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How to cook pizza and sandwiches

teacher avatar Dhanu Dayal

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Bread pizza sandwich recipe

    • 2. Pocket pizza recipe

    • 3. Lemon bread recipe

    • 4. Chicken bread recipe

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to cook and make different stuffs to satisfy your hunger and all of your taste buds. 

In this class, you will learn how to cook the following 

Bread pizza sandwich 

Pocket pizza 

Lemon bread 

Chicken bread

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Dhanu Dayal


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1. Bread pizza sandwich recipe : good, and we are going to make super easy and super delicious bread Pizza Sandwich the ingredients that require our three bread slices Half cop Schneider Mozzarella cheese four tablespoons pizza sauce Doje Slice some chili flakes one day. Spoon butter some part again, half a job capsicum. Okay. To make this cheesy delight, take three bread slices and spread butter on one side, off to off them. Now take the better slice and spread through tables with pizza sauce on off your service. Spread Emily Okay, Sprinkle some chili flakes on it and now sprinkled chopped capsicum and other veggies off your choice. Then actually do it. Put as much you please g slice over it now cover it with another slice off bread with butter side facing the. Press it lightly to seal the sandwich. Now spread tablespoon possessors humanly on the second bread. Sprinkle some chili flakes and capsicum. Okay, puts red energies Any lastly, put cheese slice now covered with the last bread. Keep the butter side upwards. Now take a flat pen and marry somebody in it. Spread it with a spatula, then put your sandwich on it. Cook it for one minute and then flip it rice made spatula, then push refugees over it. Spring culturally flicks and again. Now we will cook it by covering the pen for one minute or until the cheese murders on a low flame. See how the cheese stretches. Remove it from the pen. Good. In this ended one. Now you're visibly sandwich is ready. Anyone and everyone will fall for it just 2. Pocket pizza recipe : we are going to make pocket Pisa. We will use sandwich maker. These are the ingredients that require Elizardo. Let's go. Chicken. Yeah, honey and drinks job Capsicum dry floor, one tablespoon cooking oil. No pinches or again. Oh, Pinterest really flicks sugar moseyed elegies and possess us No, Firstly, Greece. Your sandwich maker with oil so that your sandwich does no stick to it. Now make small balls off pizza dough for each piece. A pocket, good roll each toe and 11 did base using a rolling pin, but one should over the other in a way to get a plus sign like this. Now spread some pizza sauce in the center. Yeah, spread your cooked boneless chicken now spread on in drinks capsicum. And was there elegies toe on it. Okay. Lastly, we will Sprinkle some or again and chili flakes on it. Now we will make a pocket by closing it from all the four sides like this. You can prepare more in the same me. Now you cook it. Put your pocket in sandwich maker and let them cook for four or five minutes. Okay, way. Want light Gordon color on our pizza pockets? Gonna Your crispy Pisa pokers are ready. Serve it with any deep off your choice. Enjoy. Yeah, 3. Lemon bread recipe : in this rodeo, we are going to make chicken bread. It is going to be an easy three steps Process it first step people prepared, so we require all purpose floor four cups single egg middle, part two they were spoon who they were spun vegetable oil. One teaspoon least one piece will start one piece points. True lukewarm milk For reading or knitting. Add 14 cup lukewarm milk in a bowl. Houston sugar, then miss all this will leave it for two minutes after two minutes at all purpose floor to the bone. I had agg, milk powder and sort. Now we will makes all this. We will also keep on adding small quantities off for needing. Keep on adding warm milk and prepared medium to soft. Now Greece. A little bit oil Corder do and the board now cover the bowl and leave it for 1.5 hours for used fermentation. Now we will prepare chicken feeling for this. We require, too, and have cup where. Chicken one cup milk. One. Finally job onion wouldn't have basements or or to taste 5 to 6 job green chilies, two tablespoons butter When and half case wouldn't like paper. Two tablespoons oil purpose floor One piece will get a muscle are optional now. Firstly, add butter toe a walk on a 1,000,000 flame men but America a job onion So did, for one minute. Now an all purpose floor to it again, sort of for one minute till it's collecting a little. Now we will admit to it slowly and keep on studying it and all the milk and keep one cool looking it until it becomes a little ticker. Now we will air spices, sore garam masala, black pepper powder sold at job green chilies. Mix all off. It stays at the border. Chicken makes it will with their source. If you're feeling become take, you may add more milk, keeping a search for cooling. Now we will assemble our bread. Spread somebody floor on the top and keep your prepared on your needed for 1 to 2 minutes. Do you wear that? Go into two equal parts made to equal size balls from the parts? Oh, rollout. One ball and two on a long awaited our our rectangle. A handful for rolling pin place half off the chicken feeling in that center off this door and so spread it in Santa. No, with Temple for life card there, though. Sites like this now we will clear a design by keeping one part or the other in a crisscross pattern like this. Now it's ready to big Greece. The bacon. Crave it oil and keep debris over. It reports. Same steps for another bread. Now, some minutes to an egg and biscuit applied this egg wash that you can read surface with a brush. Sprinkle. Some sees monsieurs over the bread. Okay, now we will bake it. Preheat the oven at 3 55 F that is 1 80 degree Celsius. After displace our bread in the oven and bake for 20 to 25 minutes. We want Gordon Brown color red. Take your golden brown bread out of the oven and apply. Merited, but it now cover your bread. Beautiful or kitchen power for 10 years, so they're the bread becomes soft. Well, you're tasted chicken bread is ready. Sir Pitt has a snack. Or keep it for your main course. Enjoy 4. Chicken bread recipe : we are going to make lemon bread, you know, For this vineyard inch loaf pen, grease the pain on the inside of it. Oil are, but now cover the pencil faced with butter paper or all purpose floor like this so that our bread does not stick to the plan. Keep it aside way also require appreciated one. So said the other known 3 50 different fare a night or one year to dig the senses. The ingredients that very quiet are one cup milk. Okay. One egg 14 cup vegetable oil teaspoon Freshly squeezed lemon juice Half a cup of walnuts It'll be spoon baking border 34 cup Schubert You went three World Cup Warm it float. Okay. Now add milk Women Am Sized bowl also at cooking oil and egg and to day school lemon juice . Bid this mixed with the hand bidder. Keep this aside now Take a People seem whole floor into it, along with baking powder, head sugar and mix. This will good now add the milk ad mix prepared earlier, and the mix in blue cards for easy and better. Mixing mixed with the hang of it that way require a tin better, you may add a little milk. If you better is to take our soldiers. We require this consistency now a job. Walnuts to the better. You can also add job elements or cashew nuts, if you like. Now mix again. Okay, now for the better. Mixing the pen and the pen a few times to our air bubbles. It's time for baking. We will bake our bread for 40 to 45 meters after 45. Nursery will check our bread by by racing with the good people. If you do becomes out clean, that means our bread is big bag when? If not so, then big for 5 to 10 minutes. Move now. Take the bread out of the oven and keep on my wreck for cooling for 10 minutes after 10 minutes removed from the pen and keep on my rack for cooling. After the bread has cooled, slice it. Okay, one LA your healthy testing night. Lemon bread is ready