How to be Rich, Intelligent and Successful in Life | A Moron | Skillshare

How to be Rich, Intelligent and Successful in Life

A Moron, Search, learn and teach basic basic skill

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9 Videos (24m)
    • Introduction

    • Learn to have enjoyable and meaningful life

    • Ultimate Formula to Be Rich and Successful

    • Learn to be Intelligent

    • Learn to get rid of Negative Thoughts

    • Learn WHW method

    • Why and How of WHW method

    • Simple and fast way to use WHW to read story

    • Learn to be Mentally Strong


About This Class

This class teaches the basic and necessary skills which are required to be RICH in life. The easy and practical skills that make you intelligent and make your life enjoyable have been covered. To understand better, you may watch video again and again. I am sure you will know that the skills covered in video are much necessary and base of other skills you may have/acquire. This class is much informative and covers topics which are easy to practice and much useful. I am sure that this class will change your life and make it awesome.





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A Moron

Search, learn and teach basic basic skill

Always try to solve personal problem and improve personality.

Search the basic fundamental activities and skill which affect greatly overall.

Practice the skill and improve life.

Now share my technique with you.

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