How to create a Logo in 15 MINUTES! | Filippo Brun | Skillshare
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5 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Presentation

    • 2. The main tools

    • 3. Let's try!

    • 4. Tricks and colour

    • 5. Text tool and export


About This Class

Hi guys!

Thanks to these simple and short lessons, you can create your first logo! 


1. Presentation: Hi, everyone. I'm Filippo and I'm an Italian graphic designer and digital stretchers. Why am I here and why am I doing this class? I would like to give you all my knowledge I've acquired during these years in this class and give you some useful information on how to use illustrator and what you can do with this fantastic program. And of course, how to do the main things, like creating objects on creating a professional. And you will get also some useful breaks in order to do very nice things in a very short time. This will be useful also for your job skills. So what will you get from this class? Of course, you get the basics of this program and you will be able to create your own professional. No. Starting from a copy off a log of mine, we will try to recreate hello made by me in a more or less similar way Danny will be up to you to practice it and to create similar or different look with this fantastic program, all you need to know to deal with this program is that illustrator is a factor graphic program, but doesn't mean that all the object created within the program can be enlarged indefinitely. So you will be able to create your professional ago. 15 minutes. Are you ready? 2. The main tools: Hello, guys, and thank you for being here. I'm really after you decided to join his class. So let's start immediately by opening our illustrator. Okay. Once illustrate, the result and program presents us with several options that we can choose from. So let's start by opening a square world space off 1000 per 1000 pixels. What kind of color meant to do We have to choose. Remember, while RGB is the formal created especially for digital works such as a runner or just a Facebook post CME Waking, on the other hand, is the foreman dedicated to printing Basically your goal. Remember to choose the correct format. In this case, we also choose RGB. What we have to do right now is to look at the last side of the screen in order to discover the main tools for a little creation. We won't look at them all, but just once we really need The first thing we want to look at is the selection tool. This one, the stool is the basics to manage all the objects you will create on your workspace. Quite simply, with distal, you will be able to select the present elements and move them all. The other one is the direct selection. This is a two used to select a modify anchor points In the following lessons, we will see what is another fundamental tool that I use A lot is the pen tool. It is used to create tracks following a specific path. It is very useful for recreating complex shapes that are not simply circles or just squares . The text tool is that is used to insert text into the word space, and we certainly use it to create our first little. Here we are toe the shaped stools. If we keep on this bottom, we can get several simple shapes, like a square circle or just a star. One click to select the Tuller and choose the first shape. On the other hand, if you want to see the other shapes available, you will have toe hold down and select what the one you need. This tool is that is the eyedropper tool. Do you like a certain color, often image that you imported into the program, but you don't know what precise guy authorities. With this tool, you can find it out. It is very interesting and very useful. Let's move on the last two tools. The handle is used to move within the workspace and scrolled through the sheet in his way. The last one the magnifier to is used to increase or degrees Zoom in your workspace. I want to give you some advice is if you press out with selected tool, you will zoom out if you don't press it. You is, um, in for those with a track, but on your computer, it can be used. For example. I feel very comfortable with it. The first shot for lessons has ended. We have seen the main tools to create a professional logo and dinner. Next lessons. We will use them to create our first project. Thank you and see you at the next lesson. 3. Let's try!: Hi, guys, Welcome back to this class. Today we proceed with some other useful tool to finalize over first professional local Let's they kept the selection and direct selection tools, and let's understand how they work. They're very important for the creation off any object within an administrator. If you click on the panto, you can see that you can create tracks. You can choose to make a full track, a track with only the outline or an invisible one in our case, which is to make a truck with a black outline. So let's begin to start creating a tracker. We make a first leak in the work area. We have just created the first anchor point, which is a fixed point on our track. We will see that the more anchoring points we do, the more articulated our truck will be. So by holding down the second anchor point and moving with the mouth, we will see that we can create cures. Let's do a test. After doing some tests, you should have become familiar with The two, in any case, tried to train as much as possible to understand how it really works during the creation off these anchor points, you will surely have now just the kind of endless have appeared. These are tools that are used to dire the curve of our track and are very useful. But how we can move them still with the Pantelis moved to the dot at the end of the Andal and hold down, out and tried to move. You will notice that you can dire the cure, but to our liking. That's perfect. Now let's try to close the track by joining the points forming a close drug. At this point, we take the Direct Selection two and click on the anchor points. Yes, we can move it. We can decide the radius off the angle that is created. I spend more time on these two tools because they're fundamental to great shapes to our liking. In the next lesson, we start creating our local parts 4. Tricks and colour: Hi guys. Welcome back. We're here because we want to create a love like this. So we will. Koppett, let's start by creating the sheeps we need in this case will need syrah Costa that simple shapes and more complex shapes. We can create Syracuse very easily with the shape toe. By keeping shift leaked, we can create a circle. Death Month is the aspect ratio. So let's became by circles and create two different circles. Bigger one and a little one to decide which one will go below. We pressed the right button and choose how to order our items if you bring them below or above. Now is the time destructor this kind of battle, how we can do it. You won't believe it, but I'll start from a simple circle. That's great one. Now that we are one, let's take the Are the director slash into and select the top anchor point off the circle click, move it up and drag it while holding down shift so as to keep the access and not lose the position. Once we have dragged the point and reached the position we want, we have to remove that kind of badly that we won't need at this point. Do we take the pen tool? And as we saw in last lesson, holding down out we bring the and go back to the anchor point is, well relate. Any unnecessary parts and that's it. We have house battle. We have to color it, but we want the color off debt logo. No problem. Just use this tool the eye dropper to We have to select the part we want to color with selection toe and then use this tool to pick the color you want like this. It's so easy to get the other off. Just duplicate part with common plus C or counter plus E and base it with common plus B or controlled past. Be at this point would take one of the two parts, click with the right button and select transform and then reflect, so we will get the part we need. Let's color it differently, and at this point, let's combine them. Currently, at this point, we have to group the two objects by selecting them and clicking common plus G or contra plus T. We always replicate the object with common, classy and common plus B Now let's rotate it. Let's select it. And with the selection to elective, let's move toe one off the corners, holding down shift. Let's rotate it. Let's move the petal more or less in the correct position and go to a line to object with this tool. By choosing the different battles you will allow in the object differently, you can decide to align to page selection off foreign object. At this point, let's always group them with Common plus G or contra plus G and copy them and rotate them again to obtain instructor similar to that of the local we want to recreate. Yeah, here we are. Now let's go to position circles we created earlier and add another one, always deciding which one to stay under and how to color it. It's almost done. - We only need to create this, pointed Bethel's How do we do it? First we create a square that will serve us as a guideline in this way. Then we go to get the pen tool and join these points so as to form the first battle. Now we have to carry out all the steps so we have previously done for the other petals we duplicate, rotate and align. At this point, we line everything in the center. In this way, we are simply missing the yellow circles. Let's at that. Our logo is almost finished. Only the part off the next we will see in. The last lesson is missing. See you soon, guys. 5. Text tool and export: hi guys, and welcome back. Let's see how to manage the text inside Illustrator with the deck stool. We're going to create a text box from year. Then we can choose what deformed we prefer and what hard the various settings for this text and truth size this distance between line below and the line above, and the space between the latter's off the world design like this, we just have to align the text with the local with the stool, which I have grouped in a single element. And that's it. You have your professional local now as the last step. Let's see how to export your logo from the file menu. You can choose the save as option and choose the illustrative former. For example, the PDF format. If you want to expert a testy made you can just file expert expert has here, you can choose between the various formats. Remember those things. The PNG format maintains an air quality than G bag and supports transparency. If you need a quick version of the logo, you can easily expert to PNG orgy. Paige. So guys, this class as ended, and I really hope that following this lesson on how to create a professional logo as giving you some ideas to create your own with more familiarity with some instead of tools. Thank you for following me. And for any clarification or question, do not hesitate to contact me. I am always available. Thank you all.