How to coil an extension cord | Ron Payne | Skillshare
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5 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction and project

    • 2. Coiling an extension cord

    • 3. Closer view

    • 4. What not to do

    • 5. Final thoughts


About This Class

An improperly coiled extension cord becomes a tangled mess.  Daisy-chaining will keep a cord from tangling but doesn't store neatly.  There are various storage solutions avaible to buy however it only takes a minute to properly coil an extencion cord for easy storage and tangle-free deployment.

This class is a basic lesson geared for those who have problems with tangling extension cords.





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Ron Payne

Blacksmith, woodworker, all-around crafter

I am driven by a need to create. This has lead me down some interesting roads.

I know a bit about woodwork, metal work, leather, casting, and several other disciplines. I also enjoy passing along what I know to others.

Life is a continual path of improvement.


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