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How to create a Closing Balance Stock Sheet with Google Sheets (2020)

teacher avatar Tambo Ngambi

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

45 Lessons (1h 31m)
    • 1. 1 Introduction

    • 2. 2 How to Access Google Drive

    • 3. 3 Explaining the My Drive Menu

    • 4. 4 How to Name the Workbook Spread Sheet

    • 5. 5 How to Identify Cells

    • 6. 6 Creating Column Headings

    • 7. 7 Formating to Bold Text

    • 8. 8 Typing Date in the Correct Format

    • 9. 9 Changing Date to Full format

    • 10. 10 Auto Creating Future Dates for the Whole Month

    • 11. 11 Changing Numeric Data to 2 Decimal Places

    • 12. 12 Pre Staging 2 Decimal Places in all required Cells

    • 13. 13 Calculating Total Sales

    • 14. 14 Calculating Closing Balance

    • 15. 15 Auto Creating Opening Balance

    • 16. 16 Auto Prestaging Formulae to the rest of the future dates

    • 17. 17 Correcting the Closing Balance Arithmetic Formula

    • 18. 18 Filling in the rest of the Cells

    • 19. 19 Copying and Populating Opening Balace formula to more cells

    • 20. 20 Entering The rest of the data

    • 21. 21 Copying and Pasting Cells

    • 22. 22 Saving the File

    • 23. 23 Coloring the background of Cells

    • 24. 24 Deleting Rows

    • 25. 25 Fixing the Opening Balance Problem

    • 26. 26 Calculating Column Totals

    • 27. 27 Creating Borders on Cells

    • 28. 28 Creating a Second Sheet in a Workbook and Copying Entire Sheet to It

    • 29. 29 Deleting Values from Cells in Second Spread Sheet

    • 30. 30 Copying back deleted formula in Second Sheet

    • 31. 31 Changing Date on Second Sheet

    • 32. 32 Using Paste Special

    • 33. 33 Entering the rest of the data

    • 34. 34 Inviting other users to work on your Spread Sheet

    • 35. 35 Downloading the Spread Sheet

    • 36. 36 Received Invitation Email

    • 37. 37 Creating a Chart

    • 38. 38 Changing the Chart Type

    • 39. 39 Downloading the Chart Image

    • 40. 40 Inviting another User to Edit Spread Sheet in Detail

    • 41. 41 Editing Spread Sheet as an Invited Guest

    • 42. 42 Deleting Chart and Creating a New One as an Invited User

    • 43. 43 Merging Cells and Typing a Heading for the Chart

    • 44. 44 Original User Checking Changes made by Other User

    • 45. 45 Outro

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About This Class

This course teaches you how to use Google Sheets to create a Closing Balance Stock Sheet.  This course will introduce you to opening spreadsheet files, entering data, formatting data, editing, creating charts, saving, sharing and downloading the document from Google Sheets Cloud Platform with full compatibility with Microsoft Excel 365 and below. You will also be shown how to color cells, copy, paste, cut commands, and many other essential items that you will need to create a Closing Balance Stock Sheet with Google Sheets.

Course Content:

1 Introduction
2 How to Access Google Drive
3 Explaining the My Drive Menu
4 How to Name the Workbook Spread Sheet
5 How to Identify Cells
6 Creating Column Headings
7 Formating to Bold Text
8 Typing Date in the Correct Format
9 Changing Date to Full format
10 Auto Creating Future Dates for the Whole Month
11 Changing Numeric Data to 2 Decimal Places
12 Pre Staging 2 Decimal Places in all required Cells
13 Calculating Total Sales
14 Calculating Closing Balance
15 Auto Creating Opening Balance
16 Auto Prestaging Formulae to the rest of the future dates
17 Correcting the Closing Balance Arithmetic Formula
18 Filling in the rest of the Cells
19 Copying and Populating Opening Balace formula to more cells
20 Entering The rest of the data
21 Copying and Pasting Cells
22 Saving the File
23 Coloring the background of Cells
24 Deleting Rows
25 Fixing the Opening Balance Problem
26 Calculating Column Totals
27 Creating Borders on Cells
28 Creating a Second Sheet in a Workbook and Copying Entire Sheet to It
29 Deleting Values from Cells in Second Spread Sheet
30 Copying back deleted formula in Second Sheet
31 Changing Date on Second Sheet
32 Using Paste Special
33 Entering the rest of the data
34 Inviting other users to work on your Spread Sheet
35 Downloading the Spread Sheet
36 Received Invitation Email
37 Creating a Chart
38 Changing the Chart Type
39 Downloading the Chart Image
40 Inviting another User to Edit Spread Sheet in Detail
41 Editing Spread Sheet as an Invited Guest
42 Deleting Chart and Creating a New One as an Invited User
43 Merging Cells and Typing a Heading for the Chart
44 Original User Checking Changes made by Other User
45 Outro

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Tambo Ngambi


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1. 1 Introduction: Hello and good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Depending on which part of the world they're watching this video from, My name is Stumble, not me. I am an I really professional. And I would like to bring to you this course about how to use Google sheets. Now, if you have voiced my video um the biggest fear the idea on ah, library office cock. I am going to do the same things that I did the liberal office cock. But this time I'm going to do them in Boosh. It's OK now. Google Sheets is not open source software. It is close. So softer software. However you are free to use it. It is free software. Okay. Is cowed based software in training training? Right now, cloud technology cloud computing is really taken off. I mean, it is pat off. How we do our computing today and cut computing is a very convenient way off computing because you can do your work from anywhere using any platform without you want to access. You got competing platform using your mobile phone. Oh, you could be using your laptop, your personal laptop. And if I do, you don't have a personal laptop. Your in your application, you can use any days to defy. Said you can lay your hands on that has Internet access. I can give you an access. As long as you're about to browse, you will be able to use boo office productivity suit. Now, the Google office, productive to suit, has a number off applications in it. It's got Google docks, which you use for with processing. It's good negotiates, which you use for your spreadsheets. Okay. You know is Google Docks is equivalent toe Microsoft Word and Google shit is equivalent to Microsoft Excel. Okay, now, some of you might have wash my previous for years, especially the video that I did on liberal office cock. Now what I'm gonna do in this particular course, I am going to do the same things that I did. The liberal office couple. However, they will be some additions. Okay, that you will see that applies exclusively with Google sheets. Bush. It's the card based office productivity application. So definitely you are going to see some differences. Okay, we are going toe work to create the closing balance. Took it. Okay. So you will learn how to enter data in the sales, you will learn how to do arithmetic on the sales You will and how. Toe color the cells. You learn how to save your documents. Okay, you learn how to print your documents, you really not to create it. Shot okay. Or chat, so to speak. And you will also look at opening different sheets in your spread. Shit. Okay, this could eat. What I want is to just get you up and running with using you're up on create, you know, professional. Just some professional work with it up, okay? 2. 2 How to Access Google Drive: All right. Now, um, I'm gonna go to my Gmail account, As you can see on the screen. I am in my junior account. Okay. Now, uh, in this Jimmer account, you can access your google sheets just by going first to Google drive. So Google sheets his eggs. Inglewood drive. Google's office productivity suit resides in the Google drive. As you can see on the screen, why have he's my email box. Okay, It is in your email box, So there is no no much being. There's not seem basically right now to access Google Sheets. You go to go to Dr. Where is going to drive? They are two ways off axis single with Dr. Okay. The first way to access code, I've It's just simply go to the right side where you see this nine dots, When you just move up your case over the nine dots, you will see it reads Well, perhaps so you click on it once. Okay? After I click on it once, you will see that there is a number off different types off services that Google offers. Okay. Now they have to select appropriate savings that you want. In my case right now, what I want is Dr Okay, so I click on it once. All right? 3. 3 Explaining the My Drive Menu: now our Google drive has opened. The first thing that we have to do is to go toe here where it says my drive. We look out for the annual as points down and we click on that arrow. Okay, that arrow is going to open a drop down menu whose first item is new for them. So if you want to create a new for that in your Google drive, that you can just create a new father by clicking on New for the next item is upload files . If you want to upload some fast, you Google drive, you can just click on upload files, and it would direct you to your hard drive whether you're using a phone or using a computer . A Windows computer is in Illinois computer. He would direct you to your file system. You could pick your fast and upload them to drive. If, for example, you want to upload the Florida, you can just click on approved for it redirects you to your file system while you can look for your house in your farm system in your computer. Then you can upload the fora two grew drive. Okay, now, when you Look here. Okay. Just here It says zero byte for 15 gigabytes used because we are using the brand new Google account. Okay, Now you are giving only 15 gigabytes off space, so you have to make use of that on if, for example, you want to extend beyond 15 gigabytes, you can buy some space. All right? Now, the office productivity suit is right here at the bottom with Google dogs at the top for by Google sheets on who. Besides, however, if, for example, you want more productive details, you can just click on more, then click on the arrow and you will see here we have performs withdrawing Google Maps. Lewisite Who would jump board? Okay. And basically, what Google wants is for us to be happy. One cloud computing platform, while will be able to find for the office productive tools. Okay, so our negotiates. So I'm going to click on Google sheets 4. 4 How to Name the Workbook Spread Sheet: So the first thing that you see negotiates is that the ship is called by the different name . It is called untitled spread Shit. However, it is recommended that it's time you open. Can you work shit, Then you should. I mean, this time you open a new work far. Okay? It's important that you give it a new name. Something that you can remember. All right. Something that conviction, you know, relates the contents. That is inside. OK, so I'm going to call this closing about us. Shit. Okay, I'll call it closing bands, Stock ship. Once I type in the name, I simply have to type. Click on Enter. High on. That's it. I've named this spaceship, okay? 5. 5 How to Identify Cells: now, like Bean, every other spreadsheet. He's It has seals, Okay? And it still is identified by the Koulamallah as well as the wrong number. Well, you see, the Christoph stuck at the column is column A on the role is one. So this particular self will be identified as they won. The next sell off course will be identified as B one. Then the next sale would be I didn't fight a C one. If, for example, I randomly choose a sale like here, Vissel will be identified as C nine. All right. No. Uh, if you've used Libre office Karl Marx exam, then you will see that the screen off Google shit looks very familiar right now if we look on a file, Okay, there is this found menu has good a number of items. Okay, here there is new. Why you can open you street. There's open, you can open a new shit. I mean, for example, if you have a ship that you worked on or a ship that came from a nella office productivity toe, you can open it right by using open. Okay? And you have done well come to this layer because what this is is that it will enable you to down on they shit that you're working with and, you know, keep it on another platform, for example, on the computer. All right, on a PC. Okay. Now, who look at some of the name use? What I want is just to get you up and running, right? So the most important thing that I want you to know is that when you click on a cell, all right, you can type in on enter some data, Okay? So, basically, for us to get up and running, we need to enter some deal. 6. 6 Creating Column Headings: Okay, This'll we're going to interdict. Okay, then we are going to put four billion balance. Okay, Now, as you can see, opening balance is protruding into the next sale. Enough for me to extend it. I have to move my cursor to just move up over the top. Okay? Just between the two cells, right? The moment the case attends into to office pointing hours, then I can click and drag to Right. Okay. You see? So it's fine now. Okay. Um, please stop CEOs e retains if this want g expenses. Sure. Frozen balance. All right, so I have just completed typing in the headings for my closing balance. Stop. Shit. Okay, now these other column headings. 7. 7 Formating to Bold Text: for example, I want to form at these hearings. Think about but I have to do is to click on, select the streak and select all. And then I can go to the menu and select board. Okay. By selecting boat, I have made my column headings to be bored, for example, our them tohave italics. I can just click on italics. Okay? He fell on them, for example, to have to be underlined enough for me to online. I have to go to I have to get format nitrous underlying. Okay? 8. 8 Typing Date in the Correct Format: Now that we've created the column headings, the next thing that we have to do is to enter some some day. Look, OK, the first day, the items, the hours to enter are the dicks. Okay, so I have two quick ones into the sale that I want. All right, then. My advice is that before you type in anything in the dead car now, before you type in getting in the cells, for example, we want to type the DIT. Okay, we have to check the top off, limiting that this year has so that we will know exactly how our date is going to be displayed. Okay, there are times where you type a date and you start with the ma math. They knew what today. All right, in the year on other times, you start with the day. Why, then you go to the math, then you go to the A. Okay. In our case, what we're going to do is that we will check festival. You see this pattern here, which is written 123 It is actually a more format battle. All right, now, if we click on the arrow just beside the more famous button. Okay. We'll see that he was his date there. The format for the date. All right. That is showing. The former is showing that the date starts with the day, then followed by the month in the so basically forever that we type in here as a short It is going to follow the former off day, month and year. Okay, so we're going to see one one. Training, training. Okay, Now I know that this one wanting to any that after intent represents one meaning the date, the face both January. Being the next one means generally. Then training, training. He okay? 9. 9 Changing Date to Full format: If, for example, I'm not happy with this format Off dates on, I want to change it into a different former that are more familiar with. Then why I could do it. Simply highlight this sale. Why they self that I want to change. I just click on it. Okay. Once I have clicked on this sale, I think I can go to the same more formats. Okay, you can down arrow, then down here, I could go to more for marks. All right, at the bottom. Okay, then I can choose more debt on time for months. Now. What will happen is that there will be more descent down from us which are going to get displayed. Okay, If I score down, maybe you aren't. There's no appearing at the top disappearing right at the bomb. And really, that's what it is. But I do not want my days to be displayed. You said time together All I want is just a date that starts with the day off the week followed by the actual bait problema, then followed by the month and the year. So what I want is this former So I have to do is to click on it. I think on it. All right, well, I click one. Apply. All right. Frequent. Can I play? Okay. You see what has happened? The date has been changed into a food. It However, I cannot read the whole of it. Okay, How do I make the entire date visible? I have to move my mouth. Truth. This this stop border. Okay, just the top column borders, right? The moment I over our mouths over Mama's since in two hours. So I have to do is to just click and drag to write. Okay? Do you see that this quick again, huh? This is enough. So now I have displayed my debt in full, OK? 10. 10 Auto Creating Future Dates for the Whole Month: now they are for you on this being January. So I suppose what I want is to have all the dates displayed are supposed I want prestige. The dates owner put forth this on the mouth that I see the whole month intact. Okay, It's very easy to do. What you do is you just move your case they bought on right there. Women detained into a plus. You click it on drug down. Okay, now what? I want our say one days. So I'm starting from two. So I'm gonna have to end on c. See, Say to that's what I'm gonna end because I One thing one this. So I just moved down all the way up to 32 I let go Or the Kherson. Okay, a little for the mouse. Okay, you see off the dates off the wrists off the map have been displayed. Okay, So basically, this is how you create do you think is how you type in the date. All right. And format the date. Okay. In a Google spreadsheet. Hi. 11. 11 Changing Numeric Data to 2 Decimal Places: No, Uh, I want to go and enter some more, dear. Okay. For example, what is my opening bars? They seem open. Bus is 500,000. Okay. All right. 500 1000. Can you see how it looks like? It does not have any decimal places. So they say I wanted to have this more places because I wanted to be formatted other currents. Okay, what do I do? I just high our Then I go to more formats again. What? It says 123 and the small Arab. So just click on it. Then I look at number is showing me that thes particular for Monte has the comma after 8000 on the dot and they want to. So basically, this is what I want. Okay. I know I may want to put a currency now. I don't want to be pushing end. I just want you toe get up and running quickly with this spread ship, so I'm going to choose number. All right, this is number. Okay. Can you see how it shows up? Five. Trust me. 500,000 with good 00 Now, that's what I want. Okay. Okay. He got little where you are on planet earth when you use this format, OK? It won't be in my which carries here using we will hold for all the currencies. Okay, now my new stock. Let's say I received some new stock, Okay? They say I receive stuck with two thousands. Okay, Can see that it is not putting the distant places. It is just putting the 2000 you know, the whole number, okay. 12. 12 Pre Staging 2 Decimal Places in all required Cells: But now this is not what I wanted. Okay? Now, for me to have the decimal places displayed, what I have to do is, after formatted, I think on the arrow and I go to number. Okay, so it's a number right in my cells. Uh, this is our tails off. 5000. Okay, Assad returns of 300. How they discount off? 200 had expenses of one tree. Okay. All right. No, I want on a former peace. I highlight them. Okay. When I go to more formats on, I want them here to be numbers. Okay. To the stick graph. You see that numbers? Now, suppose I want everything, Everything, everything to be numbers. It's very easy. I just have to highlight everything that I want or this is that I want. Okay, because I want all of them to have two different places after I like them. When I click on the arrow here, then choose number. Okay, so it is that whatever that's going to come next is going to have to. This one place is okay. 13. 13 Calculating Total Sales: now over. He told the seals. Okay, what is my total sales? Okay. Now I'm going to introduce you to basic arithmetic. I How do you do basic arithmetic on the Google spaceship? It's very busy. Same as we're doing in our spreadsheet. Okay, 15. That you do is to identify which cells that you want to do arithmetic or, in my case, how interrogated total sales. So in order for me to know the terrorist, Yes, I have to take the cells. All right. Subtract, retains, subtract, discard and subtract the expenses. They now have the tour sales. Now this because his talk bus is basically based on the cash, the cash that the sales person has in hand. Alright. How much cash they have inherent, how much cash they take to the bank. That's what it's really based on. All right, Now, uh, I'm going to take sales, which is my d de, too. Okay. And I am going to subject these three columns. Okay? So what I do is I put my crazy okay, I highlight. They say where I want the answer to be okay. Not where I want to take. Okay. The input from no I have to highlight. Well, in my answer to be. Then I go here where there's a sigma just next to sigma. There is an arrow pointing down. I could go on the arrow and shoes some All right, at you. Some. It gives me a blank some. All right, Now in this blank some. Okay, as you can see being displayed here. All right. I just have to type in. I want d two OK d to. All right. And I want to subtract one subject E to hey to All right, I own subject if to if to Okay, so I've taken my d to have subtracted e two. And if two now also subtract g two. Okay, so I'm just gonna hit minus cap tree. Then I'm gonna put two. Okay, then I press on inter. When a person enter, I'm going to have my answer get displayed. So a present. Okay, that is my answer. Okay. You see, it's already fermented to distant places because we had from I did all the sales or the future Selves that we're going to use to be using two decimal places. OK, now, this is a total sales. We have calculated that policies 14. 14 Calculating Closing Balance: Now we want to calculate the cruising bands. Okay, Now, the closing boss is the opening balance. Miners, the car sales. That's always so. We know the closing balance in terms of values. All this talk that we have in our stop. Okay, so I think be and have subtract each in order to get all right. So again, I have to highlight the sale where I want the answer to be. Then I go to Sigma. I look at the arrow that's pointing down a quick on it, the intellect some. Okay, Okay. But I tell you, I want my open bus, which is B two B 20 k minus. Okay, minus the to ourselves, which is H to Okay, now, right. Click on inner. It's gonna give me to ask. Okay, now that he's Mike closing balance. Okay. Now, uh, 15. 15 Auto Creating Opening Balance: Since this is my cruising bars, this closing bus is what's gonna be the opening bars for the next day. Okay, so but I have to do is to go here. One type for name five. Okay, six 20 I have to put in a distant places, for example. I don't have anything coming after you the dot OK, I could just not step is on. Just okay, then it just form it. Okay. The Google X a shit. It's just gonna follow and put in anything in the format that our okay? 16. 16 Auto Prestaging Formulae to the rest of the future dates: Okay, so now I don't know, Move a little bit further. Okay? I want to show you how to put formulas insults before, um, before the Davin arrives, okay? We can pre stage this formula. How do we stayed the formulas? Very easy. We just go to the first sale that has a formula. The height. It. Okay, In our case, total sales has a formal, so we highlight it. Then what do we do? We move up closer to the bottom. Right. Okay, well, it turns into a plus. We click once and drive down. Okay? We tracked down where they were up to last it in which our kiss is safest. Okay, so what we've done is we have basically pre calculated, okay? With 50 forming us in the source where we haven't yet entered a Okay, now we could do the same thing for opening bands. Okay, Well, quick on the fist. I mean, for closing box, we click on the first causing bus. Alright. Didn't go to poor might once they are Attention tree. Plus who? Pick on. Just hold on. Drug down. Okay. Like that. Okay. So feature, one needs put in formulas. Decide because it's gonna use the same formula that we use. Okay. Okay. So if my opening bars is this, you see that this is giving me equals inbounds. 17. 17 Correcting the Closing Balance Arithmetic Formula: Okay. Okay. Now look out. Things get automated. I'm gonna put in some stock here. Suppose I usually start with 5000. OK, enter. See, they would much do the calculations and change everything. Okay? No, um, with fists, something, you know, I huh. Uh huh. Um, there is something that is not right here. What is that? Something that you know, right? This formula that you put here when putting boxes night. Okay. What is the formula thing? If you're saying that my cuisine bus is my opening boss, minus my thirst does, actually is not. It's supposed to be opening bus, plus the new stock, then minus torsos. So what I need to do is to change this formula off it. It's formula, and it's change it and it add something here. So I see. Plus Okay, I'm adding C two. All right. See, to and enter. That's what I want. Okay. Meaning that anything that I pre staged used to be changed. Okay, so I have to do is to kick on the fists formula, which are, which is a correct former. Then I go to bomb our attention. Three plus a drug coated with down after last year. Okay? I did. All right. So it can you see that immediately? It recognizes the new stock that I put here and it added over I just up with the opening bars and gives me a total. I hit, OK. 18. 18 Filling in the rest of the Cells: So now he's how things get Army supposed myself for 10,000. OK, 10,000. Enter. See changes, everything. Suppose Mary tens were 500 100. Everything becomes automated, you know. We're done with the closing Bayous. Took shit just like that. Okay, Discount. They say I give 200 discount. Okay, See? Expenses. They say I give 400 expenses. Okay. Well, electricity. All right. So we had to believe it more. Okay. And of course, you can keep entering for this off the days. All right, so now 19. 19 Copying and Populating Opening Balace formula to more cells: I want to be stays opening boxes. All right, now, this opening bars here is a fun of this formula. Okay, I could copy is funny. All right, then. This is it for me or for closing bars. Now, if I want this formula for causing by us to be my opening bands. So I go to my opening doors and I go into the in today's the import line, and I just pissed. See? All right. It so happens right where my Chris I was Right Where? Right in the solar. I highlighted the formula. Just takes effect. Okay, I could do the same for this cellblock. I don't have the sale is highlighted. I couldn't go to the input line. Right. Click and paste right there. Just enter. See? Snap. Now, if I want to extend this formula so that for the rest of the days the army, I won't need to type it in. All right? I just click in the sale of house it from her movie Closer support. All right. Once attended three. Plus, I click on drug it up like this. Okay, you see, So I have no pre staged the opening Vance. We stayed doses, received the closing. Okay, 20. 20 Entering The rest of the data: Now, the next thing that I want to do is I just want O at some stock. What was my new stock? That all right on the side of January? You see, I was stuck with 6000 just entering. Okay, Anwar, for the calculations are done. Okay. What were myself? They say myself. 4000. Okay. You see, everything gets automated. OK? Let me just, uh, fact, if you me through this out 3000. This is where they found good Selves. 200 between 1,000,000 for 1000 five. Okay, so you could see that we are basically done with a speech. It I mean, this is how you created closing by our stock Shit, okay? 21. 21 Copying and Pasting Cells: Now, suppose you wanna copy? Impressed in the cells. What do you do? You simply highlight the cell that you want to copy. Okay, you can either. Right. Click on copy. Okay. And just go on the so that you are based. Right? Click and paste. Okay. Simples up. Okay. Suppose we had identical cells. Okay, this is how you 100. Okay. Suppose GOP this sale. Put it there. I take it for if alone right quickly. I can just highlight and I go to eight, okay. And copy. Okay. The eight fist it will based for until it best. Okay, hit it best. Okay, hit it. Fist high. If I want to take this 5300 right click carpet a best faded simple that it's out. No intense without time expenses Said run training for my lunch training in my lunch. No training for my lunch. Okay. Hey, maybe had nothing. Maybe here training content. I mean, this month, rise off. I had to just sell without you. People just got ok now. This biscuit is how you create equal instruction. Okay? And that's how you should be in place 22. 22 Saving the File: Okay. How do you save this document? The beauty off goulash it's is that you don't need to save it. The moment you type something into the cell there is have during given that you have a pocket right there and then you need to work like he I didn't see. Oh, my God. You start eating on yet? Not nothing like that. You got peace of mind. That's the biggest advantage that Google has created on their cloud computing platform Is that when you're waking any document, you don't need to save it. It is already saved. You have to let me off course. However, the moment you just type in something. All right, watch Your step. Did is there stays there for as long as you want. Unless you delayed. Otherwise it's safe. Mathematical. That's a big off Google spreadsheet. All right? 23. 23 Coloring the background of Cells: No. Um how do you, for example? Uh, Qassam do sometimes if you want from a car, some of the cells. How do you do it? Okay, I did issue Highlight. Yeah, I think. OK, then you go to here, feel cover, you choose C one green half. You see that? I need to extend this real bit. Just add fuckup. Okay on. Let's say I want to. I liked the total sales. Okay. Say, I want this stuff different, fuckup. That's what I do in the creek there. And I choose if you guys haven't go. Did you see that? That's how you kind of the seals. It's easier that they say the dates just I like them. I want my dates to be highlighted. This gun, it's got a bit too dark. Can I light it again and change it? OK, it could be big light. Okay. Speak lighter so I can see what's what's what's there. Okay. Closing bonds my clothes. And then, ah, my new stock. I could changes to something like this. Okay, then. My cells, I could change this to something like the known that. Okay, this guy, this is how you do your car. All right, 24. 24 Deleting Rows: now suppose you wanna If you wanna suppose you wanna you want a copy? The rope. Oh, you want to delete hero? What do you do? OK, uh, let's say, for example, I want to get rid of this, Okay? Faith is generally we introduce. Just highlight the entire room that you want to get rid off, okay? And you have two options. You can right click. Andi, delete delete room. Okay, that's one option. That option You can go to eight it Andi tro. Now, can you see that? The eighties. Even telling me the number off the rope he stated to, which is a very, very brilliant idea. Okay, so I can just get it Then I just go to eight and I did it, so I select redraw fate. Oh, okay. They too is fun, But you can see Suppose I deleted it by accident. How do I bring it back? I just go to undo. Okay. My undo is right here. Okay. Right in my face. I just click on undo. So I think what? Eight. I think one under. Well, I could just do it Controls e the Food week. How could you? A short cut. Okay, so I just undo and it will be back. Okay. Now, uh, for example, I don't want to breathe back that way. Okay. What I could do is okay, Lady, go click gate. 25. 25 Fixing the Opening Balance Problem: But there's something funny here. This Okay, this is my opening bars, but it's not reflecting here. Okay. What happened? The formula is a different. Okay, so what I do here is that highlight this when I go here. Popular formula. Okay, then I sport where recruiting more. Starting when I was a problem starting. You see, uh hey. Okay. I didn't put any formula for me. Has begun form here. Mm. You see, uh, for me has begun here. So this is where I need to put in your former. Okay, uh, something was going wrong. You see that Something was going on. Something goes wrong. You just undo what? That's when do again. Hand them back. Okay. These fine. Okay. Now, uh, I think need to fix this problem because I need to check this formula. This formula is correct for me. Is correct. From your school. You see that from your are correct? No, he It's funny. That's correct. My team correct. Yeah. Yeah, correct. Be him be being someone 12 trickiness. I'm not looking. If you let me see if I'm on for us, you're working three found one. I see. That problem happened from 15 as your booking before. Sure. Here. I just have to kick at the bottom here. But all right, I'm proper. Get this formula. Okay, on that breaks everything because all of this must show the same. Okay, this is what's gonna be if you write down. OK, so that's how you fix that, All right? 26. 26 Calculating Column Totals: right now, I just want to make some photos on to make some column totals. Okay. So he I could, uh I could create it like a festival I've lost my faith faced of John. Let me get it back. The first thing I do is just good care. And you say this generally, I just right click. I mean, I just left. Get normal, click, Click on the bottom right. Then I just drag it down. Okay, Give me faith fixed. All right. Did I go here again? I do the same thing. Okay. I just want proper get this farmhouse. Okay, this push this now, keep clear dishes done. So what I've done is I've moved. I've just created this formulas so that the next time when I just anything, whatever I put in whatever figures that I put there, they're going to get into the calculations. You can happen as after that. Okay. Okay. So, uh, even the contacts, we can put it. All right? Just I got okay. Yeah. Now I know I want to make some photos. So, in this sale, I'm just gonna I'm going to make it dot on. I could actually align it All right? Now, how do I find by clicking on this, Carol, I could center it. Okay. On a center. Okay, then. Which started? Two hours. I want to this for opening bands on totals for new stock onto this for sales until it's for tens. Discounts. Expenses. Telesis that I wanted to open a bus I wanted for causing bands. So I want 123456 daughters. Okay, fine. So I just put him out. I just click this so that I wanted put us to appear, okay. And very simply what I do, I can do the same mission. Go to submission from function that Zigman I click on the arrow on just some. Okay, You're So I went on in that. Satan wants that that c minus one? No, our side too. Brought to after they. Okay, so it is the sea or to colon. Uh, toe inter. Okay, that's what I need to do. Just click on this, He'll But I want my dad to appear Identify. I'm indycar. Alright. Was if it's sailed, I want to add It's so the two. What's the last year that I want to add sale de they took. I want additive. Anything that's in between. All right, So I just click on CDMA Click on the arrow. Sure. Some. All right, then. I just still d to Koran de, do you? What say you to that's all? OK, fouling up. Extend this formula to all of this. I just click on this formula going to see whether for me I was applied. Click on the hour. I mean, sorry a quick on the bomb, right? Once they our turns into Plus, I just drag it. Tried it too, right after the last seal that I want. The calculation is to be done. Let's go see, I've calculated. All right, I've got my answers automatically to this year's expenses. Discount have been calculated. Okay. If, for example, on highlight this. Okay, like this change the color of the background, I could choose. Mm. Something that that menus. Yeah. How about ground? Yeah, so they should show me the totals. Okay. For example, I want on this to be bothered to be born discreet. One board. Okay. Okay. 27. 27 Creating Borders on Cells: And then he, for example, I want to highlight the whole lot of my totals. The tour is room. I wanted to have some borders. Okay, so I click on board us. I can choose which Bordered island on this step of a border. So I think cricket and they'll get that type of Buddha. That's fine. We're happy right now. Uh, Miska uses a This is like a true closing stock. You're closing balance, talk shit. 28. 28 Creating a Second Sheet in a Workbook and Copying Entire Sheet to It: Okay. Now, I suppose you want to take this course in Bialystok ship. Okay, Andi, copy it for February. What do you do? Festival. This goes in gastric shit is one shit. So we have to put it a second ship. Once we create the second ship thin, we can make it. You can modify for another month. Like for example, February. Okay, that's what I do. I put my cursor in the first column. All right, then. I hired, like this drug highlight everything up to end, So I want when I go ready to copy. They did copy. Okay, then here. I'm with shit. One. I'm working a shift one. So I click on the plus and add shit. You see having you shit. So I go on it best? No, I have my my ripping replicas. It shit. Okay, this is my replica Shit. Okay, 29. 29 Deleting Values from Cells in Second Spread Sheet: then what I could do. I could change things on. I could highlight all of this. I could choose edit. Did values on the values are deleted. I could choose even both this comes. I could take both of them. Then I go, uh, it date dividers. See, this is basically I clear values from this spaceship. The valleys. Okay. Yeah. Did it values? OK, here. Here is nothing, you know, because these are problematic. So I get to keep my former us 30. 30 Copying back deleted formula in Second Sheet: you see for me as I kept over here because I did. Giving the formula is good day for the opening bands. Now, uh, if, for example, I want this open bus to have the formulas that Pierce he had, I have to just check the last closing balance and copy the formula that it has highlighted . I write, break it and I cop it. Okay, then I could go on the sick. Want to sell just below the opening box? All right, then I go in the input line and tie and paste it. Okay. Based formula in the input in the enter. Okay, You see it. Give me 00 Meaning that something will happen there. The moment closing buses filled. Okay, cricket. And I go to the corner. I want the evidence into the plus. Just push it down, drag it down to here, okay? 31. 31 Changing Date on Second Sheet: so. Meaning that, first of all, let me extend a cell. It's It's too much. Now. I think this is shaped is false. February. So I'm gonna have to click on the fist the first time. We'll have to click on the first date. All right, on changing this is this is beautiful. See that? I could just call here I select to in the anchor. Did you give me February? All right. Now, if you just to be February. So why do I do I highlight on the fist. So that's correct. Movement case, actually, bottom right. When the moment it turns into a plus, I push it down. I mean, yeah, like that. You can see that. Okay, so I'll continue with the rest of it. Okay? For very Do the same thing. Are they up to up the tree training? Yeah. Okay, so that's for February. That's my February meaning that actually don't need this rule. This truth, I don't need them. I just had like him. I don't need this to rust. So what do I do? I go to edit on deter us Sichuan Tito because of selective bombing. So it shows me they wanted to are selected? Yes, on a did them to dress going. See how beautiful Google ships is? To be honest, there are some things in governorships that we just don't get in regular spread ships. I'm saying Google shit is good, all right? 32. 32 Using Paste Special: now, uh, for us to enter any data, for example. Let's say we go toe. Well, this Just assume this. This is what we had as a closing balance for January. All right? So I could, you know, copy the values I could either. Right. Click. Forgot to edit. I prefer going to eat it. Okay. And there's this copy. Okay, then I go to my shit to and this would be my open bus. All right. Click and paste. Something's going on. Oh, formula for me. That for me, For me, it's not recognizing you. See, it's not recognizing the values of the formula. Okay? It's just getting confused with them, so I just undo on do okay. Did undo. All right, they go back to the shit. Okay, Now what I do, he's right. Quick. Okay, then I GOP okay, I go. She to and I best it best special he gave me because best special is going to give me the opportunity to past values only, All right, or I could best or accept borders so I could piss column with Onley. You see, this is this is really formal. I could best performing on I could be still of addition on a good based, conditional formatting on the could Best transpose on how aren't right now is the owner based values only. Okay, based. Alright if propagated all over the place, okay? 33. 33 Entering the rest of the data: for example, the civilian use talk in February for 5000. 3000? Yeah. See, values just change. Okay, If I saw anything, it's also something 5000. I saw some stock for 5000. You see, if it changes, Did I get any re tents? A few 100. Okay. Did they give any discount? 100. Okay. Did I have any expenses? 100 train for anything. Just works. Then you can propagate this spaceship with whatever value such you know you have. And you work enough, or the salads are The photos are going to get calculated. This is in full leaf, working professional program. All right, is a fully full, fully professional package. Free. Both change instead of you struggling and looking for Excel. Hey, you've got You've got your spreadsheet software in the crowd for free. You pay nothing. That's really good. We are in 23 countries. Me? Okay, it's cut computer way Gave 25 g computing. Now what you gonna do it? Five g brand with You have to cut computer. That's what I'm talking about. All right? Yeah. So basically, this is it. OK? 34. 34 Inviting other users to work on your Spread Sheet: There's one more interesting thing that monetary, something that is so cool about Google ships. And that is you. I know the coolest thing I treasury, that casing automatic ourselves. We don't need to bother herself with saving battles. Okay, Now, you could also share the spaceship. Okay. Hey, as you can see, the green better fact iconic inter names in Agassi's. Okay, let's say I want to share this special somebody. No, I wanna share spreadsheet with, um, frankly fits well before No, I mean, just share it with mindshare like mine shelling, Uh, a demon. My share. 911 a jury. Then what rights am I gonna give my child? And we're not doing that, Okay. Can they get it for just coming for the congestive? You to it. It means that they can add unduly values from it to comment. City means they can just comment. You can't do anything else with it. In view means they can view with the data, You know? I'm saying, but they can't point. We like in the it. All right, So the most powerful right to give his fate right? So I say I want this person to get it. So meaning that when you are working with, we wish it you can be part of the work. And ask your friends some of us in a remote location to do the other parts of the world. Well, you have to do is just include them. All right. Us as, um as, ah, uh, remote users with PD tracked. All right, we're going to just send them a share link, and that's it. They can access the spaceship. I work. OK, so I can see axis. This'll spritz. Andi, do some work for a change. Access the spaceship. Do some work for a change, Please. All right, I'm sending the message for Mrs to the person that I want to share this special to. All right, so I just send it. All right? It is sent shared with one face one. Can you see this thing? This is beautiful. All right, 35. 35 Downloading the Spread Sheet: Now, the other thing about this pitch it is that when you go to foul there is doubt you can download as a Microsoft Excel X don't pick. Skill is X. That's an XML format and you phasing for must like libre office. You don't really want to use the marks of picks, Informant. We can use the open document formats for yes, all you could make it as a pdf. Okay, you could look it as an html all right? Or you could make it a comma separated value for mint, a one off accounting software. I prefer the comma separated value for Mitt when you wanna report your their into their data basis. OK, on. But there is also top separated values. OK, so they want to say it does. Civitas, Microsoft Excel X is we have produced Just click here and here is you see, if we wanna say with SPF we have to do is to just go on down one. I mean, I only in safe I mean, Donald all right, because all my receives so we don't have to worry about saving. Okay. I used to make me just like that. I mean, this is give. Come on. This is really cool. Okay, so I could say export. Okay. Did you see that? They made the semi big download. Pdf it opens. This interface on this interface is more like a print interface. It asked me, What's the people saying? Okay. Is that the current shit I could choose? I want the workbook. OK, the workbook cleans. I want off the sheets. Okay. And for example, paper size. If you have a different people says you can choose that people size orientation. I want in landscape. Okay? Or do I want this portrait? Okay. They aren't fit with, all right? I want the much is to be normal. Okay. If I'm not happy with this country to change them, this is brilliant. Come on. This is really brilliant, and I can export. Okay? And there is He's exported. Okay, so on the view and affects put it, I think just double click right here, okay? And it will open with whatever application that I've configured up in my beliefs. Okay? Yeah. Nice. Preach it if honor up in the spaceship, using some other application. Okay, I can just double click on my down with its appreciate. Okay, open it. Okay, so it is opening my spreadsheet with my default application Computer application, which is Libre office. OK, they say are too exacting the bra office can with fish. Wow, Thats is beautiful. You are from Google Dogs to Lee Bae Ho office. Come on, what else would you want? This This application is brilliant. You know what I'm saying? This application Google Sheets is brilliant. And besides the true integrate into inter operate with your Microsoft Excel with you libre office cock. There is no problem. It go into operate, okay? 36. 36 Received Invitation Email: before we go. OK, let's just look up something here. Honest to, uh uh huh. The series. This is an email that added in the ship. Okay, what has happened is that this person who I added as someone who I shared my spaceship with has received an email. All right, Now, if I click on this, you know that this person has received Let's see what the contents are. Ha mansion. Anyone? What? A gym A did come has invited you to get it. The following spreadsheet is I mean all. You have to do this. Just click on you. Be late to your Google drive and you start collaborating. You know, you could be working on weaken being different geographic locations, and you could work in one document. How brilliant. Now, that is very brilliant. Okay, 37. 37 Creating a Chart: All right, so right now, I just want to demonstrate to you how you can create a chat from your sprayed shit. Okay, So what we're gonna do, first of all, is that we need to tell Select the cells that we want toe include in the charts. Okay, I quite here. I need to select these. Okay, This is for for the first of January, or they were down up to the ninth for January. So I want to create a chopped both these figures. Okay, off this sales. Okay. So in order for me to create the chap, what I have to do is to what I have to do is to sit and chat. Okay, so I go to inset, as you can see from the drop down menu. I have chat appearing right here. Okay. There is a number of things. You can You sit here. You can't even use it an image, okay? No, My main interest is a chat. He's not here. Oh, yes. Again, you said true. It is not. Call him. Yes, you can see at the core of all right. You can Even he said sales shift him down. But I want. I want the chucked. Okay, so I will click one shot. Can you just, uh I just school, But this gonna show up? Yeah, So that that's chucked. Okay, So this shot that appreciated showing me the trends, okay? Issuing me that my sales went up from the face to second, then doing done OK, food. Then you see, it is showing me these points. This points represent the dates. Okay, It just how my sales were performing. So I could see that on this day here, I performed real good. Okay, so I had one very good moment. Been something. Okay, at least it gives me a picture of you. There's myself. Okay. Now, hay on the three dots. When you click on the three dots, you can edit the chats. Okay. You can delete the charts. You can download the chats. Now, this is very cool. All right, um, when you see this, this is not just that showing up in green, you can just click on. Got it high to be off the way. Okay. No, uh, I want you to understand something here. If I take on the outside, I mean, I think, for example, in the cells. Okay, The chart is not selected. OK, but if I If I having selected the charts, I don't see those three dots over here. All right? Now, if I select I mean, when I select the charts, I will see these three dots, which will enable me educated the chats. Okay. However, I may want reduced its size. So I desk Conde, corner that corner, which is on the top, right? And I'll just track on you just the size. Okay. The size of the chat is reduced. Okay, on that could drag it and push it down. Okay. If I just want toe, move it somewhere goes okay right now it is moved. Can you see it now? The church's appearing right below the spread. Shit. I can't feel it down. Okay? I couldn't even say that right below the spread ship. Okay? Like this, then 38. 38 Changing the Chart Type: I could eight. I click on three arrows. Okay. And I could be that the checks. Okay, so they did the chat. Okay. I can see the menu that has shown up after I cooked and ate chat. It means that I could change the shock type. All right, Now, there are many different chap types. Hey, there is an hour pointing down once you click on this. I was pointing down. You're gonna see a whole lot off chats from these shots. You can select the different shot that you would like to use. There's just so many off them. Build depends on what you want. If you want by. Chuck is here. If you want Escarra chat, say this is Carla Pry Bar. Okay. It's a bad shot. Call them checked there. Chuck. Flying Chuck isn't Everything is here. Okay. No. Um, let's say I want the column chucked, so I select this conscious. Okay, on my chat changes into a condom. Okay. And this column shot to give me a pictorial representation of my Selves. Okay. I could tell at all on this day had really good shows. You know, I could find out what it is Is that really a cousin? Mistake? Probably. It is a special day for some people, so I could do my research. Always take it that day. If a Okay, you know, I would even make promotions for a day to push myself. Okay, Every year. Okay, So basically, this is how you create a chance, OK? 39. 39 Downloading the Chart Image: If you want to do the chat, you have to go to the street bus again. Okay on. You could take on deal it to delete the chance. But at the moment I know you want to defeat the chat. OK? You can copy the chart. You can publish the check. I like this feature off downloading the chat as a PNG. Okay, If you just, you know, pick on PNG image. You can see S S, P and G has been downloaded. Okay. If I decided to open it, see what happens? It asked me what I want to open with photos. They say say Okay, I see. You see, it has opened with photos. Okay, so basically, this is how you create a chance, okay? 40. 40 Inviting another User to Edit Spread Sheet in Detail: now suppose you would want the share you want to share this. Appreciate your someone. How would you share it? You have to click on share. This is one of the unique features that Google Sheets house. So I click one share type in the address or the person that I want to share with. Okay, they say on share with cords. What? Poured share Name 11 I don't Jim Yam. It's OK. I like to share this wish it We've caught shining on one acumen that come. So what kind of rights to I want to give this press and I'm sharing with the right. All right, under here. So when you click on this arrow which is next to paint so icon, you can give them the right to eight. That way they'll be able to defeat odd, you know, change the spread. Shit. Alright. Oh, you can just, you know, right to comment. Okay? They could just make points on the spaceship on. And you as the owner, the power user, you can be the person who makes the changes, okay? Or they can just be giving the rice to view. Okay? So depending on where I want to give them. You just have to click Select. I give him. All right. You can even add some notes. Do them. You can say please complete this. Spread shit with up. Did beautiful measure fine. I have told them that this complete this raid shit with updated information I could just click consent. I've sent now a lot of sense. They will receive it as an email. How do they receive? It doesn't email this chick. You got to see more books, which is for, as you can see, peace for court shining on one engine with the company so I could see that anemia has arrived. So I have to do or that I have to do is to click on this image. Okay, man. Share 911 Arjuna that combines invited job. It did before me spread Shit. Okay, so they have to do is just basically open, you know, Open it. I mean, you could just click here. Alright then you take them, Teoh. Good drive. All right. And up in the spread. Shit in chits 41. 41 Editing Spread Sheet as an Invited Guest: okay. Suppose they say are, um I want to add something here. The sales for Friday. Where? 7000. All right. I mean, uh, they were seeing you say I don't say it, okay? Recieve spoke with 7000 on Friday under sales Friday. Well, 10,000. Okay, We had some retains 100 and you give me a discount off 200 expenses for no Trey. Okay. See the moment these figures were intent, this place should change. Okay, Andi, They could also see for Saudi. We haven't received quotes with 6000 this year's where 5000? Their tent. Where? 400. The discount waas 300. Okay, this is where also 300. Okay, so they have made the changes. And as I said there Goche it's automatically saves the information so you don't need to click any safe ballon at home. Okay, so there, then. Okay. You could say all right. Now that I'm done, then you create another chucked Well, this judge, which we created, I only went up to the length. All right. No, you could see 123456 Syrian, 89 Okay, 42. 42 Deleting Chart and Creating a New One as an Invited User: Now, suppose you want to recreate this. Brush it. They want to create dispatch it or they could days. If we click on it, they take on the three battles. Did it? This chap, Okay, put the cursor where they want to. By Chuck to be created. They're select it figures. All right, so that could feed us. Okay. And go to use it and select. Chucked. Okay, in just a few minutes. Which other pierce Okay, then. Or they have to do Lisa biscotti. Drag it. Get down. 20 on the top Here. Okay, Because we were away. Okay? Just Yeah. They said they wanted to appear right here. All right. Okay. Okay. You can have a chat. Appear here. Okay, Just close this for money. We could have the chat appear right here. Now, if I click on this shot because I want change it to botch up. So I click on it. And I think in these three buttons, I could change it to bar shot. Since we are going to eat it. The chat in the eight month for the chat. I could just call up and select the contest. I was sprinting down. Okay, I scrolled down. I'm go to to that. Okay. See what happens. Changes into a batch up. All right. And you could see that now that we have 11 dates, we have 1234567 Remember, we had one date, which was negative. This is it been, you know, 89 10 11. So we haven't living dicks, All right? And whatever I said, you want to change a quick change, right? This this course is just to get you up and running with Gosh, it's so we're not gonna have too much integrated jitters. We just want to get up and running, so 43. 43 Merging Cells and Typing a Heading for the Chart: Okay, let's say I want to give you say headlights, okay? Just click on the sill. My first sale, then I could see but shut sales. But yet fare thee fib a month. Okay. Could I make it burnt? Okay. You fell on to change the background color. I could change back on color as well. Okay, but no for me to change back on color. Um, I need to just highlight the cells that I want to change. Okay. Then I go here on the field, color in awkward, select something like that. Kinda. Yeah. And, for example, from only to look like this, I could make it look practiced if I'm not happy with the the cops, Okay? I could do something about it. Any select the defendant looked informant. And I go to foreign size on Change it for anything. Okay. It's Bill. They would do for what? Ah, I could probably What? I should have done this. Maybe what I should have done is to commit some cells. Okay? Me, I like this three. Let me go to foment me, Mitch o highlighting. Yeah, so they highlight. It Says have been reached. Then I could just because I'm interested in center in this right now. So I could click on this poison to all I not click on the arrow pointing down, you know, just center okay, Because on to Santa in the cells, which have unfinished Okay, Yeah. So it looks more nita like this. 44. 44 Original User Checking Changes made by Other User: So basically, this is brought someone who has been given the right to access the special could do, because after this person is done, this person can be like, Okay, Frank, I'm done. Then they'll close. OK? Because right it goes now. And the original user, we want to see whether the changes have been made. So what they do is to go to go shits. I mean, let me just do this. You just close everything. Yeah, we're simply looking to the inner books. All right, then. Go to Google Drive. Okay, Try. Yeah, and they could see the spread Shit right here. Okay. I have to do is the same productive. Okay, you can see the changes. Which one? Made by the user. They're reflected. Okay. No, the free score down because I wanna I wanna see the chop. I think I scored on the big too much and we just did it again. Yeah, on I could see that the user, the other user has even changed the chats. He has created another chat. Okay, so basically, this is how you could collaborate. Okay? With other people on the same found. This is a nice feature in governorships. Okay, 45. 45 Outro: All right. So from me, I have to end the listen Now, I am so happy. Have enjoyed creating this list One. Okay. And check out my revelations that have made okay have makes quite a number of lessons, and I really recommend that you check out my libre office. Listen as well. If you want to go completely open source, you're gonna need Libre office and you're gonna need goulash. It's high. So for me, until next time. Bye. I hope you've enjoyed the class.