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How to become a party planner

teacher avatar Vincent Vermeulen, The art of Hospitality

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (1h 46m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. Mood board

    • 3. Colors

    • 4. Theme

    • 5. Atmosphere

    • 6. Materials

    • 7. Automated timesheet

    • 8. Websites to know

    • 9. Party vs event

    • 10. Table setting

    • 11. Table seating

    • 12. Space

    • 13. Quantities

    • 14. Overall organising tips

    • 15. Decoration and flowers

    • 16. Real life party cases

    • 17. Event sheet

    • 18. Communicating with clients

    • 19. Budgeting

    • 20. Why you need a business plan

    • 21. Personal calculator party planner

    • 22. Do you need investment to start ?

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About This Class

This online party planning course will teach you how to organise amazing parties, step by step.

ThisĀ  course is designed to teach you the ins and outs of party planning, even if you have little to no experience with it.

What will you learn:

  • How to create mood boards

  • Why color is so important

  • Real life cases and excercises

  • How to present your ideas to your clients

  • How to run a meeting

  • How to set up your party planning business

  • and much much more

We have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee, so if you aren't happy with your purchase, we will refund your course - no questions asked!

We can't wait to see you in the course!

Enroll now, and get started now as a party planner!

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Vincent Vermeulen

The art of Hospitality


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1. Promo: So you want to plan parties whether it be professional, to make money, maybe to make money on the side when organized parties, just for the fun of it for family. Well, this is the right course. In this training, I'm going to show you every little detail on how to plan a party. First of all, we know if you buy a course like this, you really want to get into the fun stuff. You don't want to wait for the fun stuff to come in the middle of the course. So we've done. It's slightly different this time. We're going to show you in the beginning, all the fun stuff, how to organize, how to make beautiful gift, how to do a color scheme, etcetera, etcetera. And then later on in the course, if you're ready, you can look into how to set up your business, how to run your business plan, etcetera. Because maybe you're taking the scores just for you just as personal funds. So you don't want to know about everything which is setting up a business, so that's absolutely fine. So we're gonna swept completely around so you can get started straightaway. Now, this courses in multiple modules and you can hop from one to the other. And as I said, I'm really going to show you everything step by step, this course is put together by experts, so let's dive in straight away with first lesson. 2. Mood board: the next thing I want to talk to you about our mood boards. Now, what are mood boards? Mood boards is actually a collection of pictures. Sometimes they call it a kalash, so it's actually set off pictures thrown together, maybe pictures you find on the Internet to show your guests how the party will kind of look like it's It's a beautiful representation of your ideas. Instead of telling something to your guest. Like I have this idea for white and gold and this is the color scheme I'm gonna use. People can imagine anything, but if you have already some pictures to show them, they will get a feel of what the mood is. So a mood board is what we actually need. Now. I'm LIBOR is amazing, but it dangerous as well. First of all, why is it amazing? Well, your guests get all excited. They will see kind of how the party will look like a mood board is amazing and dangerous at the same time. Now why or first of all, it's amazing because your guests get a great idea of your ideas, and that might sell your person to them and your services on the other hands. It's dangerous because when they see those pictures, they might expect that picture perfect party, which obviously is our goal. We want to be perfect, but it's never gonna be like in the pictures because maybe some materials are hard to get or you can get them in your region or whatever. So be very careful with mood boards, and you have to always tell your clients that this is just an impression. It's just on idee off how you see things and then, obviously it's up to you to create it. Now, in mood boards, there are a few things you have to think about. 3. Colors: color is the first thing you have to think about in your mood boards and in the creation of your party. Now I would advise to stick to to no more than three main colors. I actually prefer to have a look at the gift again in the back. It's mainly red, isn't it? But it's it's It's red with different kinds of red, if you know, I mean, but the main color is red, so stick to 12 maximum three cars. It depends on the theme. It depends on the occasion. That's the first thing. Now, if you want to add color to an event, try to do it subtle. Don't don't overdo it. For example, Don't go for that very harsh purple except if you need it. Obviously, if somebody wants a particle purple rain find you can do something. But if it's kind of easy going, try to kind of sneak in that color and make it subtle so people don't really notice it, because the first reaction you wonders. Oh, that looks great. Let me tell you a bit about color now. First of all, it's really handy when you know how to use color I mean by that? What colors go together with which ones? Now let me show you really good item to do this. It is called the Color Wheel. Now this is something you can pick up in any D I Y craft store. Or you can even find it on your tablet or smartphone just as an app. But it will show you what colors are complimentary on. You will learn about the primary secondary and the tertiary colors. You will also see what the warm colors are, where the cool colors are, what opposites are. Etcetera, etcetera. As you can see here, you also have the different values off black going to whites, and you can also see what happens if you have a certain color on other colors are added to it. It's very self explanatory. Now, if you use a color wheel, it's very important because if you work around the theme, sometimes people have an idea of colors that will not go together. Now have a look at this one. These are colors, for example, wouldn't you say they're kind of not fitting together? Well, at least that's what I think. Now let's focus on one color. Let's say this one. Now you can do a lot mawr in combat, combining beautiful cars and then applying it into your party. For example, if you take that color, you could also have what we call a color fan. You can pick this up in any pain store. It's a bit like a color wheel, but you will see what colors are very closely together and how to combine them. So if we go back to our color, let's say the reddish darkish kind of brown color. You can see it. It's Ah, it's a bit to the right up there. You can see the other colors that go with it, but it doesn't mean that other calls wouldn't go with it. Because towards the bottom of the color fan you see brown, that might go a swell. So this is the call we chose and instead of the ugly girls are showed you before you could have, for example, these colors, which would fit really well together. And if you combine all of these in one theme, this could make up, for example, for a grade Halloween table. Now, as you can see the cars to the left are used in this table, and as you can see, it's a beautiful combination, so it's not really that difficult to combine colors. So go get yourself a color real. Go get a color fan and just try to experiments. By the way, the color fan is also a great to to take with you in meetings to clients so you can show them about what color is your thinking about. 4. Theme: The next thing that has to be in shown in our mood board is the theme is actually this style of what the party will be. It's actually let's say something that comes back every single time. Let's say, for example, you want to do a party on and it's about butterflies. So it's a birthday party, and this little girl likes butterflies, so these butterflies have to come back into your party planning everywhere. For example, the name tack on the table could be like a small butterfly. You could put butterflies into the garden. You could put them everywhere, could be on the invitations, etcetera, etcetera. Again, As with the color, don't overdo it. Do it really subtle. So it really stylish and do it really with class. And obviously, in this training, I'm going to show you a few cases parties reorganized and how. Actually we did one with a butterfly and and how we use that to actually incorporated into the theme and obviously, before starting to plan, put it into the mood port. So the theme as the second thing we need in the food court, Let's move on to the theme Now, the theme off your party could be all around one certain thing. Yes, well, for example, butterflies. That's what I said before. Now a theme actually, is something which you repeat time and time again into your party. But to be quite honest, without exaggerating. So as you can see here, the definition of a theme is a theme in an artist works or in the work of literature, is an i D. In it that the artist or writer develops or repeats. For example, if you look at a novel, could be anything around the murder, for example, in the investigation. And that's actually the theme of the book that comes back again and again. Same thing with your party. So let's say we're gonna work around butterflies. Yes, well, you can work, for example, butterflies. You can work with them on the table, as you can see here. Now, this is something which you can put on a glass and can actually write somebody's name on it and use it as a name. Courts. Now I'm gonna show you a picture next off a butterfly, which I used in one of my parties. So we had this beautiful garden and We had people coming in through very special entrance and you can see the entrance here to the right. That's a bit blurry, but these were all kind of ribbons, which we actually hung up on this bush and in the bushes. We were hiding all throughout the garden butterflies and was absolutely beautiful. And especially, this was for a communion of a child. And they really, really loved it. Why? Because it was so subtle. Actually, the Children had to really look for the butterflies. It wasn't too much. And as you can see, the color of the butterfly is complementary to the ribbons in the back. Now another one could be, for example, let's say, a touch of golds. You can see here, for example, a sort of a mood board that goes around golds so he see the stationary, see the ribbons, etcetera. You can combine that when everything which is the porcelain on. On top of that, you can combine it with anything you want to wear. So this is what I mean with the theme. So this part you see right now could be called a touch of gold's. You can do anything you can do it touch of red. You can do black and white. You can do bohemian. You can do summer. It can do spring. You can do winter whatever you want to do as a theme. That is the thing that will be repeated throughout the whole party, going from the invitation to the thank you notes. 5. Atmosphere: the atmosphere. Now the atmosphere and the theme are not the same. The atmosphere is actually how you want guess to feel So when they come into a party, should be formal. Should be informal. Should be really like casual is like everybody. Just, you know, where's whatever they want? Or is your client saying, Hey, I want everybody to show up in a tuxedo or I want them to show up in white with a touch of gold. Whatever. I'm just I'm just brainstorming. But this the the atmosphere of what is going on in a party is also very, very important. Why? Because it sets the tone from the starts. That is how people will feel the moment they come in if it's a casual party and that's the way it's organized. And you got this really easy going music. That is how people will feel if you get it from the start and there's like three people on a violin and they're all very nicely dressed. It's very formal. People will know, maybe not be Addie's as much as with the casual one. I mean, the both can work, obviously, and it's obviously the wish of the customer. That will be the decision in the end, but still you have to really think about the atmosphere, and that has to be shown in the mood board as well. Obviously, it's a bit more difficult to show up in a picture. It is possible, but it's what you will explain to your guests that will set the tone when I always did was when I showed my mood boards. I put on a bit of music. That's a golden tip. Put on some music while showing the mood port. The atmosphere of a party is completely different as to the team. Why? Well, the atmosphere will show how people will feel on a party. It could be anything, for example, like having a beer with friends and just saying, Hey, cheers on the beer is in the bottle or it could be something more formal, like a tee time where everybody sits up straight on. Everybody has a very decent look on their faces, if you know what I mean. So the atmospheres is actually what sets the tone off the party 6. Materials: last but not least in the mood. Board materials, the materials you're going to use. So let's say, for example, organizing again. It's a dinner party, maybe 25 people. Most people will not have the cutlery in the porcelain in house toe organize. 25 people agree. Good. So it's up to you to go out and have a look. How are we gonna do this? But these materials have to be right with the three previous things in your mood board, which is the color, the theme and the atmosphere. So it has to go all together, and these are hunting for materials. That's a lot of fun. That's that's actually one of my favorite parts. It's going everywhere, looking in these small shops and bigger shops and maybe things on the Internet, etcetera, etcetera, to find these materials that really will set the tone off this party. But don't worry, I'll show everything. The materials you're going to use are going to give an I D to your clients on how the party is going to look like Now you can see here where I made a mood board that goes anything from grey to white, maybe a little touch of gold in there, but it's a certain style that fits together. You can see, for example, the white hydra genius in a bow you can see to the left the peat stockman's candles, etcetera, etcetera. It sets the tone. Now it shows a style as well as what materials you want to use. So you can really put them together in one mood board in one page. As you can see here and show, for example, to your clients. If you look on the top in the middle, you see all of these candles together. You could say, Hey, listen, this is how I want to work. I see it as having a mirror on on that mirror. I have different candles, different shy shapes, different heights, etcetera, etcetera. And they will immediately understand how you want to work. For example, the flowers you can say, Hey, this is one of work with as flowers. If you go to for completely the top left, you can say, for example, I don't want to work with cutlery just sitting on the table like it used to with a formal dinner. I want to present it in this Silver EC. It's something special. It's something quirky. It's very modern, etcetera, and they will immediately get what kind of materials you want to use. So this is actually another part of that mood board materials. 7. Automated timesheet: no one party will be the same. If you're going to do this for years and years, nothing is gonna be ever the same. You're gonna have different styles. You're gonna have different themes. You're gonna have different colors, different food. And most importantly, you're gonna have different type of clients. Type of guests could be a different climate. Could be a different location. Nevertheless, a few of the logistics of organizing a party will be the same. For example, you will always need to order catering. You will always need tohave decoration. You always needs people. Maybe to assist you. You will always need music. Whether it be just on iPod or a band, you will need music now. Therefore, we created an automated spreadsheet. So this spreadsheet will actually allow you to punch in the date when the event will happen . And when you start organizing and it will calculate anything in between that you need to do in terms of timing. So, for example, I could say margarita party on May 6th. And if I need to order catering, I have to do that three months up front so the spreadsheet will actually calculate how much time up front will be probably around march 6th toe order catering. But in between those steps between catering ordering on, obviously the event itself, there's much more to do around catering. You know it. I know it. So all of these small steps can be integrated in this automated spreadsheet. We made one for you, and I really want to show it. Have a look. Right. So let me show you the timing checklist for the professional party planner. Now, this is something we put together so you can actually plan a party in a few weeks time. The funds stuff about this is that you can add or leave out things as you see fit. It can also change the timing. So that means if you want to work faster, if you want to work longer on a certain project, you can let me show you how it works Now, For example, if you look here, put in the party day now, this is actually the day where the party is going to happen. This date is actually where you put in the date of the when the agreement is signed on. The first payment has been done so That means you actually have signed and confirmed the agreement with your client. We have a green light. We can go ahead with planning the party. So, for example, you sign your agreement on August 1st, but the party is going to be on September 21st. So that leaves you about seven, maybe eight weeks. Now what this does I've got here a list of things that need to be done. Now there's a few formulas in there. I just let me zoom in a bit. There we go. For example, let's say start venue scouting. If that is necessary, could be at the party's at home. Start venue scouting. Don't forget to book hotel rooms at the venue or nearby. Now you will see that this is set three days after signing the agreement. Now this is something obviously won't start. You want to start on straight away now? If you if I click on this, you can see here. For example, I added three days to be too. So I added three days to this day. So for me, as a party planner, my principle is three days after signing the agreement because it could be for example, a weekend. I have to start venue scouting two days after. As you can see, I would start with selecting vendors. So, for example, would already have a look at what the venues could be. But I'm starting to call them. Can I come by, etcetera, etcetera. Now you can also see here, for example, and I start venues scouting. It's on a Sunday. Well, this is obviously because the formula says three days now. Obviously, if you want to in our Monday whatever day you want to do it, it's fine. Most important thing is that you know how this system works. Now, let's say, for example, I started venue scouting. There you go. I take it off. Get now. What's the next thing now? By Thursday, the eight. I must have a first draft off the timeline, so that means what happens on the day. On what time? Let's say you got a party at 12 o'clock noon. So that means at eight o'clock in the morning, we got maybe hairdressers coming in. Makeup artists coming in catering will be setting up the tables, etcetera, etcetera. So you need to make that first time line. Then you need to make that first guest list and maybe a floor plan. So that is happening. If you look at my formula seven days, seven days after signing the agreement, Yes. Now it moves on like that. So Planet, first meeting with all vendors and venues known so far, make first pre calculation of the budget and presented to the clients. So they will want to know what it's gonna cost them. If that is all good and well, then you can start organizing tastings with the caterer. He can start ordering stationery, etcetera. Now you can see here that the formula slightly difference you can see here. I got the B 23 s, which is actually the party day minus 20. So that means me as a party planner. My deadline toe order All my stationery with my printer is about three weeks prior to the day. I need it on the day itself. Now, obviously, this is not the invitation. When this could be menu cards, name courts, etcetera, etcetera. Now you can actually adapt this as you see fit. Now, let's do this exercise. For example, Europe Wedding planner. You want to be a bit more of these and you say, Hey, no, UM, three weeks. That's way too short. I want to make it four weeks. Not to worry, we're just going to click it. We're gonna make this into 28. Enter and you can see it changes toe August 24th instead of September 1st. And this will give you actually a fairly good overview of what needs to happen until the party day on the party day itself. You can see I need to print the guest list in the floor plan at the very last moments because we can have changes. Don't forget to take care of yourself and your team. Make sure you have enough to drink and eat. You have to be sharp. I wrote that down because maybe prior to going to the house or the venue, you can take some water bottles with you. Maybe some candy bars for your team, etcetera, and then you can see that it actually continues off their party day. So, for example, let's say here Saturday, fifth of October, I added 14 which is two weeks after the party send flowers, declines to tank them and wish them the best. It's again. As I told before details, It's very considerate. And then even one year later, you can send the personalized cards or an email to congratulates them on the first party anniversary, whatever it is, could be an anniversary. Could be wedding reception, whatever. Yes, and you can do this every year if you want. Now. Obviously, this is not only very considerate, but it's also a great marketing tool because you will stay top of mind and everybody's head . So whenever they think about a party planner, they're going to think about you now. This is the timing checklist, which we put together for you. You can download it here, and most important part of this. You can adapt it so you can add stuff you can. You know the lead stuff. You can change dates, etcetera, but I think it's a very, very useful to How about that? It's easy, right? And the best thing of all this, you can customize it. You can customize it to your needs. It's just a simple spreadsheet. I mean, you just download it, use it and you can put in extra tasks, or maybe something special that is in your region. or very typical to your clients, so you completely customize it. So once you just punch in the date as you have seen your all set to go 8. Websites to know: Obviously, you can be different to other party planners. If you know different things, different materials may be different. Suppliers, etcetera, etcetera. So have a look at these websites I put together for you, which you actually have to know. Some of them you might already know. Maybe you know all of them, but have a look and how they come together in the cases we gonna work on already have worked on, um it's really important to have that edge to have that special item, that special atmosphere, that special color, whatever you want to call it, it's very important. Have a look. Let me show you. A few websites really have to know. As a party planner, you might know them. You might know all of them, but I'm gonna go through them. The 1st 1 is etc. Now Etc. Is this website that sells handcrafted items. But mostly they're made by, you know, just people like you and me. And look, for example, at this one. Now, this is a laser cup name, and you can order these names to use them in your parties. And they worked absolutely beautiful. You can put them on the plate you can put them on the napkin, whatever you want. Actually, we use these in a party organized for a communion, which is kind of like a bar mitzvah. And we put them on the napkins. They were absolutely beautiful now and at an etc. This is something you condone order. Really, Very simply. You just, you know, send over the names. They will cut it for you. Etcetera, etcetera. Now everything which is handcrafted. You can actually add to your, um you know, party. Let's say, for example, I'm looking for a gift I want to give to everyone when they leave the party. And I'm thinking about a wine stopper, for example. With the names off, for example, the birthday boy. Um Well, here you go. That's the 1st 1 If you click on it, look at that, etc. Sarah, Bridesmaid, you got the date? Isn't that a fun gift to give? Let's see what they have. Oh, they got different bags to put them in. This is how you can give them. That's actually a great idea. So at sea is the 1st 1 you have to know. Now, the 2nd 1 you have to know is this one. It's gold creative market, as you can see here, and this is a great one to have anything which is kind of stationary and templates. So, as you can see here, they actually sell, or so all sorts of templates. And let me show you which ones. For example, you can have invitation cards. You can have a key note, which is interesting. When you wanna present something to your clients and you can have flyers, you can have postcards anything you want. Now let's go with invitations, since you are more or less in that kind off business, for example, here, boarding pause. Look at that one. That's it. I'm actually doing this as we go along on Didn't prepare this, But look, this is a boarding pass for Mary Kate and David Mats, which is a wedding invitation. So you can have this, for example, for a birthday invitation and have an aviation theme. Isn't that a lot of fun? That's amazing. So all of these things can be bought on creative markets. So look at this. It's only $11. You can buy it, and if you look down, you can see it's a Photoshopped file or an illustrator file, and you're probably thinking, Oh, my God, I cannot. I cannot work with photo shop. Well, don't worry. They have template in all sorts of software, going from words to pages to whatever you want to do it. Now, if you think that these templates are too much work, well, then you can go to another website which is called Fiverr and fiver. Actually, that says, like, five bucks. So this is where people sell services, so they will actually do the work for you. So let's go to graphics and designs. I'm just flipping through this as I go along again. I didn't prepare this invitations. There you go. Click on it. And there you go. Pretty simple. So here you can see, I will design beautiful wedding invitation card in postcards. So only 14 euro. So if I click on it, this is what these people can do for you. Look at that. How amazing you see this? There you go. So the only thing you need to do is to contact this cellar. They delivering four days. As you can see, you can even have it revised ones. Or maybe you can add some options. There you go. You can have multiple revisions. You can have it delivered earlier. Etcetera, etcetera. This is where fiber is absolutely great for They got a lot of other services they offer, so just flip through it and you will see how amazing it iss last but not least, I want to show you off course Pinterest. Now you probably know Pinterest. I know, But I took the liberty off just typing in party balloons. And look at this. What great ideas you have now. I don't know if you're familiar with all of the features off Pinterest, but this is a great way to make a mood boards because, as you can see, you can do safe. There you go. And it's safe to the wedding board. So I have a board which is called Wedding. Let me see where I can find it. Wedding, wedding, wedding. Oh, are you? Here we go. I just click on wedding and their ego. These are a few of the ideas I gathered to use on a wedding, For example, like this one. It's a Polaroid gas book. Snap it, Shake its ticket. Sign it. I like that one. There you go. So interest will give you great ideas. Now, these four websites with these alone, he canoe some amazingly creative things. So I wish you the best of luck and, you know, have some creative ideas. 9. Party vs event: What is the difference between a party and events? That's a very valid question because sometimes it's very confusing. There isn't really a difference because apart it could be an event. On the other hand, an event is mostly another party. Now. How can you tell the two apart? Well, first of all, have a look at the number off people attending. If we talk about 500 people, would you call it a party? I don't think so. I think it's more of an event because you need more logistics. You need more people to assist you, etcetera, etcetera. Let's say that a particle go up to anywhere between 40 and 60 people. Anything more already is leaning towards an event. Second of all, it's the type. It's a type off while event. If you want that you're organizing, for example, birthday party, baby shower, those are old parties. If you look at, for example, events you're looking quickly at lets a company events, corporate events. It could be an award ceremony. Could be something big. Could be sports events that was arm or events as well. So that's basically the difference between a party and in events on off course. A logical consequence of that is obviously the budget. So the budget is going to be much, much bigger, obviously, and events than it is in parties. So you might be wondering, Can I do both? Of course you can. But if you really want to organize parties, you gotta stick to what you know best. And to be quite honest, a party is a bit more romantic. To be more personal. You can really put your time, effort and love into it. As we're in event, you will probably be dealing with, like I said Cos. Or with people who are looking at this not so much on a personal level. If you look at, for example, organizing a birthday party for a four year old little girl or your organizing a, let's say, launch of a product for a big company, it's a completely different way off going about it and the feelings that go with it from the people hiring you are completely different. So really think about what you want to do here. Is it a party planner we wanna be or is an event planner? Like I said, you can do both. It's very close together. There's like a fine line there, which starts where, what ends where. But if you want to do parties, it's going to be a bit smaller, bit more romantic, more personal, actually a lot more personal and most of all, a lot more fun. So let me show you a few differences between events and parties. Now I'm gonna show you a few types of events and parties and tell you whether that would be for an event planner or for a party planner. The 1st 1 is conferences. Obviously, that is more often event You have a lot of people attending could be even international people of people flying in. It's not very small, the same thing for seminars and meetings. Now, what these tree obviously have in common is that they're very based were corporate events. So anything which is in the business atmosphere, if you know what I mean. Next we got team buildings. This could perfect be a party. So if you have small companies on these people work together all year round, you could perfectly organize a team building. The problem is that people always think when you talk about team building that you could have to go out on a boat or maybe go climbing a mountain or whatever. But that's not really the case. Could be a great party. What a few games in there could be very, very individual and personal. A swell trade shows that wouldn't be party as well again. It's leaning towards anything which is business. Actually, it is business it's not leaning towards, but it is business receptions. Obviously, that could be a party, very small one. But it could lean towards business as well. If people are welcoming their customers, another one is dinners. That's obviously one of the core party events we can do as a party planner. I personally love smaller if dinners that say anywhere between 10 and 20 people, you can really put your heart and soul into it into decorations and the food and anything that goes with that conference transportation. That obviously is also also towards events themed parties about the word says it. It's parties, so that's for the party planner. Ward ceremonies could also be very small. It's a bit like a team building if you have smaller companies, so why wouldn't we do any award ceremonies, board meetings again. Too much business like that's not for us birthday parties. Obviously, we wouldn't call that event. Maybe, except if it's a really, really big one. But it's, you know, a birthday party should be intimate. Should be personal. Should be all about the person celebrating their birthday wedding receptions. That's about the same as receptions. But even there you can go more personal. It can go more romantic. Thes can be slightly bigger, but they are really easy to control, so I would put them on the side of party planners. And then, obviously, family events could be anything like a bar mitzvah or a baby shower or what have you. So I think this is a great overview off what the difference would be between a event and a party. 10. Table setting: our players on the table. The first thing we're going to do is put down our cutlery. On. The first item is the knife. The knife will be the guide for the rest of the off the table dressing. You come in with you tray and you have your knives. You always put down your knife with your right hands on the fork with your left hand's, because if I put down the knife with my left hands, you see what happens, right? So the fork where he left hands of knife with your rights hands and, of course, the spoon also. But it depends. Could be. That could be that the fork is at the right as well, on certain exceptions. So obviously, you do that with your right hands and we continue. We put the rest of the cutlery, and we always align it at the bottom. Never put cutlery up. That's completely wrong. It's always a line at the bottom. Next we have the forks, and then we're gonna put down or glass. So the first glasses kind of cut by that main course knife. It could be a wine glass, but it could be like a water glass, which is low as well. It depends on the set up, but we'll talk about that later. Yes, and then we're gonna put up the glasses and a 45 angle degree again. It depends on the table, if you like, have a square table in a corner. It could be that you cannot do that and that maybe have to put it into a triangle. But we'll do that, Leaders. Well, baby steps. When that is done, we put our breath plates. The breath plate. The top of the bread plate has the same height as a top of the plates. So here, that's good. Then we have the What's this? Never say bread knife Because Brett may never be cuts. It's broken. Yes. Now you can put it next to it. You can put on it however you like, but we'll discuss that later as well. And we have the napkin for this exercise. Mr. Halloran's Go get me one napkin, please. The local. Yes. For this exercise, we're gonna do a very, very simple fault. And to be honest, this is it's actually always this fold. I didn't even know why I said that. Thank you so very simple. 123 And then again before they like this. Unlike this and we have the logo in the middle. This with the side closed towards the entrance. Very simple to start with. Lovely. So once you've set up this, you must know that you need about 24 inches or 60 centimeters per cover. Where does that come from? It's actually shoulder to shoulder with the average person. So shoulder to shoulder is about 60 centimeters. You need to be comfortable. Yes, that's about yes. No. What? When you put all of this on, you need a control system. Yes. When you have perfectly laid that table, you will always work on two axis. So this is an access, and this is one. So you can check your glasses and you can check your cutlery. For example. This knife should be perfectly in front of this fork. Here to everyone 11. Table seating: Let me talk to you about seating. I'm gonna give you a few simple etiquette rules on two different tables because I get a lot . The question. Where do we put who now? There are two types of tables I want to show you. The 1st 1 is the French table. Now imagine you have a rectangular table. Now where do you put who? Well, first of all, the hosts should be at the long ands Off the table in the middle, approximately in front of the host is the hostess. So the lady of the house, if you will. Now you see these numbers appearing s well. This is the rule on the French table. To the right, off, the hostess is the guest of honor to the right. Off the host is the partner off the guest of honor. And then it moves outwards towards number 23 and four with the lesser important people. So let me say that one more time. To the right, off. The hostess is the guest of honor to the right off. The host is the partner of the guest of honor. Now, why is this? Because this allows the host to talk to the guest of honor, Sitting kind of in front of him or her doesn't matter. Now. One thing you have to imagine this or I have to think about is that the guest of honor doesn't necessarily needs to be a man. A doesn't know it's necessary, needs to be male because, for example, the guest of honor could be the ambassador's off. I don't know, Paraguay doesn't matter. So that means that she would be sitting next to the lady of the house and her husband would be sitting to the right off the gentleman of the house. So that's the main room. Now what you see is at this table on the Let's say, the head of the table, small end of the table, nobody sitting Well, that's different with the English table. The English table is practically the same thing as the French table, but the host on the hostess would be sitting at the smaller end of the table. But again, the same rule applies to the right of the hostess is the guest of honor to the right of the host is the partner of the guest of honor, and then you can see that the lesser important people are still close to the host and hostess. Another thing you have to think about with the French and the English table is that you should try to seat the host facing the door. So the door people come in where they come into the room. So that's the door that the host should be facing towards. In the etiquette world, that means that the host can see who comes in and out of his house, and that way he can guarantee guarantee the safety off his guests. No. As to the table dressing, you can see a difference as well in the French table. Now, this is probably something you know. You can see the to forks on the left and the two knives on the right, so the forks and the knives are for the starter and the main course above the plate. You've got this spoon, which is the dessert spoon. Good now, in most countries we are. We eat outside, and so that means we start with the outside country to start our meal in the English table . It's slightly difference. This is the English table. It's the same principle he eat outside in, but the dessert cutlery is already next to the plates, so in this scenario you have a starter and main course and a dessert with a spoon. But the spoon is already on the table. That's the big difference. You have to remember now. This is another setting. Yes, where, for example, you have an English stable that serves you a starter. A main course, a desert with a spoon and then probably cheese. Yes, because wherein Francois, they will serve you cheese before dessert in England England's. They will serve you cheese after dessert, so that is the main difference in the French and the English table setting. I just want you to know it's possible, and you can make different variations on this. 12. Space: There are a few skills you will need as a party planner. First of all, when you walk into a room, you should be able to spot, Let's say the size of the room. How many people can we fit in here? How many tables can we fit in here? What if I just do? Looks a stand up drink opposed to complete sit down dinner. What are the restraints as to space, etcetera, etcetera. Well, this might sound a bit strange, but you need a few formulas, A few formulas to know if you got a, for example, four by five meter room. How many tables can I fit in? Well, we we got something for you. Have a look at how to calculate space space. The final frontier. No, I'm just kidding. But what you need to be able to do is you have to be able to spot the size off a room how much space you will need to put certain things in. Now let me give you again a few formulas. First of all, you need about 0.75 square meters for a standing reception. So, for example, cocktail drinks or whatever Eat about 0.75 square meters per person. If you have a sit down dinner, you need 1.25 square meters per person. So that means for example, if you have a room that's five meters by five, that will give you 25 square meters. Now if you divide that 25 square meters so let me do it here. 25 divided by 1.25 You can fit about 20 people in that room. Yes, 20 people. So this is the way you can calculate how many people will fit Next. Take in account a bar A d j. A dance floor, a bag more a kitchen, whatever that will take up space. Obviously you have to deduct it from your total square footage or square meters, and you can easily divide any space with plants. So, for example, if you say on this site, we want to do the tables on the other side. We want to do the cloakroom original, the bar or whatever use plans to divide it. So that is what space can do. Now. A roundtable off about 160 centimeters in diameter will give you eight people around it. A round table with a diameter of 180 centimeters will give you about 10 people. Now. I would not exceed 10 people on a round table because it will defeat the purpose off people being able to talk to one another. So make sure that the round tables are not too big. Obviously, in square and rectangular tables, you can quite go long and and and very wide, But that's completely up to you and to the concept. Last but not least, a standing table. So high table, let's say, with a diameter of about 80 centimeters, could be square as well. We'll give you space for 4 to 6 people when there are eating. So when you have a walking dinner and people need to put a plate on a standing table, do not exceed six people. If it's only drinks, that's much easier. Cannot go up all the way to 10 people because we just have to put our glasses down. So be very aware. First of all, what is the size of the room? What can I fit in? How many square meters we need per person? How big is my table and for the standing table. If they are eating, keep it to six people maximum. If it's just a standing up reception, you can go much, much more. Good luck. 13. Quantities: another thing you need to be able to calculate or certain quantities. Now, for example, drinks and food. And you're thinking, Hey, wait, I'm a party planner. I'm not a caterer. Yeah, that's right. But you need to know these things because you can have a cater. Who, for example, can offer you? It's a food and you say that's fine. But then he charges you way too much because he actually calculated too much food or too much drinks. So you have to be on top of this. You have to know. For example, if you have a bottle of wine, you can get five glasses out of a bottle of wine. You can get 67 glasses out of a bottle of champagne, depending on the size of the glasses. So how do you calculate these things? Well, I put together this next screen cost, have a look, and it's a formula that will. Actually, it will help you always and not one cater can, you know, can fool you anymore. Good luck. Next up is quantities. Now, quantities is so that you know how much you have to order of certain things, and I want to show you something and that's drinks. Now. How much drinks do you need? Toe order for a specific number of people? Well, let me give you a few basic formulas. First of all, you can get five glasses of wine out of one bottle. So let's say you have 20 people in a party. Yes, so they will be drinking wine. All the Yuning. Let's calculate that they will drink three glasses per person, so times 20 guests gives you 60. Glass is divided by five, gives you 12 bottles since you have five glasses off wine per bottle, so that gives you 12 bottles that will easily get you up to three glasses per person. Now, if the evening is longer, they will drink obviously MAWR classes per person, But this is how you can calculate it in an educated guess. Now you can get 67 glasses of champagne per bottle. Now that that depends on the size off the glass. I would keep it at six just to be safe. But again, it's the same formula as with wine. Next up water. I would actually he foresee at least 1.5 liters of water. That's about one bottle and 1/2 per person ever talking about a longer party? Let's say people around arrive around six. They will stay until midnight that six hours. I think you would need minimum 1.5 litre water per person. Calculate the time and number off people as well. So, for example, let's do the champagne. One. What if you have 20 people coming for one hour? How many glasses would you drink in one hour? Some of you are probably thinking I would drink only one, and the other one went, probably thinking on thinking before. Well, you're both rights. Let's do in between, let's say 2.5. 2.5 in one hours? Yes, so times 20 people's 50 glasses of champagne in that one hour divided by six Well, that will give you roughly 8 to 9 bottles. That's a tend to be safe. Now, if we do that exercise again on, we have ah, reception off three hours. We have to do it times three, obviously. So make sure that you have the educated. Guess off how many glasses per bottle you can get. The number of people there are, and the length off the party 14. Overall organising tips: As I told you, every party is gonna be different. Every guests are going to be different, etcetera, etcetera. Now there's another few things you have to think about because, um, in my experience, I have a lot of experience. And even till this day, I encounter things where I think shoot. I didn't think about that. One thing that ever happened in my career was, for example, disabled people. We have this amazing party organized, 40 50 people, and it was on the first floor and I didn't think about disabled people on on that party. Somebody came in a wheelchair and it happened right? We solved it on the moment itself. But you know, it's it's not fun for those people to see they haven't been thought about. So what I did now I put together a few tips and tricks left and right. It's not only about disabled people, that's about other things as well. And I didn't want to leave this out off this training. Let me give you some tips on overall organizing, first of all, tastings. I cannot stress enough how important they are. You have to do tastings because you don't want to serve anything to your clients they don't know on. On top of that, it will show them what the personality of the caterer is. When you do, we're tasting. That being said, on the flip side, it might give you more work because if they don't like it, you have to go back. You need to find another cater. But, hey, that's just a job. Next, the weight of the food and probably thinking, What? What the hell does that mean? Well, the weight of the foot means that you shouldn't be over serving too much food. If you have, for example, a huge stake on a lot of French fries and vegetables and what have you? You're not going to serve a five course meal because it will be too much food. So half a chat, which you cater and ask him if he's really aware off how much food he's going to serve over the whole menu. This one is very important. Do not overdo the canopies. So if people come in and first of all, there's a drink, let's say 45 minutes, one hour, an hour and 1/2 you conserve some champagne, conserve some wine whatever. But don't go and push people on eating 10 canopies vacated because they will be completely stuffed even before you know, sitting down at the table. So please don't overdo the canopies. Set up time played a movie in your head. Now, when I organize a party, I actually go to the spot where people will come in and this is always the first sentence I play in my head and I say, Right, people are arriving on I close my eyes and I'm thinking what would be the first thing I would do? Probably I would remove my jacket. Or I would take glass off champagne. Or I would put away my umbrella all depending on the type of event where it is etcetera. You have to play the movie in your head. So after I remove my jacket, I go into the living room. I take a glass of champagne. I sit down. I might need a napkin. I'm looking at the fireplace. Whatever happens, you have to play that completely movie in your head so you don't forget anything. Think about disabled people, ladies and gentlemen, don't forget it. People might be disabled in terms of a wheelchair, they might be visually impaired. There might be anything that you need to think off, because if you're well, I hope so are very healthy person. You have your site and you're hearing etcetera. We might not always be thinking about these people, so think about everything. For example, if you have people in the wheelchair, make sure you have enough space. Eso they can position themselves. If you have blind people, make sure there are. There are pieces not standing in an ontological place, etcetera, etcetera. Another thing I want to talk to you about is, um, anticipation. So anticipate 20 to 30% extra off certain things. Now, for example, it's a cutlery. Let's say you have a 10 people dinner. Would it be irresponsible to have, for example, two or three extra plates or covers or glasses or whatever or napkins? I don't think so, because what happens if all of a sudden your client comes up to you and he or she says, Oh, we got these two people. They just arrived. We didn't count them. We didn't count them in the guest list or they just showed up. We don't know what to do You could actually say. Not to worry. We're fully prepared. We have extra now. You cannot do that on everything. Obviously. If, for example, you're serving caviar and you need one kilo of caviar, you're not gonna buy extra 300 grams because that's too expensive. Nevertheless anticipates and always have a list of nearby shops. Oh, my God. This has saved me so many times in the in the past. I mean, there might be the most crazy thing you might need. It could be two picks. It could be safety pens. It could be it could be whatever. Make sure you have a list of nearby shops where you are working. It might be an environment you're not familiar with, so make sure that you know where you can get some extra wine. Where's the supermarket? Maybe. Where there's a D i Y sharp, etcetera, etcetera. You just pop in your car, you drive over and you know where it is. That is what we call anticipation. And that is what makes a great great party planner. Just trust me. Right? Tense. If you are setting up a tent, make sure that you have a floor always have a floor. Obviously you got different types of tents, but I'm talking about the bigger ones and especially where you are serving food or you might be dancing. You don't want to room the lawn off these people next heating Now. I don't know when what country you are, and you are listening to this training. But heating to me in most parts of the world would be crucial, even if it's in a warmer climates. And you're thinking why? Well, let's say you got a bigger party. Let's say 40 50 people and it starts in the morning. You're not going to set up your tables at three o'clock in the morning and do that the day before, if possible during the night. It might cool down, and you might have condensation on all of your cutlery in your glasses. So always think about heating because no, all guests are the same. Some can feel cold really quickly. Others don't but still think about heating water is the same thing. Do you have water that runs to the tense? Do you have drainage, etcetera? Electricity? You might need generators, whatever the case. So the drain, the dream is for example, the gutter you have on top of the tent so the rain can really get away as it should. Make sure you have a separate kitchen tent and listen very carefully. If I may advise you, if you have a tent where the party will be, make sure your kitchen tent is half the size. Yes, half dis ice. That might seem very big. For example, if you have a tent for 50 people, then your kitchen tens should be half the size of the 10 for 50 people because you need a lot of space to work in. It might be that you need to install an extra kitchen that you have staff waiting staff changing into their, you know, uniforms, whatever you will need a lot of space. You might need to set up a mobile office, etcetera, etcetera. Make sure you have this base and then walkways. Walkways are it must be as simple as a wooden plank going from A to B. Or it might be a beautiful carpet that's a put over wooden plank so people can easy get to park ings and toilets, etcetera, especially with grass with lawns. And you know so people don't actually first of all, ruin the grass they walk on. But when ladies work, for example, they might kind of sink into the grass when they're wearing high heels. And let me give you a golden tip for that. You can, For example, when people come in, when ladies come in, you can have a small table on that table. You can have what we eat, what we call hell plucks. Now this is what the hell block looks like. They can put it on their high heels, and it's absolutely amazing, so they will not sink into the grass. And as you can see here, they will not go in between those tiles and damage their shoes so he'll plugs. They're very inexpensive. He confined them on Amazon or whatever, but that's a great idea. When you're working gardens or on certain surfaces. Sometimes you will be working with entertainments, and these people might need a place where to change. So you need a changing room, what they call in the industry or lush. So this is where people can change, could be the most famous artist in the world, or could just be a band but they need a place to change. Don't forget that when you have more well, it's a bigger artists. You will have a hospitality writer. Now you have a technical writer and you have a hospitality writer. The technical writer is actually a sheet of paper. Well, it will be specified what type off materials they will need to perform. Might be lighting. Might be musical instruments. Might be electricity, etcetera. Hospitality writer is the same thing, But on the hospitality side, for example, you get sheet of paper so that they would like a Coke cola. They want some wine or the specific wine they want. Vegan food There were vegetarian. They want burgers. That is what they call a hospitality writer. So again, for the sake of anticipation, try to have the hospitality writer up front so you can prepare everything and your guests are not bordered with questions from entertainment people. Let's say you do a party in someone's house and the artists keep coming up to the clients that hired you, and they keep asking hair. Wait, where do I find a bottle of water? Where do I find a bottle of Coca Cola, etcetera, etcetera that's your job, not theirs. That's why they hire to you. So make sure you have that hospitality writer before next up. You should discuss the dress code of the band if it's a band, which is maybe not well known. Obviously you wouldn't discuss the dress coat with the Rolling Stones, for example. But if you have just a band playing some soft music and then you know in the background, it might be that your client say, Hey, listen, we're going for a formal dinner So we would like that the ban is also formally dressed. So this goes that, if necessary, the sound check timing. Oh my God, that's so importance. You don't want the band sound checking when people start arriving. It should be very clear to the band that they have to sound check way before people arrive . Now that might mean that the band will be sitting and waiting for about one or two extra hours, and they will tell you that it's an extra cost, so you have to go back to your clients and ask if that's fine. If you can have them wait a little longer, and that will be slightly more expensive, but it's so annoying when people arrive and they're still shouting through the mike. 1212 Test test 12 You really don't want that. It's so one professional. Also communicate photo rules to guests. So if you have a professional photographer, ask guests not to take pictures so they can enjoy themselves more. Also, if you work with celebrities, for example, they will have photo rules on other people are very sensitive as to guess taking photos inside their homes because it could be, let's say, a case off discretion, if you know what I mean. Staff. Now working with outside staff is also something you have to think about every single detail. For example, how are they dressed? If you're working with interim staff, you might want to discuss the attire. For example, waiters. You really want them to look crisp and neat, etcetera. So talk about that as well. You. Some pictures showed Staff V. I. P s, how food should be served, how drinks should be served, where the entrances or the exodus. You cannot be visual enough because some people never get it. If you know I mean, if you work within trims. You really, really have to breathe them. I'm gonna talk to you about briefing a bit more when I talk about the event sheet, but you really have to do that. And stagehands? Well, these air probably one of the most hardworking people I have ever worked with. But they don't pay that much attention to detail as you do, and they're not as invisible as we like them to be from time to time. So the stagehands are people doing any possible work. It's the rial. Stagehands will be helping putting up the stage, and you know there will be dragging musical instruments around, etcetera, etcetera. But then you have other stagehands doing any possible task that that you might need. But just make sure that there properly dressed the address, your guests and clients as they should, and they should be as invisible as possible. 15. Decoration and flowers: Let's talk about decoration now. What you have to realize as a party player is that a lot of elements will come together. So that means you will have different elements coming into the party such as food, linen, materials, flowers, maybe other kinds of things, maybe a small bit of transportation, etcetera. What you really have to consider us. If there's something you're not good at, or you have professionals who are much better at it, don't do it. Let me give you an example. For example, making flowers. I wouldn't do it because it's not your core business. There are people who are trains much better than you. They know what they do, and they follow the latest trends. So if you don't have to do it or you can't do it, do not do it. If you think you're gonna win money by doing it, it might. But not in the long term. Your clients are always will. They will want to see new things. Have a look at this one. For example, isn't it absolutely stunning? While this is done by someone who knows what they're doing, this is a professional. This is a guy who does a lot of weddings and a lot off small parties, as you can see here with very yeah, maybe a bit bigger budgets. But I would just want to show you something. It's not as much as to the budgets. Yes, so have a look at this. How the color's absolutely work together perfectly. You've got this soft pink in there. You got a bit of purple. You've got that red coming out. Absolutely stunning. This is another one. It's a bit eclectic. It's a bit special, but it works. It absolutely works. This is what florists conducive for you. This is what decorators conduced for you. This essentially is only two colors. It's green and orange, obviously combined with the white pots. So if you want to go into decoration, there's a few things you have to think about. Make sure you have unity, informs and shapes, so try to stick with let's a circular or rectangular and make sure it makes a unity. Layers and levels are absolutely amazing. Why? Well, if you work in height, it will add something to the atmosphere. I will show you in a short while. A few cases we have done and these layers and levels always work for US style and color of the interior. Always adapt your flowers and your decoration also to the color of the interior. Let's say, for example, you have red walls and you can combine it with a very harsh blew. It won't work, so look at the interior. I got a great example off a case we did for a Christmas party, which you will see in a minute. Limit the number of colors. Don't overdo it. I already talked about this in when we talked about the mood boards. But it's true. Don't mix 456 colors together. Stay with two maximum three go for variations off those colors. Limit the number of colors. Try to group decoration. Decoration is beautiful when he got a lot of things in one small place. When you make certain groups, I will show you an example as well with candles. So try to group your decoration. I really have to talk to you about flowers. Personally, I love flowers. Why? Because they lit up a home. They lit up a location where a party will happen. I love them so much on obviously, when you have chosen your color scheme, they have to fit in as well. Now, I'm gonna give you a few tips and tricks on flowers, obviously. And first of all, I would tell you if you order them from a professional florist, make sure they're not open all the way the day before. They have to be kind of like half open, half closed. So the evening before, you can put them in a cold spot, and then the day itself, you put them on the tables wherever you want to, and they will be completely open, as they should be. Just in the first stages of blooming. Absolutely beautiful. I got a few other tips for you. Have a look. Flowers obviously are a part of decoration. Like I said, you shouldn't be an expert, but you have to know what you're talking about. Now, look, for example, at these flowers, you know what this one is? I think you know it's a lily. And there you can see the Latin name. But do you know what? This oneness? Probably not. But you can make beautiful arrangements with this one. It's called unlock spur. Here's another one. Would you probably know. And another one the orchids Obviously beautiful things to be done with that one. So what I'm just trying to say is try to have a look at all these difference flowers and know that they are out there. You can do very nice things by discovering new sort of flowers. Another thing you have to look into and something that will show that you're a professional party planner is that you use seasonal flowers. You can find a schedule like this one or around the Internet. You can see what flowers will be blooming in your area. What time of the year? So really have a look at using seasonal flowers. Now, do you know what these flowers, for example, have in common so to the left? You see, for example, a plants to the right bottom, right? You see a white flour and to the top, you see kind of a blue. That's a purple, lilac or color flower, you would say, but what do they have in common? Well, let me tell you, and it might scare you. All of them are poisonous. Yes, you really have to dig into what you're working with. So ask the right questions. Now, for example, you know what this is and what this is. Would you think it's the same? No, it's not. The bottom one is an onion. The top one is a tool, a ball. So again, I know what you're talking about. Now let me give you a few tips and tricks on poisonous flowers. Make sure you always use gloves if he even dont know its appeal. Poisonous flower. Try to work with gloves. When you're working with flowers, always wash your hands after handling and try to avoid contact with your eyes for obvious reasons. If things go wrong, you have to seek medical advice straight away. Just a few tips on poisons flowers on other flowers. However, when you clean the flowers and you when you use them, let's say Well, you want to organize a party and you have to do some flowers, but really basic ones. Start with cleaning the stems because when the flower goes into the vase, you have to keep the leaves up Word from the water line So all the leads that go below the water line have to be removed. Why? Well, because they will start to rot and the water will become dirty. Try to remove the thorns as well, because obviously they can hurt you and other people. And if you cut your flowers, cut them on a slant. So don't cut them straight, but kind of on a slant so the flower will absorb much more water. And obviously you can add flour food into the water. And yes, it works. That's what experts have told me. Temperature very important for flowers. So if you order flowers or use flowers, make sure you've got them in a cool place the day before because obviously, temperatures, one of the elements that would make sure that the flower will open up quicker or slower. So what you really want is that that flower is like that's 1/2 way to three fourth off that flower opening up on the moment you need him. Light is another one, and, of course, humidity. So humidity. If it's too humid, flowers will not perform that well. Make sure they have clean water, obviously, and feed them whenever you need to 16. Real life party cases: we're not going to stick. Only with theory are we were gonna work. We're gonna show you how to do this. So what? We did us. We have prepared a few cases for you with different themes, different colors, different styles. So we can show you how we do it. And then hopefully you can do it. So let's get started with a few of these cases and see how they come together. We got some different ones. We gotta kits, party. We got a Christmas dinner and we got some of the ones Have a look rights. Now, this is the real fun stuff. I want to show you some cases, Some parties we organized and comment on them. First of all, we're going to start off with a kids party. Now, this is a kids party we organized and we wanted to do something fun with fruits. We wanted to keep it healthy. And, you know, Kitson fruits they own always mix that well together, but we decided to make it fun. So what did we do? We took some fruits and we made him into Let's a small people. This is the 1st 1 Here you go. yet isn't that fun? So this is a simple banana who was actually dressed as, Let's say, while sort of a minion, you can make these eyes. You can make these mouth. You can do multiple things with them and really have a lot of fun making them now. For example, if you look at this, you can see they're actually wearing kind of an apron. It's really not that difficult. It's just a bit of creativity now. The next thing we did was make this pair. So as you can see, we stuck on some eyes and he got some candy, which is like a vampire teething just to make it fun. And then around the stem on top, we wrapped some candy again to give him some hair. Really simple to do. You can put it on. There's this special edible gluey can half. It's perfectly safe for Children. Now these another one. This is a very simple sort of orange. You just put some candy on it. He put some eyes on it, and kids absolutely love it. And last but not least, this is an apple, just some paper wrapped around it, some ice stuck on it with a bit of glue and you got a fund apple. So as you can see, this is a kids party theme with fruits. It's really not difficult. It's not expensive. And it could be a great idea for Let's say, some of your party's you want to organize. Here's another one. Let's talk about Christmas. Christmas is one of our favorite periods of the year here, and we always try to design a few fun things for our clients. And you might remember that I told you about limiting colors. Eso no having too much colors in your mood boards and in your parties. Well, this is a perfect example. You can see here that we stuck to about 2 to 3 colors, so mainly red, gold and white so you can see what we did here. Now, if you look closely to divorce on the complete left, you can see it's Ah, Vasa, cylindrical vast. There's water in there, and we put cranberries in there. Cranberries. I don't know if you know this, but the float. So we had them floating in the vast, and then we put some roses in them on. I think it looks absolutely stunning. So if you then look further on, we have this gold banner all along the table which goes with the chairs, which are also gold. And then you got on the table on the plate setting. You've got this napkin, you got a cracker, which is actually very, um, well known in the in England's. And as you can see here, there's a close up. You can see the cranberries floating there. Even better, you got these candles in between, which are red as well. And then on top of the cracker, we just put some more, you know, decoration and a nice ribbon to the right. You see the Christmas tree and the gifts. Now why am I showing it that well? Do you remember when I talked about decoration that I said, you have to take into account the interior? While that's what we did, we color coordinated the Christmas tree with the color of the package, the packaging. So all the packages you see there and the table and it went beautifully together. So we actually stuck mainly to white, red and just a bit of gold and was absolutely a stunning Christmas. So this is really something which is very easy to do. He confined these materials all over the Internet. I'm going to show you a few websites that you should know on where you can buy this. But this is one case I wanted to show to you. Another case is a barbecue now a barbecue and depends where you live. But some people can make a great deal out of it. And some people think, is just getting together. Now I'm going to show you one which we actually made with all materials from my Kia. Yes, from my key. And probably you have a Nike are near you. So have a look. There you go. Do you see that tablecloth? That's why Kia you see the glasses? That's I Kia. We just combined it in a very smart way. It's a very simple barbecue. We have thes nice flowers. You see the red ones? Is it the white ones? The red and white flowers, They come back obviously, in the tablecloth. You can see that the cutlery is actually wrapped into the napkin that, you know, it's it's a small detail, but it looks good. It's absolute fun. And if you look to the left picture, you can see very much further away in the picture. We had a table set up for the Children. There are only two kids, but it was a lot of fun. This was a very cheap barbecue, but you can see what some small decorations you can do. Amazing things. Let's have a look at a simple lunch. For example, How can you let's say bring a lunch to the next level. Well, here's one idea. This is when we did. You can see the candles while here again. I'm going back to what I told you in decorations. What? I said group decorations, firstly can see all the candles together and second work and layers and levels. You can see we have different heights of the candles, and it works beautifully together. If you look at the napkin, which is sitting on the plate, it's just a rolled up napkin in a special way. You wraps, um, ribbon around it. You got that This tag on it, which is made with this machine. You know, you have laying around the office and you can see you know it. It works. It actually works. he have another close up off the candles that sit together. So it's a fun thing. You see that the color coordinating is between the flowers and the candles, so two times white. So it really works, and I'll just go back. One picture. You can see that the candles are sitting on this kind of trey and it's absolutely beautiful . So it's very simple to have a lunch again to a higher level with a minimum off effort. Now it's up to you. Now. I want you to do an exercise on the theme of the exercise is bohemian. Now, why don't you get going? Start with the mood board. Think about a color scheme, etcetera, etcetera. I'm going to give you one hints. Now I'm going to show you one picture which I think is a bit bohemian. Yes. Now you can see, for example, these two ladies. Well, that is what kind of bohemian modern chic casual would be. Now how would you translate that into a party? How would you Let's say dress the table. How would you do the entrance? How would you do the invitations? Etcetera, etcetera If you have an idea about it, while. Send me a message and I'll be more than happy to assist you into creating this amazing bohemian party. Good luck. 17. Event sheet: now, In the beginning of this training, we immediately gave you an automated sheet. Now this sheet allowed you to automatically calculate what you needed to do at what time prior to the actual party itself. Now there's another sheet I want to talk to you about. It's called an event sheet. Now. The event shed is very, very personal to every party planner. Why is that? Because it allows you to organize your thoughts. It's impossible for me to make a template that will fit you. Yes, but I can give you some ideas. I will show you the event sheet I have been using for the last 25 years. It's a document that has evolved for 25 years, and it's still evolving. I'm still tweaking it because time changes well. Have a look on how you can make an event sheet and me personally. I love having one sheet. It gives me a complete overview off my events, and you're probably thinking, My God, how can you know your party beyond one sheet while it can be? But it's how you think about it. Have a look. The whole idea of organizing an event is something I find very exciting. Why? Because a lot is happening at the same time. It's like being a pilot in the cockpit, often our playing having to watch all the buttons on the screens. To me, it's still very exciting. I absolutely love it. It could well be that you have never organized anything before watching this video. Maybe you have already organized a few things. If not, I would advise you to organize a dinner at your home as quickly as possible, but you have to organize it on a professional level. It's a great exercise. You probably had friends over before in your home, and you may be thinking you did a good job, but now I want you to do it on a different level. You have to think about everything. The temperature off the wine, the seating plan off the table name course at the head of every setting, and I even want you to fall the toilet paper. Yes, try to plan every single detail and get used to being in that state of mind. Play the movie in your head as if you would be a guest from the moment they ring your door . bro, because that is the skill you will. I worked as a caterer on my customers started to ask me to organize everything around the catering as well. That is how I got in even planning and eventually in wedding planning. My father, he used to ask me to load the truck with all materials needed to cater for a wedding. Plates, cutlery, linen, everything else that goes with it. And that's what I did. But after a few events and weddings, I quickly realized that I always forgot to put things in the truck. It could be as biggest cooking parts or a smallest toothpicks, so I decided to make a sheet and make a list of things I needed every time. As I mentioned before, I'm a very visual person also like things structures. I wanted to have one sheet that would remind me off everything. I need it just one glance, and I wanted to have on overview off my event. I simply made short of a check list in Excel, and I ticked off what I needed to bring on the back of this document. I would write things that I forgot and added every single time until the moment that she didn't change that much. After a while, the sheet meant more than just a list of stuff to take with me. A restructured it so that I would remind me off absolutely everything during an event. Have a look. You can see the event sheet I started out with when I started in this business. Now it's in Dutch because I speak Dutch, but it's not that relevant. I just want to show you that I, um everything is in the air. For example, First column was about glassware than the magazine, etcetera. It's not that relevance, since I don't use it anymore. And I'm gonna show you the one which I'm using still now and which result from this one on . This is it. There you go. That's my daily event sheet, which are used on weddings, events, etcetera. So, as you can see, it's color coded. It's ah, we have different sections, and I use it all the time. Now I have added it to this training obviously, and you can look at it in detail. But some things will not make sense to you because, for example, if you look at the section beverages to the left. It says Fridges filled. Now what is that? Well to mean to me? That means are my fridge is already filled with drinks. And are they getting chills? Because you need to do that a few hours in advance. Now, of course, this is a sheet I am using. Um, and you can use the same one you once. Now, I want you to make yours. Start with one. You make up for the dinner at your home and gradually improve it as you start planning. 18. Communicating with clients: now organizing parties. You might think who that's a lot of work. Well, it can be a bit intensive, but if you think that the organizing itself so getting all of these materials and contacting the caterers etcetera, that's the biggest bulk of the job. It's no. The biggest bulk off the job is communicating with your clients, so there are a few things you really have to have as a skill. One of them is, for example, setting up a meeting. The more efficient you prepare your meeting, the more efficient you know your time will be because time is money so essentially in the party planning business. So we've put together a few let's say, well, tips and tricks and maybe a bit of etiquette tips as well. Toe handle meeting. Have a look. Communication what Your clients now, obviously you will be sitting in front of clients quite a bit, and meetings are, well, thing you can know well, you cannot avoid it. You will have to do it whether you feel comfortable or not. Now I'm gonna give you a tip on how to handle these meetings, and you might be a bit surprised by what's up. I'm going to give you The first up I'm gonna give you is where two sits. A probably thinking. What? Yes, Where to sits. If you're sitting at a table. What, your clients. It's very important where you position yourself. Now have a look at this one. This is what we call the hostile seating. So where you see the X, that's where you're sitting. She was sitting opposite of your clients. Now I've been in quite a bit of businesses, and whenever we had a union meeting, the management would say that one side of the table and the union representatives would be at the other side of the table. It's kind of a hostile seeding. It's really adversaries opposite one another, so try not to do that. Another style of seating is what we call the friend seating. It's when you're in between declines or next to deployments. You're on their same level. It's a bit difficult because you have to look toe left into the right, and it might be harder to present something on a sheet. The one I would actually recommend is this one. It's what we call the cooperating seeding. She were actually sitting on the head of the table, and you're kind of sitting next to them saying, I'm going to help you. I think this is the best place you can sit. Obviously, one of them will be further away than the other one. But it's much better than the hostile seating when you're in that meeting. That is the ideal moment to present your ideas to your clients. As I said that as a tip before, when I show my mood boards, I was put on a bit of music. It has an extra touch where there are some few other things in terms of presenting your ideas. Everything is important the way you speak, the way you present your documents, the way you drafted your documents, the way you're gonna present your fees. Don't say price your fees, etcetera, etcetera. All of these things are very important while you present your ideas in that meeting. So here again are a few tips n tricks. Another few tips on meetings. Well, it might sound very simple, but you have to be very, very well prepared. I mean, by that you have to know every single number, every single detail. If they ask you what the name of a certain colorists. You have to know it. If they will ask you how many bottles of champagne you will order for seven people, you have to know it if they ask it. How much for 20 people have to know what as well. Every single detail has to be prepared. Do not going to a meeting without being well prepared. Why not? Because it's so much about details. And every single detail can have an effect on your budget, so be very well prepared. Next, turn your full body towards the person you are speaking to. If you have two people sitting at a table and one starts talking to you, do not only turn your head, but turn your full body towards the person you're speaking to. So they have the sense that you're fully engaged in that conversation. If the other person starts talking, you turn your body again. You might think it's awkward, but it's not in their sub conscience. They were really appreciate it and, of course, make a lot off eye contact and smile a lot. This is very difficult for people. Do you know that you need almost 20 muscles to smile and that you don't need one to not smile. So it's much harder to keep a smile and make eye contact while you are talking to the person who just asked a question or who you are talking to to explain something. Now these arm a few tips in meetings. 19. Budgeting: this sheet is actually a very important sheets in the communication to your couple in terms of the budget. So the budget is actually the guideline. You will need to show the couple how much they will be spending now, what we did here. We made two columns. As you can see, budgets on the Green column budget means what they have foreseen as a budget. What they want to spend. Now. This is more in the beginning, off the meetings, you have the beginning. You get to note a couple so they might say, for example, 37,000 euros. That's what we want to spend on catering. We don't want to go over 3500 for the venue, etcetera, etcetera. You actually copy paste that column into actual costs, and that should be the column where we are at the moment. And at the moment I mean, that is the moment where you sit down with the couple and say, Hey, guys, this is where we are. If I look, for example to let's say, um, the venue, it has dropped 7 2050 In the beginning, we set 3500 since we changed venue or I got a better deal as a wedding planner that has dropped now. Whatever drops, for example, see had address 11,000 and here it goes up, so that's more. But if it drops, let's do this with, for example, hair and make. No, that's not flowers. You see flowers. So let's go from 5 2060 to 1500 Now, look closely over here. When I push enter, it will actually change their ego. So the blue one is money left over, so you can see that you're actually, um, on targets. You have your under budget. Now what happens if it goes the other way around? Yes. Let's say we put this one at 44 thousands. There you go. Well, it's a miner's, obviously, as you can see. So this is actually very good to stay on track now. One thing I want to point out, you can see here Wedding planner services. Now the services could be based on a flat fee, which you have asked, he said, For example, I'm gonna, um, George of 5000 euros to organize the whole wedding. But it could also be on an hourly basis and then you go to this sheet schedule and here you actually see the employee cost control. So, for example, let's say the head wedding planners, you you have spent 95 hours or you're about to spend 95 hours. You have to Assistance might be just the day before and on the day itself on this actually will change if you need to do more work. It's a go from 95 to 1 20 as you will see here when I hit Enter a changes. But this number automatically goes over here. So, as you can see, it is more than what we foreseen. So now let me go back again to catering in 31,000. There we go and we were in the positive again. There you go. And that's how it works. So with this sheet, you can actually control two things. The presentation off the budget to the couple. Firstly, the one we have budgeted up front and the actual cost. And we can keep track off our services off the services off your team and or yourself. If you're working alone, it's off. Obviously very easy with a that went out that will be zero, and then that one will be zero as well. There you go. So we go down to 3007. 20 and again it's adjusted here. So again, we have more money left over. So this sheet is very interesting to use. When you are looking at budgets and off course, you can add some more over here. It's old calculated for you. The formulas are in there. And, as usual, if you have a question, just shoot me an email. 20. Why you need a business plan: Why do you want a business plan? You'll really know the obvious reasons. But there are so many other good reasons to create a business plan that many business owners don't know about. So just for a change, let's take a look at the less obvious reasons. First, and finish with the ones you probably already know about. A business plan is too often made and never looked at again. Most people make it and think while I need this to convince the bank or investors, that is only one reason. But for the business, it is in fact, a very important documents. When you make a business plan, it's thinking time. You have to know only visualize your business. But think about every single little detail. Business plans can have an internal or external focus. Externally, plants target goals that are important to external stakeholders, especially financial stakeholders such as investors. External stakeholders can be, for example, your future clients or government agencies and of course, banks. The presentation off your business plan is important as well. A visual, attractive and easy to read plan will have more success. All those stakeholders will expect a detailed plans plan. The glanced first at the document and their subconscious looks for key points, so investing in the professional layout will certainly benefit you. How do you start writing your plan? So you are opening this business, and that means you want to focus on what you do well. We cannot be experts at everything. So when you make your business plan, it should attract experts from every section. For example, you might want to talk to accountants when you're making a financial plan and talking to a marketing company when you're making your marketing plan. Of course, this will cost you a lot of money, but it will save you money in the ends. And if you like, you could always do it yourself afterwards. Now split it up in pieces to make it easier to read. For the investors, since a business plan is a decision, making to you should keep following in minds. Investors or banks don't care about you or your business. They care about potential banks will want to see how you repay alone, and investors will want to see feasibility and exit strategies in short, how they will get a return on their investments on the other hand, they were investing people who are driven and show perseverance. I would advise you to make your business plan at least five years into the future that will show the people who reads it that you are thinking this true long term. Not only your vision is good to look at on a five year stretch, but definitely your financial plan while writing. Think about what if scenarios, good ones and bad ones. What if road works blocked the entrance for year? Or maybe you get an award after two U two years and people are having trouble making a booking because of the success. When you write a view on the funds you need, always state what you are going to do with that money. If you should ever pitch to investors, they want to know what you are spending their hard earned cash on your own salary marketing new interior, etcetera. So a business plan should be a working documents, another laying around documents. It is a document that will give you direction and guidance. It will also provide vision and describe behaviours, attitudes and ways of working based around your philosophy. These documents will only work. If you can measure the progress and check it against the reality down the road, so make sure your outline for the future is flexible and responsible to feedback. As I told you before, a business is not an exact science, you will always drift off from the initial plan. If that happens, make sure that your business plan is there to refocus on. Bring discipline to the review process. Last but not least in corporate milestones, four is good number. Spread them over the five years and hold on to them. Now what could be a milestone? But for example, you first employee or hitting a certain revenue opening a second location. If you can dream it, you can do it. 21. Personal calculator party planner: to be able to determine your income, you will have to know up front how much you are going to charge. On top of that, what is even more important is to determine what is included in your prices and what nots. How much should I charge per hour? Now let me show you how you should calculate this first line to fill out. Is your net salary now or what you would like to make? So let's say you make now $30,000. But let's say, of course you want to start a business. You want to make more now, In certain cases, you will not make more in the first year since you have to look at it as a sort of an investment. Let's go just for the sake of argument. Go with 33 thousands. How many number of days off vacation vacation do you plan a year now? If you're a regular job, could be around 20. Anywhere between 20 and 30 as an independent will be, maybe less. But let's say 14 house now, the number of days you will work per week will you be working? Seven on seven will be five on seven like you did before. I don't think so. Let's go with six. There you go. So the days you will be working is automatically calculated to 99. And how many hours really be working per day? Wow, that's a eight. I don't think so. You're an independent guy again. So, um, if you're working in a day time job, it'll be eight or nine hours. But as banner, you're always busy. So let's take an average of 11 their ego And what do you see now? It's a lot calculated here. So what I calculated as well or your annual texture Texas. So 33% about depends on the country you're living in and on Social Security payments you have to make as an independent person. Now, this is the minimum you shoot actually charged to your clients excluding V 80. Now, this is actually way too low, because this would actually be what you will be making when you are in daytime job. So this should actually increase to at least let's say 50 thousands. There you go. And their ego 21.31. This is actually what you would charge. I would actually advice to you. Whatever this number is, you should calculate it times to. And that is what you should actually do. So let me do that for you. There you go. This equals that times two. There you go. That should be you. Hourly rate. So let's do 11. There you go. 42 excluding V 80. This is Ah, she to give you an idea. Actually, you should do your actual calculation in the financial plan. You can put in your desire salary in the financial plan under employees on you will see how that changes the financial planner rounds, so I hope that she will really help you in the beginning. It's OK to have some promotions or systems to attract customers, but that is different from price setting. The two have nothing to do with one another. 22. Do you need investment to start ?: right. You know everything now about party planning. You've seen all the fun stuff. You've seen all the practical things. Now it's time to set up a company now. Setting up a company and being a party planner or being a owner of a company are very different things now. First of all, do you need investment to start a party planning company? Well, essentially, you don't. As I said, you might need a computer first and a bit of software, so that might be an investment if you want to look at it like that, but you can actually start out just by talking to people offering your services on. Once you've made your first mood board your first proposal, you can ask for an advance. That money will allow you not only to support yourself just a bit, but also to get going on. If you really let's say if you re looking at your money, if you control it tightly in the beginning, you can grow very quickly. So doesn't it doesn't need a lot of investment, while that's your own choice. Obviously, if you want to go into ah fancy office and you want some Big Apple computers on DWhite, have you Obviously you will need some investment, but it's not really necessary