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How to create TEXTURE Acrylic painting on CANVAS

teacher avatar Yellow Frames By Minal Sinha, Artist, Art Therapist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Texture class 1

    • 2. TEXTURE CLASS 2

    • 3. Texture Class 3

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About This Class

This class is very interesting as it will teach you how to create texture on canvas.

We all love 3-D paintings and wall art, this class will enable you to create your own masterpiece.

Under right guidance and with little bit of perseverance


, Everyone can CREATE !

Meet Your Teacher

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Yellow Frames By Minal Sinha

Artist, Art Therapist


I am an Art therapist with background in social services and education. I create exercises & techniques to help participants discover their individual and unique artistic styles. The lessons I design & conduct are focused on artistic techniques, critical thinking and critiquing skills.

To connect with me you can visist my FB, INSTA, YOUTUBE sites.


FB Page -

Personal INSTA - https://www.insta... See full profile

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1. Texture class 1: one. Welcome to our section in this session, we're going to talk about lecturing. There are various techniques that we use in tech textually on now various competence that we use when we create texture on campus. So this is your first class on. I want to make sure that you understand what other various sectioning mediums that we're going to use on canvas, the most common one that we're going to use a plaster off Paris based off plaster of Paris . There is no fixed proportion to create a base, but you have to mix fabric all on plaster of Paris together and maybe a little bit of water to make the entire place on. Then you can apply that on campus so that this tech shooting medium one, the second kind would be some kind of ready made are already available there, shooting medium that is commercially available in market. The only problem is that the structure, medium or modeling medium that they're often called are very expensive. They are available in all big crab store. Of course they are. They're very expensive on pocket, so we usually go with very low priced options like Castor of Paris makes with fabric all in water or marble powder mixed with medical and water or dental powder mixed with water. So this is about the textual medium in the following sections off the video, you will see how we are using the structuring medium on campus to create various textures, so this video will cover the techniques that are required to create textures. Basically, we will cover around four texture ideas using on GOP paste, using simple objects off here for the devastation we have used for work that you eat your noodles and chairman with. That's a household object. Easy about it, so they want to use that Andi in the following sections. You will also see that once that picture has been created on campus, how can we highlight the texture? So how do we call leather? Thanks. Sure, in such a way that highlights are probably created and you can see the depth on. You can see where there crib pieces where there is highlight where there is light as a coloring that is also very important to take care of that. So we have shown that also in the video, and this is the very first video in the tutorial sections. Why you are aiming to cross the video and the process of making the artwork if you don't follow anything. If the project is not easy to comprehend, you can always call me and you have, um, contact medium well so we can, we can know was getting touching. We can understand how you can reach out to me, get this thing started. So let's get started with various ideas to create deck ship for your canvas paintings. 2. TEXTURE CLASS 2: 3. Texture Class 3: