How to cook Korean Style Fried Rice | Connie Tan | Skillshare

How to cook Korean Style Fried Rice

Connie Tan

How to cook Korean Style Fried Rice

Connie Tan

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5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. 1 Introduction

    • 2. 2 Equipment Need

    • 3. 3 Ingredients Preparation

    • 4. 4 How to cook?

    • 5. 5 Tips & Warning

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About This Class


Korean Style fried rice is a simple dish that everyone loves. This recipe is the one I've been making for myself year of year. And it's great to cleaning out all the leftover vegetables in your fridge. 

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Connie Tan


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1. 1 Introduction : Hello, everyone. Today I will show you how to cook a simple core in front rice. This test they just a bit spicy. If you want a quick and did Isha home cooked meal, you can make a good use off some left over rice now blessed that toe. Prepare now. 2. 2 Equipment Need : preparation for fire Rice is very simple that you do not need a lot off equipment. You only need stri ng pen spectra, a chopping knife and captain got to prepare the ingredients. 3. 3 Ingredients Preparation : ingredients you would need to prepare. Tree Cover Gary quota onion, one green onion quota green and quarter well pepper tree fish balls, cop kimchi and three mushrooms. A bull off rice for 2% use. First, we special the goddess and cut into small pieces and then cut the onion into small pieces. Green onions, cut into half and traffic it. Cut the bell pepper into small cubes. - Slight the mushroom his boss cut into slights. 4. 4 How to cook? : cooking ingredient. We need three tablespoon much table oil. One tablespoon currently pays one tablespoon so yes sauce and one tablespoon sesame soy. The first step. Heat up the frame pin and pulling three tablespoons off made stable boy at and fight the champ, Scotty, and to you see the goddess, cut a tinge at interest baseball and still fight at in one tablespoon according to the peace and fight to the cut. It is even and in and still fight mushroom in one minutes, then in onions, green and red bell pepper together. Still fight for 30 seconds and it rice, miss brown it in a cup. Trump's kimchi Step five for around 10 seconds. No, though the heat and it one tablespoon. So yes sauce fight for not attend sicken then at sesame oil and makes found finally at in shops green onion and mixed turn off and it is done. So now you can stuff UNP late. You could in it, sonny shine up. If you prefer that one frame, pain heats up and it rich table oy in it and fright Self. The eight on top off Frank Rice cut. It'll picker reveries put on the site, and now you can start eating 5. 5 Tips & Warning: que Come to the last part. Tips and warning First point Facebook with replace with chicken, beef or ham the second point. If you are a vegetarian, you could place fish ball with a little more mushrooms. Point if you prefer last hour. Taste. Do not fight kimchi for two rooms have soured test cook for wrong. Four point. Many people like to put the right on top spots. Some of my friends I prefer simple and insipid excessively. Six. The last point is optional. To strip off there was for victory late. So here's the result for civic and sesame assist process. Use once like off civic into the front rice. No last in some Sesame Street and ready Hope that you enjoying this cooking video and please try and happy cooking with off of you and thank you so much Bye bye.