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How to boost your Pinterest presence, stay relevant, & make idea pins that convert

teacher avatar Cierra Smith, Simplifying your next creative passion

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Idea Pin #1

    • 3. Idea Pin #2

    • 4. Idea Pin #3

    • 5. Idea Pin #4

    • 6. Idea Pin #5 (Made in TikTok) Fashion theme

    • 7. Outtro

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About This Class

Cierra Smith, maker and founder behind Cultured Simplicity, here. In this course, you'll go from novice Pinterest marketer to expert Pinterest creator by unlocking the power of IDEA PINS -- Pinterest's newest style of pins that are now prioritized in search, home feed, and their all-around algorithm. You'll learn what idea pins are, why you should care, and how to create ones that not only attract but impress your target audience. The 5 kinds of idea pins I'll be addressing in this course and simple enough for everyone to make and have seen proven success on the platform. Together, we'll develop an aesthetic Pinterest feed that creatively portrays your brand, be it a blog, YouTube channel, or shop. I'll be covering everything you need to know in order to market like a top creator on the platform. These are tips to supercharge your business, sales, reviews, conversion rate, audience retention rate, credibility, and professionalism. You don't need any prior experience, but you should have a basic knowledge of what Pinterest is and a desire to start/grow an account of your own.

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Cierra Smith

Simplifying your next creative passion


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1. Intro: Welcome, Lovely. My name is Tears Print and I am the founder and rigour behind cultured simplicity. In today's course, I'm going to be teaching you how to say irrelevant on centuries, the dearest 2021. But I imagine that a lot of these tips will still be applicable and at least a couple of the years to come because let's be rolled up. Pinterest algorithm has changed in 2021. As of March 2020, What it has changed a lot, and they either were working in 2019, are not working nearly as well as the RNA I think used to. And it can be very frustrating whoever lot on Pinterest to grow their blogs, their businesses, their online shops. It's a very stressful on things personally. I'm telling you, I've learned to just boost by presence of pictures and you're really just enjoyment presence on the Earth. So I do want to start this course by saying that it's the main focus is going to be idea pins. And you pinch the newest addition to Pinterest as of March specialty wine. And it is a really big reason why the algorithm seems so different now and just why it seems that getting your content out to you and audience Is, it seems harder if you're not using idea themes because it is harder and I'm going to be definitely touching more on what idea pins are in the next video if you don't know what the IQR, but I'm really just going to be breaking down how to make idea pins in this course. Some of the easier ways, some of the more complex ways, which is generally making it very accessible to you. So you can make it at home. Realize that you don't have to hire anybody. You can definitely do this yourself. I'm just going to take a little bit Thai would be here and learn to do X is nasa hard. I promised to you, which is going into the chorus and get excited. 2. Idea Pin #1: So this refers pain. I believe it's pretty easy. Once again, I'm okay with being in front of the camera and recognize that you are going to have to take some more time making these pains than you originally had to me. This isn't like even these schedulers, the Pinterest like tailwind, don't even have a way to auto, to automate posting idea pins. Yeah, so you are definitely going to take some more time doing this. What I recommend you doing is to create a draft of your idea pins in whenever you get a moment that you feel like is a time where your audience of beyond just go in and send it out. You don't have to make them all like throughout the week. You could make them all on one day and send them out throughout the week if you want. I'm not exactly sure yet how pictures like if they care how many you do in a day, but I'm sure like they do like the spacing out it keeps you relevant. So I'm gonna be showing you how to make the first one here. And as you can see, like I said, on the first and the second, it was like the first week I said that I'm going to be using Instagram Reels to make the first one and I'll show you exactly what it is. But you don't need to use Instagram instagram Reels. And you don't need to use tiktok, you could just use your camera app. But I will be showing I use in skim rules and this one. And then I'll be showing you how to use take taught in a later one just for recording your videos and adding the text directly all in one app personally, I think that's a very convenient just add them all in one app instead of doing it in a camera and then going to like video editing app. So anyways, this first one, I'm just going to be just doing a full kinda like listicles style from, from a blog article that I have. I'm going to be like copying and pasting the headings. Or if you don't have like headings to copy and paste, I do like to use the voiced speech feature because that makes whole process quicker. And it's really just going to be me pointing around Lake for whatever reason. This seems to be something like TikTok users like to do. Alright, so excited makers is they tend to, I will just point at the point that they're making. And I think this is especially useful on patrons because we're excluding due to Pinterest, they can't hear. So while you like just pointing out what is, what's like theoretically being said, they still understand what you're trying to communicate with them. Definitely say even a darn word. So right here I'm picking out the music. You can pick out any music that you want to go with. You don't have to pick out music but more engaging. So I went ahead with this De Niro one, the dad or whatever and it's those in my for you. I if they have some poplar, so I encourage you to choose out, probably go with the popular was because seems like people like to engage more. They like to listen more to like these videos with the popular songs because they're good music is string it. So nor the FET looks like I'm moving 60 miles per hour right here. I'm actually about to get into it is really just, it's setting up your camera with some bit of decent lighting, but honestly, natural lighting works just fine. I normally put it right in front of the window and they don't get to recording and they'll just record straight. I don't have to make any positives or anything. I will just show me pointing around for this article, I have two things to mention. Saw start like this with a title in between, like my hands or all sort of like pointing with the title comes up and then I'll go into the points like that. I have to give so point. Then after I finish the video, I'll actually edit, add in the text and where I'm pointing out, put the text right there so that you all so everybody can see it and nobody has to listen to it. To understand I'm getting it. Normally. I do like to use the effects I answer real is they have a really pretty sparkly effect that I always like to add to my realist because it gives it like an aesthetic and it makes all of my rules of great cohesive. And then when I posted a Pinterest, it makes my whole field very cohesive over there as well. So I think that works very nicely. I did want to mention I do use Instagram Reels instead of tiktok because Instagram doesn't like the tick tock watermark on their reals. So if I've reported in TikTok and Instagram and then I want to post a Tiktok, I can do that. But if I did with the other recording, Tik Tok and then I post Instagram. Instagram doesn't like that. Maybe to talk one day, not like having with a sphere and watermark on their pages either. But to be fair, I'm not many people go to in scram record videos anyway, so it's not that big of a deal. Equal to that. And actually begin with if my exactly what you're going to have to take a 108 by taking that index. This is a photograph of today. And just like that, you're done. So you do have titles. You can copy and paste, distribute the moment to go and copy and paste. Like so for me I have an actual like blog website so I can go to this post right here, highlight copy, and then go back Instagram and paste. But this actual post, this is like a video. In this part. I'm going to have to use the voice, the speech. And then I'll just take the two points that I've listed in the video. And I will type them in right here. So right here I'm just pasting the title. I'm going to show you kinda high format it, how you format it doesn't really matter, but I do think that you just try to make all of them look kinda cohesive. So I like to use about the same font and color and a lot of the times, but I'm not sure. You can potentially appeal to different audiences. So I just kinda making to make it look. So here's the title you saw me highlight over my hands. And you're going to set the duration to only show up where you want the title to show up. That's pretty simple. And it's fine to say it's nearly the same processing Tiktok as well. And I do this because in Pinterest, like it, at least on the desktop, you're not able to add more than one title, like more than one piece of text directly on the idea of pin. And I will get, I will show that to you all and I'm just a little bit for whatever reason for the time being, pictures like doesn't allow you to make idea paints directly on the platform. They don't let you record directly, like record an idea pin directly on the platform. So you have to use like a not to miss any pins and then upload them. So here you just my finger is directly touching. A time is seconds. Don't think too hard about the content. All right, so I said I'm setting the duration so that none of them overlap or the text looks kinda ghosted out like that. That is where is not currently being shown. So get it to even shown. Now it's not unusual in that the title piece is not being shown when the second piece is being shown. And fortunately they do have like them where it go. It like the text looks kinda ghost-like. So you know that it's not currently being shown on the page. And when I play it back for you all, you all kinda get a glimpse at that for yourselves. All right. So I don't want all of you like the whole process. I did want to make sure you understand is as as Hillary on. So just bear with me if you already know how to do this. If you are at all familiar with Tiktok, like got you probably already know. I chose. Give yourself a bit of time. So right here I'm playing the Tiktok back for you all. Not the full thing, but just some of it so you can see exactly their cow looks. So I'm going to, at this point, there's not really much to do unless you're planning on actually posting in stereo. Which honestly, I think that that is like a smart idea. If you have an Instagram business account, does is go ahead and post the stuff that you make for Pinterest on here as well. Because why not? Essentially you can reach a bigger audience, but you don't have to do that. You can save it as a draft and you can come back. But There's going to be doing odd directly right here. I would prefer if I was going to post them on Pinterest, I would save it as a draft on Pinterest. So if you, if you go back to the edit part of the video, you will select the Download button again. It is a downward arrow and a line. And you can download the video to save to your camera roll. And then that way it'll be accessible on Pinterest because you're right there. I set the cover and you have to like set the cover to look pretty nice. I Pinterest as well. But anyways, we'll get to that in just a moment. I save the video and you say that I had to save without audio. So when I go into Pinterest and get the video, I'm going to have to add the audio that Pinterest allows and let me be real. Pinterest allows whole different set of audio for whatever reason. Printers, it's like the music. They don't have any like modern. They don't have any popular music I guess would be better than, say they have a lot of indie artists that you can use. So you know what, It's, whatever you do, don't really listen to the music that you're playing on pictures that much anyway. So I went back and I'm just uploading the idea opinion now you see that you click that little plus sign in the middle idea plan pin. Then you click the red button and then I just click the most recent me go to my camera roll. You'll need to make sure that Pinterests can access your camera roll. And just like that, It's in here and I don't have to do anything else if I wanted to, I could use these features at the bottoms, add some more. I'm going to be doing is adding in some music. Like I said, just in case somebody clicks their video and want to get to jam main or whatever. Every now and then, that's me. I'm missing. I click this like boom, boom, boom one, which is they for whatever it is, it's listed as a top pick. So why not yet with that one? Can it hurt? And watching it back just a little bit right quick. Once again, it could be you guys like this, really letting us kinda see how it looks. And then they have an option for you add a second slide. But yeah, I'm not going to add it. And in a way, this isn't necessarily like finessing the system are anyway, but it's not making you put in, but so much work to create idea penis, literally just one side. It's basically a normal pin, but you are posting it like it's an idea pin because I normal pins can be posted as videos, but at this point, don't post it as a video with his Pinterest as a prioritized video pains, they prioritize idea pins and some idea pinches happen to have videos in them. So right here you go ahead and select that cover for your video. So I always hover over the other video that says title because that's what we're gonna see and the feed, That's what we're going to see when they save it to their boards. So they know exactly what that penis talking about. And typically this title is normally the same name that I'm actually listening as the Pinterest title. So I just went back to the article here and I copied it. Now, we're going to go back to Pinterest and I'm going to paste it in as the title for that pin. And then you go. Only other thing you really have only require that you have to add is another pico board for your pins. This isn't like it's tutorial on Pinterest. I hope you can tell it. Hopefully, I'm assuming that you're kind of familiar with it and what boards are, but it's not. This is the time ago. Learn about that. But you should have Boris select to post your idea pains to, or you can create one and solubility and audience hopefully. So now I'm just, I'm just electoral the tags and come back. Normally I will select all tin. I would always select all 10 because that bush like that, make sure that you are being shown the audience that you want to show. But since I'm making this for you guys for the sake of time, I'm just going to use one. You I could add a list if I wanted to, but I'm not. So you can see that it was very simple. I published it and now it is available on Pinterest. There you go. Now you can see it until the next idea. 3. Idea Pin #2: All right, so we're back on the Pinterest page, my Pinterest profile page. And I click Create drop-down, click that Create dropdown up there at the top. And that is how you add the idea pin, as you can see right here, idea pins or at the very top of the page that just tells you they're prioritize their bot, all my static things below. So that's just interesting in itself. When I click Create and I clicked on idea pin and there's another page will come up for me to create new. So I'll go ahead and click that BUC. We're all my draft sort of here if I had them there. And just like that would be pretty easy to just automatically posts at a later point in the week. But I'm going to just go in and click that circle there in import from my downloads. I know that I downloaded into my Downloads folder, so they are all there. Mcu know where you download your files from Canvas guys. And I'm going to highlight all of the files and click Insert. So that'll upload them all. Normally a pretty quick process, but she depending on what kind of computer you have. But I do notice it seems to take a little bit longer if there are a couple of more slides. So there you go. I think it looks here they do have an option for you to add a title, but I don't even have to add any text because the text is already up there. And if I did resize it, I can even change the background color what I resized. So oh, that's interesting in itself. Not quite sure why the kids just has these features on here yet. You can't build a pin directly on the Pinterest like website. I don't know. But they do have those features up there for like editing. The idea pins that you do upload. So all I'm really gonna do right here is change the order of the pages to make sure that the title slide is the first slide and then I don't care too much about what order the actual headings are in. But you might, if you do go out and change all of that. I think I changed around a little bit. And then I kind of just where we think because I think it looks fine. It got really gotten the same point across regardless of the order, but make sure that the title slide is squares because that's what you want people to see when they're going through fee and they're going to see this Vi must know mindset hacks for student entrepreneurs. I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go back to my page here. And I'm going to copy the title once again and I'm going to paste it into the title of the idea pin. And the board selected. I just liked that. Or you can really go with any board that you want, but just make sure that you have some boards. I think I I'm not sure which one I went with here, but it didn't really matter too much. I just clicked one. I click one of my group boards actually share this one too. And then I steer towards specific like subtopic small board. So bored and went ahead and added my tags. Let's again make sure you add all tin that you really maximize your precentral. The fan and feeding people are searching for stuff. I only added one right there just once again for, for this actually, I think I added ten and I pause it for the second time it is. So you are there and now it's Poston even see it, It's pretty cool. It automatically moves. So you can see each slide. You Let's legs idea pin. 4. Idea Pin #3: So idea pin number three, when we do accept a little nifty spiffy, we're going to be actually turning like an image into a video by nearly animating one of the elements on the page. So I was actually using like the example of that third one there. So this is just, it's really simple. Go back into and use the Pinterest template, the same long pan template that we used in the last video. And just give that a second and alone. And it's really just adding text directly. I think this one is little. It looks more like an infographic, which are always very light there are which is very engaging to look at. I like looking at it. But this is maybe an infographic when it be the best way to describe what I'm about to do it just be more like a list pin where everything is listed out. I flagged this is one of the easiest paints you can make it especially easier for me because I always list all those like my main points at the end of my article or I always tries to list the main points of the end of my articles. So that's just super easy to just copy and paste. Everything is together and you'd like basically you have all your tags in one go. If you want to use one of these templates, you can. I feel like templates, they definitely are attractive and they serve a purpose in certain times. This even resize it to fit the size of your canvas. But I'm not really sure how I'm feeling about these that they are offering to me here. Mid the main reasons I don't feel like it's super visible as you can tell, I feel like scrolling to your Pinterest feed. It's not really going to stand out to you because it's not that high contrast. Pretty just do dual colors and we put y on it already, like kinda dual color. It just doesn't really work that well. So I just, I want to go with a more high contrast kind of thing. So I just decided, I decided to design it by scratch. So here I could add a heading. I just did here and just make it big and then copy and paste or you could use one of the font combinations. Again. I just went ahead and added a heading. And I say you are a different way to do it from the last one, resize it and make it look decently. And I pulled it up so it was centered. And if you collect what the bulleted and you feel like you click it twice, then it'll turn into numbers. So I'm gonna do that in just a moment. Yeah, and when I click when I say numbers, I mean like so instead of it just being bullet points, it'll actually be like a numbered list. So you have got highlighted and then click the bullet points and then I'll change it to a numbered list. Moreno, as you can see, this looks when I click on that, no. Was you click on admirably no. I mean to actually add an LME, a rectangle at the top where I'm gonna put like the title tags so that it just looks visually appealing, attractive. So I typed in a rectangle and I'll click that first rectangle there. Play around with this more if you want. I know that they have some pretty cute rectangles in here, some gradients and whatnot. I just did it because I want to keep this simple for you all and keep it quick. Quick ish, I try and I'm going to go ahead and change the size. So I went down here and click this one. It says like Gorman rate, girl Marie, some like that. And I really like this coloring. So I went with that, but I decided to put black on pinks. I thought that was a little more visually. Contrast it like you could actually read more so than brown and pink. So I changed that. And now I'm actually going to change the, I'm actually going to add some texts on the heading. Really keep in mind that styles huge. I think that, that is a super nice feature that you can just change the sign on all the pages if you had multiple pages just like that and it can be very attractive. So keep that in mind. Then I went back and added one of these font combinations game, that's the fault condition I used in the last IDP. And like I said, I like to kinda stay cohesive with my idea pin just to keep my whole Pinterest, we look in aesthetic and indicative of my brand. So anyways, I added that and I own grouped the text once again, and I went to this page and I just copied and pasted the title. So I got rid of two of those elements and then I can just copy these. I'm going to have to resize it anyway, so I just resize it before even pasted it because I knew it was going to be two pig at the font or the font size. It was just him. So I pasted it, resize it and move the corners in a bit to make it smaller. Moving the corner out of it, it would make it bigger. And you can change the alignment if you want to. But I decided to leave it on the center alignment. I like that. Resized it just a little bit more. Yes, So that really looks exactly like how a typical idea pin will look. And although it was, you could almost be done with their right here, I definitely wouldn't keep going at it a little bit more. I added my link for one. If you just want to type in your brand name, you could do that as well. But I had a link to my website so that he wouldn't know exactly where it comes from that piques their interests, even though actually type in the website. Because 13 gene. So I'm putting the link at the bottom. Like that's always a pretty safe place to put it out of sight. That a site like out of the way and change to black. So it's kinda visible in, before I download, I actually I need to add that. I said I was going to add the animated element. So you're going to elements over to the side here. And for me, I feel like a sparkle will do just like an animated sparkle. But you can add one of these video backgrounds too. And that would also changing shape. We'd like change the file into a video when you download it and shelf like as a video and pictures. So I'll just be a little bit more interesting style idea pin then the last one we mean the S I typed in Spark womb. Then you'll need to go to graphics unless you'd like one of these videos that you see here. But I wanted to go to graphics. So you can see that they had quite a few static sparkles. And you don't want that. You want to go to animation and you want to click Enter. And then you'll apply that filter. And then all the elements that show up, all those graphics that show up will be innovative. And even though they act like it's just like a little animated element, it turns the whole, the whole image into a video when you download it. So that's just good to know. I think. So I just chose a simple sparkles here and like put them at the bottom of the page. Like that was pretty can't really go wrong with smart goals. I put it, I didn't want to obscure the text. So I really like to put at the bottom, keep that in mind. Whenever you're adding any kind of elements, you don't want to see a secure the tags. And then I added some more sparkles. I just had to pull over the heading area I really liked. I just add as a goal glam aspect to the idea, pin it. I really liked it. So I went ahead and downloaded, and I downloaded it as an MP4 video, which is the default since I have those animated elements in there. But if you wanted to download it as a static image thing, go with the ping file or the JPEG file. And it'll be a static image and the elements will no longer be elements. The elements will no longer be animated. So I went back to my pictures and I clicked Create, create, idea thin, Create New. And I, I dragged and dropped to this time from the bottom that uploaded it really quickly. You can see it there. I'm not adding any texts or nothing. And they don't need to add in a title. Change the board to whatever you want to change it to add hopefully all tin tags once again to pro, to make sure you're, you're punished. Showing from the feed people who search what you're looking for. And here it is finished. Look at how pretty that is you guys. And it was simple, sparkling, sparkling idea thing. There you go onto the next one. 5. Idea Pin #4: So the fourth idea, pin is going to be like this second one right there. Whereas you saw it in the search beauty, that image in the foam would actually be changing. So we're going to play, I'm just gonna play it, right? You guys see how that looks and this is honestly, it's really, really simple. You just imagine you could do this directly in Canvas. One thing it, so let's get to it. We'll go back to Canvas. We will use the Pinterest, the long Pinterest pin again, that template that they give us. And then ideally this is going to be if you have images that are the same size, since it'll have to be like changing like that. That was a square image that was changing in that idea pin. So I've been going to find a square image for me. I do, I do so like Instagram templates. So that works pretty well for me. And just use one of these, go on Instagram templates right here and resize it. I can make that the focal point of this idea pin showing people like their Instagram feed re-imagined with these templates that they have. But if you want, you can find a phone image that you can use. But I was looking at that and I didn't really like it too much. If I if you did use that phone element, you had Dr photo into it and the photo would be long in kinda size weird since this is an Instagram. It's like an ad for an Instagram feed template. I wanted to still look square that template that it had. So I did go with a template from online from free And I'm just gonna leave that link on the bottom there so that people can still see you. And I want to like have any copyright issues with that. So I resize it. And fortunately, this was a good size. I can resize it, make it big and it would still fully be visible. Side change the position to the back to the bat. And I'd go ahead and got rid of that. I went ahead and got rid of that phone element. And I just resize the photo onto the tip until like the feed and doesn't have to be perfect. But I did want it to look pretty close. And I use like the white rectangles on the side, kind of resize it a bit just to make sure it fits pretty nicely. See, yeah, just like that, its size. Go ahead and duplicate the page. And thus when you slide another element into it. And so I just kept doing that. And when you save it as like a video, that is when it will show up as like the alias is just changing instead of it being multiple slides. So I just did like I did ten in total. And I downloaded it as a MP4. But if you did download as ping files, then we just kinda show it like this. Like the second idea pin we did where it's just slides. And he who would click on the slides or put autoplay. But since I saved it as an MP4, it's going to be a video. So once again, you click that, create the top click idea pin and then Create New. And then you can drag and drop the fall right there. So I'm actually going to add the title directly in Pinterest. That's to show you all how that works. I just changed the text by double-clicking and I changed the title. Your Instagram feed re-imagine. And I don't want to obscure the part of the image that I am trying to focus on. So I'm not going to leave it there right where it is, but I am going to highlight it so they is visible. And then I'm going to move it around the page and keep in mind that Pinterest, at least on desktop, they don't let you add more than one piece of texts onto your pin. So all the texts that you like, everything that you want mention all that pain. You're going to need to add it in one like text blurb. So for me this pin was, it didn't direct the users anywhere. It was kinda useless. So I added at cultures simplicity on Etsy you, so that they didn't want to find those templates for themselves. They could search portrait this place, city on Etsy. That may be optimistic to assume that they are going to search that. But I at least want to give them the opposite if they did really like it. So then I changed the text and when you have the text type through Pinterest, they do automatically add a text for you. And I went to the Canvas. I went to my actual Etsy page, just copy and paste some stuff to add to the list. This is the first time I'm adding a list to the idea of pinch to show you guys how that works. I put it under notes. Instead of the supplies are ingredients because they're not splice her ingredients. They are literally notes and it is a bulleted lists that I end up I ended up copy and pasting. So I think it looks pretty good like that and I think it's pretty readable. And people are gonna look at it and understand what's going on. Yeah, I do think adding that stuff does make the whole post a little more engaging. And it may even help with SEO. So I added that all and then I uploaded it. Here it is. Next idea, pain. 6. Idea Pin #5 (Made in TikTok) Fashion theme: So honestly, this next one is basically a video. Is this one all the way to the right? When I say it's a video, it's, it's a video. The girl standing there is modelling. And that is the whole thing. And she has lots of reactions on it seems like 407, so she knows what she's doing and I'm just I want to show you real quickly how to do one like this, but with a little bit more like cuts in it, make it a little more interesting a video. So I think this one is a really good idea for people who are in the fashion niche who would show up differently by different outfits, different hair SaaS, jewelry. So what I did is I went into tick tock. So you will need to install the TikTok app for this one. The process is pretty simple, similar and Instagram Reels too. And I just pretty much have a set DO like 1 times the speed. I set it to 60 seconds. You can set it to 15 seconds or three minutes, 60 seconds, It's the job done. And Instagram is it pictures is pretty picky with how long they let their idea pins the anyway. So I would just suggest keeping it pretty decently. Sure. So product probably under 30 seconds, but I'll leave it on the 60 seconds, which are sets they don't have with thirty-seconds on Tik Tok. So I'll just set it up nicely, make sure that it's like an artist static, not static, like a flat area where it'll just make it all stay there and not risk falling, has some decent lighting in the bat. Once again, natural lighting always looks pretty good, pretty flattering. And I'll just set it up. I'm not even a select any music right now. But the whole purpose of this Tiktok is to be showing off for outfits. I'm going to be like business casual outfits and literally just me modeling basically. So the first one is just gonna be me standing there. I'm going to show the title with my hands. You see, I started a 3 second countdown by clicking that timer. And then it starts according with me like showing the title. And then I instantly go into modelling the first outfit and then I pause. And so unfortunately what struck you can't trim before you have finished making all the clips. So I'm not even like trim out those kinda awkward transitions where I walked back up to the camera until I've already filmed all the players. So just keep that in mind. I kind of went show you write clean, how will look to trim. I can trim the beginning and I can trim the end if I want, so that you won't see me walk back up to the camera. And then if you click Next, it saved in this next green here, That's where you can like the texts that stickers. But since I went back to add in another clip, any of the edits that I would have made on that page or deleted anyway. So just make sure that you wait to do all the edits until you already filmed all of your clips. And so I went ahead and got changed right quick for you all. And I just went ahead and film clip identity even set a timer this time. I just wanted to it's it's I knew that I could trim the beginning anyway. So once again, I'm just modeling. And how this is going to look at the end is going to seem like a pretty smooth just transition between each rod. Like basically just me trying on the outfit. If you actually want to hold the camera and kinda use your phones like flick away and transition so that it actually looks like a transition between a spirit. You can do that as well. But I did. So I went ahead and try it all fits DNA. Like make you as if to watch me change to a rethink. It doesn't really matter. Right now. I'm trimming each clip to just look okay, and the final product, products. So I only have four clips here. The first one has the title on it and then me and my first outfit. This is the setting out there. I'm trimming the get rid of that on spot where I'm going up to the camera. And then next I have a third Nephi and they had before outfit. And this is just, I'm doing all this editing directly aim TikToks. I recorded in tiktok and then I edited it, take taught and you can do all these things scram real, it's just well, and I'm sure you could do it in other video platforms to I think Adobe Premiere Rush is a good one. So definitely give that a try if you have it right here. I'm just editing the last one, trimming the beginning to the end. And just like that, all the clips are ready for the texts, the added. So I went ahead and type in tech business casual, but make it a sac. And I changed the font, look some like add some highlights. Once he I do like everything will look very pretty impressive. To just flip attractor Pinterest, so does more females on it, the mean. So I do like to make it look more feminine. I think that my audiences specifically is a more feminine audience. So certainly this video, I'm literally modeling fashion outfits. I don't ever make videos like this, so sorry, who was just a little bit awkward, but I think it all turned out pretty decently. I like the way it looked at. It added more flavors within me just standing there in one straight Video wearing one outfit. So This is gonna be kinda of me buying into what Pinterest seems to be winning makers to do. This piece of content is going to live on Pinterest. So that's probably exciting for them. I don't have anywhere else run what are linked this video back to it is literally just going to be an idea pins so that people will see, hear, and see my Pinterest account and hopefully get familiar with me. That's it. It's not going back anywhere. So right here I'm just adding some more texts and trimming the checks, setting that duration only show up on the part of the video that I wanted to show up with. So black and white stripes. And I did that for, I'm gonna do that for each one. And it makes you add like for more or some call to action at the end, like follow for more something. And the gleich is pretty, pretty good one because it's really easy for people who are alike without like making git commit m iterative. And so I added in the highlight and then I put it down here. And once again, like steel need to set the duration. I do like to make any kind of Bing. Make sure everybody can see it. And then I set the duration to be like right at the end when you set the text ghosted out for the other one, That's where I added the like for more. And here you need to post. So I'd like to save to your camera roll. You're going to have to post on tiktok, but fortunately you can make it where it's only you who can watch the video. So I have save it only me. And then I'm going to post it to tiktok and make sure that that green button next to save to device is on. That way. It'll save to device right when it rains. So there's lighting of the scene on Tik Tok and you can delete it off the tick chart to you if you would like. But it doesn't really matter because only you can see it anyway. So now it's saved to your Cameroon. You need to go click that plus button on a Pinterest, click idea pin and Create New, and then click the most recent video next, and you'll see it right here. There's nothing left free to add unless you want to add something. But honestly, it looks pretty good to me. Make sure you edit the cover to show like the title. So business casual, but maybe sassy and make like a title. I just did the voices. I do like the voice to text. So it was really quick and just like that it was published. I had it already saved to a boar and I was trying to keep it kind of quick for you. So here it is. The final product. And this is just an idea pin in that like honesty less than, I mean, it's basically a tick tock video. It's, it's literally a video, but it's an idea pin. It's right at the top where you see all of the other idea pins that I've made. 7. Outtro: All right, I want to thank you so, so much for watching this course. It took me a while to what makes up your edit glean some really valuable information from me, help you able to go into your painters journey confidently knowing that you can boost your presence on the platform for not too much work. I mean, it took me a while, but it's really not that hard and I hope that you're able to find an idea pain you like best. Definitely just do the class project area so it needs some messages, comment in the discussion, anything you want to follow me on Skillshare to be notified in my future courses. Follow me on Pinterest, check me out on Instagram and check out cultures into And how was he was in the next course. Thank you so, so much for watching.