How to create a 10 diffrent Patterns in Adobe Illustrator | Tomasz Kościański | Skillshare

How to create a 10 diffrent Patterns in Adobe Illustrator

Tomasz Kościański

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15 Videos (59m)
    • Intro pattern

    • Intro 2 pattern

    • 1Argyle Pattern

    • 2 japan pattern

    • 3 chevron

    • 4 greek pattern

    • 4 greek pattern 1

    • 4 greek pattern 2

    • 5Houndstooth

    • 6 Quatrefoil

    • 7leaf

    • 8cactus

    • 9hexa

    • 10 fish

    • By patern


About This Class

Join and create your own Patterns This class consists of 10 parts:

  • Each of them is divided into a discussion of a particular example.

Together we will create 10 diffrent patterns.

Step by step, I will show how to:

  • Create a shape
  • Add colors, shadows and effects 
  • Use “pattern options” window
  • Use pen tool
  • Use shortcuts that make the job easier
  • Use Contour correction
  • Fill method using the Pathfinder panel
  • Use Anchors + Paths
  • Use Typography


This class is perfect for practiced illustrators, emerging designers, and everyone looking to improve their Adobe Illustrator skills.

I cannot wait to see what you can create!

I Hope your enjoying the course thus far. Please contact me anytime for additional questions/support. I'm here to help you achieve your learning goals and looking forward to your success.

Yes, I really do care AND answer ALL questions. :)

Who is the target audience?

  • It's for designers who want to learn how to create different patterns
  • It's for user interface designers
  • It's for designers who want to learn Adobe illustrator by example
  • This course is meant for people who want to design patters and get paid for it.
  • This course is intended for people who want to establish or expand their skills.
  • Graphic Designers
  • Artists


  • This course is great for students who are new to, or beginners in, Illustrator.
  • People with an interest for Illustrator
  • People with an interest in pro Illustrator Knowledge
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use Illustrator quicker
  • Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1! Cheers, Tomasz





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