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How to be Rich, Intelligent and Successful in Life

teacher avatar A Moron, Search, learn and teach basic basic skill

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Learn to have enjoyable and meaningful life

    • 3. Ultimate Formula to Be Rich and Successful

    • 4. Learn to be Intelligent

    • 5. Learn to get rid of Negative Thoughts

    • 6. Learn WHW method

    • 7. Why and How of WHW method

    • 8. Simple and fast way to use WHW to read story

    • 9. Learn to be Mentally Strong

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About This Class

This class teaches the basic and necessary skills which are required to be RICH in life. The easy and practical skills that make you intelligent and make your life enjoyable have been covered. To understand better, you may watch video again and again. I am sure you will know that the skills covered in video are much necessary and base of other skills you may have/acquire. This class is much informative and covers topics which are easy to practice and much useful. I am sure that this class will change your life and make it awesome.

Meet Your Teacher

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A Moron

Search, learn and teach basic basic skill


Always try to solve personal problem and improve personality.

Search the basic fundamental activities and skill which affect greatly overall.

Practice the skill and improve life.

Now share my technique with you.

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Welcome to Gadhon Ki Duniya

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1. Introduction: how to be rich and successful. How to be intelligent in how to enjoy life in this class. You will learn basic and ultimate skills that is required to be rich, intelligent and successful. The lecture videos are organized in following order. One. Learn to live like for long term benefit, too. Find secrets of being rich. Three. Find secrets of being intelligent. Four. Trip to get rid of negative thoughts. Five. Learn wh w Method six. Fast way to practice wh w seven. Learn to be mentally strong. Just practice the skill learned in this class and you will get what you will want. 2. Learn to have enjoyable and meaningful life: more meaningful and enjoyable life. Everyone wants deliver more meaningful and enjoyable life and source of motivation for others but don't know how. In this video, I'm going to present a simple trick which can make your life awesome. My name. 20 slash 20 slash 20. Let us begin when you are saying something or doing something, Ask yourself if you will do it continuously for 20 days. Slash 20 months slash 20 years. Will it benefit you anyway? Will it make your life more interesting? Will you feel proud after 20 years for this work? Will you enjoy this thing? If you do it continuously for 20 years, will someone motivate by listening these words or by watching your work? By asking such questions? We can eliminate much redundant time and energy wasting jobs, such as full day TV watching, abusing others, watching dirty videos on YouTube, etcetera. Always remember, brain is what you train. You will develop expertise Onley in those things you are doing, such as time pass negative talks and leg pulling. Better to indulge in good activities such as reading good books, sports, etcetera. Let us do one list down all activities which can benefit in long term to make a timetable to perform at least one activity per day. Three. Stick to time table four. Emphasis on how you do it to make it more meaningful and enjoyable. Five. Always remember rule 20 slash 20 slash 20 and last thing start now. 3. Ultimate Formula to Be Rich and Successful: carefully listen and watch about ultimate formula to be rich and successful. Money is an important part of a successful life. We can learn a lot of money in many ways. These can be classified broadly in three ways. Highly paid jobs, opening your own business or become a public figure to get success in all these, we should be unique in some way to get extraordinary success in the business. Our product should be innovative and useful and should create wild moment for users to be a successful public figure. We should create own style, tactics and method of success. We have to enough creative for this. So to be rich, you have to get extraordinary success in a field, and for this you have to enhance your creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills. This can be practised by solving small problems in our house or neighbourhood. Skills are built when you stretch your brain slowly beyond the comfort zone. Make timetable for reading books on story but critical thinking, creativity and personal development to a small activity from book perform each day. Note. If you are creative and innovative, you can acquire any knowledge and can use it. But if you have only knowledge without any creativity, you cannot use your knowledge to get anything in summary. By enhancing here some skills, you can get extraordinary success in a field which will attracts a lot of money for you. Therefore, sharp your brain with critical thinking and a lot of creativity, and never give up until you get success. 4. Learn to be Intelligent: how to be intelligent for donkeys, intelligence is different from just having a lot of knowledge. We can acquire a lot of knowledge through books, but until we exercise it, develop deep understanding of it and are able to give own ideas to solve the problems in context of acquired knowledge, we cannot develop required intelligence. E A person who has a lot of knowledge knows everything while unintelligent persons can know the required things. Using data analysis, inquiry and experience, the donkey has great memory power. He rely on memory to solve a problem, while a person should rely on his creativity. Now let us look into what is being intelligent. One quick understanding to guided by reasons. Three. Exercising or showing good judgment for able to understand them. Solve complex problems. Five. Able to have a deep understanding of knowledge and able to use it, let us discuss how can we acquire these qualities? My bet is that by developing three skills, we can acquire almost all these qualities. The three skills are one inquiry skills to critical thinking. Three creative problem solving, using a quarry and critical thinking skill. We can understand anything in better way and using creative problem solving skill, we can produce wonderful solutions to develop inquiry skill. We can use W X w method to develop critical thinking. I recommend to use Alec Fisher Book, which has more than 200 problems. Read books by Lum Stain on creative problem solving. I bet this will make you more intelligent. 5. Learn to get rid of Negative Thoughts: 100% freedom from negative thoughts. You can get rid of negative thoughts on Lee when you will not try to get rid of it. Interesting. Then what should you do it? You have to make it your strength and then you will realize that it is automatically disappeared. I will tell you how when we think negative According to Edward de Bono s success thinking book, we were black head on her head. Therefore, solution is to put yellow hat on your head The purpose of yellow had in six and thinking to frame positive questions on your negative thought. Always assume you have yellow head on your head and your job is to frame positive questions on your every thought. Such as still, how can I do it still? Why should I love her? Forgive your forgetfulness. Whenever you remember it, just practice it on your current thoughts. Just practice it now framing positive questions on your negative thoughts. You are making them your strength. You will able to view the things from different perspective. You will explore different possibilities. Therefore, from now you think your negative thoughts is your power. Let them come into your mind could be ready to frame positive questions on them. I need not to answer all your questions, but it is necessary to frame positive questions. Always just pause the video and try this. Now this'll is a simplest and most powerful technique. Just practice it for one month, always wear yellow hat. 6. Learn WHW method: train your brain using W H W. Method to be intelligent, to be successful and to be problem solver by developing inquiry skill. Why should we train our brain? You need inquiry skill for following purposes. Number one. Understand the problem in depth by enquiring the problem, we understand it more clearly and Consol Dittemore efficiently number to increase observation and identify opportunities. You may notice that when we ask questions, we observe more carefully. And detailed observation is one of the quality of every successful person. Number three. In difficult situations, we may find ourselves helpless. Our inquiry nature can show us different possibilities and helps to generate new ideas. A typical question is still how can I do it? By asking this question repeatedly, we can find a solution that lead to more comfortable situation number four by asking a Siris of why questions. You can find out the basic cause of any problem base a concept of any theory, any hidden assumptions. Number five To explore the things from different directions by asking what if questions We generate a series of possibilities. Number six Weaken. Study effectively and understand more by asking questions after each 2 to 3 lines Overall inquiry Skill. Make us intelligent. Still not convinced. See what Einstein has said. I have no special talent. I am just passionately curious. Curious means eager to inquire and learn more. You inquire more, you learn. How can we increase our inquiry? Skill answer is using a simple method. W h w Means why? How? What if take your favorite book, right? Why, How and what if on top of every page, so that you can remember to develop your inquiry skill whenever you read this book. Now, after reading each 2 to 3 sentences of the book, ask different questions using Why? How Inwood If in first month of Practice week, in practice of asking questions with why only in second month of practice week, in practice of asking questions with Why, how long would it we must practice daily, at least for half an hour? Slowly, you will find improvement half an hour. Practice daily is enough to train your brain for inquiry nature and for other things you want. Follow three simple rules. First asked as many questions as you can. Second, no question is right or wrong. And third enjoy are absurd and funny answers to start now. Be awesome. Be intelligent. Remember, it is never too late. If it could change donkey, it can change you. Really? I was donkey before using it. But now I am feeling better. I can understand any difficult thing. I can learn anything I can understand and solve many difficult problem which were impossible for me. Start now. Don't wait more because it is so easy to be intelligent. It is so easy to develop inquiry nature. Just do it for two months and then surprise yourself. 7. Why and How of WHW method: hello W H W method. Ask him why helps to find out Main idea. Claims, beliefs, conclusions, reasons, assumptions and theories. For example, Wise y. Does it effect? Why is it happening? Why should it remember to repeat why questions on the answers to I mean ask is money? Why questions as you can even on your answers, to make a tree of wine more, You go deeper, Laure. You understand it will help to given sight of any problem or text you read. Asking reveals the working steps or implementation of a process story. But theory, idea or problem. It also reveals feelings. For example, how is it, How is it happening? How can one do this? How correctly implemented in real life? How can I break it and smaller steps? How can I understand it better? How am I feeling about it? How does character of story behave? How can I dis over in her flu shard of it? How can I use it in different context? So I ask you a series of white questions. We try to understand how things work, how we can use them and how weak will judge asking. What if questions helps is in followings. Want to see the things from different perspective to to explore the hidden benefit. Three. To improve solution or idea. For example, What if a is replaced by B Where is a noun or verb? A given text for problem and he is our new word, such as replacing word eating with putting into pocket. We can ask many imaginary questions. What FC was also present? What if he is not mentioned? Assumes he is our new now on Andy Announed word given text. We made change the situation, context and behavior to seek new answers in brief use. Wanted to find out basic cause or thought Use how to find out steps of process feelings, effects, etcetera. Use what it to explore possible lights to see the things from different perspectives and to improve a solution. You can use W H W Method to improve many acid invites, such as one reading book to analyze personal behavior. Three. Converse Station for to understand scientific theories. Five. Gold setting six. Building new habit Practice W H W. Method. Today. For better result, use a book to practice it daily. Make a fixed timetable and daily target for it practices. Enjoy it 8. Simple and fast way to use WHW to read story: 9. Learn to be Mentally Strong: my life's long term goals. First happiness, a life full of happiness and joy. Second, being a creative person and critical thinker and third being a life long learner. So today I am a full of joy. I am creative as well as critical thinker. I am imaging myself with full of joy when someone will put blame on me or criticize me or will misbehave me. I know if I respond immediately with anger or justification or depression, I will be no more happy, and I will not behave like creative person and critical thinker. So as I am creative person and critical thinker, I will handle situation in more creative way. I will see the things from his perspective by changing the rule that is putting myself at his place and by imaging him in place of myself. Now I will think why I will try to criticize or blame or misbehavin same manner with him. It may be he is really doing wrong, but I trying to understand his point of view in my thinking, using role change technique. In this way I can learn many things. I can improve my presentation. I can better communicate. I can create doubts that leave asking right questions to understand the situation. If I will found that he is doing it unnecessarily, I will also take it unnecessary to care his blame opinion or criticism. This way I'll handle people in more creative way. I am a critical thinker. So I looked into the reasons behind each opinion, blame and criticism. I find out counter examples of these reasons and conclusions. I will find out whether reasons are sufficient and necessary. Are there some hidden assumptions? I will clarify what these hidden assumptions are true. As a good critical thinker, I will analyze the problem from several perspective. And as a good creative person, I love to play with problems. I love to find out. Alternate solutions, problems and hurdles are a good friend of mine. They help me in my life long term goal, to be a creative person, to be a good critical thinker and to be a lifelong learner.