How to cook delicious Kimchi Soup | Amanda S | Skillshare

How to cook delicious Kimchi Soup

Amanda S

How to cook delicious Kimchi Soup

Amanda S

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4 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ingredients

    • 3. Preparing and Cooking Process

    • 4. Tips

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About This Class

Learn how to cook a hearty Kimchi Soup in less than 30 mins 

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Amanda S


I love experiencing food from different culture and recipe. But I do not have patient for complicated recipe.

Hope to share some easy recipe I found from my experiences with you, there are easy yet warmed hearted and delicious! Do share your feedback after trying out!

Bon Appetit!

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. Today I would like to show you how to coax a quick, simple Korean kimchi soup. This is an easy and simple, so you can make it within half an hour. If you like spicy and delicious Korean for that warm your heart, you will definitely left this thing. This used to be my favorite touring with the time, and I have it two or three times a week. It won't me up and keep me off the coal. Oh, this is good for sama to as the spiciness help you sweat it out and regulate the body temperature. This'll is also a healthy soup to Kim cheese made from vegetables including cabbage and a range of spices and seasoning. IHS low in Currie, high in fiber herbal and powerful in antioxidant. It also has a beneficial effect on the lever of caressed a role. Let's get started to learn how to make this healthy and delicious soup 2. Ingredients: Now let's go through the ingredient. We need to cook the kimchi soup portion I used here for 1 to 2 person portion. Sometimes I just called. This took us three only dish to go with rice as the mail. Then this is just a nice portions for me, but occasionally I will invite a friend to joy and hope it out A dish to go along with soup . Then this could serve as a two person portion. If you like to make for big portion, just multiplied, apportions off the ingredients accordingly. The summation earlier. This is a super easy soup to do. You just need a hand through off ingredients. First you need to that cup off kimchi, one piece of chicken time, one piece of Japanese ate tofu and one stock of green onion. You may use chicken breast meat instead of chicken time as a personal choice. I personally prefer Chicken Thai because it's more tender. But some people for for trick and breast meat as it is healthier options. That's fine, too, for the Tofel Amusing. The Japanese ate tofu here as it has so very smooth and soft texture. If you cannot get this type of Tofel. Then you can just use a white soft Terfel that usually used for soup forces sending off. So you need to treat people spun off outreach wishes the Korean halt papel pays and 2.5 cups off water. If you have a low Torrance off spiciness, then I was such as used just to table sport. Put your chung is a type of source that make from great chili grittiness, rise fermented soybeans and salt. It's commonly using many Korean dishes like a baby bump, double key stuff, right Korean rice cake and a Korean spicy braised chicken. You can easily get these from any Korean grocery shop, or I can find it in some pocket, too. Nowadays, that's it for the ingredients. Simple and easy right? Let's get this ingredient Brady and start cooking 3. Preparing and Cooking Process: Let's prepared ingredients before way too smooth this size. We're making foster to be very dated and easier to. If you help clashes, you may remove this chicken skin before you way too smooth. Then cut the Japanese tofu into have. That's a good size. If you use the whites off Terfel, then just cutting into a few big cubes. Like hardly fourth. There are six of them. Let's start cooking first with into a small or medium sized cooking apart and then put in kimchi and peace. Theun Try to start at six off together. Who, sort of the tease of cheese and a junk can have married name Teoh. Tough to loathe. I can cook it for about 10 minutes. When is done, just put in the spring on your radio. You go enjoy your delicious hot kimchi soup with a bowl of rice that is a heavenly food, especially during the winter time. Enjoy 4. Tips: Here's some tips. A Chevy View. You can actually use beef or pork instead of using chicken. They're equally good. And other tips is if you love spicy food, yet you have really low tolerance level to spiciness. You may put in a little bit sugar like 1/2 a teaspoon. When you mix old ingredient to marinate sugar actually have to notarize hit. If you're vegetarian, you can replace chicken made with mushroom. You can use King oyster mushroom, cut them into slices and further cut into, like, half or quarter. So it is not too big pieces, and I use is cooked it the same way as we caught the chicken. You can also add enoki mushroom. I personally quite liked it. You can cut them into, like, half the size, and then I'll stand by them and then added together with the tofu, cooked it for another 10 minutes. Oh, if you use enoki mushroom, they should have to saw it at the bottom part of the mushroom. Make sure you cut off the bottom part and clean them properly so that you don't end up having saw in your soup. I hope you enjoy my sharing. Try data and let me know how he goes on empty