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How to create a Panorama in Instagram

Haydn Adams, Creative Technical Educator

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8 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. 00 intro v2 1080p

    • 2. 01 crop at a desired ratio 1080p

    • 3. 02 draw your guides 1080p

    • 4. 03 slice up your image 1080p

    • 5. 04 export slices 1080p

    • 6. 05 exporting the images out of Dropbox 1080p

    • 7. 06 assembling the images in Instagram 1080p

    • 8. 07 share your results 1080p


About This Class

Instagram loves square images. Like really loves them. So how do you get a panoramic image into Instagram? The answer lies within the multi-image option of Instagram. While we can't get an panorama in on it's own, we can break it apart using Adobe Photoshop and re-assemlbe it inside of Instagram. 


The result is a seamless array of images that acts like a panorama but is just a series of square-based images.


I'll show you step-by-step how to get your panorama into a series of perfect squares and exported out of Photoshop. I'll also use Dropbox to move my photos from my computer to my iPhone. You can use air drop or other syncing utilities to achieve the move, but I used Dropbox in my example. 

You will need for this tutorial:

  • A panoramic image
  • Adobe Photoshop (nearly any version)
  • Dropbox (or a syncing utility to your phone)





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Haydn Adams

Creative Technical Educator

As faculty in the School of Illustration and Web Design at the Academy of Art University for over 12 years, Haydn brings his wealth of knowledge of education and curriculum design, and brings it to small businesses. During his tenure at the University, he has taught over 15 different classes and written curriculum, syllabi, CLO's (course learning outcomes) and rubrics for nearly a quarter of the aforementioned courses. 

In addition to being in the classroom, Haydn runs two busines...

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