How to be Specialized in Typographical Monograms & Business Cards | Yasmeen Ahmed | Skillshare

How to be Specialized in Typographical Monograms & Business Cards

Yasmeen Ahmed, Entrepreneur

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    • How to use typeface 1

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About This Class

The goal of this class is to experiment with typographic forms but also to work in a "real" context. Being creative with your monogram, and coming up with visually interesting monograms and business card ideas!

This class will help you develop interesting visual ideas and make your brain work that way !

You can check out previous lessons to have a clear idea about this topic  :





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Yasmeen Ahmed


Hello, I'm Yasmeen- an entrepreneur who loves creativity of all sorts.

I have been in the design field for almost 4 years , in which i completed my Bachelor's in Graphic design and continued my learning process by gaining further specializations in this field of study. I have interned with a lot of people but job has never been my thing , i always wanted to be my own boss , which has lead me to be an entrepreneur .

Later , i developed my interest in crafting and tons of other st...

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