How to buy Bitcoin. Day Trading chart patterns. Cryptobot.Bitmex 100x leverage.Best altcoins in 2020 | Florian Mirea | Skillshare

How to buy Bitcoin. Day Trading chart patterns. Cryptobot.Bitmex 100x leverage.Best altcoins in 2020

Florian Mirea

How to buy Bitcoin. Day Trading chart patterns. Cryptobot.Bitmex 100x leverage.Best altcoins in 2020

Florian Mirea

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27 Lessons (6h 46m)
    • 1. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency complete tutorials trailer

    • 2. Bear market chart pattern spotted

    • 3. Bull market trend reversal pattern spotted

    • 4. What you will learn - trailer

    • 5. How to use Bitmex profit calculator 100x leverage - 73x your money example

    • 6. Tradingview chart best indicators to buy low and sell high with real examples from the past

    • 7. Other Tradingview strategies ideas, oscillators and moving average case study

    • 8. Most successful chart pattern analysis for crypto day trading

    • 9. Altcoins with the most potential in 2019 - 2020 ranked #1 to #300 on CMC

    • 10. Altcoins with the most potential in 2019 - 2020 ranked #300 to #800 on CMC

    • 11. Trading crypto bot with real working strategies explained

    • 12. Where to buy Bitcoin with card, Paypal or cash on secure platforms in 2019 and 2020

    • 13. Binance exchange tutorial

    • 14. exchange tutorial. Real buy examples

    • 15. How to send Bitcoins from one exchange to another with real example

    • 16. Etoro tutorial for buy and sell crypto and stocks

    • 17. Kucoin exchange tutorial with KCS dividends bonus calculator

    • 18. Local Bitcoins tutorial

    • 19. Skrill tutorial 1% fees for crypto

    • 20. Buy strategies and exit plan to enjoy your money

    • 21. Cryptocurrency wallets which one is best for your needs

    • 22. ICO investing with real examples

    • 23. Mining profitability calculator with mining rig examples vs day trading profit

    • 24. Pump and dump crypto trading groups with strategy used exposed

    • 25. How to avoid scam coins

    • 26. Bitmex skill

    • 27. Best Buy and Sell indicators that i use

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About This Class

You will learn how to set up an account and make your first buy on the most trustful crypto exchanges to transfers, wallets, trading bots, ICOs, trading strategies, mining, chart patterns, pump and dumps, scams, and leverage trading. Some of the best blockchain crypto altcoins with the most potential in 2019-2020, real use cases, working products, real value,  real world applications and big partnerships are sitting now at all time low levels because of the bear market. Don`t postpone and miss this opportunity of your lifetime! Take action now!

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1. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency complete tutorials trailer: look, This was a schoolbook Bitcoin double bottom to falling wages followed by by confirmation line break here and the retracement back toe trendline here. Then the boron started. You also want to master these indicators in order to buy low and sell high. Here you have complete tutorials. How to buy Bitcoin with paper card or cash, advance trading strategies, bots that can make you profit while you sleep and leverage trading on beat Max. So come on in enjoying this course now. 2. Bear market chart pattern spotted: seems like a consolidation down, Let's say. But if you use a higher time frame, let's say the daily you will see that Bitcoin is now in a descending triangle formation like it's shown right here. It's a very dangerous pattern, some of the some of the traders already sold here and you've seen this big week here. Ah, big selloff will come, and maybe some of them sold first because off the descending volume and because off this pattern, which is a descending triangle 3. Bull market trend reversal pattern spotted: four hours. Usually I look at this and the trend is bullish right now. It was out of very strand Here. Now is bullish. Okay? It can go. Are these way. It's important to have at least one Bitcoin because, uh, as you can see, there is a limited supply. There are only, ah, 17 millions bit kinds. 4. What you will learn - trailer: you have complete tutorials. How to buy Bitcoin using card PayPal or cash, advanced trading strategies, wallets, boats that can make you profit while you sleep. Perfect bile cell Seen us on trading view and leverage trading on. So come on in. 5. How to use Bitmex profit calculator 100x leverage - 73x your money example: we look at the calculator. Let's see, We have this quantity off contracts that we bought. We copy the contracts, put it here. Now we put ah, the entry price. What was already three price 396 And, uh, we use the 100 x leverage and the exit price. Let's say it will go toe 1000 and we're making a short not a lock. So, for ah, those contracts, If the entry prices this 1 10,000 and 396 and the exit price, let's say it will go. Uh uh, $6000. We're using this leverage. This is our margin, the entry value. And this would be our profit. So we would made one point. Want to Bitcoin's respectively, Uh, 73 x from the straight. Imagine if you had a larger amount off money toe investing 73 x It's whoa. It's a look 6. Tradingview chart best indicators to buy low and sell high with real examples from the past: Hello, guys. In this tutorial, we're going to talk about trading view indicators or the indicators that I consider to be the best, that telling you when to buy low and sell high. So, first of all, you can have a trading view account for free if you want, and you'll have most of the indicators. Or you can go for a professional one, which he does not cost a lot, and you'll have also the volume indicators and, ah, a lot more indicators included. And the more on the same page you can type here some templates, yes, and the choose templates of indicators that you want to use because you don't have space for all of this, you know, And in orderto get more confirmations toe. Just to be sure that you've enter the good buy and sell, you need the more of them the 1st 1 that I use, Let's say the most, but I use all of them because this one, this one is, ah, market God, the version three by King Thea's. It's a paid indicator that gives you sell and buy signals when it considers toe that you can enter or exit a trade this indicator Is that good? We're on the for our time frame. Okay? Being the dynamic off Bitcoin, I think the four hour is ah is the best time frame in orderto get Ah, a good trade because, ah, if you go lower than this, if you go at the 30 minutes, you'll have a lot of buy and sell signals and usually you want to make a profit with this. But if you go on a higher time frame, let's say four hours. You will have here the buy and sell signals which in we will give you more, more distance between buy and cells and they are also very accurate. I used this also A to hire timeframe a weekly, a weekly timeframe when I discovered this indicator. So, um, this buy signal was given here. That's very, very interesting was given here. And, uh, if you have bought it here at the 4000 let's say you have made ah a lot off profit. And also, if you have set sail sold here. So this indicator is very good market God is very good. I also have another paid indicator, which is Ah, crypto. I indicator these one is. Give me these signals here, which are not sell signals like here, Rita himself, but are just indicators like that for a cell and another cell. And ah, by here, usually the crypt ally makes more mistakes than market God by King Theus. Also, King Theus is Ah, very Nisman. I've talked with him on Twitter on my Twitter account, and he has one of the best indicators on the market yet. Okay, Another indicator that you can consider is this volume indicator here. But what does he tell you is ah were to spot the support and resistance level levels because, uh, look, uh, if this triangle will break to the downside, let's say hopefully it will break to the upside. But you will see that the volume is descending and it can go toe break to the downside as well. The next support will be here where you see these. Ah, this volume. So, um, if you think that Bitcoin will drop toe a certain price, you can put a by order here at around 8000. If he's about to go to the upside The van, the next target. We don't have that that much volume for the next target. But would they is one? Because until the 20,000 drinks too much volume here. So, um, the most volume for for Bitcoin is around. Ah, These here, here, here and here at the psychological price off 10,000. Okay, that if we look at the daily timeframe Okay. Another indicator that you can use is this stochastic Karsay. What? Those stochastic are size telling us he's two spot where the token is oversold and overbought Here at this level at four Look here it is clearly oversold And then the blue line crosses the red line in order to to go from oversold to overbought. We are on the daily here and on the daily the oversold the level was wrong 99 So here you could You could make us sale order. Yes, because it's Bitcoin was overbought. But you could also consider that it can stay on these overbought level for a consistent time, you know, and stay at this level. So it's not the rule or it's not necessary. Look here It didn't reach the maximum price, but stayed overbought and stayed and stayed and stayed for a few days stayed at this lead level. Yes. This happens also at oversold level. So when these two are crossing the the trend reversal happens. So now it will be a trend reversal. What you should also consider is the volume Look at the volume. This volume is unfortunately descending volume. So usually if you see on a descending volume and then ascending price. This is called the bearish divergence. And usually the price follows volume. Also, if there is ah weekend, they then, um usually the volume is less and the price is more manipulated, Let's say by the boat and algorithms and everything else and usually the cells happens. This is the Versailles which he I will tell you Ah, about the overbought and the oversold, the conditions off the market off course. When you see something like this when you see it here, Yes, you can spot Ah, very oversold territory. Yes, and you can follow it through the entire bull market. So if you have bought here even though it wasn't the bottom here, the bottom was here. This double bottom, you would still have bean in a huge profit. So let's look a little bit closer right here. waas ah d d over the oversold territory. So we're on the 3000 and 400 and then toe went, uh, toe 3000 and 200. And this was the bottom. You have also spot in the the double bottom pattern here. So after ah, falling, which this is a falling bridge after a falling wedge. This is a bullish indicator. Or then ah, Bitcoin went up. Price went up, followed by another falling wedge. And here it formed a double bottom. And here was, ah, break out from the trend line. So the trend line was these? Yes, like forming a triangle like this. And this was a break out from the trendline. Usually, when a break out like this happens, it will go and, uh, check the trend line once again. So you shouldn't You shouldn't have bought here. But here when the trendline waas again test it. So if it went up from this trend line that the that means the trend reversal happened and that's very interesting because the indicators told you right here to buy and also told you where to sell. Sell right here and, uh, didn't give you on indication toe by until until here at the very deep. So by the deep guys. And look at the indicators. He says these are one off my best indicators that I use. Okay, Another indicators are the moving averages. So, um, these are the exponential moving averages. This will give you the trend. You know how it is. It is said, follow the trend. So here the trend. As you can see, the trend is supporting the price movement. Okay, Like, let's let's put the the trend arrive reversal. So it was a downtrend from here. It was a downtrend. As you can see, this is also a downtrend. What happens with the exponential moving averages is like when they cross like this, the trend will follow. And ah, whatever. Whenever you can see a break out from the trend, usually it it tends to go back toe that trend line. So it was clear that this was a downtrend. Look here. It wanted toe break from the trend and it was rejected by the exponential moving averages Here, here, here also, and it was clear that, uh, something had to happen. This is ah, this low volume, because here was also a low volume of very low volume. And usually the low volume is a a bearish pattern. Okay, then the trend just changed, and it was a reversal. Here, look. And now what you should have done is just follow this trend and, uh, keep the token toe talking and ah, not sell it before. Maybe maybe here it would have been better toe sell it here. But ah, there was still the possibility. Often uptrend. So, um, we can still be in a bull market. We can still be. I'm not sure, but we can still be something else that I use is Ah, Is this indicator the moving averages? So the moving averages part of the 200 moving every is the 150 moving average. Why do I use this? Because, look, when on intersection off these averages a car, a car like here when a lower moving average passes. Ah, higher moving average. Like the 50 passing over the 200. Then this is ah, bullish sign. This is a golden Cross. It's ah, bullish sign. And, uh, usually, the market goes up after these kind off moving averages crossing each other what people have done there. I was starting to buy before, before the trend before the the moving averages crossed. So we've seen here a lot off buys in order, Toby first and to buy low when the moving averages crossed one another. And now we just follow the trend. You know, like here, which was a downtrend. You can spot that the 200 moving average average is above the 50 and the 100 moving average . And, uh, here the trend changed. I use here the de de sequential. This is useful because, um, usually I use this on a on a daily chart, and also I used the moving averages also on a daily chart. But the sequential will indicate you a trend reversal. Also, when you see usually a nine, this is a dodgy that indicates a trend reversal. But usually when you see a nine look here you have also a doggy candle. And, uh, you can see a reversal here have also a nine and ah, the the other, uh, candle is a red candle, and that means it will be follow up by ah, very share trend. And you can spot the trends by looking at these. Ah, and try to guess these continuation patterns off the TD. Sequential ideal is to find the nine and then a one followed by a one on red With a dodgy like this and you will spot the trend reversal. It's very important toe to support this This trend reversal You know, another pattern that I use another indicator is ah, here. This is the boil injure bank and the boiling Jer Band. You will see also on the tutorial about when you talk about the bots you can set up about to buy or sell using the boil injure band Usually what it does is ah, toe keep the price into into the these bands. So, uh, whenever the price exits these Ah, these band zan it will go inside the band and you can put ah by order here or a sell order here for ah, when you can see the Bollinger bands squeezing like this. And, um, he was he also another indicator the moving averages being above this, uh uh, the boil interbank van. It's normal that on a downtrend is about to happen. And, uh, you can also spot the cell, the cell indicators that that also another version off market God gives you here. You also have the exponential moving average. But we will talk about them. This is the the E M A 200 and here the a m a 200 past and we went on the bull market. Okay. And the volume here is the volume. I told you that the price follows volume. So if you don't have ah volume, you won't have Ah either. Ah, a good price. And, uh, we can spot here a downtrend in volume, which is a very sign. And ah, you should be very careful. If you want toe to make a long here, it's very the weekend is coming and it's also very dangerous to make a long on descending volume. Okay, another thing that you can spot here is Ah, another indicator is ah, the Magdy indicator. So here, um you can see these trend reversals when Ah, the red line is above the blue blue line. That means the trend line changed and we go for a downtrend. This is ah, bearish pattern. Then when we see the intersection off these lines, you can just still the the trend by buying earlier here Because a Z, you can see the de de sequence Here we have some bear candles followed by a dodgy and these doggy, it's ah, it's an indicator that, uh, the trend reversal is here or it's near and there are eight candles. Onda usually would be followed by ah Bulla the bullet wrong and that's what happened here. So it went from 9000 and 500 to 2000. So there are free almost $3000 difference if you have spotted these the small doggy here on the de de sequential and also here where you also received the by indicator. OK, another, another indicators indicator that I use also indicators that I use this one. They also give you, um help you toe understand the trend line if the trend line is is bullish or bearish. And uh, you can see that if it's green, it's bullish. And if it's red, it's Barish. So the trend is your friend. You know, if you have spotted this trend even though you've made ah here a sale or here I remember these Ah, these people pick was about about 7000. Not that much 607 100. But, um usually people did shorts here because they wanted to short the market. They knew that a bear market will will happen eventually. And, um, here were liquidated. Ah, a lot off a lot of shorts on Big Macs. I remember that. And I also remember the night when ah bit may makes was ah, almost block. Yes. What was blocked by by the cells that the people were making their here. So it was very difficult for me. Toe put a sell order because the server was blocked for a while. As you may remember this if you were on, it makes that that night. This is still an uptrend. But ah, you can It can change. We must see what is the continuation off this triangle if it breaks to the upside. And if it goes like this because of the volume, I suppose that it can break to the downside. More likely. Okay, Another indicators that I use and I consider very useful are these indicators. So these ah, ultimate moving average is very useful in my opinion, because let's look at it a little bit. Amethi. I'm making this tutorial from a laptop, so I don't have ah, bigger monitor here. I would advise you, toe have ah, bigger monitor at your house and this bigger Landes. Look, when this line is red until it gets green, the trend hasn't changed. So, um, when you have spotting the green, the green line like here, the trend changed. And, um, the green line was indicated by these ultimate moving average indicator right at the 3000 and 400 right here. And, uh, you shouldn't have cell until look at the this green light. It's amazing. Until here. Then you make a little profit here on the sale on beat makes, then the upside a downside. And here here, the boiling jer band is also squeezing another the Bollinger Ham Band. Before that, I told you before, you can also consider these looking at the DRS High the histology strategy. So until you can see a clear break down or pretty cult like here, you shouldn't, uh, you shouldn't try toe to buy, because look, let's take this example. Here you are in a down tramp, and the downtrend continues. You never see these, uh, the smaller strategy going, uh, continues until here here, the trend changes for a little bit. And then there is a small, uh, a downtrend following. But doctrine, can you see how how accurate this is? Because, um, it's green all over the way until here. So these indicators are great. In my opinion, we look now what? Bitcoin. But there are also great on the stock market as well. So, um, another indicator is this one As long as you are in the green, we you are in an uptrend. You can see Hear that after it reaches a peak, it will be followed by a downtrend and then a reversal. And, uh, as you can see, when the green because becomes more dark, it's more likely that the trend would change toe red and the to the to the cells. Also, when it's more Ah, it's Ah, black red. But then also, the trend changes like Look at this. And look here. That the trend changes is very easy to figure this out on the daily. If you try toe to use it on the 30 minutes, it's ah, it's really a pain. It's really a pain because, uh, there is so dynamic the dynamic is so so fast that, uh, it's very hard toe Catch the to catch in the deep, but also, when you want to to buy the deep, you have that that volume indicators that I have ah told you in the first place. And also you should to look for support levels and resistance levels. It's clear that the support level, a big support level, would be here because this is a line that was tested and it bounced back every time it bounce back, bounce back. And maybe if you put ah by order here, equal bonds back because it's a trend testing or you can put a sell order and the take profit here at these levels, you can put, ah, take profit but 9000 and 300 put ah seller there from 10,000 then 200. If the trend changes now, we are in a small uptrend small, but it is hard to say because we're on the four hour it's I d leads to watch it on on the daily. We can watch it also on the four hour if you want, even in half, half on hour. But, uh, on half in our it's more difficult. Oh, interpreted also, another indicator that I use here. Let's go to the daily. It's easier for to explain. Is this ultimate Magdy? So the ultimate the Magdy. I will tell you also, when the trend changes and when to buy and sell. Let's look at this example. So, um, here you will see the trend reversal and going toe green and then going to read and may make a sale, then make us more by and another cell and those hole when your CD the intersection off them , you would see the the changes off over trend is not that accurate as this one, the ultimate moving average. But you can also spot some buy and sell signals using it like here, so it's a little bit faster than than these one. The ultimate moving average, the ultimate make the It's a little bit faster, but it can also make more mistakes. So is that why it is very difficult? Look, it's a little bit more faster than than this one. This one needs a little more confirmation before I tell you to buy or sell the DSS or going to green or red when is going to read? So So don't Don't think two times another indicator you can uses the each Amoako cloud and the cloud will Will will tell you also the the trend line. So as long as, uh, the local cloud is it's above, Then you will have, ah, a bearish trendline. While as long as the price goes above the moku, then you have a bull market. Now it's interesting. So that is why it's very difficult to interpret it, because now the price entered the local cloud. And, uh, it seems a little bit bearish because, uh, it's under the cloud here. And also the volume is in a downtrend. These bands also indicate you when ah, the red one is above the green one that you should sell. And here, when the green one is above the red one, that should buy DRS I of some nine, the relative strength index at his, uh like what is called. So it's relative. It's not the absolute index. Tell you when Ah, the the talking is over. Book like here and when he's oversaw, like here. Okay, so, um, from here, if you have short thing shortly did from here. When you've seen that, uh, overboard here was 13,000 and here was, um how much? 9000. And here the price was rejected a little bit by the local cloud because we were in an uptrend And, uh, the candles reached the Tomoko clog and then bounced from here from 9000 to here at 11,000 . So there are $2000 to make from here to here. If you have spotted also this dodgy This is the stochastic. So the stochastic will tell you like the same thing with the intersection went toe by When the blue line it's above the red line and when to sell you shouldn't sell here toe precipitate. And the cell here you should buy. Ah, wait for a clear signal like this. This was a clear signal and the the intersection happened here. Let's look at another indicators. So another thing toe consider is also the boil injure bands. But I think we already talked about the boil injure bent. So when the cattle the candles reach the boil injure band, they tend to stay inside the boil Inter bent so the price will go up as well as here. When the price went over the Bollinger bands, he was rejected by the bands. It was rejected by the band and went down until here When they are about to squeeze the bank, you also have here the, um the seed, my indicators the sick. My indicators, um are colored like this because before the red, you you will see a yellow and before the green before ah bull run, You will see. Ah, I don't know what color isn't This. Uh uh. It's also a green here, but it's not that that dark agree. And, um, you should understand that the trend using this sigma because asl long as you don't see the yellow followed by a red you are steel on an uptrend. Okay, the volume is here on the background. The crs I This is also on our side indicator indicates you where when the price is overbought or oversold, that's let's go toe the 30 minutes child because some, you know, some of you I I think that would want that to use it on a lower lord Time, Time free. You see the rule that is respected almost every time or every time as long as the price exists, the boil injure bands. It's rejected inside of the man by here and then here. Okay, This is the best buying strategy, in my opinion, for the But if you have gone both poor or any other trading bought, the boil injure. Ban is I think, the perfect by or one of the best buy possibilities off the book. Okay, It's high bands tell you the the same thing. Yes, when ah, the candles stay Usually stay in in those bands and ah, When they go outside the bands that they are rejected the toe go inside inside them Also, these indicators indicator tell you when the the item is overbought and oversold, it's important. It's both important to know where when is overbought and oversold. Those were all the indicators that that I use. I also told you how to use them. I hope I haven't missed anything. How good was this? Our How good was the ultimate moving average? Great. You have also the development Decatur's and, uh, crypto I and the market God by King Theus. That was the tutorial for today. I hope that will being bring you a lot off profit 7. Other Tradingview strategies ideas, oscillators and moving average case study: Hello, guys. In this tutorial, we're going to talk about other trading view strategies beside the indicators that we all used. You also have, ah, ideas from your followed the waters and technicals that you should consider before buying or selling a coin. Let's look, for example, at bit going and, um, what we're going to see beside the overview and the markets where the tokens list, at least it are the ideas. So the ideas off the orders that are publishing here, some of them are pro pro plus other side of premium. And, ah, now you're watching the most popular opinions from the top waters that have, ah, a lot of likes and comments at the right ideas. Also them are are longing, as we see here and beside the the ideas. You can also watch the D newer, the newer wants the newest because they that the dynamic changes. And if you have ah, if you find some great daughters, you will see that it's important toe be at the time off the trade because even though you have a nice suggestion here off trading, it's ah, 13 hours ago, 14 hours old and ah, something can change in this time. Some off them are from two days ago. Let's say ah and, uh, you want toe to see new or ones. Okay, You also have technicals that are very important. These are oscillators here and moving averages. So, as you can see on the daily, you can switch to four hours and even less or more you have a by suggestion because most of the the oscillators and moving averages are very good. If you click over on one off them, they also explain what is all about with this. Ah, with the in the indicator So awesome oscillator. What does he do? Market momento. It's very important. As you know, the mo mentum. You can also take other tokens there. One of my favorite that I didn't I I forgot. Toe mansion is ah, Unicorn Gold that I also invested Gideon. Now it's ranked only 560 free on coin market cap. The top was $2 in 18 cents. Now it's ah, 100 times less and 92%. The miners from the I c E o. What in interesting about this talking is Ah, that is Ah, legit betting e sports betting casino. And, uh, you can bet also on yourself. Yes, toe win money, but also on international gaming games. League of Legends Countries Try go daughter epics, legends for night, even for night. But nothing happening here at this moment. You have false hope, asked results. Not now. It looks very legit. And, ah, it's whole soul, uh, regulated. It's a regulated the casino e sports betting, in my opinion. Ah, the e sports will be the next sports off the 21st century and the best player the FIFA FIFA is best player will earn as much as messy or other top player in the world. I think we're going to see that in the near future. So having this talk talking, he's not that bad, I think, um, even though it's not the financial advice, these are only my opinions and my observation observations on the market. You must also do your own due diligence and your own research before investing, because the market is very volatile. But now ah, unicorn Gold is sitting Ah, at almost the old time law. The old time loss here at the 132 Satoshi and now it's 226. You don't have a lot off the volatilities. Good. It's huge because unfortunately, you don't have a lot off tokens on the market. And if you want to do a palm look, if somebody wants to buy 10 Bitcoin worth off Unicorn Gold, then, um, the price ah, would make a 58 X Probably. Let's look also at the technicals off U K G. And see if we find something interesting about the technicals on the daily. It's looking good. Also, in a four hour you can see a strong buy signal and on the one hour of buy signal another talking that I think is close to the bottom I save here is ah, Quark chain sitting at 75. So she I can't remember. This was huge. This, and looking at the rising volume here may makes me think that it will explode sooner or later. But let's also look at the the indicators and the ideas about this token. Ah, most of the the traders are longing because it has a huge upside potential. In my opinion, let's look also with the newest looks great for falling wedge, double bottom and they're looking at the technicals. Also. You can see that even though the the the cell is present, So there are many cell indicators. We also have some by indicators. Uh, maybe it's not now the right mow mentum Goodbye. But, um, it is not also too far away. So, uh, you should definitely check this talking out for its huge upside potential. I hope this tutorial was useful and see you in the next one. 8. Most successful chart pattern analysis for crypto day trading: Hello, guys. In this tutorial, we're going to talk about chart patterns. I remember the first day as a trader when I usedto trade very often, and I used the lower timeframe that then now and because of that, most of my trades were at the time frames off free or five minutes. And, um, I just wanted toe understand when toe by here, when to sell here. But the difference is ah, were that small that, um, I didn't made any money like this in time. I, uh, understood that it's better toe use a higher time frame in orderto discover the chart patterns. So here, five minutes It's hard to say that these composition has a part of a pattern that will determine the future of this trade. Seems like a consolidation down. Let's see. But, um, if you use a higher time frame, let's say the daily you will see that Bitcoin is now in a descending triangle formation like it's shown right here. So, um, this is a pattern that Bitcoin is forming right now. It's a very dangerous pattern. Some of the some of the traders already sold here and you've seen this big week here because they thought that that ah, big selloff will come and maybe some of them sold first. But there are also there were also buyers here because the price remain that high. The difference here was, uh, $600 from here. You can measure and the stones like this by putting this measure pool that's safe from here to here. There are seven for 7% so there is a lot 7% it It's not that uncommon, but it's very dangerous, as you see, because people are expecting a sell off because off the descending volume and because off this pattern, which is a descending triangle king at the beginning off these tutorials, you've seen that those are two falling wages that the usually are, ah, bullish pattern. And, uh, the indicators told us toe by here, and we've also seen the double bottom. But in this tutorial, I want toe to share with you some picture pictures to remember because they're very important. And when you use a higher time frame, you can understand what, what is going on with the trend off a token or a stock? So, um, this is the descending triangle that Bitcoin is forming right now. This is Ah, triple bottom. So, uh, beside the double bottom, you can also have a triple bottom. Yes, if it went like that, but we didn't have the triple bottom because there are also the moving averages here that intersected here and here. And this is Ah, bullish time. Okay, but let's close this toe watch. He better the patterns. Okay. There are also triangles forming here like, uh like this and all of us expected sell huge sell. That also happened here. And, uh, if you remember, if you were on it makes you remember the time when the selloff happened in which here the website was ah was full and they didn't accept it. Any sales for BIS? Because everything was blocked, maybe by the bots made the sell offs. Okay, so this is Ah, this form the, uh, lower lows and, uh, higher lows. And, uh, that happened on ah, descending volume. Also, some from here call here the volume waas less unless and you can expect that here. The volume is also going down and ah, we expect ah selloff in this market conditions. We don't know for sure, but we have more percentages that the tell us this thing. Other other thing toe consider is, um, the head and shoulders formation the noble about come like this, which we've also seen here and also some of my friends. I told some of my friends about the double bottom that that's happened with a few days ago with, um, Deutsche Bank stocks. I told them about the the bullish divergence before the double bottom happened. And now, if you look at it at that time, it was $6.1 and now is sitting at $80 dollars. Um, all of that is thanks to the the chart patterns and the the volumes and the indicators that tell us went to buy and when to sell with the precision. I suppose around 18 90% you will be right using using these techniques. I think that around 80 to 90% you you will be right in a trade. You can also be wrong, but usually you'll be right. Okay, Other things to consider here. Let's close. This are the descending flags. We Terrel, soul bullish. Let's see if we have some Mm. This looked like a head and shoulders, but it didnt went down unexpectedly and went up because I think off the moving averages that supported the the uptrend. You must also combine and understand all of these patterns. Toe toe give Ah, good evaluation off. What is happening in the market? Okay, let's return here and see the bigger picture. We also had the diamond patterns also, when um like let's try toe to find one. You can also use the the lower timeframes like this one seem the diamond pattern. Now I remember we we had some also, huh? This wasn't complete. A diamond pattern complete. Let's say this one looked more. I could diamond pattern is one here? Okay, descending flag around the top. I haven't seen this for in Bitcoin and Bitcoin charts. I haven't seen this, but you can also see. See it? Mother charts ascending triangles. Let's look for ascending triangles like that. This is the formation. Maybe in ascending triangle. It's like like this one. It's tingling this so you don't have precise Let's say let's a pre precise patterns. But ah, you can make a new idea about what is about to happen and um something that I've also selected and both here as images are these hammer patterns that Ah, but you can spot the, um, reversal the trend reversals. The shooting star also. Ah, this changes the it's ah reversal pattern. It's very famous, This one. It's ah, similar to these. As you see, if we go on the lower timeframe, it would be more obvious like this. But it's clear or shooting star This one also a morning star which seems like will will change the trend into one ascending one the evening star. As soon as you will see this, you need to sell. You should also check for for, uh oh for our time frames because, uh, because and the other currencies have ah cryptocurrencies have, ah a dynamic that requires also lower timeframe then the daily because it's traded continuously. And uh, that's why the daily the daily is very hard toe mm toe predict on the daily, but you can also check Take it out. Um, out of other patterns are the doggy the doggy. It's an intermediate, very famous and well known Kendall, which is read, and it's a lack of buying power. So you, when you see on an uptrend the lacquer lack of buying power. But that means that it's possible toe see a reversal because the token is overbought. Then you have here the reversal patterns. There are so very important. Let's look at them and you You can also recognize them when wherever you whenever you will see well as I am, Hammer the hanging man Also the bullish engulfing better fishing, golfing. So these are the well, we'll be in the red and this one in in green there are black and white tool seeing better did them better inverted hammer a shooting star. So whenever you will see this this candle patters that, um, signifies that as a reversal is about to happen what is also important here to notices that it works better on higher time frames that then lower timeframes and also works perfectly were high liquidity markets. So if you are in a low liquidity market markets where you don't have ah, we're toe sell or buy a lot, then these things patterns are not that useful. But if you trade Bitcoin, this most likely were will work 80% of the time. The continuation patterns are also very important because you don't know. Sometimes when you see different green look like like here. If you see a green, um, after a rand two greens like here, uh, you would probably think that it's it's a bullish trend. The trend is about to change, and it's a bullish trend. But as we look here, this is only a continuation pattern and the you shouldn't just entry yet household the bully separating lines because you can have a parabolic rice. You must also have some mo mentum Toto downsize before it's like breathing. But they care, but you can't take a lot off air continuously. You need to breathe out. That's like the patterns are formed here also. So, um, but what we can see are also people tops. Yeah, so, um, you don't have triple tops here. We had a triple top if here we had this type of ah, move month like this and he that that was a triple top and the triple top because it's not forming higher highs and higher lows and is not forming other type of ah, her patterns. It means that they can break, can't break to the upside. And, um, those are Barish patterns okay. Bullish flags, which are, um, almost similar to falling wages. There are so bullish here, you can see also were goodbye because you need to be sure that this is a bullish flag and it's not forming downtrend because it's very risk. You see, here it can form a downtrend. So if you don't buy here and you buy here, you could end up in downtrend continuation pattern like this one and the token or the stock will form a alone Oh, and can go in the downtrend. So you must buy the breakout like here and also by the great sell the breakdown when you start to break down like here. Because if you if you sell here or here, then the chart could go up. But, um, in this in this condition, it seems that it goes down and this is the place where you can put a sell order or make a short Another thing to consider is the a bearish flag. So the British flag here doesn't for in the higher highs and higher lows, but breaks the lines, break the the upside, the continuation lines and the when embrace the lines, then it forms a barrish flag, and it goes for a downtrend like that. Also followed by a double bottom. As you've seen the warder, the buy order wasn't placed here because, uh, usually you will see that in in the out coins. Um, let's look at, uh, never Rex. It's one off my every tokens. Sorry. So you would say here that, um, that this could the could go down. Instead, it went up, even though it forms something like like Bitcoin did smaller prying goes inside the bigger triangle. So it went up. But then the trend I haven't changed. It went and went into downtrend even lower then this in the beginning here. So the difference is it's like 4000 to 4400. It's, um 10%. So now it's 10% lower. And it was also that's bad. It was most more than 20%. Maybe 20. A lot more, 25%. Okay, so now if you ask me now, I think if we look at this, open that we also have a double bottom and this year's this is the moment to buy. What happened here was returned to the trend line, which was this the bearish trendline. And now it will maybe make a consolidation and then go up, like be kind it. Let's hope so. I'm not Nostradamus. I think I can predict the future, but, uh, I think it can be like this. Okay? Other patterns that you could consider are the couple hung handles. This is like a coffee. You know, the cup and the handle of coffee that you take in the morning. And this is Ah, bullish sign. So it's not easy to find some up in handles soon. Not here. No, it's very difficult. It seems like every Rex doesn't have. Ah Copan handle. No, I will. Don't say okay. And this is Ah, 123 pattern. So this is a pattern that will most likely go down if we have had a top here. One to was downtrend. Continuation free. Those who formed here something that we've seen in the in the past. The bearish flag? Yes, the Barrish flag here and the sell off here. So it's 12 free. And this this combined with this one, the British flag formation like here must determine you toe put a cell cell there right about when? After the break down off this line, what we can see next are also descending triangles. Unfortunately, like we see deals does right now here is the So you must be a dated day trader, in my opinion and win money also when Bitcoin loses. And, uh, to do that, you can place shore a short on one Big Macs. This is not financial advice. These are only my opinion and my own speculations on the market. So you must do your own due diligence and research because before investing, because this market is very volatile and you can lose money. Just be careful. Use a stop loss. Okay, so if it went like this, it must be a pennant. But this, unfortunately, this is not the pennant. This is only Ah, a triangle which forms lower highs. And it formed, like four of them. That's ah. Unfortunately, it's a bearish sign. Three. Well enough. Okay. What can we see here? The diamond patterns, as you see here we were We were very surprised to see here at the looking at this pattern to see that the continuation where was was up because this could be also head and shoulders and, uh, the diamond pattern. But when top, this was impressive. Usually it continues with with her cell, but it didn't break to the downside. As you see you put the cell after you exit after the price exists, the in the chart, the charts, candle charts, a exit, the triangle. So it's a didn't exit exit, and you shouldn't have sold there. Also, you see em by, um, buy recommendation here by the market God indicator by King Thea's. Also, other things to consider are sending triangles which are bullish. I'm not sure this one can we call See? They're like sending triangle. But for sure, we also have ascending triangles and, um descending trying us descending triangles like this one. Oh, this one is no condescending trying a huge descending frank. As you see, it's look just toe other who have less buying cells. Toe watch Here. These are interesting pattern says you see Okay, the head and shoulders like maybe this one there are not rules, so there are most of the time they they are right. But some some of the time they can can get wrong off course. Ah, Barrish pennant. We also had the bullish one. Let's look how this Waas This was a bullish one coming from an uptrend. It was a bullish pennant. You buy at the exit off the pennant just to be sure. And you sell here after you're seeing that didn't I didn't get out off the talent, so it entered. Ah, the cell. A bear market, The van When you see something like this can put the sell order here, okay? And, um, I think those are the the main chart patterns that you can buying in in charts. How about a bowling this waas we can expect in the future maybe a parabolic rice to the 60,000 for Bitcoin, but, uh needs more mo mentum and, uh, more praising on Twitter on YouTube because there aren't too many people talking about Bitcoin like their war here here, the entire war world. But because they talked talked about Bitcoin between Waas on the lips off everyone in the television in the Internet, everyone so tohave another mo mentum like this we we need those home Orval volume and ah, we need more people to talk about Bitcoin. That was the tutorial for today. I hope it was useful and that will make you a lot of profit. Have a nice day 9. Altcoins with the most potential in 2019 - 2020 ranked #1 to #300 on CMC: Hello, guys. Today we're going to talk about some all coins with huge upside potential. This is not trading Advise. This is not investment advice. You must do your own research and your own due diligence before investing in Kryptos. Because this market is very volatile and you can lose money like in any other market. You must know these websites first. The first is a coin market cap here can find all the cryptocurrencies markets, market cap volume and Bitcoin dominus as well as all your data about the Cryptocurrency that you're searching for. Coin starts. Hap is very important because it has the same crypto currencies. But the circulating supplies updated is updated daily or somehow because it's ah more relevant than coin market cap, it doesn't have all the futures off coin market cap. Another website. This coin market call here have the future event so you can post a future event off a crypto and you put the proof here. The proof would be a green screen off where you find it and the source and this information is very valuable and you can be paid for it by the people that used your information. So the information is basically free. You only check the the coin that your Easter interested in Look, this doesn't have any future event. So let's look at, ah, more serious one changing okay and you will see the proof. But let's return, not the coin market cap and review the first some off the 1st 100 cryptocurrencies and what are the most important one? First of all, let's say we want touch the first because they have already a huge market cap. Billions, millions off doors, market cap and in order toe make more profit. Who should? We should probably choose something that has a higher upside potential because off the low market capper that they have one off. This talking is, you know, said level that have this huge job site potential, in my opinion, because this is the talkin off the exchange bit. Phoenix. The Phoenix is an interesting exchange. It has a lot of volume. Ah, Bitcoin volume and uh also has leverage trading, and it's used mostly by institutions. So the eye or the initial coin offering, I see. Oh, the initial coin offering waas at $1 now it's only $1.7. If we look at the chart, the highest was almost $2 the highest point in 13 off June. And now the prices similar with the gold price. So, um, this could be a night by. In my opinion, I also have some of these tokens. If you go here, we can see also, Iota, this is considered to be the Internet off things. And, uh, if we look at the ice your price, it's ah, 62% lower than the I C E O price. So this also can be a nice by, if you ask me, because off its fundamentals. Okay, Van, you'll have chain link. Chaining is very interesting because, uh, if we look at their website, we can see that they work with Google and Oracle providing them of the secure Oracle's new for next generation smart contracts. So this is ah, smart contract platform Changeling, which he has ah, riel users and use case in the market. I also bought the chain link here at around $1.13 but haven't sold that quite at the top, and, uh, only doubled my money with it now. The price. It's also higher than before off the bull Iran and this punk. This can be a good bye for your portfolio. The return on the investment it's Ah, it's a 10 X So it's Ah, big return on the investment If you bought it from the i c e o the price drop because the team revealed that they sold a lot. They sold a lot off this when the price waas that high. That's important to see the circulating supply and the total supply so the team could sell the rest of the supply and the price will go down and the market cap will go up. If they will sell, they're tokens. So if you look for a token, it's important tohave a circulating super supply similar toe the the maximum supply. Another important talking, in my opinion, is a Tums or cosmos. Most of the Blockchain are built on cosmos. You can see during the most powerful ecosystem off connected block chains. You guess here on some some of the day New York talking's build on build on cosmos. So, um, this also has ah, good the use case. In my opinion, I stay out of Dodge Coin. I know some of them, some of you bike, but I stay out of it. I think it's Ah, it's pretty risky. Another important token would be retained between is on my list off all coins with huge potential upside because, uh, it has a partnership with war Mark. And you can see that on Twitter. Yeah. Let's, uh, see that The abbreviation for retain, uh and, well, Mark and that we will see that have a partnership in jump up, uh, 50% in a matter of time. Because of that, these are the top of information. The the one there are not the most recent. But there are the most relevant, Let's say, because they have a lot of likes and comment and views and, uh, the latest one. Okay, it's a Blockchain with really use case. The This is the Morris most important idea off Blockchain toe Have a really use case. So detainees one off them the highest price. Waas Ah, 266 Satoshi. And now it's 36. So it has an upside potential. The return of investment is minor, 75%. So this could be a nice timeto by this descriptor another fucking is the basic attention talking basic attention. Talking practically pays you tow watch advertising. And they also have ah browser, which is faster than Google chrome, the one that I am using right now. It's similar with the price from Ice Hill. You can see it on many markets. Yes, here you can find the social media information from basic attention talking, and you can go toe their website and download the brave browser. They also have, ah, partnership with data, which is another talking with huge upside potential, in my opinion. Okay, coin shares, it's ah, the talking off the exchange coup coin. It gives you some rewards back, but, uh, there are not that that important. Let's say there you can calculate here the diffidence, best crypt or diffidence while let's see 10,000. If you want to invest $10,000 that's calculate. They give you $30 Mount Lee and the 300 300 than $36 here for 10,000 invested. So, in my opinion, it doesn't worth toe have cocoa in shares. The only reason why you can have it mostly is because the price could go up because, um you see buying a house coin, you'll see who will be talking and, you know, said level, which he are also exchanged coins and have, ah, higher market cap. Then this so called going shares can be can be an interesting and promising talking. Another talking East ETA. Good, um, can be the new or wants to be, uh, the new the next generation video delivery powered by you. So it's like gaming YouTube Blockchain, uh, video thing they have. Ah, very nice web side. And they also have, ah, collaboration with Samsung via So it also has a big potential, in my opinion, the market cap. Right now it's around $100 million. It's very low for what they can do. In my opinion, the return of investment is minus 26%. Okay, another, um, important talking. In my opinion, it's ah, engine coin Engine coin is also about the industry off. Gaming, despite here was made the because of the the fact that the token is the the wallet, the crypto wallet off some some guests 10 phone. And, uh, because of that, the price bite here from two sales for 750 free Satoshi toe 24 cents. So they made right here. They made the 10 ICS who bought it here. May made the 10 X, but now the prices 678 Satoshi here waas 778. So it's lower then. Ah, the price or before the spike. But the fundamentals aren't in a downtrend because you can build Blockchain games using this engine. It's also present on the Samsung 10 full. This reminds me off goes off or that's very interesting. No, you can consider it engine coin. The market cap is only 55 million to save. They have future events. Not that I can see here. Okay, I want by this I know its own 100 market cap, but I think it's a scam. Coy. Also regarding the industry off gaming you can buy walks, quacks. This has also and upside potential trade beautiful items. It's very interesting with this industry because people are buying and trading literal items. Some of them are very expensive because I don't play games anymore. I don't understand the why would you, by ah the let's say cold for your character in In the gaming industry, I don't know about two. I think it's possible it has some upside potential. At one time. This was a hot talking, talking. This is also an important talk in Let's Say, the center land manner return of investment is 20%. This was who a lot higher. Must also check their website. It's a very horrible world owned by its users. So they're selling something mutual that doesn't exist. Okay, let's look at something else. Mm hark is also something that you you can consider Pine loom network Also bank or breathe. It's interesting how this talking You can see it on buying a house doesn't have Ah, too much air liquidity and the therefore you can see these spikes. It is better, in my opinion, toe by breathe something that as such low liquidity then something that has a lot more liquidity and you're not aware you are a small player? Let's say okay. Another talking from Oneto 200 least his quark chain. This is one off them. It can be Yeah, it went down a lot lately and I am a little bit concerned, you know, because, uh, it was Ah, look. 1000 and 300 and even more 2000 Satoshi. And now it's 94. So what's the idea? It's Ah a minus 96% from the ice. He'll So I am a little bit concerned about car chain. But because of the fact that, uh, it's so down right now, we can consider it a buying option right now. The market capitalist, 17. 18 million. Okay, Another thing that we can buy regarding toe ties the teeter fuel, which is, uh, the talking that you get rewarded for paying, watching some games and the something on their website. Okay, I can see some interesting tokens here, but like this one, they have, they have also a wallet, the wallet, the return of investment, his miner's 86%. So, uh, token waas, it's he here or here, $1 and now it's Ah, 25 28 cents. I think it's so. It also has ah, huge upside potential. You must also check them before you buy them. Talking that I have invested in is singularity in that so everything. It's about artificial intelligence which he's used probably properly has a future, and we'll have a future because this is the century of artificial intelligence. And the singularity is one off the the most important, Hawkins. That sense, in my opinion, opened a I for all. And, um, also, if you have seen these, you also have these ah, single most valuable technology of all time. You probably seen it that the television before and this belongs to singularity net and singularity, Nat. Now it's ranked 188 and only with over $13 million Market cap. So this is this is one of my best picks, in my opinion for sure. And the return of investment, the negative free turnover for those who bought it from I C E O Jane from 200 toe 300. Uh, ranking. Those tokens are more speculative once this is an exchange poking, but, uh, doesn't. The exchange doesn't work too well right now. This was his ah, pumping damper on by now, you can see it has got off pumpin dems. Here we look at the historical data. You can see the bombs and arms off this coin. Look what is Come on, man. Tom, followed by a dump. It's like like being in a pump and dump group. You know it's not possible toe See something like this. So the pump didn't have any fundamentals. It was all only a pump in order to get somebody else toe by it and in the end toe to sell it in profit. So from 200 toe 300 here is very but it difficult toe fined a token which he works the attention. I agree she eyes something that when top from 12 Satoshi or 10 Satoshi look and Satoshi to so 100 then, um 90 Satoshi. So it made then 80 x Yeah, on eighth e X and because also the price off Bitcoin when top and this went up Also, it was ah, 200 x The is talking made 200 x from march toe July 200 X If you had 5000 euro, you would get one million And now it seems like it it can be a scam. So you can expect this Born on Krypton 10. Altcoins with the most potential in 2019 - 2020 ranked #300 to #800 on CMC: okay from 300 to 400 mainframe. So mainframe as ah, minus 94% return of investment. It was highly oversold. I haven't done a great job. And that that's why the token was oversold. They didn't deliver the in time what they have promised. But now I think it has, ah, upside potential, because is that cheap? And someone would buy it just for just toe just to pump it, you know? And, uh, if you buy this cheap, it can go higher. And, uh, then if you but a cell there, you can probably double your money. Future of Web pewter off freedom till nice clothes future in Forbes. Another talking it stop is on. This has been interesting concept. If you ask me, it can also go from vinyls decks toe by now, it will go, in my opinion, because, uh, does have some fundamentals. And, um, even though the website doesn't look that that amazing like honors is that the Central Eyes Open communication network that provides close communication services on the Blockchain. That's interesting. 10 p.m. and everything. So, um, it looks like something serious. It's not scam ish. And the market cap is very low. At $9 million you can buy it usually on Hobie. Yes, He that there, here. And, um, it was also Oh, much. 844. Almost 30 times, 27 times higher was the highest price. Okay, so you network, I don't know. It can be a scam. I'm not sure of that. But it had did this huge pump and I expect to happen one more time. You know, usually when you see a complete retracement from such a high point, you will see some accumulation area here and another bomb because usually the guys who made this palm, we'll try toe to make money once again. Or maybe with the same talking from other people's people. So if you if you bite here at the at the support level, let's see, here was the support level at nine 89 santoshi. And now the price is the same like before. The pomp I think you can benefit from to look it is was the next. Then x higher. It can make another 10 X in my sooner only order later, even though can be a scam. I don't know. They have activity on Twitter. So they're working. They're posting almost every day. I'm not sure, but I have some of these. They can go up from this range. Okay, salt is interesting, but, uh, I'm not that convinced any more about it. Um, these one. I also have some ever X so ever X right now has a good price. In my opinion, they also launched on exchange the return of investment. His negative look, only 8.7 million. Okay, let's see the social of looking based payment platform. They have some commission fees and there's not not not that small, but there are comforted by NUS. They're similar to buy now, uh, fees when you want to withdraw or exchange some tokens. And they also got on SMB license toe United States so they can be an exchange in the United States money service business slice ALS. I think this one also has ah, huge upside potential. It can. It can be, I don't know, maybe in top 100 in solar. Also, this can also have ah, big upside potential. Let's look at ever Rex to see what event are. I mean, they don't have future events that see? Yes. Insular wallet. Public testing toe took invigorating starts. Okay, you won't pay. Yes, you can. Also have on upside potential can go to their website. So in solar is a Blockchain solution for business is very interesting. You should check out. Its creator is also a businessman. It doesn't seem scam ish. It has only takes Toby a good investment days in solar. But the we can great s e crypto payment solution for businesses. So, um so some of ah, some of the companies that are using Puma pay are also erotic websites. Also, future done with Forbes also and K and new kind of network is also can have on upside potential have some peak here at almost 09 cents, nine cents. And now it's pull sales. Um, 93% minus 93% from I c e o. I wouldn't buy something in. I see. All right now, they have no told over the wall, not working infra for decentralized internet. So this is also very interesting. And can they can do something in the industry? Who will be I am also can do a pump can search it on tweet her social media. Okay? It's searching for future events. They have token interchangeability automatic labelling hands marketing a product recommendation. Interesting. They have some future events. They have a lot of future events. They'll are indention interesting. Interesting. So it's definitely worth toe. Check this house. I invested it sometime, but now I don't have any tile left. Maybe I will. We'll enter once again. The trade Kozma coin. Ah is, um it's also interesting It was around here When? When Engine. It's also present on some some guests 10 and ah, when it's launched, the something gets 10. The price went parabolic toe through the roof, and now it's sitting here at the support level. This is I think this is beyond the support level. That's he. What are the markets? So it's going Beatrix on this one. Let's look at you. So there is ah on algorithm that indicates that you can buy here, but it's not very precise. Told time low. It's sitting at all time low. We we didn't find ah reversal reversal here So it can. It can go like this and even lower because we haven't seen the break up. You must You must wait for for a break up. In my opinion, in orderto be sure where went to buy it, Another talking would be this one. It was She's a wallet. And, uh, yes, it was very expensive of at one time. $9 almost 10. And now, look so more than 100 times cheaper. Something happened with this or just camel work. It seems that they are still working. So I suppose it can go up. Yes, the market kept is very low. Seven million. Just by for speculating something people would would buy it also, Um, yeah, you have here some some tokens from 304 100 Uh, with some use cases. India's this one pro PRI also. Okay, this is related toe another industry. So it's the home buying industry. Endurable home I anywhere in the wall. So it really state talking. Let's say can go higher than this. So the big was in was in January 2000 and 18 where when every talking had a peak, it was the AL coin market, the greatest tall coin market. I don't know if we'll have this anymore, but if we have this, we will taking taken consideration. Also property here. You can also five find knave, coin pillar or deceive. There are also interesting buys the brain chain. I also had this one at the time I felt close. So because of the artificial intelligence that if well, do something interesting. Global decentralized ai cloud computing platform for developers. So I took out the road map to cut their white paper because it also has some some upside potential. This one or so. Okay, now from 504 100 to 500 let's see, what tokens do we have here? One of them? Maybe. Maybe new clothes vision. I'm not sure about close vision. I wouldn't I'm not sure that I would be invest any more than close vision because, uh, it was up here. And now it's 97%. Though Something happened here, here is something that they didn't deliver in time because, uh, it's hard pool toe. See it? That $6 million market cash, Let's they have some future events preventing control PCR basically a security. So, um, they still they're still working on this project. Okay. Had x No, I had this sometime. Open source transparent and fraud proof display advertising. This is from for advertising industry. It's a nice to have, but not too much. It's a nice to have, because if a bull market Alcorn Bull Market starts, you can see at the previous levels let's say $2. And now you look at the attend. It's only seven cents from $2.3 dollars. Uh huh. Moneta they initially wanted toe have Ah, an amazing market is one on five cents toe 45 cents a 10 ICS here hum in the motor market, the last bull market. Now it's sitting at one cent. So 40 time, 45 times less. Those who have a wallet, I think pioneering the frontiers of luxury in technology, Commerce Street the funnies were deals and payment Get away. Yeah, they've got they sold the the I c o u 40 seconds or something like that. It was an amazing I seal back then, but from my CEO, the price is 93% less. So it was a scam. Ishai CEO, They got all those money and, uh, now we expect to deliver the brother because they they have a lot off money, you know? Okay, let's check this here. Didn't have future events announced here. Travel a dot com This is is very interesting. It's like like a vacation dream. Let's say you feel goes a lot top because, uh, works with a lot off tokens. This is one it's used for booking hotels and save up to 40%. It's interesting to have this token. I also had it some time. That's one time and look, it's it to use also PTC Dash thrown and the look over all out on others. Lots of honors. They pull everything, So travel a dot com. It's an interesting website on interesting token, only five milion U. S. D. I've heard of it back in October here six cents about something but sold earlier. Not at the peak 20 cent. And now it's Ah, it's 11 cents. So also higher than the price that I bought. How my CEO It's half the price off the price of the X. You interesting, Interesting token while Syrian lab Syrian labs, where was in top 100 coins. And look, I remember it from here. Here they deliver the phone I think the Syrian labs for which looks great, by the way. But, um, it was also a sort of ledger. You you can put the tokens there, but here, Samsung s 10 was released and the Syrian labs didn't have Ah, use case anymore. So that's happens. Well, I I wouldn't buy this token, but it's interesting it store it story. It's interesting that disease is a beautiful form, but, uh, now it's useless because you would want toe have some song rather than this phone. Um, this is interesting. This is an interesting token. They also have a partnership. Will, You can find it. Don't cocoa in a partnership with D a chair or something or or transport company. I don't think it's d a challenge. Um, some big name. Let's search it here. Uh, yeah, I think it can go up killing up because it has only $4.7 million. Mark can find it on who coined little day. They don't have a lot of circulating supply here, so the liquidity isn't present here. That's too bad. So bad for the talking. Yeah, but where is the circulating supply? Because here is the circulating and the total supply and COO coin as the biggest volume, which is not a volume Look at this. This is not a volume. Yeah, maybe sometime it will have on upside potential. Doesn't look scam ish. Looks like her. A nice token. Own it. Interesting. THX, it's Ah, it's a talking that you will find a lot talked about on Twitter. And, um, it's interesting toe. See it on Twitter because it has upside potential because there are lot off people. Shilling it there. Life's too far too short for bad investments like this one. Yeah, nice. This I won by this is an exchange talking. But if you look at the exchange that let's look at the extended. So it's been marked and they're saying the volume It's $11 billion per day, but it is not done my time shore. Most of them can be washed trading you must pay attention. Most of it can be washed. Trading every exchange does wash trading. When you see a token move back and forth that is wash trading and you can catch it. You know so so well when you put the by or the it won't buy it for you. But also, when you put her cell, then goes now and when you put the by it goes up. So it's very money plate the volume on a lot of exchanges. This way we'll go toe coined by scoring ways is the most trustful exchanges USA regulate. But there you don't have a lot off Hawkins. Now from 500 to 600 here is more difficult to find something good. It's almost not impossible, but very difficult because the market kept its lower and lower. Uh, this doesn't have volume. Infinite was talking, But it's an interesting token if you're if you look at their work sites, they also have a nap. They also give some rewards on your wallet if you will deposit a certain amount of small amount off money. Okay, District ICS DNT This is interesting. So this is a buy. In my opinion. The anti Issa bhai, Why? Because, uh, it was very expensive at some point was around 35. Look here percent and now it's Ah, listen one cent. So, uh, it can make of 56 Maybe sometime. I don't know XXII. It's ah, 64% down from my CEO price, and you can find it on coin bass pro so you can find it on the American exchange. So it's on us a regulated thing. There's, ah, the NT I was home by nose Beatrix. So it's on the someone one off some of the biggest exchange up here, you know? And, uh, the market cap is so low, they have some utility for it. DNT That's him now. It's quite that, uh, ends a support level. Look, this is ah by single. I think it's a good price. Now. I also think it's a good price now It has ah, upside potential India. Okay, another one. This is also pumping dumper. I wouldn't buy sung by nose some of the people by this about this coin just for speculative reasons. You own your own words. Okay, so if you want to speculate, maybe not, uh doesn't have such a great utility. This is a fine five. It's interesting. It has ah, hologram that you can use. It has some utility. Now it's sitting a toll time low. It's also on blindness is very important to be on a big exchange, even though finance its not anymore on in the American President on the American market, most of the Americans use a VPN and buy tokens from bias from $1.28 to one cent and 1/2. So it's, Ah, 100 x on 100 X chip cheaper, then the highest price. I don't think it will have this price anymore at any time. It was way overvalued. Like now it's, ah, way under value One ledger. It's also hyped and shielded this one on Twitter. Look, we went up. Oh, she hurt, uh, 0.3 to 0.14 Free x It's afraid. X from June June Toe September Afraid free X. It's interesting. Let's look at the the social media. Yeah, they have a wallet, I think later. One minute. Looking for business? Yeah, it's nice. You can check this out differently. Uh, this one, I think it's it's expensive right now because, um, it started from $1 Kildow governors, and now it's, ah, 41 times more. Looking at their website, I couldn't understand why it doesn't have the the bearing with $1. So why it's so expensive because of the circulating surprise floor? I don't know, but you can also look at this at the circulating supply and when the team will decide toe cell. The price will go a lot lower than then. What is? What is it right now? Somebody told me about it when it was 30 years. The told me to buy it. Like, hear, Hear. Exactly! Here and the my mistakes. My mistake. I have a lot now. I think it's too late. I think I'm not sure, right. I only think this, but I'm not sure Foraging Trail tracked origins of the off brother. We power within energy. It was a lot more expensive that it is right now, but I won't touch it. Air swab. Also present on buying a house Has it was a lot more expensive. Has some upside potential. Hello. Yes, I go toe all time high. So these tokens have 50 times her 5100 or 50 times a cheaper than the original price do de de all time high. This is also talking a pump and dump talking on my nose Bolt can have ah one upside potential. Yes, it's very shield also. And the recommended on my on Twitter This could have been its bottom here and now it has Ah reverse trend. Yes, From the dancer down Trento the UPS trend. It's interesting this I think I will buy this at some point. It it has some potential. Yes, I know most off these ones. I've checked them in time, but ah, there were big disappointments, you know, looking at the actual price right now. That's why if we will have another all queen a rally, these market caps will be then or 50 x x from here. Ok, now let's look at the 600 to 700. Position ranked on Queen Marcus. Cap Kid, you would have Well, we'll see even less Hawkins that you can talk about. One of them is the Imex chair C m xy a Maxim machine exchange token. This I really think it can have on upside potential machine to machine, uh, exchange off the data. They say there are the future off ust over internet of things, and that's interesting. It's interesting toe by right now, there are not on many exchanges. Who are B is the most important one from this one home business. It's have the price of the i c e o. So I wouldn't bother toe by something a Thais your price right now. Nothing. Okay, I think this is them. The most important. Open from 600 to 700. Um, there are a lot of useless coins here. This is an exchange talking. I I don't really trust this exchange. I think it's ah, Russian exchange export. Ambrose is interesting. They're working with the European Commission. You can find it on buying us too. So this one is, uh it's a promising project for this market cap. I think it works, or or or the risk associated with were by because, ah, in May. So the big was in January, like all the Tobins. But in May, it had also the price off 84 sands, and now it's once and and 1/2 so a 50 x fifties is doable. Now, maybe a 10 X in the best case scenario over Ambrose A 10 X, I think I don't know. It's not the financial advice. You must do your own research before investing in crypto chorus. But these are my opinions boat, the market spunk. You know what this is? Can take it off. This is interesting. This token e a. So, um, you can find in tone Hopi and have the, uh, I want interview. That's your social media. They also have a social media account, but I don't know why. It's it's not here you can find in tone will be especially. And, uh, I think this one also has an upside potential. I looked also what they're telegram. They have also ah, telegram China and, uh, they have a little venture capitals that invested in in this token. That's why I paid attention to it. It's let's look at some events. If they have some events here. No, it seems you can check this out. Also, T food. It's ah, tracking Blockchain device for fooled. They have some partnerships and yeah, also has a news case. Uh, this talking is ah is used even though the the market cap is ah is that low? Like two meals, it also has some potential. Oh, this winding tree. It is also talking which is used by by the real world but is only for institutions. So their partners partners are it here They're waves. Air New Zealand, uh, Nordic choice hotels simply No. Yes, we Air Canada, Lufthansa and they all bought. The CEO said that they all bought this one in order to work. Um, with the with their winding teal three solutions. They all bought the token from decks from the decks exchange because it's only on the idex , which is a decentralized exchange. Can find it on only here. I'm not sure why you can find it. Only here, but, uh, it has a use case, but this use cases for yes, the two shells or commercialised portions especially. Well, it went. It went up a lot from the last time I checked. Let's look at the a weekly chart. Yeah, it was when I looked at it, it was around tour three here. It was here somewhere. And now look. The seven toffs. Ah, August. The price was this and it it doubled in doubled. Well, if we will see this one, Wanna be good Exchange? This is very exclusive here. So people you really don't buy from these decks is high taxes hold the market kept his only two million here at this price, which is higher than then the price that I've seen it when I should have brought it here. Okay, it doesn't matter, but this is an interesting talking to watch. Maybe in the future. Maybe now, I don't know. Maybe towards on investment. And the last the last page will be from next 100 from 700 to 800 ranked. So here, here you have. Ah, the less importance Dawkins, Let's say because, uh, they failed somehow toe give something that the people expected because it is very hard to have only $1 million market cap like Cova. Let's say Khobar was a project that convince the people For a while, Danny dropped massively like that dropped massively a 10 x drop, almost 10 extra. And if you look at it, it's about data. It's about privacy. They data privacy. I think they have a problem. They post formed their main int, the first main in Have some investment investors you should look or so when you search for talking toe the investors if they have big fun funds, venture capitals. But in the end they fail that I don't know if it will go up. Maybe maybe it was Ah, disappointment. Let's say for me because the team is from ah famous university. I don't know if it's Samford University mature. Expend coin. This has, ah huge upside potential this is Ah, arrival off M c o for morna coin krypton dot com So, the highest price Thais price was wrong. I remember $1 or $1 1/2. And now it's minus 93% from from, uh, from the price from the ice. Your price. If we look at tits, this he is he here? So here the available supplies updated and, uh, here is not so the market kept here is 1.7 million. Because of the update, the available supply update is a whole. How do you determine the market cap? You know, you multiply the price by the available supply and you'll find the market camp here. So the token is ranked here, Not here. So this is, ah, wrong cranking. But nevertheless, they have an interesting website. They give up, they give card, real time, decentralized payments. They give you a card here we will find the card. Look at at the merchant note for a match in old, you should have 500,000 tokens. And now the price is not that expense. Here it's Look, if we go, let's say hold here. The highest was $1 in 70 six sense, and now it's less than one cent. Ah, third of once. So if we divide, this is more than 200 x cheaper, and you can run a merchant old with only 500,000 that it's a wrong I don't know, $1000 and we're five million. You can have a financial node. That process is settlements and the earn rewards. Okay, this is the token which powers the ecosystem. And, uh, this is the car. They have free type off cards. Let's look at the cars of the black card gives you. If you put aside 250,000 it spent tokens, they give you, um, 6% back on card rewards. That's impressive, you know, to have 6% back on all your BIS. That's very interesting. And to have it, you must block for six months a certain amount off spent, which that certain amount is around the the equivalent off 700 dollars, which is not much if we look if we go toe krypto dot com, where you have also cards. But the price the price is man is too high for for a 5% reward. There you had, uh, 6% reward. You must You must put aside 50,000 Dame CEO. And if we look at the EMC Oh, price, its 3.2 years. Come on, man. You must you must, uh, steak. 150 $100,000 toe. Have this card. That's not why shouldn't I buy this card, which you can also order in the United States or Canada or even Europe? This is ah, talking to consider, in my opinion, let's look, it was when the charts from the chart indicates by possibilities recommendation. Bye bye bye. And those hole in the event Let's look for for some event, they have across ledger maintenance, spoken, swamping. Looked in university. Bet that's interesting. I think you should definitely take this token out to see if it towards for you. I don't think another. Okay. And now let's see if we have another coin. Watch another pump and dump. Aronne will be exchange, which was around 700 on coin market. Cap is a GCC engine. It is one Ah, it is not too ranked anymore, but it has some nice pump and dumps. If you catch the palm and then sale and by the deep you can end up with a lot of money. I think it might be a good buy. This one. Let's look at it for me and, you know, tomato industry first Jane. They also apart from their own. So the Mobi Consortium. So there are colleagues, colleagues. We've B M W. Bush, four Toyota and then the last one who retain all the serious project. You see all the serious projects here, Bengals Hope Engine. So that's why I think that engine Kim can do something they don't have. Ah, they didn't release too many information. They have a telegram channel. You should check the the telegram. But, uh, maybe war worth a try because this cheap is dirty cheap, and it has the best pumpin dems from 5 400 I wanted to buy it here, but I haven't bought it. I voted somewhere here and did this pomp and then sold it, and I was glad because it went even lower. But when it went that lower here, it was way, way oversold. I haven't bought it because I invested in something else, but I thought about it and look from 400 Satoshi. It went toe pool 1005 hundreds. So it made us say six x would have bean a good idea to buy it. Yes. And even that 600 here double. Now I'm going to wait for a pullback and try to buy it one more time. I know it's a pump and dump and maybe a scam coin, but I, uh I like this pump and dumps over this coin. Look, Hobie, is the mother off pumping jams here? The the rial. All coin market happens every day or this. Look, you can find these tokens on the larger exchange. No. Oh, my God. This one went to law to know it's time to buy. Can see the bio here. That's ah, if they don't make, uh and exits camp because the volume is catching up and usually with this type of volume, price follows volume and it will go up also. But if it's, uh, exits count, then the price will go down zero close to zero quite to zero cloak from 871 2 9000 is more than 10. X is 40 Next. Maybe I don't but politics, so I will leave you with this information. I hope you enjoy it. And now you should have some amazing trade to share, I suppose. 11. Trading crypto bot with real working strategies explained: Hello, guys. In this week over going to talk about a crypto bought that can make you profit while you sleep. And this Israel. I had this experience and I'm using it for two years now. It's gun bought. This is the name off the program or the bought. I bought it from this website crypto, but they have ah lot of resellers about it from here because the price was was fine. Usually is the same on all the website. I didn't took the ultimate package, but ah took this one and, um also ended. Ah, back testing Adan creating green the trading view add on, which is very important. It is very easy to use, but you must understand the strategies of off this bought because you control the book. If you don't go for the automated, the strategy that the boat has, then you controlled about you. You tell the but using what strategy to buy and sell Kryptos. So the advantages off this book is ah, is that it's, uh, one time one time payment. It's a lifetime payment. It has support. Yes, I also one needed support to activate it. Now it's easy. Easier than two years ago when I first installed it. You just don't load and unzip the latest version. This one here at the get hub Gunter the Nero, the san um, you're just based into your browser. Here, his local host create a passport than Logan configure settings and that be keys. You can find your epic ease in the exchange. You should not, uh, send the epic case toe a strange person. Be careful then I did your trading set up and click start bottle so it's It's very easy now . It's very easy to use and you will see, but you must understand its strategies. So before going to the strategies and ah, how to use it, let's look at the gum. But Wiki So, um, because the version of 13 focuses on back fix here fixes it. Has some boxes, have some bugs? Indeed, it is not the forex book, you know, it's not that expense event that sophisticated and running on fast machines. Now it can run on your left upon every PC, you know, but usually does. The work doesn't have Whoa, a big delay and does the worker properly. You will see okay after per chasing the gunboat from the resellers. We are going toe. Look at the system. Require months. There are not that too. Okay. Escalation and set up how to install it on windows. It's very easy. They have also videos on how to install it. Then, um we'll have preferences change in license. What is the most important thing about the gun? But are the strategies that you are using the trading methods? So here are all the matters explained There is ah page for each one off them. I will now go to the interface. This is the interface. This is the strategy configuration. Er and I will also tell you which is the best strategy for me at the end. I will tell you what is the best strategy that that I use. So you can also make your own strategy with your own name. We've ah by method different by the cell Mecca and I will give you one that really works. You will see. Okay. Where was away? Okay. Disarmed the strategies. Yes. Protections. Regular strategies. This is the 1st 1 I don't use this one. Let's look at some more strategies. They also explain where they put the buy order and when they put the sell order, depending on the strategy. So, uh, what I find best is, um, boil injure bands for by, like this one and step gain for selling kryptos. So the boil injured bands. Why? Because, as I told you in the trading view tutorial, when the price exits the boil, injure bank, the boat will put their A by order. And if you use also Bollinger bands for sales when, um the price will exit that Bollinger band, you will also have, ah, sell off the token. That means that the it will buy when it's highly oversold, and it will sell when it's highly overbook. It's hard toe be wrong with boiled injure bands, I found. I found I find it like the best strategy for buy and sell at this moment, but especially for buying for buying Bollinger bands, it's the best strategy. The the cell strategy that I have. Ah, that I find most interesting is, ah, the step gain because this one allows you who to be sure at the Prophet because it uses free levels off profit. So using this strategy, it is very likely that you don't miss a pump in the because, um, it will also stay there and, uh, keep your profits during the bump because it will enter the level three off gaining. And you have here the the explanation off the levels step gain. Say cell level selling prices rises above level one and the trail reverser reverses or price hits level toe that happens with level two and level free. And, uh, you can define the levels, the percentages that ah, you want, uh, tohave profit for every level. Like, uh, let's make this strategy that's called it like that Buying mattered, I would say Boyle injure bands and selling bettered. I will put step gain. I will add it. Yes. And, uh, let's look a little bit of the the bi level look at, uh, Bollinger bands. The bi level the cell balance trading fees you can personalize. What are the trading fees off the exchange that you use? The finance, for example, has 0.15 and even lower. If you use their token for paying fees a trading limit. You have explanations for everything that is in right here. Be careful off the period because, uh, this period is, um is this one? So don't use 15 minutes my opinion, because you'll have a lot off signals and most off them will be misleading. And this is, ah, too short strategy that you can make a profit from. I think that one hour to four hours can work best we've gone, but also, um, the lower cost average reversal trading crown me by and for margin margin trading also step gain and you define the the game that you want in percentages. After it will go higher, you will go to the next level of gain and using the strategy your secure again, you know, And, uh, this is 70%. Let's say it. Let's see, um, you will encounter a palm. Then if you make 70% you will be sure that the boat will take you the prophet, which is ah, amazing that you were sleeping and the bought made you this profit. After you, you set up the the robot, you save changes and then at the trading pear. So, um let's But it is he it told when um, you use us DT pairs? That's ah, the only case where you put us DT first and not Bitcoin. Just be careful because it won't trigger the the buyer sells if you put BTC first and us DT after my nose, I haven't configured the the newer A p I keys or vinyls and select the strategy. This is your strategy and and starboard core haven't selected the exchange. Okay, so, um, these are my strategies using the but I hope there are also useful for you. I've missed some pumps, great palms, because I used another strategies and I found that using boil injure bands for by and stepped gained for cell It's the best. Uh, um gunboat strategy, something that the worth mentioning is that they also have on automated the buy and sell called emotionless. These medium or fast indicates the speed that the bottle will do the transaction. I've also used it Ah, on fast and, uh that it can make some trades that one make you profit and ah, you will get the stock deliver that talking because it wasn't wise enough toe to sell it in time or the token didn't have enough for liquidity. So So when somebody made ah market sell didn't regal also yourself and you get with talking that you don't really need So on advice for you would be to set this book. We've trades that you are really convenient. Toe have those tokens for a little longer period of time because there are times when the boat gets wrong. But the boat gets wrong. When uses short time frames like three minutes 15 minutes five minutes. One minute. Don't Don't use this time friends, please. And don't use emotionless fast use medium or emotionless, just toe to show you what How emotional is does the by and cells Isn't this one Buys here sells here by see ourselves here and um even though it would benefit if it if it solves here, he won't do this strategy here will do small by and cells in orderto make you a small profit than that. If sell order gained 0.6% it will give you a small profit. But when there is not enough liquidity, you can get stucked with a token that you don't want eventually. So be careful. Be careful. Let's look at the the other strategies how it makes the strategies you will have here all the seen in the picture, all the strategies that the board has. I also used the Itchy Moco, but it's very, very complicated. Let's say, um so usually Bollinger bands and step gain do the work, do the work. You won't have a better entry than the Bollinger plant, I think. Okay, so that was the gumbo tutorial. I hope you will also use it and make a ton off profit with it. Have a nice day. 12. Where to buy Bitcoin with card, Paypal or cash on secure platforms in 2019 and 2020: Hello ripped off friends. I hope you're all doing amazing today in this video we'll talk about how to buy Bitcoin with the smallest fees on the Internet and, um, on the most secure websites that you can enter because, you know, there were a lot of exits camps and these these websites are the most secure by far in 2000 and 19. The 1st 1 is the largest crypto exchange in Europe is checks dot io is situated in the United Kingdom here can by, um, Euro with your credit card or wire transfer. The commission's are very low and, uh, the BTC per euro is better than the BTC Perrie per USD. So you'll get more BTC when you exchange euro with the second website is Ah, ask real uh, not come here. You can transfer money for free. They say, for free, no transfers fee when you send directly to a bank account or hidden feed off his atoll year . Really? Really. You can also buy Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency on This website is very well known and together one is buying us minus ah is the largest crypto exchange in the world. There are it has a lot off coins. And, um, they also have ah no card the payments, except in 2000 and 19 it costs costs. Ah ah, A little bit more than checks dot io but is very secure. It had never been hacked before. If you're a freelancer and you want to buy Bitcoin with paper, then you have ah eat or a uterus A platform where where you can also trade the d efs. And, uh, you can buy stocks. It's a forex exchange that also has a crypto currency. Pairs to you is dollar. You can also copied traders and, ah, make a lot off profit. It's free to copy traders. I am on this platform for many years and the it's very safe is very secure. I also recommended to you another platform that you can use. His coin base is the most common Bitcoin platform. It's fees are medium considered medium Oh, there are not as low as checks the tie. Oh, but ah, you can trust going ways. It's ah really nice platform. If you had your 1st $100 deposit, you get $10 back. But you have ah medium commission fees and you will see that you won t want to benefit from those $10. Unfortunate If you want toe make it toe by toe, buy and sell the old fashioned way We've cash. I'm from Bucharest, Romania. If you want to buy with cash, you can use local Bitcoins. I also bye bye bit come from here. But especially from checks the Tai O s. Oh, these are the main websites, in my opinion that you can use in 2000 and 19 to buy Bitcoin. 13. Binance exchange tutorial: Hello, Crypto friends. I hope you have an amazing day in this video. We're going to talk about by NUS, the world's largest exchange. And, uh, on exchange that you can trust an exchange that had never been hacked before. And it's very safe. You has also good prices. And if you want toe by crypto with your credit card now is available. This is amazing. And it also has ah, launchpad for ice CEOs bt T. Baturin Token had ah 10 x ah value after the i c e o. So this is the exchange that words uh, being here. If you want to register, click here. Register. This is in this case, this is the mail. Agree with the terms of use register. Okay, now, Bonner sent us on email. Very verification. We goto our email. Here is the email. Very fine mail. Okay, Now you can begin. You click along gin. Your email. Tory ALS. Okay, long gin. Don't bother hacking this account. I won't have money on it. Okay. You must agree the safety risk, not this. I also noticed you that I'm not a financial adviser, So you must do your own due diligence before investing in crypto is a very volatile market . And although it has a lot of opportunities, is also includes risk and you can lose money. The song I strongly recommend you to enable toe factory identification. I also have this one Google identification. So after you download on your iPhone or Andre um, Google identification app. Then you scan these bar cold. I recommend you scanning it onto devices. If you lose one off them, it is good to have a backup. You also have a backup key. This is my backup key. And here you can enable Google out identification after you downloaded, then went so the steps here. Okay, we will skip it and see our profile. This is our account, Skip. For now, this is an epic E When you want toe or with a robot. Let's say we have also has a misidentification if you want. Now you are in level one. Your account is not confirmed by any documents. You can pray toe Bitcoins. If you are confirmed, you can they very fire data. You can withdraw 100 btc. Okay, this is your value. Que have or the kryptos that the exchange has there are a lot You can check by now. This one going market Cap my nose. Okay. There are threading a lot and they have 448 coins in total. This is huge. Okay, so, um, after that you have You're founds. Yes. Balances deposit, withdraw Borders if you have open orders support in, um, the supports link. You can see the recent activity. Latest news, new lease things, pairs and those. So what's new on launch pad the fetch A I I suppose some of us will get some money from this one if you buy fetch, not tie. Hey, I Okay. Now, if you go to the exchange, we sell a basic Do you have Here are but the coins. This is the BTC pairs. So the Bitcoin pairs here are the B and B minus coin bears The old coins. There was a TV room only a teary. Um, Now you can find also honors. And here are the stable coins is not only used et, it's also to us. Deep packs years they see Now, um, this is in alphabetical order. If you want, you can select by fair price change. That's a change. You will see that these coins have the most negative 24 hours. And this one had the most positive. Here is M ceo krypton dot com. I also have some m ceo. Also order the one of the cars from them Didn't arrive. Okay, so we are in m CEO now. We can select the time it Ah, there are one hour candles. Let's say we want to make a short trading then, uh, way. We're going to select the five minutes or maybe three minutes. Candles. Okay. This is the the cell wall. The individuals that are wanting to sell that want to sell This is the bible. The US war buying. Here you can see the depth. The depth is represented by the the persons who are wanting to buy and the persons wanted to sell the wall. It's ah, other similar. Let's look at some world that represents something else. These one and Commodore. Here we we see a huge a cell wall, but it has also dynamic. People are buying and selling. Usually when you see ah hugest cell while the price will go down. When you see a huge by wall, the price will go up. This seems in decided for now. Usually you can take a good prediction if you go toe volume and then select the low market cap the low volume coins. And, uh and, uh, there you can find some buy or sell worlds important buy or sell walls in order to anticipate the market. Some of them you will see some huge discrepancies at others. The world would be similar. Okay, let's say you want to buy if you want to buy, you have limit market and stop limit when you use limit, then you must set up the price. So, uh, if you said this price is this one and, uh, your by will immediately be triggered. But, um, and you want here are the percentages off the amount that you want to buy or sell If you want to buy, let's say you have on amount here. But you I don't want to buy at this price 78 so she want to buy it 71. So when do you want so 125% by storm, and you will have here your order placed when you buy market. Uh, you set up your amount and it will buy or the best prices here in the market. When you sell, it's the the exact same thing. Hey, you can check. Also, the volume is very important So that the first, uh, with the biggest volume is always Bitcoin for, followed by usually a teary, Um, the serial mom launch is ah, bull trend. So if you want to buy now, maybe it would be wiser toe wait a little bit to see if the Bitcoin would go up or down because is very undecided. I can't also decide on that. So the indicators on trading view we're good. On the four hours you had the buy and sell signals exactly where you wanted Toby, you can set up alerts and use a trading bought to buy and sell using this signals. Usually I don't go with, um with the indicators chlor than one hour, because you will have a lot of ah, buy and sell in the case house. You can see also the volume. Where is the most powerful volume? So, um, four hours. Usually I look at this and the trend is bullish right now. It was out of very strand Here Now is bullish. But until we can see a clear 4000 and 200 we're not sure that we are in. Ah, um bull trend. Let's see how it works out. Okay? It can go either. These way, it's important to have at least one Bitcoin because, uh, as you can see, there is a limited supply that are only ah, 17 millions bit kinds secretly circulating supply. Maybe the amount is less because some off them were. Ah, gone forever destroyed in some hard disks. So if the billionaires off the millionaires off the world ah, around the for 34 millions And if everybody would want Ah, everyone's damn what would want a Bitcoin they couldn't afford toe have it because only half of them could have won if everybody kept his Bitcoin in the wallet. Okay, It was the tutorial for today. I hope you enjoy 14. exchange tutorial. Real buy examples: Hello, Crypto friends. I hope everyone is doing amazing today in this video, I'll talk about an exchange that I frequently use because, um, it has low commission fees and it's also the pair euro BTC is, uh it's very good. In my opinion, I live in the European Union. You should check it out because, um is the largest exchange in the in Europe is situated in the United Kingdom, and, um, you can buy and sell Bitcoin and some wild coins. It was never bean hacked before, so I think you can trust this. Ah, this exchange you can register here. Your email past world must accept the terms and conditions. You're not the robot off course, and then you click register after that, this is the interface you can buy. Sell, trade, fires, cars. You can easily buy Bitcoin with Visa and MasterCard's in MasterCard in few seconds. What you must know, he's ah, that would be better toe. Verify your profile if you verify your profile. But then, uh, you can transact Ah, a larger amount of money you can do. You can go to finance, then limits and commissions. And there who verify your address you can make um transactions off $3000 per day. Ah, you If you are very fine and 30,000 per month Otherwise ah delimited won $1000 Ah, per day and 3000 per month. If you use ah bank transfer, then the limited. It's a lot higher. 700,000 If you want to pay with your car. Visa and MasterCard are accepted at the new car. Does have my card. Visa has our national currency and MasterCard is in Europe. You can trade. You can use the pairs here. Um, the euro pair is better than DBP and also the U S. D. And, uh, you can deposit. You can deposit, uh, money ultras, euro. Let's say 1000. You must understand and agree. The commission is 2.99. So 3%. They also have sometimes 1.5% or even less usually on holidays. Ah, they have also special discounts, but not today. Ok, continue. Just this card here. I must put the code on the back off the card, the pause it. Okay. Then you'll have the password on your cell phone. I recommend you do this Toby. More safe. Okay, Clicks meat close. And your money are here. I can also You can also do this deposit with your national currency card. You click your currency. Our shoes euro one more timeless has put 300. Now continue. This is ah in our national currency. So they will make well. The bank will make the conversion. It's not bad. I've check in before it's a good conversion rate to euro. We live in the European Union. Then you click deposit. You have exceeded your day. Your daily transaction. You Ah, daily limit is two 1000 euro. Okay, I will deposit tomorrow. You click close. Then let's say you want to buy Bitcoin. You choose this pair. This is the by wall people that are wanting to buy This is the seller people that are wanting to sell the cell. Elise is higher but is higher only at the the prices on bigger prices but lower prices. The by war, it's it's higher. So, um, here is your amount. Ah, you can select the price. It's select is one. You're amount this price and for this price you can buy the Montel to buy is zero point 58 Ah, 58. Uh, BTC. So, um, if you watch the buy and sell wall, here are people wanting to buy the buy orders. The sell orders. Here is somebody who wants to buy 67 1000 your oars off Bitcoin Then, um, if you see such a big by war, and then you must put Ah, I must put your my btc order in front off this huge guys. And so, like this one and then click your entire balance. And that's a place. Horner que place Horner. It is your order. If you don't want to do this with Van, who gets 135,000? A lot of money. 112,000. If you don't want to do this than you click, cancel and you want to set your own price. Let's say you want toe to buy. If it goes, uh, toe 2000 and 300 then you will have 0.6 BTC. You place your order, okay? And your order will be would be here. You can see it here. Okay, You can then close and, uh, hope you would buy in this price. Okay, Castle, Because If you look on trading view, let's say the four hour chart you've seen already. Two bombs. The 1st 1 waas 11% on a single day. Here is a bull flag. We will also have technical analysis. A bull flag we expected after this consolidation toe go up. But it seems that it went up too much. Maybe you. You see also dumb descending triangles, which are bullish signs. I made some longs on Beat Max because of that they work very well. If you go to the fear 30 minutes chart, you're going toe to see a sell recommendation. But also at 40 minutes, the our sides, it's looking that can change it. Course maybe. I'm not sure. Let's see it on at least one hour. It can change, but it's very risky to buy right now. On the four hour in the four hour, it doesn't look that good. It's overbought, but in my opinion, you should. You should definitely wait. Also, I'm not the financial advisor. You must make your own due diligence and your own research before buying and selling Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Because this market is very volatile, it's very risky, and you can lose money if you're not. Ah, good. Uh, let's say ignition. You're not that good. In technical analysis, I recommend you trading view. You can set up your own algorithms. You can make your own profile. Bollinger bands Ari Sigh mag the itchy Moco cloud. And, uh, it seems like, uh, retracement is possible now. So I'm going toe wait before buying Bitcoin You can also make leverage straightening here on Big Macs, But we have a profitable day and soon in the next one. 15. How to send Bitcoins from one exchange to another with real example: Hello, Crypto friends. I hope you'll have an amazing day in this video. We're going to talk about how to transfer founds from an exchange to another. In this example, we're going to use checks that I all the place where I buy in Bitcoin were using card and we're going toe send Bitcoin to minus two. The largest exchange with the most tall coins vinyls dot com So this is our amount here. We can buy and sell using this, uh, the market orders here, but we don't want that. So, um, we're going to trade. We want to benefit from a better price toe tryto make the price. So in order to do that, we're going to check the this by wall, which is quite low. Let's say, in the cell war, which is high, this means that usually the price will will go. We'll go down because there are not too many people who are wanting to buy become right now . And there are a lot who are wanting to sell it. If you were using trading view, we can see in the 15 minutes there are aside that it seems overbought so it could go down But for the sake of his video, I'll try toe to buy quick. And, um this is my amount here. Yes, the euro balance I sent to the entire amount. I click it and I send the entire amount. And this is the price for BTC. So I could the price per btc. I can also modify the price for BTC. Let's say toe have ah bigger one after two here and click once again The the the amount Yes , and place my order. Yes, this is correct. Place my order and I see my order here. It seems like there is a competitive robot that the ones Ah, it s on my transaction. He put his amount You will pre sense higher than mine in orderto be bought by the one who by a person who wants to sell We can see that there are people who want to buy for large amount of money. But also people wanting toe cell to cell bit going. Okay, this is the total btc available and you're available. Oh, it's, uh, more than half a 1,000,000. It's not too much foreign exchange. It's ok by NUS has more. Yes, but this is the largest exchange. So it's normal. I also look at the trend using and beat Max. I hope you are using it to it is a downtrend. As we see the cell wall, it's higher. So I think we're going toe to be bought by somebody. Um remember that this is not trading advice. Do your own due diligence before investing in crypto because the market is very volatile and you can lose money. I'm not the financial advisor. There are also risk involved here what you can also benefit from Hi hi volatile market. So high volatility means more money than using Ah de Toro and, uh, Forex Trading New York Stock Exchange Forex trading. Okay, let's wait a little bit. Let's look out the market. It seems to go down. I can lower the price. Also, I can cancel it. Yes, and lower the price place horned. Okay, It's not the huge difference for the sake of the example, I suppose. I suppose I can also buy so using this price, but, uh, being ah long trend here it's better toe it little by lower and get bought rather than, um, you by what they are giving you here. Oh, okay. Meanwhile, we're going toe toe. See our BTC? Bella's in violence. In order to deposit the amount we have recently deposit another amount which he, um we're transforming to us. DT, we're going toe right here. BTC Oh, coin one quick hide because we hided the small balances. Okay, well, we see BTC here we click deposit and we will see an address here. We copy the address, See? And then And 10 we wait. We wait even more. He is a Here is our by order. Let's see the grand it It's a down trend. Still, the Big Macs signal are goodbye. If you are using trading view, this is very useful. Let's put the 13 minutes 30 minutes. Um Guindos You see that it Ah, the indicators recommended by exactly here and then to sell. And this difference from here to here If you had the long gone bit, max Oh, on 100 decks long on wheat Max on Bitcoin. I would have brought to you, um six time, six times your amount. I'll also have Ah, big next tutorial soon, right. And, uh, in the downtrend, we need to wind down from here to here, you would have 9%. 10%. 10%. You would have main 10 times. Uh, the amount that you put in. So for Ah, let's say $500 you would have Ah, 5000 back. It is very interesting. You could definitely check it out. Okay. For the sink off this example, I will erase my my price in order not to stay that much time. Here. Let's place the price here. And, uh, about about should, uh, should sell us to Bitcoin into this price. May me. Maybe not. Let's try a higher price. That's a 25 click the amount. Place, order. Place 29 2025. This is our order. Can cancel it for here, but we don't want that. So we want to buy in order to sell. Let's see. So you take some time? Maybe if you try, I am Christ, that saved 27. Okay. Placeholder place. If you don't want toe by market, your order has been completed. Somebody s oldest Bitcoin. So, uh, now we go toe finals to see our money. Um e t c withdraw. We want to withdraw this amount. Co much been going we want to withdraw. All. Okay, They take us 0.5 c. We copy once again. The address because we call it something else. You're before trying the the amount. Okay, this is the address I have double check. 12 g a 12 g a. Okay. And click. Windrow, you should. Is that also the Google authenticator? Pass the two step out identification okay. Now will be processed. After you click on the link on your email, we could confirm and we're waiting. Let's see. Also, how much time do we need to spend in order for the Bitcoin to transfer from checks Toe Bynum's from one exchange to another? This is the history. The transaction that I have completed the earlier It's important to send only btc to deserve dress because sending any other coin or talking may result in the loss of your deposit. It's very dangerous. So pay attention. When you do this, it takes some time. Remember that one year or a few years ago to send Bitcoin was ah, it took the lock. But in our days, it doesn't take that much time. We will see on the clock here. How much time it takes tow to send bit going from one place to another. Told the trend is changing can also Ciel or law here in the lower high on the This is the 30 minute chart. We don't have yet any indicator If we go toe 15 minutes, we have by signals here. So we had this signals where the trend began toe to change. To see the bigger picture, we go to the four hour or even the day and, uh, is the bigger picture. It's interesting. The bigger picture also recommended us to buy here and sell here. Yeah, we had the nice recommendations. You can also, um, everyone, um, trending trading view account. It is free if you go for, um a paid one. It wars fit. In my opinion, this is a paid one. You also have Ah, the signals. You can also have some ah paid signals and the the volume indicators. So if we go to the four hour and sees in search for some support, we will see that the first support will be around 3600 44 and the higher one would be here . But ah, 3000 and around 600. We can expect toe, go sideways a little bit and then drop here and afterwards. Climb up. We don't know this. We're not sure. We must check also the the volume. So it's possible to have something like this test a 10 once more. Ok, meanwhile, the money and transferred at a sour here they arrived. 16. Etoro tutorial for buy and sell crypto and stocks: Hello, Crypto friends. I hope you'll have an amazing day in this video. We're going to talk about an interesting platform that I also use called it or oh, here you can buy beside Kryptos. You can also buy E d f stocks, indices, commodities and currencies. Ah, you can buy longs or shorts and you can also do leverage trading. The interface is very friendly. Ah, you confined around 500 stocks that you can invest in. And beside that You can also copy traders. Okay, if you click log in Suzanne, it will send you on a page when you set up your user name or if you want to stay signing, you can sign in from here. I have an account right here. So let's see the interface you can set up on watch least for sure. I am watching Bitcoin material. Maple Google, Facebook. Amazon has MP 500 now, as luck and many others for the moment, I don't have a portfolio on these website. You have also news fees, trading markets, trade market. You can see the crypto market. You don't have a lot off coins, but you have the most important one 14 off them. You can find here D efs also stocks maybe want to buy Tesla. Was he on your stock exchange? When they have here? There are 500 stocks here, but you can buy and sell. There are a lot off stocks in This is Don Jones, NASDAQ S and P quantities. Any of the the crisis will come Then you could buy gold, you know, because this is ah, commodity that usually goes up when the stock markets go down. Also, you have currencies here. You can but ah, the euro against the USD. I don't know. Let's say when the people are saying your 0.79 of investors invest in euro is theseventies one off them have by position. So they are buying the decrease of ah minus 2.76 from last day trading. If Donald Trump wants to depreciate the dollar, maybe you should buy euro. You want to depreciate the dollar in orderto have more to sell more Toby in competition with China so you could consider buying euro because it will be some sort of a difference for the euro in favor of euro against the USD and what you can do here also is, let's say by S and P 500 isn't the 500 are 500 companies. We have 20% leverage. You can take profit at $100 stop close at 100. But you can also raise this amount. Okay, 2000. This is the maximum in which you can. This is Ah by position or a sell position. Let's see. So this is a by position now deposit now in orderto ah by S and P 500. But ah, if the crisis will come, you should probably buy gold, not to simply 500. Isn't this the historic off smp index? So it went up a lot is indeed overboard. You can see here the crisis from 2000 and eight, 2000 and seven, 2000 and eight in which he recovered only in 2000 and 13. But if you watch gold on this time, we're going to see that from 2000 and seven till 2000 and 13 when when, um smp recovered it went up a lot. Let's see, 2000 and seven. So it went up. How much? 174%. 75%. It's a lot off gain. And this time SMP And this fall Oh, from here se I I can't see to Well, I suppose here. No, he went down even more so from here. Some place here went down 126 for sale. Could be. Could be this much, but it recovered. And the now and his amazing bull Ron people, if ah, a crisis should come, then the markets will go down. I locked so it could be the time to buy gold, which I told you that goes up in crisis time here. Yeah, Yeah, he went up 195%. That's amazing. So, um, if you decide toe to use he total You can definitely look at this. This trade market you can find test now here. Look on the chart on the prices in time. Amazon off course. Go trade. Amazon can also use leverage If you want to lose their use a higher leverage. You must be a registered pro member. I am not okay. You can also copy people. Let's see. You can see the return in the last 12 months. You can also see the last seven days. Look at this guy. Scoping by, um, 776. People look at this guy. You can view all thrown high. Well, he's very copies. Can't see this. 2000 people are copying him is ah, very successful trader. It trades copper in Germany. 30. Improper real there, um, 30 companies from Germany. Best companies. Okay, it does a lot off profit. This is his portfolio. And usually the traders are seeing How much money do you need? Tohave in orderto cope betrayed him? Because if you have a few $100 is not enough, you must have so thousands or tens of $1000. Okay, He's from Thailand If you want to deposit money him, I think the deposit bottom bottom say $117. People said meat I have registered than PayPal. Account here. - Let's take it Takes fuel seconds. Toby in your account. Okay. Now you have the money. In my opinion, would be interesting to buy gold with this money. Let's see it. Also on, uh, one hour chart. He went up a lot. It was a smell off crisis in September last year. You can see this here. Hook from August till now was the difference. So let's say you, you would catch the bottom is 15% and you can also multiply with your leverage trading that you're using. That's a nice profit in gold. The crisis is about to come. It would be interesting to buy gold, have gold stock. That's a let's searching old no trade. Let's use 20% leverage. Hopefully, it will go up. We're in a BIS own is profit one, the one be enough. So, um, I put this one to be satisfied with this type of profit. This is the maximum profit that they are low allowing and the stop loss is at half of your mouth. Oh, for money. Okay. Told by or in there the leverage and open trade. Okay, close now, gold is in your portfolio. You can see that because you've bought at the market price. The prophet is a little bit in minors. You can see here your total equity got a lot located and available amount. Oh, money. You can go in a watch list, see how other stocks are doing. You can also go to cryptocurrencies trade markets. You can go at crypto and buy and sell coins. They have also been us going seems to have a bright future, in my opinion. But this is not financial advice. He must be around the diligence. I'm not responsible for your trades. Hopefully, you're going to do successful trades. I don't make financial advice and not financial advisor. These are only my opinions. You must be around the diligence. Let's see a little with, uh, on trading veal. How gold is on the 30 minutes chart. Okay, when the IRA size seems that it will go up. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any indicator that, uh, tell me that it will go up if we go toe feared to the 50 minute. We have the indicator of buying, but ah, also the are size seems overbought. Then he should definitely go down. Okay, But overall, I hope that gold will go up as the market the stock market enter crisis. This is ah, riel possibility. Unfortunately. Okay. I hope you have a profitable day. See you So 17. Kucoin exchange tutorial with KCS dividends bonus calculator: cloak ripped off friends. I hope you all doing amazing today in this video we're going to talk about coin. Coin is an exchange that hasn't a lot of volume. But here you can find some coins that usually go afterwards in by Nance or Beatrix or Warby or other ah, big exchanges. So it's good to have a toe to set up on account. Here, you can sign up with their email will get a cold. Ah, you're Sandy. Then you're on the exchange. I don't actually do rating here because of the bear market. It was a coin that I bought here because I found it only here and this Waas Tomoe chain. Let's look a little bit of a coin so they don't have a lot of volume, as you see, but they have some interesting coins, you know, in including tomorrow chain. Let's look a little bit no more chain. He's up 4%. It's in the top 100. When I bought it, it was in December. Now it's three times more, but I sold it on the way up. I made a small profit here. I didn't realize that it is going toe until the roof. But ah is going copper in the poor until the 100 100 coins. The most efficient Blockchain for talking economy. Interesting. So another coin was capacity. Now capacity is a shit coin. It's a little up, but ah, I think I was interested in it here somewhere. I know that the beginning it was half a dollar almost half a dollar. And now is ah, more than 100 times less. So this is the definition of a shit coin. In my opinion, they also have products pricing platform. But who cares? Never mind. You can find some interesting projects here. Steel exile. It's one off those incredible projects. In my opinion, it has a collaboration with Appendix, I think, Let's see the markets. So these are the markets with communitarian cocoa in shares, they have ah, coin off The exchange called coin shares like finance has BNB. And if you have ah clients, you'll get part of the shares of the commission's off the exchange. We'll see who going shares. Waas Ah, very appreciated is ranked 81 on Queen Market cap. It was $19 $20 in January and the bull market and now is 1/2 a dollar is 40 time cheaper. It has a nice of all you and a nice going market cap market cap. I'm not the financial advise. Hey, don't tell you what to buy and what not to buy. This are only my consideration about the market. I'm not responsible for your buys and sells. Okay, that's it about, um, going sheriff's Let's go to the exchange. Here you have the market. Let's elect a market. I suppose this is CIA coin the BTC Mark Paul is also on a new interesting project. It has some potential. Okay, here's the cell wall. The price is off. The people who are selling this is the by all the prices off the people who are buying if you want to buy, let's say will put this price here and select the percentage off the amount of Bitcoin that you have in order to buy the coin and then by we don't have any Bitcoin left so we can buy . But ah you understand the idea. This is the Here are the recent trades. Other things to know Here are your assets, your main account and trading account. They have to account in your main account, you have all the tokens from here. You can transfer them, so the to the trading account. Then you go to the trading account, and here you can. Here you can and go to the exchange and trade the asset from the trading account. So the main account is like your wallet, in which you can place the coin safely, and after that you go with your asset in your training account, and this would be on the exchange where you can traded from for other talking's. They have a lot off promo promotions, usually a lot of campaigns. That's nice about the coup coin market. Also, they have news with new project Less thing. Overall, it's a nice exchange, but don't keep the Don't keep your coins in this exchange. It's not the big exchange 18. Local Bitcoins tutorial: her crypt of friends. I hope you're have an amazing day today. We're going toe talk about local Bitcoins and how to buy and sell with cash near your location. Okay, this is the website is used by a lot off people. Even though the volume is not on coin market cap, it is very useful. Ah, you log in from here off course, You sign up for free and I have already signed up. But this is the interface. This is the dashboard. You can also make five Advertisement by Bitcoin Selby's Bitcoins post The trade forms help . Let's say we want to buy and I'm from Romania. But for example you we will use another country of bigger one Germany que all online off her search you want to buy with euro? And these are the guys who are selling our haven't online off Worse the price is this one less competitor? We've checks the tie you The price is very similar. Quite the same prices, uh, bigger in vine us. Even though it's the biggest exchange and the most trusted. If you buy with credit card, you have some commissions. What is important to know about these things. Here are the limits. For example, this guy only sells at most 221 euro. You don't have ah, lot off it goes to sell. Except this one which sells it for 3550. Uh huh. This is 100 euro more than the normal plot price. Okay, but, um, he's one, for example, Has ah more than 20,000 transactions made Already. You can buy with 100% confidence from him. That's good by to see what happens, Kate has an automatic release or funds or singer contact Off sale This is the price is from Portugal and it has a payment window off two hours from the time that you place the border that see if you want to sell Bitcoins I want to sell Bitcoins Let's choose another country issues United States. The view is D you have more traders So, uh, I am very shock to see that the price is 7800 They have also have a soul Normal prices So whether use minus and pay with card or textile Piau, if you have these prices on local Bitcoins, I don't know why there are so ridiculously expensive and the d A monk is not that large. This one, for example, has, AH, 15,000 transactions and 100% is his rating. A lot of different partners. Trust in verification very 53 years ago is a pro trader. He has a nice price. Let's say, considering that here you must pay also 3% commission fees and here all the commissions are included. Low fees, they say, 3.2 point 5%. This could be a possibility. It has also the same person has also a buy and sell. Ah, orders. It has his own the exchange. Let's say the difference is, uh, small. Between prices, I think is good. I think it's, um it's better then change the tie. Oh, and also it also better than then by now. For sure, take local bit going south to see if it's good for you if you benefit from it as a comparison. I seen we've seen that. Yes, you can benefit from some off the traders there, which which have ah better prices than bigger exchange's website. Have a nice day and ah, a profitable week 19. Skrill tutorial 1% fees for crypto: Hello, crypt or friends? I hope you'll do amazing today in this video, we're going to talk about how to buy Bitcoin using skrill dot com. This is a platform for money transfer. They say it's for free. They have low commissions. In fact, no transfers fee when you send your money directly to bank account. Okay, try the calculator to see what you'll save by sending for fear free with Skrill. That sounds incredible. You can also buy Cryptocurrency have discovered this website. But does it work? It's very simple. Exclusive offers. Okay, X is your money. Whenever you are 24 7 they have also a nap. You can register here off course. First name, email, password and the dashboard would be like this. This is the dash more. I haven't deposit here to any money. What is interesting toe tell you, is that, um they have ah bank transfer and credit card with 1% fees. This is the instant is it takes five days the manual bank transfer. But you can buy crypto. What an amazing price. In my opinion, it's less a neuro 7558. You roll if you want toe by using checks. The tie. Oh, it's 3445 This is We found her 3468. It's a little bit more, but here the fees are 3%. If we go toe finance, then least of commissions, and now we have 3% fees. So if you multiply to price in in here, 3445 with 3% let's make calculus. It's, ah, 3548. So you get, um, around 100. You're or less using Skrill and 200 is the difference using ah minus. So even though finances the largest exchange, it also has some important fees. When you want to buy Bitcoin with your credit card, compared with checks, the tie oh, and competitive screen, which is seems, uh, the best buy by now. They offer the service not not for a long time. So probably is that why they have these nice fees. They have also some Alz here. You don't have your private keys, but you don't have ah private keys in ah either the exchanges the centralized exchange, but you can order non allege arrests for treasure. So have your private keys is very important. Okay, so you deposit And just my crypto. They also have a card Prepaid MasterCards Here, have your transaction, your settings, your cases promotions are use your usually seems casinos. I don't like gambling on Lee Bitcoin gambling. Remember, this is not finally financial advice. I'm not a financial adviser. He wants do your own research. You're on the diligence. This market is very volatile and I'm not responsible for your trading. You can lose money if you don't pay attention. 20. Buy strategies and exit plan to enjoy your money: Hello, guys. In this video, we're going to talk about by strategies and exit plans because you must also plan on exit from these market. If you want to make one million or $2 million or five million, it's up to you. But you must have on exit plan. You must benefit from your investment and the not sitting there and not enjoying the money . In the end, there are free main strategies that people use. There is the long term strategy, so people are buying a token because off its fundamentals and the wait 5 10 or 20 years to take the profit a short turn investment when people are investing in waiting for a short period of time, maybe one mouth and catch up the profit. And there is also the daily trading in which you can make less or more profit, but you make it every day or most likely, every week. The long term strategy, unfortunately, was not the winning one. If we look now at the AL coins, even though, for example, singularity Net like this has huge fundamentals and utility and is well known now, it's hitting a cold time low in my opinion. It has a huge potential, but it didn't reach it as we can see. And ah, if you would invested, that's a one year ago or two years ago. In a token, most likely that token would be now worth a lot class, then the price you have bought it for One exception is this one by knows coin, for example, which went higher and higher. But you don't have too many exceptions in this list. So, um, investing for a long term in in Cryptocurrency is very, very risky. I'm not the financial advisor, but I can say that for me it worked. Better toe be a daily trader then. Ah, being a Hodler. In my opinion, the the all coins now we are which are taking a great hit are going toe face where only the best off them the utility wants the ones we've ah, impact in society will still be here one year from now. The scam ish one once will disappear and ah, we will have a clean, honest, all coin market with real utility for people. I'm curious. What are your investment strategies? But, um, my knees Ah, to buy low and sell high out coins in order to get in the end more Bitcoin because this one will remain the king off the cryptocurrencies. Have a nice day Syrian the next one. 21. Cryptocurrency wallets which one is best for your needs: Hello, guys. In this tutorial, we're going to talk about Cryptocurrency wallets. You can also store your Bitcoin into the exchange wallet, so is not necessary to have, ah, harder wallet or a desktop, all it. But it's good toe. Have one because you have your own private keys. And as you have seen in the recent history, there were a lot of exchanges that were hacked. And because of that, I recommend having a desktop, Barlett or even the hardware wallet, which is very good for you on the side. Crypto compare. You have all the wallets, all the wallets that exist now on the market, and there are 222 wallet. Some of them are easy to use somewhere off them are difficult to use. And, um, we can see these, uh, put in a new order by by ranking off ease of use, for example. Some of them are difficult. Some others are average, but most of them are easy to use. Some are for extra services. If you are interested in extra services is very important. Uh, the anonymity for some of us is also very important. It should be for all of us, But let's say we want to choose. Ah, high anonymity. Crypto wallet. A security off course. The security, I think, is the most important. The reviews ratings. So, um, which one has Ah, the most reviews and the best reviews. I'm very impressed by this. I will also tell you what crypto wallet I use. And, uh, we shall download the one on my desktop just to see how ah, easy to install, is it? You can also search he here in Ah, the filters. Because maybe you want on Ah ah ah US wallet Because you have, Ah, a knife phone and you on d I s wallet. Now, um, there are less. You confined less now. And let's say we reset this filter and another important filter is the the cryptocurrencies that the wallet that you are searching for does have Maybe maybe you have bought Let's say , let's look at these tokens. Ah, you can see a lot off tokens here who came seal monaco crypto dot com. So, for storing a c m CEO, you have only free wallets. One of them is excellence. I think it's so does Has the most is the most downloaded and has the most reviews. There are not only five stars reviews, but my experience we've the extra does wallet. Uh, it's positive. It has also a lot off coins, a lot off supported coins and and this one is very important to have a lot off coins, most off most of the tokens the wallets don't have. Ah ah, that huge amount of coins I tried toe to find why it has only a 4.2 average, maybe because it doesn't have multi signature and two factor identification. Every exchange has to fuck factory identification and is a very, very necessary this one. You will lose her carry crypto if you don't use your two factor identification, and it's because it's open sorts, but it has a lot off off coins in store. Let's go to the wallet website. Yeah, text huggers. Now this top or mobile can also use Treasure. Donald Next holders Donald for Windows. Okay, lets around the exact now installing excellence wallet. Maybe if you have a token that you want to store, the most important thing is toe to find a wallet that can store that Cryptocurrency, the very popular the store a lot off Cryptocurrencies are the treasure, your wallet and the Nano ledger. Wallace. Look, they have half half off the Cryptocurrency on the market. Yet the non alleged is one. The X is the last month thing is ah, previous model. It's also good looks like this. And, uh, it's intuitive. And is it to use? What do you have here? Also the cable for the connection? Well, this you won toe story toe properly. Also, this is ah for the recovery face you have here 25 24 24 spaces for the world's off the recovery sheet document and how to get started. Get things talked it. Good thing is in the box. I've made the harm boxing off the knowledge It okay, it's one of the most famous. Or, I think the most famous harder hardware wallet president is more expensive. It's also good, but doesn't support that that many tokens yet. But let's go black. Go back to our so our desktop wallet. So I must double click the in order tool. We stole it. Choose a passport. It seems that it has identified the fact that I also I I have ah on my computer. I already have the Exodus wallet. So, um, I want to use it anymore. Let's go with Well, it's a another famous one is Jax Jack's wallets. I'm not sure that I also have this warm installed. We will see. But they was exodus, usually the windows. This version it's downloading right now, if you do, is just for the purpose off. Showing how to install it is very intuitive. In my opinion, you should go for a hard or wallet. The advantage is that if you store your tokens on the hardware war, it and somebody stores your ledger and or your private keys, um, and the secret wards, then you will have a problem. Hey is creating the wallet. Meanwhile? Oh, it's not necessary because it's ready. So this is the wallet. It's It works also as an exchange. If you want toe exchanging Bitcoin with something else here, you can check your portfolio. What kryptos do you do? You have, And what are their value is are the markets, news, rewards and the wallets? How can you use this wallet? Is Ah by generating an address, send and receive. Let's say you have a friend that says, Ah, I will send you some Bitcoin giving your address. Then, um you should send him these address the address, which is that? Will that one that will pop here and you click copy, address address and you can paste the address. And in order for him toe to send you the amount off. If you want to send Bitcoin, then you have your amount here. And, uh here you based you based the address. So I've pasted the the the receive address that I have because it was copy and copy in the earlier. So you can send the maximum amount that you have and click sent. It's very easy and intuitive. Like a 10 years old can do it with no problem. This is a Cryptocurrency. You do have everything. Okay, That was the tutorial for today. Thank you for watching 22. ICO investing with real examples: Hello, guys. In this tutorial, we're going to talk about I CEOs investing in I CEOs is good or bad to investing in icy. Oh, the price off the initial coin offering is a good price. Or you can drop after the list things at the beginning. The price was what was a good price. And ah, it was market cap wise. But ah, lately, I would say in the last year or last two years, the prices were, ah, let's say, except exaggerated. And they wanted toe raise a lot of money for, ah, project that projects that doesn't didn't deserve that much or to make that product that they've promised. I didn't need all those money. Let's look at some famous ah I CEOs from from minus because this is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. One off them in, we tell, also participated what was fetch. Let's look not fetch now. And, uh, at the price at this price launch price, it is minus 86% from here. But ah, in the beginning, in the price. Well, let's look at the weekly got up a little bit a little bit more, and then got straight down to the obese, the crypto beast that happened not only with ah fetch dot ai, but also we've we've other tokens. Let's look in that now at seller Solar Network, which is down 82% because also it speaks. But ah, that meant that the project go were, ah, overrated and over evaluated. And they raised a lot of money for some project that have didn't deserve all those money. What is also important is to look at the circulating supply and the total supply. So, um, if the circulating supply, it's low like here. There are also a lot off project with low circulating supply and the total supply that that belongs to the investors and the team and those who who made the project possible. Those guys can unlock the tokens and, ah, make bigger the circulating supply and sell their shares. And that's why also fetched. But so as well have done this kind off drops. Yeah, I know it's disappointing. Let's look at Harmony one, this is up coupon point free person 138%. It is double the the I C o price. So this is ah one is Ah, one of the latest projects that came on the market. And, um, it came with a lower price. Then, uh, he topped here, But the 390 Satoshi and now it's Ah, 7 70 free support. Even though the CEO price was a good price, they didn't offer the lot off tokens. Um, they offer the like around 10% I suppose off the token were were offered there. Look. So so, uh, initial coin initial circulating brine 24%. And the launch pad. The by knows lunch bell had only 12% only 12%. And this is the economics off the the total supply. And when it's about toe be released, all of the circulating supply, you must know that when the team will, uh um usually, usually when the team gets locked, the the tokens they're selling their shares and the price goes down eventually. Okay, let's look also at Beatrix I CEOs 1st 1 was a mess. If you search raid the issue, it was de listed on the last day. It was very interesting. I wanted toe ah, by the first Iose be Beatrix Hiles. But they delisted it in the last day. But now let's look at very block. Which waas I think a total mess. It's minus 88% from the D I C E O, and it's still dropping. Maybe Ocean Protocol protocol does better. Only minus 9% from the I, C E o and the body TEX minus 89%. So what? That's this. Still tell us is, um that without doubt, in my opinion, you shouldn't investing in a nice eel because it's very risky. If we look at Wink is the same thing, yeah, it on. Also, it's very risky, and the price is not that that low in orderto to buy it and usually the circulating supply . It's so low. Then, um, the team will will drop some talking's on the market, and the price will fall to the crypto bees. That will happen as a prediction, in my opinion, also with the telegram talking. So the telegram talking Graham had a nice year over $3 billion and when it will go listed on the exchange's you will see what will happen. I leave you for now. Thank you for watching 23. Mining profitability calculator with mining rig examples vs day trading profit: Hello, guys. Today we're going to talk about mining versus daily trading. Cryptocurrencies Which one is best for you? Let's look at this website crypto. Compare where you can find here at mining the equipment that you need. If you have an average computer, you will see here the payback payback period. It's minus the the animal mining's these miners and the payback will be never, never. My God now but going is sitting at the 10,000 around $10,000 which is a good price compared with the January price off 300,000 and 400. And um uh, that's why being that much, you can ah, make your payback period at some equipment can make it in, let's say, 77 days or 122 days. That also depends on the costs off kill over there, our in your country and also the pool fee the pool that you will enter in orderto mind the crypto. This doesn't have too many stars. He and minor X free. Let's see the animal mining's who can make more mining's would be this one which eats prizes. Ah, 1500 and the Jigga has per second is 660 and, uh, have its money back in 122 days. It is important to know that these devices ah, who will need a space to store them and some of them make huge noise or there are noisier than you think. And, ah, because of the the fan. And we'll need the store a separate storing place other than the one where you are sleeping with your family. Also, you should try to get ah, a better price our killer over our hour because you also have the risk off getting the device broken or damaged. And, um, not get your money back. But after you get your money back, let's say you're you're getting your money back. Even though you invest in this device, let's say which has, ah, nice of payback, period. So if you invest in this one and you put it, ah, one entire year per work you will have. You will have a profit off 1000 and 500 euro $4 that that's not too much, you know, if you would try to invest this amount and make a living on daily trading if you use the indicators that I've just shown you showed you in Ah, the earlier the tutorials. I think you can have a better R a Y or return of investment, then using this device which needs a a separate place, where to store it and maybe a new rental because, uh and one it's not is not enough. So maybe you would need to buy 10 off these and ah, I have the end of the year to make $15,000. 15,000? It's not a lot, but hopefully the price off Bitcoin will go higher and you will get more money back using this one. But if the price will go lower because I am a daily trader, I make money. Even though Bitcoin is going down. Yeah, Then I put a short If I think it will go up and the indicators will say buying how Then I will make a buy and take the profit. But this one, if the price goes down in time well worth close toe 20% maybe. And ah, you won't have ah were to sell it. If let's say the price will drop significantly significantly because the people won't trust the technology, the Blockchain Bitcoin and therefore your investment will go to zero. So it's very risky in my opinion, is very risky to buy one off these. If you have a place where you're no not paying for electricity, let's say you are working in ah institution and you don't need to pay for the electricity and you can put your miners there. Maybe it would be a good idea, but otherwise toe pay the electricity looked a power costs per year at these Ah, um, cashing power and power consumption and cost per kilowatt are not less. You need the you need to consider a place where to put it. And, uh, I don't need to pay for electricity. If you want to do this, this thing if you're going to put it in your home, I know somebody that did it and broke up with his wife. So I don't recommend toe to have these miners at your home. No way do daily trading and you'll get a lot more in my a p. Something else to consider is that your payback will be in those days If you mind these coins. If you mind Bitcoin Zan The money back will come. You know, a lot more days. You know the profit will come in a lot more days than you would expect. So I consider this a high risk because I don't know if Manero will go up in price where it will stay the same. Also sick and the other currents was See a coin. So what you should consider is looking for Bitcoin and, um see the the time in which you can get your money back mining Bitcoin rather than other coins. And as you can see here, you will get your money back in more than one or two years at the current price of Bitcoin if you are trying to look to get the miners for other cryptocurrencies, for verse to mine Verge! Oh my God! First Ah, you will get your money like never know. I think some off the coins will can still go down. These mine herbal coins can still go down, in my opinion, So you're going toe to mind something else rather than Bitcoin. You can lose your investment, play safe, take care of your money and see you in the next tutorial 24. Pump and dump crypto trading groups with strategy used exposed: Hello, guys. In this tutorial, we're going to talk about pump and dump groups and why you should avoid them. Because I also was at the beginning of my career in pump and dump groups. And I regret that I thought it would be easy money, but there are not. This is Ah, frontal and practice, and I don't advise you to do this. If you do it, you will most likely 95% lose money. Be careful. You lose money. I will talk about how they they artificially inflate the price. Because not every talking that is on the market can be a pump and dump. Er I have example here. I'm not sure if it was a pump and dump a group who made this or on organic by, But it looks fishy. Let's say look at this pump. So the price was 2000 and 500 and then it pumped toe double its price. 5000 Satoshi. And there was, ah market sell for sure, because the price went even lower than the original price toe 2000 and 100 Satoshi, they choose, um, tokens that don't have too much liquidity. They need tokens without liquidity. And um look, for example, this one in orderto toe. Pump it toe toe, pump it, Let's say to another 5000 to double its price. Now it's 4000 to the double. You need only 21 Bitcoins. So if you have 21 Bitcoins a group has that amount of Bitcoins Great. You will have the price double. But what's the catch? Who sells to who? Usually there are people that are watching the market and they watched this Ah, break out and say, Oh my God, it's an important news. I must be in the this pomp The price will explode to the moon to the moon and they realize after one minute, let's say off pomp that this Waas Ah, one over their biggest mistakes in the crypto world. Also people that are not in the paid the pump and dump group. So those groups have paid membership and free membership. At the free membership, you get the signal. But after the guys who paid the membership or the bomb the coin, so you receive the information here somewhere or here and you have a few seconds to buy and then a few seconds to sell If you are lucky and because is that fast? You must Ah, they come a market order. You don't have time toe by toe. Put a limit order so we will have a market order and the price will inflate artificially. There will be people from outside the group that will join. Also, there are also people that put orders when the price is going up. There are also people that have put orders after the price. Ah, is going up thinking that this is an imminent break out. So, um, most like the, uh they will have clients for the their pump. As I said in 95 off the percent off, the time you lose money being in such a group and don't forget it's illegal. After that, people will sell the token at market order so they don't have time to put ah limit cell so they will sell market whatever whatever the price will be. So usually, after a pomp, the price goes even lower than its original price that started the pump. It is concerning to see he's, um if you have, for example, six Bitcoins worse off breed, you can make a the price two times cheaper. So, um, you can get the price toe 1000 Satoshi from from the current price. So it's very concerning. As you see, his market is very volatile, volatile, very risky descriptor market. They also choose markets. We've low 24 hour volumes, so they look for volume. Look, this has zero. Let's say this one, you can make a bomb because, um, you you need a lot off Bitcoins in order to to buy this and make it a pump. Eso you need something that has, um, love all you and high price like this one Here. You can double its prize if you have. If you make by market orders off 14 Bitcoin. So 14 Bitcoins are enough to double its price. This school would have been a pump and dump here also, So just be careful. Stay out off these groups. You will lose money and you're get wrecked 25. How to avoid scam coins: Hello, guys. In this video, we're going to talk about how to avoid scam coins. Scam coins are projects that didnt deliver, delivered what they've promised, and usually they don't have ah, daily date or even, ah, weekly updates. But the people are very happy that the price is low and they're considering that it's ah, goodbye opportunity for them to enter that market because some of them are sitting at a low time lows. But talking, sitting at all time low doesn't guarantee that it won't go even lower and eventually got delisted from the exchange. Unfortunately, you can find scam ish here tokens even on bigger exchanges like Hobie, let's say where you can see pump huge pump and dumps off tokens that really don't have any update, some of them for years or amounts. One of them. It's portal, which e. For example. You can even find it. One coin market cap. You can find it on here on a coin stats app. You don't it doesn't have a website. The Twitter reddit, only a telegram China. We don't know for sure that it's a scam coin, but if you don't see any updates off this coin, there is, ah question mark that it can be. It can be a scam ish coin and you should avoid it. Another one is this one shying chain, which also is sitting at the old time low. But it had a pomp. Oh my God! From the lowest waas 20 21 santoshi 2 934 told this pump is it's huge. It's almost 50 x x, and now it's sitting at 15. Satoshi. If you want to take the risk to buy it for another palm, it's your choice. But a social media. You don't see any updates off this one. Also, you can see it on some exchanges. But ah, you don't see a website. A website of it. If we're looking here or is I don't have any. He's oak shine. Try chained is one okay? I don't see a website Twitter already. Tony, a telegram and, uh, it's very dangerous. Is very dangerous to invest in such a coin. Zero market cap. So is not zero, but because they said here zero because the they don't know the available supply. So, uh, circulating supply. They don't know. They don't know it. You should avoid such this Blockchain s head is we with high risk and be carefully studied the crypto before investing into it. There are a lot off tokens like this. Unfortunately, also, this one is Ah, nice pump and dump er We'll see on the four hour that from 400 Satoshi went toe made a sec 66 then just toe get back toe 500 50. So talk. So, um, this one seems a little bit legit but they also don't have many updates. No. One on Sept August August 15 like two updates per month or ah, let's look at another one here which, by the way, it's in top 100 tokens. I don't know how it is possible from here without any updates. Let's look at it. X m x x mx tonight banking. So the bomb started in June when if we look at the social, the last update, The last update was on December 6 and after six miles, the price got from 350 Satoshi toe, 15 x off its value. How is this possible? I don't know. I think, uh, we will see sell orders similar to this English Greysia is another token. This doesn't seem scam ish, but had the, um a 200 X men how it is possible. So just be aware. Toe search for the team, the investors, the venture capitals that are backing the token Check the Linden profile off the team, see where they've worked before because it's very dangerous, you know? And, um, there are a lot of shit coins that even though now are on all time low, it will go lower or even disappear. In my opinion, we buy out coins just to get more Bitcoin. You know, just toe go find a real good pump. Let's say off that coin and at the end by the rial King Bitcoin 26. Bitmex skill: Hello, guys. And welcome to the complete Beat Max Tutorial here, we're going to learn how to use leverage, trading and off course, very risky 100 x leverage. We're going to use the test net for this example. And I've also prepared for your trailer. We've, ah, some of my trays that I've done in the past on my original accounts. So here, you can see the auto life have recorded this before because some of my friends asked me if I can make 50 60% or maybe even more on some trades like four x or five X, The money that I invested and I've made this thing video for. For them they the main intention wasn't to be public, you know. But, uh, now I'm sharing this with you, and I hope you will get all the benefits from my knowledge on how to buy low and sell high . So this was the trailer. Now this is the bit makes interface. It is positioned like this is not very useful, in my opinion. So you can drug what is important for you and enlarge it. The main screen? Yes. Why? Because you must see the chart you must understand the chart. The recent raids aren't that important. In my opinion, you should look for the the order book. You will see because ah, there you can find some some interesting buy or sell orders. So it's very important to see to see this this shark and also to see the depth chart. So the depth chart contains the cell, the cell book, the sell orders and the by war orders angry. What this tells us is that when we see a cell war world that big, most likely the token is going to go down in the next seconds or something. And when you see such a thin by order, that means that not too many people are willing toe to buy at this price and thinking that the token will go up. Yes, you can also configure the chart properties, the scales, the background, the time zones and also here the indicators I use very often the boil injured bands I told you in the the previews videos because ah, when I'm talking, exit the boil, injure bands, it tends to go back so the Bollinger bands tends toe, refuse, eat and go back. Other thing that I use is the distal Castaic Karsay. And you should definitely have it too. Okay, look, that tells you were in a small downtrend which is reflected here on the sell orders. Yes. Okay, that is the one hour time frame. If we want to make an aggressive trade, we must go to three minutes or even one minute. You'll see. Okay, let the let us look more about at the interface off with Max. What does he talk for? So, um, next to Bitcoin will see also some old coins. And, uh, what is very important about it is that the the Al Coins are sitting now that's an old time low level and the not all of them. If we look at Carbonneau, which is not quite at the all time level, which waas here on the 15 off July be going cash years. There are some huge upside potentials here. You see light going off course thrown and the people. But we're not interested in the daily chart. I just wanted toe to show you that we're sitting almost at all time low. So we look at the daily chart just to show you that the stokers are close toe whole time low. These ah, all coins. So there is a huge upside potential for off them because ah, those tokens have really fundament and ah, real use cases. I'm not sure about Bitcoin cash, but the rest of them, yes. Now that, uh, we look at the them Let's see how the price how the Bitcoin price is determined in the first place because it's very important to know that so a bit makes the price is determined by the average from crack in exchange coin base at bit stamps. You can find those three here on Bitcoin ticker, and, um, you can find them also with the order books. So this is the buy orders and the sell orders. Let's look at coin base. Also, the buy orders and the sell orders and cracker buy and sell orders. Usually when you see ah, huge by wall like 50 Bitcoin, here's somebody wants to buy 50 Bitcoin using, uh, USD dollars. The van. The price goes up because of these huge by war that is reflected here in the depth chart where you can see that the by wall it's bigger than the cell war. Usually when you see this on one exchange, you can also see it on other exchanges to because that, well, usually has multiple accounts on multiple exchanges. And ah, that how he makes the market. Okay, so, um, it would be better toe. Have more monitors, just ah, to see the price from each off this free exchanges that determine the the big necks rice. Another thing that you can consider is looking at the technical analysis by five minutes. One minute, I suppose, is it's too much. You can also try it the one minute and during that try toe also use trading view with three minutes. It is very difficult toe. Use it a one minute chart. But let's say three minutes just toe to understand better the dynamic. Because if you want to make a long or a short with high leverage, you must understand the dynamic off the market. If you just want to put ah five x paper, maybe you can try to make a shortened. Doesn't matter too much when where you buy it. At what time do you buy it? But, um, if you want to make a high leverage trading the entrance is Ah, it's very important. So, um, let's yet, huh? It was more time frame here where you have the the support here and the resistance here. And, uh, we are right in the middle. So I won't suggest you toe to buy right now, because, uh, the price isn't situated at any off this level. So if you ask me, I would would wait for it. I would wait for a perfect moment. We've seen such perfect moments. As you can see, If the price will drop, it will most likely drop toe this line. And if it goes up, probably it will go test this triangle here. Okay, let's come back to the Yeah, Toby, it makes. And even though we're going, we're not going toe wait for a perfect entry. Let's make an entry just to see how we can make 100 x trained. And, um, we will use, for example, the limit or the market order. If you buy market, you will pay commission fee. But if you use limit and click this poor post, only you would be a market maker and you won't pay any commission fee to the website. You will see that the commissions are not that that's more as you saying think, and it's important to to avoid them. So I recommend you toe by limit and not market. Just don't get in that rush, although there are sometimes when it's better to buy market. And those times are when the price precipitates like here and that is ah, a huge by. And then, ah, you know that the cell will happen and you don't have timeto put your limit order. Then you're going toe to hit, sell, market and sell at the price off the market. The market price to use leverage, we're going toe to put a higher amount said 2 to 100. And then, um, we will see here the cost for a long and the cost for a short at this price, with post only using 100 x leverage. We see now that the if we make a short the cost, the cost would be lower. And if we make a long, it would be higher. This is our total amount. So we have 0.11 Bitcoin and for using $10,000 we only need 0.15 Bitcoin because it's multiplied by 100. If we were going to use 50 the van, the amount is buyer, so we'll use 0.2 from our total balance. If we want to make a 25 ex leverage, then the amount is even higher and higher because, um, the risk gets diminished by using less leverage. Your order value would be this one 0.96 and you will, uh, and this is Ah, this is your available balance. Okay, Now, let's put, uh, the one meaning or even free minutes chart just toe, make you an example. I think it's it's not a good time to buy or or sell, because we're not that the support price. But let's say let's look at the mm the order books off crack and coin base and bit stamp. You don't see a huge Bible or cell wall, so we can really estimate what would be the next phase. The prices fluctuating as we see the indicators are saying that can go for a short let's place this short, IHS. So the price is this one the actual price now going to cope it, and with a little bit more if you want to place a short now, this is a cell limit. They're say saying, ah that we sell 10,000 contracts at this price. This is the order value. This is the cost. It's about 10% off what we have right now. The remaining balance positioned after execution, Mark price, this one and the estimated liquidation price. This is very important because if the price will reach off, Bitcoin will reach these The van. We will lose all our money and the difference between the price now and, uh, the liquidation Estimated liquidation difference is 1%. So let's do this. He's Ah, we are on Dez net and now we've placed our sell order. As you can see, the sell order. It's a little bit above the price that, uh, Bitcoin has right now because if we cancel the order and put ah the price the same price here and I tried to make a short the order is cancelled. Why? Because ah, that means that we one to execute the price, we have the market value and if we want that we pay commission fees, but we don't want to pay commission fees So because we click this post only these forbidden us to the cell after the market price. So just by Clay clicking this you won't pay any commission fees if you put the value when you didn't pay the passion. If we on click this and put the same value, we have the same value and then and now make a sale a short. Then we bought the contracts and also paid the commission fees. We see it here on the order book. This is ah, our contract. We didn't manage toe to sell our all of our contracts because we didn't have the enough liquidity. Enough people wanting, wanting to buy, but by us because I suppose there are also people that the consider that is it's risky toe to make a buy order. And, uh, when this contract will get field, this is the recent rate you are going to need Also, this one. This is your return on the investment. So you bought another 100 contracts. Somebody bought it for you from you. You are now a market maker. So, uh, because of you, money entered the market because you are now selling and people buy from you. He realized BNL is your adept pro mom from selling from trying to sell at the market price . So if you you have have, ah, only put the order there, you wouldn't have ah paid the commission fees, Toby, it makes now somebody both your more of our contract. This is the liquid liquidation price here. So, um, liquidation prices $10,450. And, um, let's say we don't want toe get liquidate. Then what would do is put a stop market off. Um, let's say first of all, I would, uh, had more contracts, and, uh, except this price here and, uh, on the sale or the field. So our liquidation prices this one and we don't want toe lose all our money if the price will go up because we've put a short there and we don't want to lose our money for all our all our money. Then we use a stop market. We put here a stock market below the liquidation price that the Beiste hope, and we're going to see here that, um, our stock market three year is lower than the liquidation price being so close to the liquidation Pride, right? Also means that they were going toe lose. Ah, a big percent of our money. So this is more bile. And we could, uh, drag drag, drag it in order to a man, uh, higher or lower the stock market trigger. I would recommend the stock market instead of limit or trailing. Stop. Because usually the training or the limit doesn't trigger in time. And, uh, the only one which triggers is the stock market. Also, we want toe cash out some profits. Yes, and, uh, let's say and to this, uh, support level, we will put, um, take profit and we will have, ah, take profit market at this level, which is Ah, a nice support level. 10,000 and, uh, 300 and we will take profit by all right. Here. So we sell our quantity off the contracts is here how we cope it. And, uh, let's put it once again, all our contracts these are all our contracts, the trigger price, the trade, take profit market. And at this price, we're going to sell all our contracts that the ah support level off course if the markets market goes against us. The stock market limit will be three girls before we lose all our money. So we have a take profit and ah, a stop market toe diminish our losses. Now let's see how the market goes. You have the level where you have entered. Another thing you can do, for example, is toe hard margin to your account. And um, you click on this. Now you see the liquidation prices 10,448. But if we are willing to look, let's say another 90 contract. This is our available margin. Then our liquidation price goes upto 10,000 and 510. So now we can raise our stock market trigger because we have more margin. I also do this occasionally because it's very important when you are using high leverage toe 12 margin. It's very important to add margin to account 100 wise, you can get liquidated pretty soon. Look at the oscillators. The moving averages on these time frames the small time crepes Also here I put the sell order win The cell was recommended. Then if you remember Waas here somewhere when the stochastic Karsay look that we're going down now. Ah, and close like it was a big selloff, but somebody but the small deep Let's look at what happened. Happens toe the buy and sell orders on the exchanges where ah, um, beat Max determines the price. As you can see, we have this on the cell wall. 52 Bitcoins on the cell and 12 Bitcoins on the Bible can also look at cracking and coin base here on corn based, The bead is bigger. I, I think, was bigger, so the price is very dynamic. That's why you need more monitors to watch, because the price is very, very dynamic, and you need to pay attention all of these aspect. In the same time, you can also watch bine us, even though is not considering by bit max. The price from minus is not taken into consideration. You can also look at it when you see this week's. Usually the price tends to go down to follow the weeks. Okay, it's looking now at other tokens to also let's look at, uh, people, uh, it went up lately. Let's say we want to make a long on the report. Then, uh, he d Mac the maximum leverage that we can use is 20 x for for report. Let's say we're going toe goodbye. He used the maximum leverage and here we're going to see the cost. Don't use all your money even though there are not a lot of money here. This is the test net. What does not give us? But ah, in principle, don't use all your money on one trade or trades. Use uh, around 10% of your investment or 20% maximum. Because if you are wrong, the then you need toe. You have enough money toe make it right once again. I don't think it's Ah good idea toe by people right now. But for the sake of the example, I will do this. So if you use post only, you won't pay the fees. If you don't use it, you're going to pay the fees because we are in a rush. We agreed to pay the fees and by a long at the the market price. So the market prices this one can we click by market. So we've immediately bought the contract and now we're seeing that we are in a profit in ah , in Bitcoin and, uh, in a loss, the triple for the moment is the size of our buy and sell, respectively. The enterprise value 1.5 BTC. So $16,000 worth of ah, sale contracts hold. And here we have Ah, 10,000 people. Look. That price off 0.25 equivalent of 0.25 Exhibit e it We can do the same. So, um, the liquidation price is ah, this one for £3. So if we want to put ah stop market, it will be around around here so we won't lose all our money. Ive the price is going to drop at this level because after this level, for sure that we're going toe get liquidated. Also, we can ah take profit. Let's look for a support level for profit the resistance. Excuse me. Level for profit. The support is this for sale and for profit licks, choose a higher one that say, here and the through our these one. This is a pretty decent you said pretty December systems. So, um, if we want to take profit, also market profit you're is our quantity. 10,000 contracts at the trigger price off 27 44. And now we're going to wait to see if the price will go higher and the trigger, our profit or it will go lower and trigger our stop loss. Okay, Another thing toe consider is, um, to look at the calculator. Let's return to Bitcoin. And, um, we look at the calculator. Let's see, we have this quantity off contracts that we bought. We copy the contracts, you put it here. Now we put ah, the entry price what was already three price free 96 And, um, we use the 100 X leverage and the exit price. Let's say it will go toe. She's that was and we're making a short not a lock. So for ah, those contracts, If the entry prices this 1 10,000 and 396 and the exit price, let's say it will go. Uh uh, $6000. We're using this leverage. This is our margin, the entry value, and this would be our profit. So, uh, we would made one point. Want to Bitcoin's respectively, uh, 70 free x from the straight. Imagine if you had a larger amount off money toe investing 73 x, It's whoa. It's a look sees how I, uh, buy and sell. We we didn't have the perfect entries. A good entry would be here. I wouldn't, uh, make ah by order or a sell order here in the middle off the consolidation. But for the sake of this tutorial, those those are the orders. I hope you enjoy it and that it was useful and seeing the next one. 27. Best Buy and Sell indicators that i use: Hello everybody. In this video we're going to talk about my favorite indicators, the buy and sell indicators that I use in conjunction with the divergence indicator. For that, I have prepared the three types of charts, an index chart, the SMP 500, the Bitcoin chart, and euro-USD chart I've chosen here, the daily timeframe. And we can see the buy and sell indicators. Those are the perfect entry indicator and confirmation and three indicator and the divergence indicator. So you can find them at messaging crypto fund manager on trading view and you can ask for a trial. And the divergence indicator is included in trading view and it's a free indicator. It is how you disable them. The price is going up while the relative strength index of an asset goes down. This is a barrier signal because usually the price follows a volume. And these have happen here. When we saw bearish divergence, followed by cell off that big seller from 3,400 till 2200. Then we saw the bullish divergence. And if after, after a bearish or a bullish divergence, if we are looking at the indicators and anther correctly, we can make a nice profit. In my opinion, this is for the daily. If we look here at the, the Bitcoin chart, which is also followed by a lot of you. We can see the bullish divergence here, the buy signal here. And how long did it take to reach the red area which isn't over bought area at the green areas are oversold, the red areas are over. But this is a four hour timeframe because Bitcoin is traded continuously. So it's not like the stock market. When you have that trading hours, Bitcoin is trading on, traded continuously. So I consider that four hours is like the equivalent of the daily timeframe. And I like a lot the daily timeframe and gives a lot of perspective. Here we have the, another bullish divergence. And if we follow the buy signal till the red, their Riyadh, the overboard, we, we had a nice profit. Let's say. Here we had another one. And also the idea is to follow it till D over bought territory. So you would have made the nice profit looking, combining these indicators, the buy and sell send the divergence indicator. Also, if you want to do scalping, I use for Euro USD pair, I used the ten minutes, for example. And if I activate the indicators, we can see here that we have some bullish divergencies followed by a buy signal. And if we keep the follow the trend, we also would have the nice profit here. Also, if we look at the baggage divergence and the cell signal, we have the little bit of cell here. Also the bearish divergence isn't that high, but it gave us as moral profit, let's say here is something else we have doubled bearish divergence and sell off that came here was quite important. And remember, this is scalping, this is ten minutes chart. And this is very easy strategy for scalping during the one trading day. Thank you all. See you in the next one.