by aligning the part of interest to center off or a box for this. I opened the transform options off the light and adjust the Y value. I also want the light to hit the box from a different angle or that I adjust the position value X. I also would like to have the same light from the other side. Therefore, I took the great light with control G and move it in the X axis again. That looks good. So far, no, we can switch back. You listen if you 8. 07 Animating the Box: next we take care all the animation off the box. So click on the layer 11 3 D and open their group utility step under Group one, Then click on Create Group Control and Great. Now we have no object to which our boxes connected. We can use this to create our animation. I jumped from 30 and set a key frame for the position in frame zero, I said at the exposition to 800. Now we have our animation, which we will refine right now. I marked both key frames and oppressive nine. Now we have transformed our Alenia animation into an easiest animation. No, we will open the Griffin detour and just in the mission, Father all I want a hospital moment of beginning that slow stone until the box tents next to take care of the rotation of the box, therefore chump to Frampton and said the Y value when a chump to frame 60 and enter a value off minus 180 at frame 100 I want to have a complete turn. So your interval year off miners 316. But then the box showed up later. But for the Therefore, I jumped to the last frame and value off minor statistics. Okay, Let's, uh, have a look. I think it looks pretty good already, but we have to adjust a careful a bit. You optimize the animation, so why mark off you frames again and press F nine? After that, I opened the gravity door. I want a fast rotation in the beginning. Then it should slow down than another fastball on. And in the end, it should slow down again. Therefore, I am Mark the second key frame and adjust the tendons accordingly. Currently, the box stay still for four time in the rotation movements to work against it, I chucked the tendons further. You make the British movement you more fluid. I moved the second key frame from frame 60 to frame 55. Okay, that looks good so far. Now they're still the end off the new mission. Since we want to have a slow animation to then I adjusted things accordingly. To further improve the movement, we can set of a second Lasky friend to auto tang and with the shortcut control and left most button. Okay. Our animation off the boxes finished. You could improve it up. It's year and there. But overall I think it looks quite good. The last step is to create a camera zoom. Therefore, I jumped you frame 90 and set a position key frame for our camera. I jumped to the last frame and soon in using the C position value, we change over two keys from linearity disease by using F nine again right or intimation star completes. See you in the next part. 9. 08 Fine tuning: next, he will take care off amid occlusion, internalizing and motion blur with a mini occlusion. We create a contact, Cheryl. As you can see, the lines off artwork are not clean. We will change that with the help of until izing on. Last but not least, people at motion blur. Okay, we will start with a conclusion. Therefore, I click on the elements really layer and opened the render that settings. You can find the options for MD occlusion. First we actuate inclusion with the check box. We believe the moat at us a sale when we take a look at the whole thing. Now the shuttles are a bit too strong. Also, we still have a little noise in it. I start to shrink their radios. Therefore, I insert a value off syrup into by increasing their multi sampling, we can reduce the noise, our value of two shopping off here. Since I would like to have some stronger shadows now I set with intensity to three. Okay, that should work. Now we take care off tantalizing. We confined to settings for this under output. Antill izing is the term for moving in elements really weaken influence at just moving with multi sampling on super sampling. Therefore, I set multi simply to a 16 and super sampling to and you can clearly see the difference. Now do a quick preview. You can see we still have good performance at the moment. But you have to keep in mind that the higher you set these values, the longer you're rendered have will be. As always, you have to find a good average here based on your current project. Okay, now we can take care of the motion. Therefore, we can close the tap output and open modeler. Since I want to have the motion blur independent off the composition settings, I set the settings from comp to on if you know, look at the animation. I would say we could use a few more symbols for this. I set the samples from 6 to 12 so our motion blur is much finer. Now we look at the animation again. As you can see, the render time already increases quite a bit. I will speed up the view here to save some time. Okay. The rim previews finished on and I think the results quite good. In the next part, we take care off the artwork and create a normal map based on the artwork. See you there 10. 09 The Cover and Normal Map: in the last part, I will show you how cover could look like. And I will explain you how we create a normal map based on the cover way. Start with the cover. I searched for a nice artwork on picks. A better come on, adapted it to our A box in 40. As you can see, I used the mosque layers we created in cinema for need to limit the background artwork to the different sections or the content area, meaning the text and logo. I create separate folders thanks to our preparation incident for the decoration off cover is quickly done. Next, I will show you a program called Materialize with which we can create our normal map to create even more details. For our final Rendah materializes a free program from the company bonding books. If you scroll down on the website, you will find the Donald button. You will find the link in the description. Now you're in materialize under a few smell. We click on over open and insert the cover we created influential to create a normal map. We first the heightening you create a hiding up click on create under. Then we click on set s heightened. Now we can create our normal men. Therefore, I click on create unlawful top normal men here confined different presets which have an influence on our A normal map. I would recommend crisp, but it depends on the artwork. You can also use the sliders to influence in a moment. If you're satisfied with your normal map. Confirmed the map with the buttons set a small amount to say phenomena map, click on s and the normal map Tap to save. As you can see, I already saved mine. You just have to enter a name and click on Select. Also, you can choose you preferred five type under five former I mostly used pinching. Okay, then backed off defects. As you can see, I already imported of the cover and the normal. Now we have to at these sections to the corresponding compositions we created. I start blue diffuse texture. As you can see. It's also updated directly in the final composition. Now we opened the normal map composition and at the normal map. But this time we don't see any changes because we still have to assign the composition of the Element three D c set up. So I opened the scene set up on. Then I click on the box material and a select the custom earlier to under normal between half already defined previously. I think it's better I show you again what? I mean, exactly as you can see. Under of the custom layer and custom texture maps, we have assigned the normal map composition just to make sure we don't miss understood each other. Okay, back on the scene set up. We clearly see the influence off the normal map. With the check box, you can switch the fact on it off with the value next to it, you can influence how strong the effect should be. If, you know, look at our final composition again, we can see how are a light stuff works in combination with the normal map. Our lights and the scene are additional setting possibility with which you can influence the look. If then else which off? One off the lights, you can see what I mean. The same, of course, applies to the intensity and the position off the light. So we are already at the end of the tutorial. I think you could do something more with animation and possibly a trust, just to light a little bit more. But all in all, I'm quite satisfied with it. I hope you have learned a lot. If you have questions, let me know in the comments. Also, I would be very pleased about a positive feedback. Many things are watching and see you soon.