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How to bake a traditional German Apple Cake to die for

teacher avatar Elena Cremer, Foodblogger & Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction & Class Project

    • 2. Tools required

    • 3. Preparing the dough

    • 4. Preparing the filling

    • 5. Prebaking the dough

    • 6. Assembling the cake

    • 7. Cutting the cake & Goodbye

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About This Class

In my class I will teach you how to bake one of my favourite cakes of my childhood: a traditional German Apple Cake (“Gedeckter Apfelkuchen”) with two crispy layers of buttery short-crust pastry, a juicy apple-filling with my special spice mix for apple cake and a delicious topping of caramelized almonds

I will explain you the basic equipment you need to bake the cake and which are the ingredients that we are going to use. With my detailed step-by-step recipe, that we will be following during the class, you will be able to achieve a delicious cake, even if you aren’t an experienced baker (yet). Besides from the step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to achieve the perfect short-crust pastry, that you can use for lots of different cakes, cookies and other sweet pastry. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elena Cremer

Foodblogger & Content Creator


I'm Elena, a self-taught baker and passionate cake decorator from Germany. Apart from studying Comparative Literature and Aesthetics, I've been baking ever since I can remember together with my mum and grandma, who are great bakers, too, and taught me all the basics. Eventually my interest in baking and patisserie grew stronger, I began to experiment with more complex and demanding recipes and discovered the delicious universe of French pastry.

In 2016 I founded my blog and started publishing my own recipes. I lay great emphasis on natural, local and seasonal products, always baking with what is available in the current season. I bake without any food additives or artificial flavours and prefer a natural look of my pastry, that mirro... See full profile

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1. Introduction & Class Project: Hi, everyone. Welcome to my class of how to make a traditional German apple cake to die for. I didn't have a self told Baker from Germany currently living in the live, and I'm gonna show you how to achieve the perfect apple cake. Okay, good. I'm food glorious food writer, and I collect all my delicious cake recipes on my block. Like, you know, participate e I've been baking ever since. I can remember from my childhood on because my mom and grandma great bankers to And they told me a lot that we would always be together for the weekends. Okay, good. So this cake I'm going to show you today was one of the very first case I ever raid. I was about 12 years old, maybe wasn't my father's house. I was born from this old baking book from my grandma and I just like rats. Really. And I've found this recipe for a good doctor optical, which means, like, covered up ok in English, and I just tried it in a church out. Super delicious. And ever since has been one of my favorite case of old times. Okay, good. I will show you how to make it very typical, Jim Chocolates pastry that we use a lot injuring bakery for different goods on day until you step us. That how to make it. What's a very mind when making it how to achieve the perfect crust and also how to make the apple filling, Of course. What's special kind of spice mix I use for my Apple case. And then I'm gonna show you how to cover the cake and a special trick of mine. Hawaii. How I do it differently from the original recipe. I hope you guys enjoy it. Okay. Project for this class, of course, is to beg your own, okay? And you will find the complete with recipe in the project part of this class. And when you complete your first apple cake, please take a photo uploaded in the project section. And I'm really looking forward to all of your cakes. You should really give it a try, because this cake is absolutely delicious. And if a 12 year old could do it, that's so can you Okay, Good. Good 2. Tools required: all right. So before we're going to start making the actual cake, just gonna review, show you which materials going great, first of all, because neither baking tune. Just very practical, 26 centimeters in diameter. That person paper a rolling pin, although also you don't have a rolling pin. It's not that that you can also your hands and just press the dough inside the world with your fingers. It works just fine. Um, and then you're gonna need some sort of kitchen scale. I prefer just one, because it's much easier to work with. But, of course you can. Also, just something like this. For example, something to peel and slice the apples, a pastry brush or something similar. Or, if you don't have one, you can just use a spoon. It's fine. And then, of course, you got some bowls, and that's basically it. So as you can see, you don't really need a lot of material for this cake. It's pretty easy, Foster 3. Preparing the dough: Okay, So for the next time, I'm gonna show you what we got. People preparing the dough It is a very typical German shot Chris pastry that we use for all kind of goods. Like from some Christmas cookies. All kinds off fruitcakes crumble cake starts so you can use it for whatever you want to bake. It's super versatile and very delicious. And it's always the same basic recipe. You gotta use three parts of flour to parts of butter and one part of sugar, and it can also prepared a few dozen advance and just started a fridge. I can also freeze it, so it's super single, very easy to handle. So for a recipe, we're gonna need 300 grams of flour, 200 grams of unsalted butter, 100 grams of sugar. And for this kind, we also add one act because it makes the door but more flexible and easier to handle. And we also we use some vanilla beans in it. If you don't have ground vanilla, you can also use mental extract, of course. And that's it. That's all we're going to need for Odo. Okay, now start mixing everything together. First. We had all the dry ingredients floor the sugar. It just makes that true that goes with that butter. No, just start mixing at a meeting with off has. You can also use a kitchen wishing, but for this time of dough, I prefer doing it by hand because you get a better feeling for the texture of the dough for when it's ready. So with this kind of focus pastry, it's very important that the butter you use is very cold, and that makes it very quickly and don't need it so long because otherwise it would become too soft on. We don't want that, because if the door was very soft, it won't come out that Christie just pork very quickly mix everything together. And then when you've worked the butter in a bit, everything to the table makes it a bit easier together. Just scored. Okay? No, just just starting together. Make sure you get the news cross and then tried for nice, bowl like shape. And then it was right. So once you have a smooth texture like this one, you want to divide the dough in three parts, just more lies. All right, so they're going to take one of the three parts rapid and clean film and put it aside and then take the second part of the dough. And this is the one we're gonna roll out now for our cake base. Just make sure thank you. Cover your working surface with enough floor flower because otherwise there was going to stick to it. It's quite sticky because of all the butter that it has. And then we just go our gently start rolling out. It should come out, sighs sighs off Cajun. Why running out? Just move the dough from time to time to make sure it doesn't stick to the surface. Then go on, Rohan. Once you got the correct size, you can just take your baking tonight, put it on top and cut around. Just get the exact size remain. Is we gonna use later again? I'm just gonna put this one aside as well. No, from the remain card, press it together and then for flower in Venice form, find off too long rolls going to be the sides of our cake. One second. It does not have to be super exact because we've got a president for later. Just a rough shape, so it's more or less evenly. All right. Okay, so now it's time to like our bacon tin with parchment paper. I'm just gonna open to parking paper. So if you have a high quality bacon tickets not exactly necessary to put butter or increase the size of the two because the dough itself has a lot of butter, and it's quite greasy, so usually won't stick to the side that you have a good 10. Um, so in most rest peace, they recommend to first Children dough and then roll it out. Put it inside of the team. But I always do it the other way around. So I first formed. I'll put everything in 10 and then put this completing with finished base inside of a fridge. I feel that way is much easier, because once the dough is a bit softer after meeting, it's very easy to handle it to roll it out, and you can just put it in that leave it to chill, and then you just have to take it out of the fridge. Putting the feeling on your door was ready, so now we're gonna put in the base already rolled out. Just It's so mood. Just present very gently. And then go use two rules that may put them inside of mold. This. And now just start pressing them to the size of the team. No. Good. No. Okay, so okay, faces ready. We just record or even the inside of the tent. And just make sure that you do is about 2 to 3 millimeters thick and that just spread evenly around the sides of the cake. Tim. So when we got a bacon, it's gonna bake even. Swell. Now, I'm gonna put the whole thing and the remaining dough that we have inside of the fridge and leave it there to chew for these two hours. Or you can also do that overnight, just going tomorrow with feeling like the way she can also leave it there for a couple of days. Okay, So as I already mentioned before, for this kind of cross pastry is very crucial that the dough is quite cold before baking. So it is super important that put it in the fridge and leave it to chill for a while before big K, so that the butter inside of the crust can harden again because otherwise we won't achieve that crispy like texture that it's so delicious about this pig. And the dough will turn out rather soft in that nice. So it doesn't matter how long, even in the fridge, the longer the better, actually, so nothing happens if you leave it there for a couple of hours, just make sure that you could at least two hours and don't take it out before that time because otherwise it would be cold enough and then waiting to get out of the fridge is better important. Nothing that's sending outside for a while. Just put it in your right away to bake that it would come on super nice and crispy and buttery and delicious. 4. Preparing the filling: up next, we're going to prepare the fighting off the cake, and I'm just gonna review show you what ingredients we're gonna need for it. So, first of all, of course, we're gonna need apples around 750 grams of them. As you can see here, I have quite big ones, so I'm only gonna need around for them. But it depends on the sort of apple you have. Of course, I personally prefer to use some sour apples and a bit sweet around. So just makes the swords because it would give the taken eyes of flavor. But that's your choice, of course. The lemon, 50 grams of sugar, then around one teaspoon off spices. So I always like to prefer my own spice mix for my apple cakes, which is very delicious. And I highly recommend you to try it. I use one teaspoon of cinnamon and add a pinch of cloves, a pinch of nutmeg, a pinch of Cardamone and a pinch of macao, and it comes out really delicious. So you should absolutely tried for you. Okay, give some of the unique flavor. That's very, very nice. So first thing we're gonna do is peel and slice the apples? No. Oh, Apple's already knows. He conceded already start browning at some points. So you just quickly squeeze all Limon choose. Oops. Then just mix. It's rude, but I keep the color. Okay. Then we're gonna add the sugar, a swell and our spice mixture just mixed everything again. If you could just smell this. It smells divine already, so you owe me. 5. Prebaking the dough: Okay, so all feeling is ready here. The dough has chilled rich for enough time, so the next step moving to pre bake over cake base. That's that's necessary because all feeling it's very juicy. On the apples were a lot of liquids baking, and if you don't prevail, the cake based it will come out also in love back through. So in order to prove a get, you won't use a for IQ and just prick dough so places just looking everywhere. Also the science. OK, partick it. We make sure that the hot air is released from other dough for this little holds. That way the door. We just stay flat because otherwise you will come up like this. I won't have a nice cake base where you can put off lane. It should look like this so pretty, and it could also just put like parchment paper in here and fill it with some kind of being . For rice, dry your eyes and drive means. Of course, I just take it that way, but also, but I always feel it's easier that way. It's much quicker, and you don't need to waste any any food like right being so whatever. So it was just fine. Meanwhile, I just pretty did the open to 180 degrees Celsius, and I'm just gonna put in the captain begging for about 15 to 20 minutes. 6. Assembling the cake: Well, okay, this is pretty bad thing. We're gonna prepare the cover for the cake with the remaining Don't be Spring Bridge. You're gonna see what it's called, decked out for that. It's called Cover up OK, in English. So just floor working service again. Just press the dough again, 1/5 the size. Okay, too, to go some holes and it just press them together. So that's about the size of my kick. I know just going moulded around the rolling pin. Put it aside because that way, it's much easier to assemble it on a mission cake later, should it? And that's the colored. All right, my case basis prepaid. I've just taken it out of the oven and as it conceit has not really brown yet, but it has began to slightly set, and I've put up the open temperature to 200 yourselves is now. And now I can start something cake to assemble the cake. First we put in the apples. Just make sure that distributed evenly inside of the cake pressed. I'm a bit make sure that all covered, it's why don't the dough No, we kind of put up prepared, covered Just gonna roll it out like this, then gently generally press it inside of the mold. It's to make sure all the apples are covered under kneaded the dough. I can just trend. Yes, just a bit. Just remove them excessive dough. She's like that Cheers covered again. Once you're done with almost ready our case almost ready to go into the office. There's just one step missing, and that is to talking of the cake. Oh, well, that we're going to need 150 brands of part of trimmer, about one tablespoon of lemon juice and some sliced bones. So for the glaze, we just gonna squeeze the managers inside of powdered sugar. Just mix it until it comes out in this book place. So this is what the finished goods should look like. And in the original recipe, it always is the first bite, okay? And then put the glaze on top. But I do it a different way. I prefer to put the glaze on first and then sprinkling with your loans and then duplicating the old because that way the place would caramelize the former super delicious crispy taco together with the owns. Just very nice and I like it much better than the other way because it's not so sweet, but you get this caramel like crispy flavor, so I had to recommend you to try it that way. That lets copra cake. Before we started covering the cake. You want to make sure that we prick the top coat with a spoon again, so the hot air off the apple filling can be released. What baking just similar to a pi code. Once we've done that, you can start to put on the place very gently. Spread it. Careful not to damage the DOH. - Once you've done that, take the almost. Just Sprinkle them. No, OK, it's already. We'll go in the oven and stay there for about 40 minutes until it's Golden brown. Mike Vegas finished. Look at that delicious golden brown color. I'm just gonna leave it to cool, forbid and then remove it from the mold and then we're gonna try it together. 7. Cutting the cake & Goodbye: I removed the flag from the baking tonight, and I'm just gonna Sprinkle it with some part of sugar just for the looks ready to slice it . Okay, guys are delicious. Application is ready. We're going to slice it and then serve it with some whipped cream. No. - And now comes just parts of all we're gonna try to kick. I know you guys. I wish you could just smell and taste this. The buttery truckers pastry, the juicy apples and all the spices And then the week cream on top. It's just super delicious. You have to try it. I'm just gonna enjoy my piece of cake now. And I just hope you guys enjoyed this class. They're looking forward to see for my next baking clause. Take care and see you. Bye. No good. Good.