How to be an Actor and find acting work

Ralph Kinnard, Director, Producer, Acting Coach

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14 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. 1. Who gets the job?

    • 2. 2. Your Branding

    • 3. 3. Headshots

    • 4. 4. Headshots - Decision time

    • 5. 5. How Casting Directors make their decision

    • 6. 6. Casting Process Secret Insights

    • 7. 7. Casting Process the winning choice

    • 8. 8. Casting Process the day of the battle

    • 9. 9. Casting Process no judgment

    • 10. 10. How to have money Your Business Plan

    • 11. 11. How to have money Youtube

    • 12. 12. Casting Script Analysis

    • 13. 13. How to make money the million dollar trap

    • 14. Creative Reboot Intro


About This Class

Why we hire actors, what is good acting and what you can do right now to become a working actor...


I know you’ve think you got acting talent. But as you probably know, it takes more than just talent, or even acting training, to have a successful and lucrative acting career. It begins with Castings, which means you’ve got just 30 seconds to show them YOU are the perfect choice.

You may have enormous talent, and be trained by top acting schools, but if you can’t nail an audition and blow away the Casting Director, none of that will matter. They will sense even the slightest hint of fear, nervousness, or lack of control. Even Pacino would be a bartender right now, if he had not known the secrets to a great audition.


Hi, I am Ralph Kinnard, and not only am I an actor. I’m also an acting coach with 17 years of experience running a world famous acting center with 100’s of students.

I worked for legendary movie icon Woody Allen, and spent hours a day watching all his brilliant moves, each nuance, each mannerism, each gesture. I’ve worked alongside some of the most successful directors in the industry. I’ve trained hosts on E! Entertainment Television, and countless other TV shows. Most importantly, I’ve observed the exact things producers and casting directors are looking for, things most actors don’t even realize. 

Few acting coaches are aware that these exclusive techniques exist, and right now you can access them all in this online course.

And I’m a successful director who has worked with industry giants.

In fact, I recently directed a film starring the legendary Burt Reynolds.

I’m not telling you this to brag. I want to help you, and I’m in a unique position to share experiences from both sides of the director’s chair, and give you my exact playbook to become a well-paid actor in constant demand.

An audition is like a sprint. It takes weeks of conditioning to project the image of a consummate professional, cool, relaxed, and in total control. 

That's why I created the amazing RESET AUDIO SESSIONS you will get with this course. We use exercises from Neuro-linguistic Programming (just like the NBA, NASA and the Air Force) - to get you to the top of your acting game under difficult situations. 


These tools and tricks work for any role in the on-camera acting world (TV, film, commercials, industrials, sketch, even print ads). 

You can't learn this stuff from other actors.

Here is why: Successful actors have SOLVED the Casting Problem for THEM. Each actor is different, so only the insight from a Director who looks at ALL ACTORS and coaches them will work for you.

You can learn this stuff from Casting Directors.

Here is why: Most Casting Directors don't go to acting schools and don't learn acting techniques. (IF I wouldn't have graduated from  the Lee Strasberg Institute in NYC, honestly I wouldn't know the method existed or how to use it.)

It's taken me 20 years to learn these techniques and it is not just acting. It is about marketing, selling your image, promoting yourself and turning yourself into a million dollar acting product BEFORE you go to the FIRST Casting.


There are an incredible amount of acting jobs available all over the USA. 


Because of tax incentives and location benefits we'll shoot movies everywhere.

Heard of Amazon and Netflix? 

We are talking 100 million dollars per show and actors are getting a huge slice of the pie.

The minimum salary for a series regular on a Screen Actors Guild television show is $5,000 per episode and that is just ONE DAY! 

Do you want to book Commercials?

Commercials pay between $5,000 and $60,000 PER AD  (and that's usually for one day of work). If they have to fly you somewhere they pay extra for that day..


What this course is NOT:

I can't teach you the craft of acting online. These skills you can only get in a top acting school or on set working with directors.


It makes more sense to FIRST start learning about the acting business and book your first gigs for a couple of reasons: 

  • You need to make sure you love acting and are excited about it.
  • Most acting gigs don't require more then your natural talent.
  • You might be able to pay your acting training with you acting work!

You will be blown away by the Creative Reboot Video Session.

If you are passionate about acting, then waiting will just waste your time. 

Click now, buy this course, and start taking control of your acting career TODAY.

Let me show you all the things I've learned and help you succeed

Enroll now!!