How to convert Adobe Muse theme to WordPress Site with the most advanced WIDGET on the market | Angel Sans | Skillshare

How to convert Adobe Muse theme to WordPress Site with the most advanced WIDGET on the market

Angel Sans, Constancy is the road to success.

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7 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. How to Convert Adobe Muse to WordPress site with the most advanced MTW WIDGET

    • 2. Installing wordpress in your Cpanel

    • 3. Dowload and Install MTW WIDGETin your Wordpress site

    • 4. Download Filezilla and Creating FTP account

    • 5. Download XD THEME and installing in your WP Dashboard

    • 6. Mission accomplished now Adobe Muse and WordPress are connected

    • 7. It's time to say goodbye and hello to your new Muse to a WordPress site


About This Class


As designers, our dream is to express our artistic talent to the world but sometimes we face the wall of codes that prevents us from developing as we would like since the creation of a website design should not be so complex.

 Adobe Muse offers a rich application in design, but to the design is inevitably required to use HTML codes, which represents a serious difficulty for many web designers.

That's why as designers we are very happy to have a powerful application such as Muse To WordPress that offers us the conversion of HTML codes, CSS.JS to WordPress without having to pay a lot of money for it.

This application is fast gaining a lot of connotation on the internet since many designers are already using it as the main tool to make creations in WordPress.

I really appreciate that you are taking this class, however, if you have any doubts, questions or comments, please post it and I will gladly respond to your concerns as soon as possible.


I also invite you to check the: Convert Any Adobe Muse Theme to WordPress Step by Step- COMPLETE CLASS( 5 HRS CLASS) Enroll Now.






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Angel Sans

Constancy is the road to success.

My name is Angel Canton, I graduated from American Business College in San Jose California, in the specialty of technological information.

For many, it is difficult to excel when they have not been trained in the necessary skills in the school of life, so my emphasis is on helping people overcome themselves because I believe that everyone has something so valuable to contribute.

This is the reason I recommend the marketing of internet networks as one of the best routes to run a ...

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