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How to be HAPPY: Learn Proven Tools and Techniques to be HAPPIER NOW

teacher avatar Alli Bartlett, Filmmaker. Youtuber. Business Owner

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Introduction to Your Instructor and This Class

    • 2. 3 tips to be happier right now

    • 3. Who's in your way?

    • 4. Expect the best possible outcome

    • 5. Happiness and how to have it

    • 6. Finding beauty in hitting rock bottom

    • 7. How to be truly grateful

    • 8. The 5 people you spend the most time with

    • 9. The worst thing you can do for your mind

    • 10. What are you doing every day

    • 11. Write a letter to yourself

    • 12. Your perfect day

    • 13. How to Take Action!

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About This Class

We all want to be happy. Agreed? If this is true, why are so many of us unhappy? Why do so many of us wish for more excitement, more joy and more fulfillment out of life? True happiness is something that can be learned. Happiness is a choice and just like anything you want, you have to consistently commit to applying principles and tools to your life to maintain happiness. 

In this course Alli Saunders shares her tools, mindset, perspectives and practices regarding happiness, that she has learned over the past 15 years studying happiness. She presents tool, tips and new perspectives that will put you on the path to being a happier person, so that in great situations and tough situations you will be able to choose to experience the happiest outcome.

Here's What Our Students Have to Say:

"Awesome course! Great suggestions and techniques to achieve happiness immediately and continually. Very uplifting! I will definitely check out her YouTube channel!"



"She gets right to the point, and makes full sense of everything she says."



"Very helpful step by step information regarding "Happiness" and the myriad of things, such as the news some of the people we may choose to be around and sometimes our way of thinking negatively can alter your "Happiness."Excellent! and down to earth course on happiness."


"This course had very useful information in it to help maintain a positive outlook on life. This would be an excellent beginning course for those who are looking to make immediate changes in their life in order to become happier individuals."                                                                                        

                                                                                                                                                                                 -L. Micki

You'll Learn:

  • What you really want out of life

  • The things that are blocking you from having the life that you want

  • Tools to use to be happier

  • How to motivate others to be happier

  • How to motivate yourself

  • How to write affirmations that will make a positive change in your life

  • How to see the best in everything and everyone

  • How to be your best friend

Enrol now and learn to live a more happy and fulfilling life!

Meet Your Teacher

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Alli Bartlett

Filmmaker. Youtuber. Business Owner


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1. Introduction to Your Instructor and This Class: Hi there. My name is Ali Saunders, and I believe that being happy and fulfilled in life is something that we can all experience. But we have to have and maintain, Ah, positive mindset and incorporate tools and practices into our lives. Consistently. I'm an entrepreneur, and owning your own business can come with a lot of ups and downs during the ups. Just like anyone. It's easy to feel good and content during the downs. That's when it's most important to keep a strong mindset for success and fulfillment. I have spent 15 years learning about happiness and mindset through personal experience, education, serene surrounding myself with positive friends, colleagues and gurus reading, attending every workshop in conference. I could get my hands on on the subject and paying close attention to the personality traits and decisions that happy people make and have. This course is designed not on Lee to teach you the tools you need to have to be happy, but also will introduce you to new perspectives about how to view the good and bad things that take place around you and the world and how to grow from them. The messages, ideas and information I present may at times be repeated in different ways because, as Earl Nightingale shares, whatever we plant into our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will become reality. I've personally tested out all of the tools I'm going to share with you to determine how effective there, how easy to apply to daily life there and to make sure anyone can do them. And keep in mind this is meant to be interactive, and I'm here to answer any questions you might have. We want to create a five star experience for you with this course, so please reach out. If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them. Make sure to write down key points from this course that stick out so that even when you aren't watching it, you can free enforce the tools. Present it now, there's no time than right now to start moving towards consistent happiness. So let's get started 2. 3 tips to be happier right now: Do you have anyone in your life who has the perfect house, the perfect spouse and the perfect job? Yet they still find things to complain about big and small every day. Of course you do. We all know people like that. Well, if you're not practicing positivity and gratitude and ways to make yourself feel good every day, then you could very well fall into one of those complainer type people as well. Think about it. You may not have the perfect life, but your life is definitely very good compared to other people's lives who are still happier day to day than you are. Let's look at three tools that you can easily apply to your life when you're not feeling so hot to put you in a happier mood instantly. The first tool in changing your mood to a happier mood instantly is to be grateful when you wake up in the morning whether you're in bad or you're making your tea, think about things that you're grateful for, whether it's the fact that you have warm water to make tea, think about the person that opened the door for you yesterday and held it. Think about how you're able to sit here right now and watch a video in the comfort of your own home, your own office, your own room. These are all things to be grateful for, and you could be grateful for something seemingly very small. But spending a few minutes every morning before you start your day. Really thinking about the things that you're grateful for will put you in a happier state, and you can really do this at any point in the day. If you start to get frustrated with something, then take a minute and be grateful. I say do this in the morning because this sets the tone for the rest of your day. Number two. If something frustrates you throughout the day, like let's say you get in the shower and you've run out of shampoo. What are you going to do? Or you're in traffic for a really long time? Or you didn't get the sale that you had hoped you'd make next time you find yourself in one of those situations that you could look at and be upset about or be frustrated by. Take a moment and think about what you learn from that situation. Every single thing in life you can look at in two ways you can look at as why did this happen to me, or what can I learn from this? So whether it's being in traffic and you had toe learn to be patient and maybe think about the things that you'd like to bring in the car with you in case you're in traffic again, like on awesome podcast to listen to or great music so you won't feel so frustrated. Or if you didn't make the deal with that client this time, what could you do even better next time so that you do make the deal by looking at situations in your life that could frustrate you that you could complain about instead, as something that you can grow from and learn from and do even better with the next time. This will change the way you feel and put you in a much better mood on the other side of this. We all know that stress can cause heart attacks. Stress can cause your hair to gray early wrinkles. It can hurt your body. It can do a number of things to you that are not good. So being able to control your responses to things that happen that may be seemingly frustrating and choose the more mindful option of looking at frustrating things as a lesson . This will hugely reduce your stress leading to a happier and healthier life. And thirdly, change something about the situation, whether it be your environment, let's say you're inside and you're feeling in a bad mood. Go outside, go get some fresh air. No, just the beautiful fall leaves, changing colors or the perfect weather. Or let's say you're stuck in the car and you're in traffic. Put music on that fires you up if you want to get pumped up or calms you down. Put classical music on you got to know what works for you. I know that when I get into a bit of a funk, I always get my favorite t out and I sit and I really take a good 10 minutes to enjoy my tea. And this changes my mood because I'm not focusing on what's frustrating me, but rather I'm focusing on something that I love and that I enjoy to recap the three things that you need to do to get yourself instantly in a better mood are be grateful. Second, see a lesson in every situation that you may otherwise be frustrated or annoyed by and thirdly, change your environment to change your state of mind. 3. Who's in your way?: who's in your way? Who's in the way of you living the life that you've always wanted toe live living the life that you used a picture when you were in school Thinking about what you're going to do with your career when you grow up and the places you're going to go Who is standing in your way ? Is it your dad who for as long as you can remember, told you that you're pretty but you're not that smart. So you should just go to college instead of university and marry a rich guy. Is it your best friend who anytime you share I really, really want to go back to school for art or really, really want to start my own business? I mean, I think I'd be really good at it Is saying to you, um, I think it's safer and smarter to just stay your current job. They pay well their stability. And I mean, what if you fail? Is it your husband or wife who tells you, You know, I just don't think you're good enough to do that. So I don't want you to set yourself up for something that's just going to disappoint you along the way on the path to success. There are gonna be a lot of people trust me. Any successful person will tell you this A lot of people who will share their opinions with you as to why they don't think you can do it. But you know what the funny thing is? Is a successful person who's happy and living the life that they want. Teoh is going to be the person that would never tell you. You're dreaming too big. They're going to be the people that tell you you're not dreaming big enough. But really, toe, look at this a little deeper. The person that standing in the way of you living the life that you want to live, it's you. Now the easy way out is to blame external sources to blame the people around you to blame the people closest to you as to why you're not living the life that you want to live. Right now, you are the Onley person standing in the way of the successful happy life that you know is within your future. You just have to get out of your own way and start making it happen. If you're not living the life that you want to live right now, it's because you're letting other people decide what your future shouldn't shouldn't be. Decide how big you should dream, telling you that you're not big enough. Not good enough. But the thing here, the key to that is that you are choosing toe. Let these people affect you. Or maybe you're making excuses. I'm not pretty enough. I'm not smart enough. My hair's not nice enough. I don't know what it is, but any excuse that you're making for yourself is one more block on the path of your success. So you have to stop. You have to take all of those excuses that you make for yourself that air in you better. I'll just wait until this thing changes or I'll just wait until I lose £10. Take all of that, put it into a box or something in your mind, and just and delete it. Get rid of it because those excuses that air stopping you from living the life you want today are going to be the same excuses that are going to stop you from living the life you want. Six months down the road, a year down the road, 10 years down the road. Now look at yourself six months ago and today, how much progression have you had? If it's not that much, it's because you are holding yourself back and you are the person that can stop that. If you don't believe in yourself, why should anybody else? You have to believe and know that you're at least going to do the best you can at whatever it is you truly want to do. You have to make a decision right now. Today, Right now, In this moment, not tomorrow, not next week. Not when you lose £15 not when your skin looks a little bit better. Right now that you are going to be your own chief cheerleader, you're gonna be your best friend and your biggest supporter. And when people give their opinion on how you should be living your life on what you should be doing to be more successful or make more money, take it with a grain of salt. Listen, smile and say OK, yeah, great. And keep doing what it is that you want to be doing. And you know, you need to be doing to become the best version, happiest version and most successful version of yourself, because any time that you say Oh, but my dad told me I can't do this. My mom told me I can't do this. My boyfriend, my sister told me, I can't be this. You are allowing those people to decide your fate and your life, and that is a recipe for failure. So get out of your own weight because you're the only one stopping yourself from living the life you want to live. Stop making excuses because they are going to keep you small and keep you fearful, and they're not going to do you any good. Any excuse you make is keeping you this big. So stop listening to those voices in your head telling you you can't. You shouldn't. You're not good enough right now and replace them with I should. I am. I am great enough. I am going to make this happen. I'm making this happen and do it. And I promise you, if you start becoming your biggest fan instead of your worst enemy and you start taking control of your thoughts and your actions and taking responsibility for where you currently are and for where you're gonna be, you're on the path toe a happier and more successful life. 4. Expect the best possible outcome: expect the best possible outcome out of every situation that's just happened and every situation that's going to happen now think about it. Either You could go to bed worried and thinking, Oh, what if it doesn't go so well in doing that? You're carrying that energy overnight into your dreams with you, and then you're waking up carrying that energy. If you're given off that vibe and that attitude of nervousness and unsure nous that is going to affect the project that you work on or the meeting that you haven't so on instead expect something great. I know that I'm going to connect with the person that a meeting with and that we're gonna build a great relationship. I know the recipe I make for dinner is gonna be fantastic, and everyone's gonna love it by having this outlook of knowing that things are gonna work out. It actually changes the way that you do things and the way that you handle situations and the way that you come off to others expecting the best possible outcome out of every phone call, every meeting, every project and so on always will change the way you are in the moment you're around someone in the moment you're doing the project and so on. If, as you're doing something you expect and really feel this is gonna be great, this is gonna be awesome. I'm so excited you will do a better job than if you're worrying. What if it sucks? What if it's terrible? What if it doesn't work out the way that everyone expects it to being positive and having that confidence that will come with expecting the best is really contagious and will positively influence everyone around you. 5. Happiness and how to have it: Have you ever thought about what you need in your life to feel fulfilled and happy now for most of my life, at least from the age of 14 and on, I was a pretty happy person. Overall, positive, always cheery would see the best in every situation and a lot if I had to do with because I was always reading personal development books and doing my absolute best to be responsible for my life. And I lived a great life probably up until I was 25. I was loving everything I would felt aligned with my goals, my vision. I was making things happen. I was really happy. And then one day I stopped doing the things that I needed to do to remain the happy level. I stopped reading personal development books. I thought, You know what? I'm happy right now. I'm positive. I'm good. I know all this stuff. I stopped writing in my journal. I stop being grateful for things. I stopped writing affirmation statements every day, and after about a year, I I lost that. I wouldn't wake up happy and excited anymore. I'd be grumpy once in a while. I'd complain about stuff. I wasn't being the best version of myself, and it's because I wasn't doing the things I needed to do to be happy. Do you have a routine that is progressing you towards happiness and success? Or are you just waking up every day, rolling out of bed, taking whatever life's hand into you coming home and occasionally watching some personal development videos? Because if you're doing that and that's all you're doing and you're not being consistent and you're not committing to personal development, then you're not going to get very far. You need to find things that are going to take you to the next level in thought and in life , you have to commit to a routine to be a master at something, you have to do the little things every single day that are going to give you the big rewards. At the end of it, you can't just read 50 personal development books a month and pay five grand to go to a personal development seminar that's going to change your life, and then that's it. And then think, Okay, I'm good now let's start getting really successful. I'm really happy. That's not how it works. Obviously, if you do all that in one month, you'll feel really good for a few days, maybe a few weeks after. But then it's gonna fade because becoming a master at whatever it is you're searching to do in your life being successful, being happy, being great shape takes time, discipline and commitment you have to commit if you're only brushing your teeth once a year , but you're really spending a good half hour brushing them, that's not gonna mean you're gonna have great teeth. You're gonna have a lot of problems. But if you brush your teeth twice a day when you wake up in the morning, when you go to bed for one minute, two minutes every single day, you are going to have much better, much healthier teeth. It's just the law of the world. You have to commit to small things every day that are going to give you big changes in your life. So for me, when I kind of realized after a year of not doing the things I was doing to make me happy, because at first I didn't realize it, I really naively believed Oh, I know this also I'm good in life and I didn't keep going to seminars that we're making me better talking to positive people, watching motivational videos that got me fired up to have a great mind set. I stopped doing them and I slowly stopped being the best version of myself. And when I realized this, it took some time to get back into the flow. But I did get back into it because I know I've been the best, most positive, happy person that I could be in the past. I conquered so many of my dreams and my goals. By the time I was 25 like I went over 26 countries. I lived in Australia for a year. I was in D. J. On radio. I conquered so many goals, and I really thought at the age of 25 I I know how to like I've got a handle on life. I'm good. I stopped doing all of the things that got meets that level of achievement got that got me toe conquering like literally. I think I conquered every almost every goal on my list of 100 things to do on my bucket list. Like I did all that because I was so committed toe living, the best, happiest version of my life. And once I did all them and I thought, Oh, I know this. I'm good now. I didn't keep practicing the daily things I needed to do to be happy toe conquer goals to be successful. But I got back into it and it did take a while. It took some growing pains to get back into that routine, but I committed because I know what doing daily practices and committing can do for my life , and it could do the same for yours. So the things that I commit to doing every single morning toe live a happy, successful, positive life and to achieve the goals I put out into the world are I will wake up and I will spend 10 minutes just laying in bed with my eyes closed, picturing the things that I want. So if I want to go on a vacation or get paid to go on a big film project somewhere in the world that I haven't been, I will literally just visualize what that looks like, what it feels like to be in Ireland, working on a project, laughing with my crew, filming in the different weather and having a beer with everyone. After I picture that and I dont really picture it, I actually making myself feel what it feels like to be there in that moment. And I do this and I actually will focus on 12 or three of the most things that I really want. And the thing is, is that by doing this and really sitting with that and thinking about it and committing to this life I want, I end up getting it like it's pretty cool. It almost feels like magic, but it really, really works because you're putting that by about into the world and you're you're going to get the things that you really focus on, whether they're good or bad. So I focus on the good when I wake up and the good that I want in my life. And then I get my tea that have every single morning port ecause. It's really, really good for you and I love it. I sit with that and with my journal and I write out affirmations. I radiate confidence and positivity. I attract fantastic, successful people into my life. Today I attract great opportunities that are gonna leave me toe living an even bigger, better life. Money loves me and comes to me easily and often, and so on. I write down the things in present tense as if I already have them. And I already am that best version of myself and I write them in my journal. I write about 10 to 20 and usually they're the same things. If you want that list, let me know if it will help you. I'd be happy to send you the things that I write down every day so that I could be the best version of myself. Then, after I do that, when I have a shower, I will go over all of the things I am grateful for, whether it be having a warm house in the winter, whether it be having warm water, whether be the squirrels that are out playing in my backyard. I will sit spend time really feeling the gratitude for those things. And I tried a picture not only the big things I'm grateful for, but really focus on the small things because it's really easy to forget about the small things when you've got a lot of good, great things going on. But you can't forget about the small things because the small things are what you need in your life to get the bigger things. Now, if you're new to all this and you think it's a little wu, that's okay, because 15 years ago I felt that way too, and it took me some time to start doing all of these practices. But I do encourage you to at least start adapting some of these elements that I'm telling you work for me because they really, really dio into your life. Do it slowly. But do it. And at the very least, take the time throughout the day. If you're not gonna commit ah, certain amount of time in the morning every single day to do it. Take the time during the day to take a second and notice the things that you're grateful for. Whether it be every time you walk through your house doorway, you take a second to go. Okay, I walk through my house doorway. Um, I'm grateful for this. You confined things that will remind you to do this. Maybe it's You could set an alarm on your phone toe at four o'clock everyday. Be grateful for something you could every time you go in your pocket to get your car keys. Oh, God, Be grateful for something now and think about something you're grateful for because being grateful for things is something that every successful happy person takes the time to do. If you're not feeling so hot, if you're not feeling so great, it will literally make you feel in a better mood. The other thing that I do and I'm pretty good at it does take work and discipline, but it's well worth. It is. Whenever I notice a negative thought or worry creeping into my mind, I acknowledge it. I go. I'm worried that I might be late for this thing coming up. I'll catch that, I'll say. Okay, you know what? That's a thought. That's not gonna get you there any faster. It's not gonna do any good for you. I notice it. I'm aware of it and I go. Okay, Thank you for this thought. Let's move on, and I continue to focus on getting where I'm going. Instead of letting the worry build up on me because I let the worry buildup in my stomach and my chest. Then I'm gonna show up to wherever I'm going, and I'm gonna carry that with me. So take the time. This is a big one. Every time you start to notice a negative thought and judgment of someone else Ah, worry. Come up, acknowledge it first at just acknowledge it to say, I'm aware this is a negative thought. I'm aware this is a judgment. Okay? And then as you get better at doing that because that's actually the easy part, then stop yourself. Decide. I'm not gonna let this continue. Took control. How? I'm thinking right now and let it go. Don't let that negative father that judgment or that worry rent space in your mind. It's not worth it. So these are the things that I used to do when I was living the happiest best life ever and that I do now and literally a few days. When I started doing this again a few years ago, things started changing for me. It honestly, like, felt like almost magic. Like things were happening for me when they weren't prior toe practicing these things Good things were coming to me. I was meeting the right people toe, get the right business deals I needed. I met the guy of my dreams. I was living. I started. I started attracting the things that I wanted into my life again. And I got back on the path, the happiness and success. And now I really recognize that I'm a magnet. So if I want negativity, then I'm a magnet for that. And no one wants negativity. But we put out into the world negative vibes. If we're being negative, so stop that instead be positive. So when I'm a magnet and I want positivity, it's coming to me because it's a mirror. What I'm putting out, I'm getting back and it's the same for you. So start doing daily practices. If you find others that work for you, great. If mind work for you. Great. I highly recommend mine, of course, because they worked for me. I'm living proof that they work, but do what you need to do and commit to it every single day so that you can start living the happiest, most extraordinary best life that you absolutely can because you should be 6. Finding beauty in hitting rock bottom: We've all heard about very successful people, unhappy people talking about how they used to be broke, how they hit rock bottom once upon the time. And I think there's something very moving about hitting rock bottom. Most people have an idea in their heads as to what their rock bottom would be. Maybe it's getting fired from an entry level position that would have led you to your dream job. Maybe it's being so broke that you can't afford to pay for a bus ride. Maybe it's having to live with your parents in your thirties. We all work so hard to avoid hitting our rock bottom. Most of us don't even dare to reach for a dream, because by taking a risk to achieve that dream, we might hit rock bottom and on the way down will just end. Mom were down, but that isn't the end. And that's really the beautiful thing about rock bottom. When you get there, you realize you're still standing, you're still breathing and you are still surviving. You become resourceful in ways you never imagined. You learned who to keep in your life and who you need to remove. You've lost everything So you have nothing tangible told onto and with nothing, You're still alive. You're still here. This is where the magic happens. You have nothing to lose, So taking a risk becomes much more appealing. In fact, it becomes really the only option. You realize you've tried and tried up to this point, but with one foot in the door and one foot out, because the fear of hitting rock bottom and really trying at something and taking a big risk has kept you from going all in to reach your dreams. But you're here now and you're still standing. Rock bottom is where you can declare that letting fear being charged didn't do any good for you. And the Onley direction to head in is up with every safe option that exhausted you along the way. It's time to take a chance on you. You're forced to see what you're made of. If you've hit rock bottom in your life or you feel like maybe you're there now this is the starting point of something great and the Onley direction to head in is forward and upward . Now, remember, on the journey to becoming happy to being the best version of yourself. There may be hiccups. So remember that I'm here along the way. Please reach out and ask me any questions that you have. I'm more than happy to answer them and we'll see you in the next video. 7. How to be truly grateful: if you need to up your self esteem, Here's one very simple tool that can dramatically change the way you think about yourself and others. Think about you every morning or every night before you go to bed, get a journal and take the time to write affirmations. You write down things about yourself that you want yourself to be and have in the present tense. The benefits and power in doing this is that you are training your subconscious mind to believe these things about you, and the other important thing here is you have to do it every day. Not only does this allow these affirmations to sink into your subconscious, you'll also start believing them, and then you'll start putting those traits Ford into the world, and other people will start believing them about you as well. You'll literally become the things that you're writing and saying you are also. This is really great and really important to do because it teaches you to commit toe 10 minutes a day, where you can focus on yourself and the direction that you want your life to be heading. In the benefit of committing to something like this, something that is for you and is only gonna positively serve You will teach you to focus and spend time on other things that are really going to help your life. Here are my top 10 affirmations that I write every night before I go to bed. And every morning when I wake up to help me live Ah, happier life and to actually live these traits and wants that I write down number one. Everything is happening perfectly. Number two great opportunities come to me today that will positively benefit my life. Number three I am happy and successful and attract more happy and successful people into my life. Number four I expect and received the highest possible outcome today. Number five money in large sums comes to me easily and often. Number six The work I do positively effects everyone who comes into contact with number seven. I always happily and easily get what I want. Number eight My positive attitude positively rubs off on the people around me. Number nine I am growing and learning every single day at number 10 today is full of happy amazing surprises. Now, of course, make these affirmations your own and commit to writing them every single day during a quiet time that works for you so that you can really allow thes words to sink into your head. I promise you that if you do this for just one week, you're gonna notice a big positive difference in your life in the people that you attract in the type of day that you have and in the type of life that you're leading towards living . Do it for a month and you'll see extraordinary changes. Make this a part of your day to live a more happy and more progressive life. 8. The 5 people you spend the most time with: So, of course, you've probably heard the five people you spend the most time with are the people that you're going to be most like. So, of course you have to choose who you spend when your time with very wisely. Now, a few years back, I actually was having a conversation with a good friend of mine who's also a guru in the personal development world. And she pointed out something about relationships that actually takes this theory of who you spend your time with. You become like to another level. And since saying this, I've noticed it with every relationship that I have, that there are three types of people that you spend your time with. There are the people that live in the past. They talk about Oh, remember how fun it was that time we did this. They're talking about the past, and that's where they stay. And that's where they get joy from thinking about things that were from back in the day. So these people, you may have in your life because their friend that you grew up with forever their family member, these people are not going to progress your life forward. The second type of person and relationship that you can have is with people who spend their time in the moment. And I'm not talking about in a meditative way, like enjoy the moment type way because that is very important. I'm talking more about they don't think about or talk about the future and how to progress and how to grow. Rather, they talk about the movie that's out right now. I can't wait to see it r o. Tomorrow, I'm going out with my friend for coffee. Their thoughts and their wants in life are not big because they're just thinking about things that are going on currently. These air people that again they might be in your family. They might be people that yes, you care about and you love. So you're going to spend time with here and there. And this, too, is okay. The point of this video is to really help you see the differences between these three types of people so that you can choose who you want to invest the most time with, and you can be a little bit more aware of where your time is going. The third type of person is someone that is a future person. Now, when you sit down with this person, you're talking about what you can collaborate on together. The big event that you're going to throw that's going to change tons of life, how you're going to help the world with your services or your products and just things that are bigger than right now bigger then you or me that can really, really help yourselves each other and the planet. These are the people that are successful. If you look at anyone, if you look at Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs, these, the guys that think about how is what I'm going to do today and the conversations and the things I'm going to say today, how are they gonna benefit the world? 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 100 years down the road. These are the people that are going to catapult you into the next level of your business and of your life. Seriously, Right now, write down a list of the five people that you are currently spending most of your time with and start to notice for the next week what the conversations consist of. Of course, you can leave the conversations and talk about things of the future and things of growth. But you'll notice quickly that with the people, the past people and the present people that regardless of what you're talking about, they'll entertain you and go, Yeah, that sounds cool. And then we'll bring it back to the past or the present because that's where they're comfortable. So it is OK to spend time with these people. Just be aware of how much time your spending with these people if you're looking to progress and grow in your life, which of course you are. And I remember when I had this talk with my friend, I thought, Oh, yeah, you make a really good point about the the past, the president, the future relationships and and types of people. And I cannot believe how much that conversation has changed. My perspective on the conversations I'm having with people and the relationships that have this has hugely helped me decide where I need to limit my time with certain people on where I need to spend more of my time with certain people. I hope that this video, in this new perspective on relationships and people, helps you as much as it's helped me 9. The worst thing you can do for your mind: stop feeling door. Mind with bad toxic garbage. Okay, think about it. We all know how bad things like smoking or drinking too much or eating Onley fast food our whole lives or not exercising are we take it so seriously because we know by doing these bad things and filling our bodies with all this bad junk, we are going to get a disease. We're going to die early. We live a bad, unfulfilling, negative life. So we know this stuff and we Oh, my gosh, if someone gets a disease, it's so terrible and it really is awful. But people don't all take seriously the bad stuff that they're putting into their minds. The bad messaging, the negative news that we watch all of these things in the complaining, the gossiping. All of that stuff is disease for your mind, and you need to stop immediately. Stop watching the news because 95% the news is stories about murderers, about terrorism, about stuff that's not going to make you a happier and more successful person by knowing and guess what if it's so important and you need to know it, someone's going to tell you about it. okay? You don't need to watch the news. You seriously need to stop that right away. Because literally you're watching the news and you go to bed and you have nightmares. Where do you think these nightmares air coming from? Where do you think you're carrying in your head while you go to sleep? Negative. Scary bad things. So stop watching the news. Secondly, stop hanging out with negative people. Negative people who complain about how hard life is and how everything sucks for them. Well, guess what? We all have problems. We all have things that are good. We all have things that are bad. But the crazy thing is, is there people out there with way less than what you have who are happier than you? Because they have different attitudes because they feed their minds and their body and everything with good thoughts and good stuff, and they choose to see the positive and good in things. So stop hanging out with negative people, cause they're filling your mind with trash. Do they bring value to your life? Probably not, because negative people complain all the time. They blame everything around them for what's going on and don't take any responsibility for themselves, and likely they gossip to those two things go hand in hand and gossiping is one of the most toxic things that you can do literally. If you gossip about someone, the person you're telling the gossip to is probably thinking the same stuff about you thinking okay if they're saying this person so bad and untrustworthy while they're doing the gossiping, so they're probably just as badly just stop gossiping. Gossiping does not add any value to anyone's life. It does not progress you forward. It doesn't do anything good for anyone. So get the negative people of your life. Who? Complaining gossip. Don't do it yourself. Don't watch the news. Don't read magazines that don't add value to your life like trashy magazines out there. Don't watch shows that aren't adding value to your life. If they're comedy shows in their goofy and they make you feel that okay. But if they're like the reality shows where people are getting drunk and cheating on their spouses, is that gonna positively affect your life at all? Probably not. You're feeding your mind with that trash and those vibes that those people in those reality shows air living and you don't need that. It's not gonna help you at all. People who fill their minds with trash and garbage and negativity and bad stuff art People who are successful or happy because successful and happy people are able to realize that that negative stuff is not going to progress. Their life's forward in the direction that they want to go in. So I encourage you to. Right now. Take action. Think about the things that you're allowing your life. They're talked, a better diseases for your mind and the way that you think. Look at those things. Look at those people who aren't so good for you and decide right now. Don't decide tomorrow. Don't decide next week or next year. Next. Whatever. Because then you won't do it. Decide right now that you are not going to allow that negativity into your mind anymore. If you wanna have a healthy mind, which will equal ah healthy, happy progressive life, you have to be in putting healthy, positive, happy things. So be around people who are successful and happy and add value to your life. Read books about personal development stories of other successful people learn how they got there. Watch videos that are gonna progress You forward do things in your life that make you happy That add value to your life. Experiences that bring goodness and values your life to fill your mind with mawr Goodness, more happiness and mawr Successful thoughts 10. What are you doing every day: We're looking at what you're doing right now to make your life better. What are you doing to day that's gonna make your tomorrow? Your next week? You're next year. Better than it currently is. It's kind of funny because we all know what things we need to do toe live a happier, healthier and more successful life. There are so many things that can and will make our lives better. You need to understand why you aren't doing these things. If you're gonna make a change in your life. Are you not doing them because you're for afraid? Are you not doing them because you're lazy? Are you not doing them because you're making excuses like a lot of people do? I don't have enough time. I don't know how to get in with this group of people, so I'm just not gonna do anything. There are a 1,000,000,000 excuses. But do the most successful people in the world make excuses like this? No, they don't. If you want to live a life of growth and progression and happiness and that's why you're here, then you have to recognize your excuses. Stop them in their tracks and do it anyway, we all have every single human alive has the same 24 hours in a day. Are you spending your time sitting on the couch watching TV As soon as you get home from work spending hours on social media or going to the gym sitting there, showing off, doing 1/2 ass job and saying you know what I showed up and tricking yourself into thinking that you're actually doing something good for yourself because you got to the gym. But deep down, you know you didn't put 100%. If you want to be happy and successful on one of those people one of those 5% of people in the world that are living the life of their dreams, then you actually have to give 100%. You have to stop making excuses. You have to feel the fear of whatever you're stopping yourself from doing right now and say , You know what? Nice to meet you. Fear of doing this anyway. I'm not letting anything stop me, and you have to start doing the things that you know you need to do to make your life better. Where do you want to be in six months from now. If you want to be in the exact same position you're in today, If you keep doing the things today and not progressing and learning and changing and growing and applying new things that you've learned into your life each day, then you're gonna be six months down the road exactly where you are today. Ask yourself, why am I not living the life I want to live? What am I afraid of? And what am I gonna stop doing and start doing to start living the life that I want to live ? 11. Write a letter to yourself: one thing that I absolutely love doing for so many reasons at the beginning of a new year is writing a letter to myself that I'm gonna open the following year. It seriously really, really cool. So what I dio January 1st January 2nd is I sit down and I write a letter to myself. I literally right, dear Alley. And then I write about all the things that are currently going on in my life that I'm really, really proud of, like starting a YouTube channel like speaking on stage like breeding 50 books and many right about all of the things that I intend to accomplish for the following year so that by the next year, when I opened the letter, I can see how many of them I've accomplished, and I've done this for a few years now. It's so cool, because when you actually physically take pen to paper and go from having an idea that's just sitting in your head with a bunch of other ideas. By taking action and putting down okay, I have all these thoughts that gone ideas they have that I want to do. I'm going to do this one and you write down a goal that you have for yourself. So whether it be, make $100,000 in six months or make five new friends that they're gonna possibly influence my life, bright it down because by writing it down, that's actually the first step towards making it happen. You literally taken action and prioritized this school above all the other goals are going on in your head. So I write a letter to myself. I write down in this year, I'm going to do this This nus I'm going to see this place. I'm gonna travel here, and by the end of this year, I hope to be this type of person. Maybe last year I wanted Toby more disciplined, which I have proven to be over the year, and then I seal up my letter. I'm very gentle with how I were things and very kind to myself, because that's really important. You should be loving you. If you don't love yourself, how could anyone else love you? So when you write this letter to yourself, write it as if you're your own best friend and I write this at the Anna right? Love alley. Look forward to reading this on the following your dates, I fold it up, I seal it, and I put it in the back of my journal because usually my journal takes me about a year to write. So the following year I read the letter, and it's really, really cool to see a how many goals and how many things you have accomplished that you said you would. And it's cool to see what you haven't accomplished. Maybe you haven't accomplished a goal that last year you said you're going to because your priorities change, things come up. Maybe you weren't as interested in what you said. You're going to do as you thought you were. Maybe you're afraid, and you still really, really want to accomplish that goal. But you've let fear and excuses and poor time management stand in the way of reaching it. And if you see it after a year and you still feel this like poll towards it and you feel a little bit of like guilt like, Ah man, I didn't do that, I said I was going to bend. That's actually good sign, because that means it's something you really, really want in your life, and you should jump on it and get it done and just make it happen. So I encourage you to write a letter to yourself. Date it and literally look on front of it. I write to Allie Saunders. Open January 1st, 18 4019. Whatever the following your date is, it's a really cool thing. It kind of makes you feel like you have a pen pal with your past self in your future self, and it's something that can really help you learn a lot about yourself and who you are and who you want to be. 12. Your perfect day: Have you ever thought about what you're perfect day would look like? Seriously like it When I ask people this, they go, Yeah, but then when I say OK, tell me what you're perfect. They would look like they don't have an answer because most people are so caught up into the day in day out routines that they typically fall into that. They don't take the time to actually think about what they want from their lives and a really good compass to help you determine how you should be living your life, how you should be making decisions, what you should be saying yes to what you should be saying no to is to think about what your perfect day would look like. So get out a pen and paper and let's write down and get very clear on what you're perfect. A Looks like. First, let's start with what time you wake up in the morning. Are you waking up really brightened early so that you can be awake before everyone else's and enjoy your coffee in peace? Maybe go for a rotten Or do you want the luxury of sleeping into 11 maybe even one PM who knows? What do you want? What? How do you want to wake up in the morning? Next. Who are you with? Who are you waking up with? This is significant others at someone that you're crazy about. And you can't wait to spend every second live. Is it waking up in a new place that you've never been? Are you interested in traveling? You get really excited when you see or hear about other people trapped traveling. Or do you get jealous? You think Aw, I really want to do that. Because if you get jealous, then that's an indicator that that's something you want to do. So where do you want to be when you wake up? What part of the world you want to be? And do you want to be in your very own home that you and your significant other have built ? Do you want to be somewhere you've never been before? Do you want to be on the go? Do you want to be somewhere stable? Next things think about what you're eating. Are you eating some sort of exotic food because you're in a new part of the world? Are you eating something really healthy. Do you have a personal chef cooking meals for you? Next, think about what you're doing to create money for yourself. Are you a journalist who's traveling the world and getting great stories and sharing them? Are you someone who makes passive income through making online courses or selling e books or through another business? And you're literally just are making money as you do what you dio? Are you a real estate investor? Are you binding? The latest project, the latest house that you're gonna tear down and rebuild and sell for more of a prophet. What are you doing in your perfect day? Are you around? Family are spending your time laughing and planning things with them. What are you doing? Ask yourself what you do for your career to make money. Then ask yourself for your perfect day what you're doing to have fun. Naturally, if it's your perfect day, your career will also tie into fun. They'll be joined together. But you can also look at fund this leisurely time. So maybe you are working doing one thing and then later in the day, you decide. OK? For my perfect day, I'm going to go on a bit of an adventure. I'm gonna go snorkeling in Fiji. That's what I'd be doing with my afternoon or my evening. I'd be going to a new restaurant. And what are you learning? What fulfilling elements are you receiving on your perfect day? Are you learning how to cook? Are you learning taking a photography course? Are you learning a new language To recap to discover what your perfect day looks like. The side who you're spending your time with, what time you're waking up at what time you're going about that as well What you're doing for fun, what you're doing to make money and what you're learning. Once you write these things down and you get really, really clear on what your perfect day looks like, this is what you want to work towards. So ask yourself, what are you doing right now? That's getting you closer to that perfect day because to be as happy as possible, you want to be living days that are closer to your perfect days instead of living days that aren't fulfilling. Now it may take a little bit of time and consistency to get to actually experiencing this perfect day regularly, but by having an idea by having a destination, um, of what you want to be and see and do and where you want to be because that's what would make you happy your perfect day that you know, now what it looks like, what that picture looks like. Knowing that and being able to picture yourself actually experiencing that is going to get you on the path to actually having that perfect day. What does your perfect they look like? Getting clear on this is going to get you clear on a lot of aspects of life who you're spending your time with, what you're doing for your job, what you're saying yes to what you're saying no to. So get clear on what your perfect day is to get that much closer to experiencing it and remember, please reach out and shoot me a message. If you have any questions or comments and we'll see you in the next video 13. How to Take Action!: What are you doing today? To make your life better to get to where you want to be in six months from now. Seriously, think about. Ask yourself, What are you doing now? A ritual or something that I've added into my morning rituals is to wake up and say to myself, What am I going to do today? That's going to progress me one step forward tomorrow? And by asking myself that it gets my brain going early in the morning and thinking, OK, now I've got these little tests that I have to take care of their small, mundane tasks, but I need to attend to them about what else am I doing? Where am I going to be spending my energy and focus today that's going to move me forward? Is it going to be on reading a personal development books or watching a personal development video? Is it gonna be on creating content that could help other people? Is it gonna be going for a lunch date with someone who could help progress? My life forward isn't making a phone call and setting up a meeting with my dream client and just taking action if we search we can find quite easily something that we can be doing today to make our tomorrow better. And the beauty behind this is by doing something today that's gonna make your tomorrow better and then doing again tomorrow and the next day. And the next day you're literally progressing step by step by step, and you will be so much farther head so much closer towards your goal and your dream life if you take these daily steps now, as we all know, to be happy and live a fulfilling life, you can't just get really, really, really, really happy one day and then expect to be happy every other day. You have to take small steps and do practices and things that are going to maintain that level of happiness and fulfillment. And checking in with yourself first thing in the morning and asking yourself what can be done today to make your tomorrow better is a really, really great way to do that. If you do feel a little bit stuck them, write a list out of all the things you want your life and be honest with yourself. Look, don't feel embarrassed here. Don't feel like all going on the trip, the whole why you want two years out of reach because it doesn't have to be seriously. Just think about what the best version of your life would be. What would make you happiest, whether it's driving a really awesome car, are going travelling or quitting your 9 to 5 job and starting to work on your business that you've always been thinking about but never taken action to do? Think about that, even even if it's just eating healthier, being a healthier version year of yourself or exercising. You know that by doing those things you would be, ah, better version of yourself. So write a list of the things that you're interested in doing that would progress your life forward, and then you can take it from there. You can say, OK, you know what, realistically, out of my list, I think it would be easy to take action on this. Like to be healthier. I could make us movie every morning. Instead of having an instant oatmeal breakfast. I could finally join a gym with my friend who's been asking me and start getting a little bit healthier. I maybe I'm not ready to make the phone call to my dream client. But I can start looking into my dream client and discovering who my dream client is and researching about them so that when I do have the guts to make that phone call, I'm very prepared. So decide what is important to you, what you want from your life and then decide what you're going to start doing today. It doesn't have to be big. It just has to be something. A step, a small step is still a step and do it so that in a month from now on, six months now, in a year from now you will be that much closer, or you will have achieved the thing that you really, really want your life. Congratulations. You have completed this course. Have you feel do you feel good? You feel pumped. You are now a huge step closer toe living a happy and fulfilling life. So remember to look at this course again and again because the information provided in these videos will hit you at different times. Some videos you may have watching the like Oh my gosh. I've never thought about that before. Yes, that makes so much sense. That's what I'm going to start doing and some videos you may need to hear at a later time. Maybe you're not open to them right now. Maybe you need to see them again to really get the full effects of the message being presented. To live a happy and fulfilling life, you have to practice daily rituals that make you happy and fulfilled.