How to become Multilingual ( a Polyglot , speak another Language )

Francesco Samarelli, OPTIMIST & LANGUAGE COACH

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8 Videos (17m)
    • 1. Intro - For the Love of... Languages!

    • 2. Start with... Why?

    • 3. A Deadline makes you ALIVE.

    • 4. Support Team

    • 5. Make a Plan

    • 6. italki - your daily teacher

    • 7. italki - continued

    • 8. Never Give UP!


About This Class

In these videos, you will find how I start learning a language and reach my personal goals. 

Each clip goes over the very detailed strategy that I have used to learn 5 languages at an advanced level. 

This short Skillshare class will inspire, motivate and accelerate your drive to become Fluent in the language you have always dreamt of learning. 

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From a Defense Language Institute Alum: Francesco gives straight-forward, practical advice when it comes to finding motivation to learn a language, and then how to go about learning that language. While he's explaining a resource, he also gives a timeline for using it and how to derive the most benefit from it. He uses his experience to build a foundation and scaffolding so that every time he adds a new tool to the kit, it has a place and a purpose. Advice: Take notes! (Or hit pause and open some tabs.) Listen to this at least twice (it isn't long anyway.) Be prepared to put in the effort to make this goal more than good intentions outlined on paper. Stay flexible - parts of what he's describing might not work if your schedule is somewhat rigid (parents of multiple young children: speaking as one, I'm looking at you) so really consider how to take his experience and adapt it to your situation (eg: play the kid's movies with the french language dub, use your lunch hour/their nap time, etc.) Enjoyed this immensely!





Francesco Samarelli


I was born and raised in Jersey City, NJ. I am an International Flight attendant, translator and motivational speaker for a major airline. I love sharing my passion here as a Language Coach!

I speak English (native), German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French at an advanced level.
I am currently learning Polish.

Take the jump and enjoy this passionate language learning journey with me.
Get EXCITED, because I am!

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