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How to be more creative: Pen-paling

teacher avatar BibbyBookish, A Happy Mail Enthusiast!

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. How to be more creative: Pen-paling

    • 2. Craft supplies and where to find them

    • 3. Simple hacks for creative gifts

    • 4. How to make your mail art pop

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About This Class

Tips and tricks for a crafty pen-pallor!  Get to see some simple hacks for flat-mail gifts. Get more creative with your mail!

Meet Your Teacher

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A Happy Mail Enthusiast!


Hello, I'm Libby. OR @bibbybookish an experienced snail-mailer and pen pal enthusiast!

I have written and sent so many letters all around the world! Some simple and some with very elaborate designs! It is my passion, I have made so many amazing friends and found confidence within my own creativity.

I am hoping to be a leader In the snail mail revolution and bring this gorgeous hobby back to life and possibly into the mainstream!

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1. How to be more creative: Pen-paling: This is how to be more creative pen palling, an introduction. So this is what to expect from this class. Three full lessons made to show you how to get more creative with your happy male and bring out your crafty side. Just to really inspire your creativity and get you working with different materials. Most specifically how to creatively use your budget and find cool supplies within your price range. You will learn some of my own simple hacks for creating gifts, feel pen pals on how to collage on meat. Hello, Brady pulp. This is a first example of a simple hack. I use all the time tags. So what can tags be used for? Well, embellish tags can be used for gifts via pen pals to use in that journal or in their own hop email creations. Tucks can also be used for Q and a. This is if you're wanting to ask your pen pals questions and interesting ways or answer questions that they've asked. Do you all as decoration and your own mail to add texture. Some things you will need. Some colored patent, paper or COD, a hole punch, ribbon or string, pair of scissors. Some colored pens, pencils. So that could have things like washy tables that goes on some glue. This is your very first step of making a type. You can see a few examples I already put together. Feel free to stop this video at any time to check measurements or go back to see different examples or instructions. So if you need to choose your preferred COD, I'll pay for a measure out your tag. The measurements I used on the screen and you can see where I've placed them using my drawn markings. Feel free to change these measurements or any point that doesn't have to be perfect. And you'll talk come in different shapes as well. It can just be a simple rectangle. Step to that. Great. Take your time choosing your materials, laying them out in front of you so you see what you can wake with. This may be stickers, bits of scrap paper or anything like that, and lay them out on your tag, figure out why you'd like to keep them and the maybe take a few photos before you stick anything down just so you have something to refer back to. Step three, potential Hall and attach your string. A top tip. If you don't have a hole punch, you could use a needle and thread to attempt to struggle ribbon. And if you're not planning on a touching your tag to anything, you can tie it into a little bow and it makes a really cute effect. Step for this is if you're wanting to use your time as a Q and a time, place a plain paper on the back, non decorate inside of your tag. And the brightest many questions you'd like. Please check out the full coals. How to be more creative pen falling. 2. Craft supplies and where to find them: Hello. This is craft supplies and wet. Find them on the course. How to be more creative pen paling. Here are some things you really should consider before going out and purchasing anything. What is your budget and how much are you willing to spend on craft supplies, things you're going to rip up, sometimes mess up, sometimes just lose in where you're keeping a rough supplies. What you need on what you want. There is a difference. Just think about what you really, really, really want to use. Things that are gonna make you happy while you're crafting and may put them at a top priority. Whereas other things I think might be cool, keep them in the back of your mind for at the time when you got the budget. What tools do you have already? Some people might forget about everyday household tools that they already have that are really good for crafting. So this is T01, free supplies, almost free, just general resources, magazines, newspapers, packaging of food and snacks, paint chip cards, everyday tools, a sewing kit, and library printer, hole, punch, ruler, string. These are some really easy materials and things to work with when you're just starting out. And magazines and newspapers make great things to collage with paint chip cards, again, a really good collaging thing, completely free from places like being Q anywhere. That was like a home store that sells paint and packaging of food and snacks that can give a whole really Hawaii theme and feel when you're crafting. So just think about these free and almost free supplies that you might have just lying around the house. Items under five pounds or $5. Then teach books. So these again might just be lying around the house or you can find them from vintage stores, thrift shops, things like that. Dolostone stationary, pound lung, things like that. Everything that comes under a pound or a pound. Colored pencils, colored pens. Remember that Doodles make excellent decorations and look rating personnel. Double-sided tape, watercolors, crayons, my, my notes. Those things are really cool to work with. So this is TE, three things I would consider big ticket items. Things like you really kind of spending your pocket money on every month at C stickers. I love shopping on it. See, I love to support small businesses, but the stickers can be considered quite expensive, especially when you put the shipping on top. Paper pads, book for paper levers from places like some period and flow. These are crafty. Pen pal is a dream. I have multiple of these that good. If you want to go and lock into more use of them, you just have to see how beautiful they are, but they are, again, quite expensive. Washi tapes, a type Brian, this isn't the knowledgeable the big ticket item, but they're a dream item. That's something I haven't got yet, but I really, really want and create an amazing effect or while you are writing your lattice stationary subscriptions. I have tried a few of these and I honestly love them. And they go up, they bury and price, and you seem to get what you pay for in terms of stationary subscriptions. So just have a look around a cricket machine. This again is a very heavy duty piece of kit, but it's, you can make your own stickers, you can make your own dye cuts. All these things can be used with a cricket. Remember, all you really need to pen pal, is a pen on a piece of paper. You do not need any of the things I have listed really, but they're just interesting ways of finding what else you can use if you're a bit stuck and a bit fed up with your usual supplies. Continue watching for simple hacks for creative gifts. This is where I will show you a few different tutorials on how to make really simple, really easy gifts, veal, pen pals. 3. Simple hacks for creative gifts: Hello, this is simple hacks for creative gifts. How to be more creative? 10, Katlyn. So what kind of gifts Can you include in your pen, Paula? I always say, thank flat sand, lots of gifts, but keep your shipping costs low and the Latino male is the smaller the envelope you'll use on, the less you will pay in stumps. So here's a few examples, quite very quick Egan to go back and read this if you like, but tag stickers, paper's stumped samples, washi tape, bulls stamps, embellished paperclips, twine, handmade notebook, individual teabags, face masks, plot bunting, postcards, bookmarks, friendship, bracelets on many, many, many mole. So here you'll see me creating stumped samples. So I'm just showing you very quickly some of the items you'll need. Feel free to pause the video if you need to have a look and grab them and getting them ready. I think this is a really cool gift because you're just sending little bit of a femora. They can use these in that journals and the road hockey male creations. And all you're really going to do is use your stomach on a plain piece of white paper on just stomp away. I like to use a couple different types of stumps and a few different inks to try and make this march stymie, you can use many different colored inks. I also like to much at my ink color to the paper color. I think that works really well. The stamps I got here, I received in a stationary subscription box from paper. Again, that really good quality. I would recommend them. Try to leave a good amount of whitespace in-between each of your stump samples. Just so you have access to cut off and cut into different shapes. As you can see, I'm cutting out my stump samples now. Just really roughly leaving lots and lots of space for me to do a more detailed cut off day. Another good thing about this is you only used one piece of paper, but you send quite a few different in that led them are pieces on. It looks like you've gifted quite a lot for quite a little. You can send these just the way they are now in this image. I'm just on a plain piece of paper, but I like them to look a bit more embellished. So what I'm going to do after cutting out these pieces is grab a piece of the writing paper or the blue paper and stick them on so they almost look like a little stump or just a piece of ephemera like a tag. You can see me doing this now just measuring out and using some double-sided tape. You can also use glue to do this. It works quite well. As you can see, I'm tearing the paper for a more vintage effect. I just think it looks a lot nicer. I think it gives it a more interesting texture. And I would recommend trying this out. This can also be used in your own journal. They don't have to be sent to a pen pal. Just do what you like with them. Really can get as creative as you want. I just set it down in the middle, giving a full bolder old way around the white piece of paper. For this stem, I decided to cut really thin white line all the way around the image just because I thought I would give it a nicer effect. Play around with how you out, you're stumped, some pulls. It can get lots of different interesting effects. The stump samples can also be used to decorate the envelope. You'll go into cento compile, let it in. I think they just look adorable. I can see, I'll show them now. You can even try coloring and you'll stumps. Lots of really interesting way of making them pop, be in mole. Again, ripping the edges to give it an interesting texture. I'm using a different stamps that will complement the different colors and the different patents of the paper. These can be paper scraps from anywhere. Try and newspapers, old magazines. It will still turn out looking really queue and just really quite see when you pop them on an envelope. K is an example of what they look like when you use a different color. I chose blue to go with the blue paper. Again, not stump is from Paypal. And as you can carrying this one to give it, again a different effect. We could also say that I might struggle a little bit with the specifics. I didn't actually leave enough white space around the stamp itself. So it's really important that you do give yourself enough white to room to play around with. And then further embellish them with teeny tiny stickers on. I think it really finished them off in a really cute way. You could also add things like washi tape. You could stick them onto a pay-per-click to make it embellish tag in a way that just really simple, really easy. I really love this hack on the highly recommend you try out. The next hack I have for you is a bolder color bookmarks. The next hack I have for you is watercolor bookmarks. I am using my metallic colors, but this can be done with mopped all even watercolor pencils. I am faced measuring out my shape using a pen just to line out a way that I can cut. I've chosen to do a simple rectangle shape. Though you can cut it into a sort of tag shape, uneven, odd a tassel if you prefer. I'm just doing this very, very simple, basic bookmark. I've also placed a piece of white, just plain paper underneath my bookmark to protect my desk. As you can see, I'm gathering lots of water, are really loading up my brush with paint. What I'm going to do is just use big broad strokes to sew up splotchy color just over the bookmark. Really abstract. You don't have to think too much about you're placing. Just go ahead and start swiping. I think I choose about three or four colors to use during this. But the mole colors the battle, or maybe even choose similar tones to give it a pretty effect that you can use pinks and purples. I use blues, greens, pitfalls. And I think it gives a really pretty effect on the end of it, as you will see in a moment. Try to make sure you're covering all edges and colon is blending into each color. Don't mind overlapping. Overlap as much as you want or keep it straight. Poises you want lined, crisp lines, all blurry. It really doesn't matter. You just throwing color all over this small piece of paper. Play with how much water you use. You can water it down to get light to shades of watercolor, or you can make it really concentrated. Again, overlap, play with your colors. It doesn't have to be perfect. Experiment with long fast strokes. Long slow strokes. A really does make a difference how you flip your brush at the end. It just play with texture and play with how you use your brushes because you'll get a different effect that every time that you can see how completely cover today is on. Finally, what I'm going to do is grab some gold paint on, just flick the brush over my thing got to create a soul paint splatter effect. And in real life, this looks quite glittery and shiny and it looks amazing in real life and goodness and. So I recommend you try this technique. As you can tell, I did get it on my desk. So you might want to cover more VDS pulse-width, but on a few newspapers and go to show it off. Now I can really see the shine to it. Um, once this dries at Soledad and you can send it off to a pen pal. It's perfectly flat. Maybe on a tussle if you like. Hi, this is wax seal. Some polls. As you can see on the screen, these are all the different materials and equipment I've used. Take a minute to go find these if you need them. So I have used a lot of different types of colored box and these just to shout my pen pals, the different things I have. But you do not need so many different types of waxes. You can use just one color. You can even use basic candles. Be patient as wax melt because it just takes its time. Possibly while you are melting wax, look for a different color combinations. As you can see, I'm doing, I'm gonna do a full pink coaxial and different shades of gray window inspired walk sale with yellow, red and told the Broonzy read, under full dot grad work Seal. Be careful not to take your eyes off the flame for too long because it is via be safe. And we don't want to be setting any houses on bias. So just take your time. Watch the wax melt because it is very relaxing. I think I use this as a kind of therapy just to breathe for a minute. So polio wax style and try and get it into a type of circular shape, especially if you'll seal is a circle and try to make sure your wax isn't too hot. I think the best time to take your wax away from the flame is just before it stops bubbling. Because bubbles and you'll wax, they can cause a weird soul of texture. So people might like it, but I prefer for the wax to look smooth and no bubbles. Option for wax seal stomp samples is to use a soul of tag. So as you can see, I've used these round pieces of ephemera. And I've also used the spacewalks and the spoon to just create little walk stocks around to make it look like an accident, but it just gives a really nice effect. Course. Once your wax has cooled, you can take the seal off and LF and create a nice little walk seal. Be aware that once you've done one walk sale, you'll spoon is going to be hotter, so it will not take long for that though. Seals to melt. You can create different buttons in your wax by moving the spoon around in different ways while pouring. So just bear that in mind as you're dripping it onto a page. Another thing I like to do is find a gold or silver pen or marker that I can use to just the size, the detail and knock CEO well the design of it. So just trace over the design on it can create a really cute pattern or really finished look. Another tip is if you like to use WACC speeds, I find a perfect amount to create quite around wax seal is to use about five beads. If you're using a slightly bigger, rounded one, try six. And now you can see the examples of that. I've been drawn in. I'm, for these ones, I am ripping away some of the page so you can see some of the elected paper underneath. I think that's a really cool effect on the other one. I'm ripping off completely. And just so you have the wax seal by itself. That was all my hacks that I had for you today. So please look at my last lesson, how to make your male pup, where I will teach you how to collage on how to make your mail out your envelope. Bob really stamped out. 4. How to make your mail art pop: Hello, this is how to make your mail a pop on a course on how to be more creative pen palling. First, choosing your materials. This can be really relaxing process. So just take your time going through all your different graphs, supplies, feeling the textures of the paper, and seeing what kind of finishes you like. While looking through your materials, you should consider your theme and what colors you might want to go with. I find a really good way of making your mail out pop is by choosing a single color and then finding that color in many different shades and materials and textures. So you'll end up with a fully pink envelope, but it'll still look very, very interesting. Do you want to use art supplies like paint or coloring pencils? Just think of what kind of prep you'll need to do. So if you're using pain, you might need to get some water. You might want to cover your desk and preparation. Create a small pile of supplies that you might like to use that you can edit out later. So get as many supplies as you want. Just really pick out anything that looks nice, feels gray. And you can pick through them later and sort through what you actually want to use. So creating a layout, here are just a few vote was I put together of how I create layout. So I got all my main materials ready out in front of me so I can see them all very clearly. And then I just start ripping, tearing and placing the materials I like on an envelope. I don't stick anything down. I just move things around until I like the look of things. Keep in mind that you do need to leave a space for your address on the envelope. So as you can see in the pictures that I put down, there's a little box with some lines on ready her meter mark my address on. A top tip is to take pictures of your layouts even before you've stopped them down so you remember where to put things. So once you've figured out where everything is going, where everything is going to go. You really need to make sure things are stuck down, raised securely exits going through the post and make sure that there is room for your stamps or payment label embellishment. So this is what you're going to do next after he stepped down your main the materials, you can use bits of washi tape, smaller, more detail materials, pens and pencils to do a bit of doodling on top of what you've stepped down. And it just really gives it that extra detail and makes it really shine and pop through. There are many different ways to do this. You could use watercolors. This picture is just an example of how I do it by doing a few lines in the corner and a few circles and dots, just make it look a bit magical. Don't forget your stamps. So obviously if you're in the UK, you might use some. So it looks something like this, but all the way around the world they'll have different stamps in different countries. And they can be really, really beautiful. As ISA, they can be used as decoration. So look at your stamps, pick out ones that you think well, pretty on your envelope and go with your theme or color scheme. Ask your local post I've as if they are printing any special edition stamps, they usually pretty and brightly colored, and they often print these special editions around Christmas time. Thank you for watching how to be more creative, compelling.