How to create Gold and Silver Rings using Adobe Illustrator by Rami Benatar | Rami Benatar | Skillshare

How to create Gold and Silver Rings using Adobe Illustrator by Rami Benatar

Rami Benatar

How to create Gold and Silver Rings using Adobe Illustrator by Rami Benatar

Rami Benatar

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2 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. How to create Gold Silver Rings using Illustrator by Rami Benatar Presentation Video 1

    • 2. How to create Gold Silver Rings using Illustrator by Rami Benatar Class 1

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About This Class

Use Adobe Illustrator Program: Follow easy step by step of how to create bright metal Gold and silver rings.


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Rami Benatar


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1. How to create Gold Silver Rings using Illustrator by Rami Benatar Presentation Video 1: Hi. I'm a There are key staying. Robert Bennett. This class I'm gonna demonstrate very easy steps how to create a metal gold and their silver rings on illustrator problem. So you don't have to be a professional just and follow the easy steps. We're gonna create very nice saying rings. And on the next class, I'm gonna transfer every of those rings, form an illustrator into a photo shop to do a little more round, like shade works and connecting with a 10 collections. So you can also follow me on YouTube. I have a lot of videos, hopefully open its and beneficial. Easy, so Well, uh, see you on the videos. Thank you. 2. How to create Gold Silver Rings using Illustrator by Rami Benatar Class 1: Hi. In this class, I'm going to demonstrate how to create these nice rings on illustrator. Very simple. Easy. Few steps Degree. Very nice. And metal. Little gold and silver rings. Okay, let me up in and other rag file. Which air is already ready? Just put it on the center. Now I'm choosing the oval Truell to create very nice oval. Just eliminate thes struck form while and just get a feel in color. Temporary color. It's gonna be like a kind of goldie share. It's a temporary color. I'm creating this oval for the basic ring east is the right shape off the coming green. Now, I'm gonna look for then windows and opened in layers and just duplicate thesis in there. Basic a layer. Okay, I drag it down on windows. You know where to duplicate. Do you see the same layer? No. By selecting the slayer, I can press the altar botton and just reduce the size wa while oppressing the old I can make both sides reduce at the same rate from the sides and from bottom and top and create a smaller ring inside off the base. Original one. Now I'm gonna select the boss at the same time. And go to the Pathfinder, press the excludes and just remove the center one. So now I get the basic ring. If I got the windows, I, uh I'm looking for the right color. Okay, let me just open there. This watch again and look for the radiance metal college. I don't see So you can open the library Swatch library, go to radiance, and then choose their metal collars. Okay, so now I have all the Grady INTs and the metal cola's in front of me. You can select the right 10 r East. Looks like a very nice metal. Shiny gold ish needs look bra slow. Let's this looks like Oh, this could be mean, Wall. No, let's go back to their gold ish. All right, So, uh, to create a ring. Basically, if I go to this struck again and just like Detroit call or for that base off the rain. So I'm looking for the why nots to light nuts to Goldie just to have the separation. This one, it's still like, Okay, let's go to these And the orange now on windows by pressing the old bottle and at the same time pushing of the aero off. I could eat the ring by layer. I'm tough off alert. Okay, Now I have a very nice ring. I go back to the stroke and select the brighter color for the top layer off the ring. So I get a Brevin ized separation. Now, by selecting the whole entire ring, I don't basically need Teoh rangy. Just go to the group on group the whole thing, But gripping eight I haven't one unique one re now selecting I can move it the home safe now, looking again for the layers. Okay, get to the window, opened the learns again and just take these ring and just duplicated by dragon Eights and duplicate. Now I have the duplicate Just put it in the right order and changed the call our into Ah, silver. Grete it. So we're gonna have to metal rings. One gold, one silver. Okay. All right. It looks like a very nice silver to me. Smoothly the right to the right position. And I'm gonna to create one more read. Okay. Just, uh, open again, then that lairs and drag it down to create one war ring. Okay, just move it to the right position. We can work out this particular one gonna be on the bottom. Just go back to the objects, arrange it and bring it to the front. Now it's on top. Are you three reads. Okay. I can look for the right different. A little different shades off coal. Okay, Go back to that radiance and see what I think. This one looks a little different and nice, so Yeah, it's okay to be Now I will accrete one more racy. All those lures created one ring drag you down to create one, Maura. Actually, I select it the central one. So I'm gonna have four rigs, bring it to the top and just meet. And not a rare nice gold sheet. I'm looking for a little breuder. Nice gold ish to be on top. Okay, Yes, I think that's the right. Very nice. Now we get four rigs that was easily created on Illustrator. Now the Lexx next class, I'm going out, transfer the whole four rings to a photo shop to create a little better rare shady shape through the rings and then connect them together as an ice. A change. So hopefully you enjoy these very simple step by step. Easy glass on the I'll see you in the next day. A class on a photo shop to see how to continue working on those rings. Thank you.