How to be Guitar Gods! DIY Tutorial: Sweeps - Intermediate/Advance

Dylan Furr, Guitar Teacher / Marketing / Filming / Producing

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3 Videos (29m)
    • Part 3) Sweep Tapping - Dylan Furr

    • Part 2) Multiple Shapes for Sweeping - Dylan Furr

    • Part 1) How to Sweep Pick - Dylan Furr


About This Class

Learn how to do incredible sounded sweeps & sweep picking patterns on guitar to blow away your friends! This class is intended for intermediate to advanced players & will be a 3 PART class with each video covering a slightly different way to utilize the sweeping skill set.





Dylan Furr

Guitar Teacher / Marketing / Filming / Producing

Dylan Furr is an internationally known guitarist & has used his versatile skills & knowledge in SEO, campaigns, content creation, research, social media, & much more to make this a reality for his music & abilities. Learn all the secrets here, from creating a video that looks professional with ease for little to no budget, all the way up to producing your own music in house with a killer music video & marketing it to the masses effectively with endorsers & fans all around the world.

For beginners, hobbyists, professionals, advanced, intermediate, or people just curious about guitar & the industry, this is for YOU!

In all of my videos I will show you how to bring your musicianship to the next level! You can shred, jam, improvise, learn, share, grow, & find answers to all of your questions here! I will go over acoustic, electric, ERG guitars, & possibly some bass if anyone is interested. I can also show the ins and outs of mixing, mastering, marketing, branding, logo design, & fan interaction to maximize your presence.

In this day & age, it's important to get noticed & know how to cut through all the noise & competition in the music industry! So let's do this!