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How to bake a Sponge Cake

teacher avatar Aleksandra Zarnowiec

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools required

    • 3. Ingredients required

    • 4. Ingredients mesurments

    • 5. Cake butter

    • 6. Baking pan

    • 7. Cooling tips

    • 8. Finished project

    • 9. Extra tips

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to bake a perfect sponge cake and you will achieve perfect results every time.

There is lots of different ways to make a sponge cake but this one always work.

I will guide you through the putting ingredients together, mixing and baking of the sponge cake, talking you through potential pitfalls you might experience at each stage.

At the end of this class you will be able to bake sponge cake of any size, colour and flavor.

Meet Your Teacher

Hey! I'm Ola and welcome, my courses are for everyone who wants to learn how to make awesome custom cakes!

I believe in three principles -- Anyone can make awesome cakes. Learning doesn't have to be painful and we can share happiness through baking.

Whether you're just starting out or in the middle of your baking journey, you'll find easy to follow courses with helpful tips and fun ideas to get you going!

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1. Intro: younger show you how to bake a while. Do you know? Official explained how toe change and remember, have a happy and a stress free baking. 2. Tools required: only a couple things to help us make our perfect sports. Right. Well, they didn't need the mixer. A will go as long using the digging attachment. Off course. We need betting money six inches. After all, the recipe is made four at that size. How to make a bigger or smaller our Olney Becky pap paper and just go with it. And, of course, teaches any. So, yes, I was using you. Just can't ibo both in just about e threw me for a very long time. I remove it. People that don't have toe have fancy stuff. I'm really special, um, very fancy and a couple of balls to help us measure stuff. 3. Ingredients required: well, it's only a couple of ingredients and little partial to bake the cake, as I always like to use last ex and we will need only for them, I am sure place flour, they even formula extract or a manila pace. And that one extra. I like to use it and just some sunflower or you that you can just spray on the find someone to hear them breathing about nothing. 4. Ingredients mesurments: being on a couple of things toe back Our making K If you don't already have in your teacher , you can definitely find them in your look. Our show. So we definitely four laugh x 120 grand's off. I think you got on a plane while he for over baking power. There you have you that, um, Sprite. Oy, if you want. I may like it because managers don't have to grease my hands. Um, but he's terrible to use. It just is no matter or Doreen when you just I always is wild toe tablespoons off them. Vanya was like the flavor of vanilla. So where the Manila is after you? How much off, Vanya? Clever You'd like to get at the end. So that's it only begins and we can stop the way 5. Cake butter: the most vehicle part off this recipe? Yes, just a routine checks. Now they How this faith that you gonna have to go now I know it might seem that simple really exist. Has what, even thinking us. So I remember I would always use took us who somewhat here Because what we want, we have me. We want to have only a white X in a bar. So I don't know Cracker Jack Fun this in the crack And then what does the bones over here Just a minute and just point. And then it's very easy. She'll only cracking that that's what you want And that without holding if it's possible, I just believed at York inside. So they are very clear. Very nice. I can already for it inside. That is why I am doing that. He's because I have that awful experience a couple of months ago. So I think you already my fifth egg without separate. And you know, I'm just just one cup. And for the egg yolk, I just don't hope them red deer suitable. So everyone being size and I was living my last egg, uh, Dubay the cake and then left Waas offers sport. It was absolutely horrible. It smell like hell. It was horrible. And the most overfeed was that all the nastiness from the egg once traded the board so and then everything took us. So even if I have a Mafia today, I just threw it away working up. I can use the game and the mainly other is arguable. They're safe. And what Massey? Okay. No. Three. Uh, we can stop making out and what just I have from medium feet and gradually go higher. Higher. So what we want from our egg wise needs to be very thick and for me healthy. Um, listen, making I can't just about tonight with me and if I would be able to make a from defamatory half death me that the eggs already so very stiff for me at Mass, I'll say it's so safe that when I would transfer dollars more, you can actually see the shape off the ball guy. That healthy you should be. We're gonna start now. So this is how thick we want it. He actually have to push it down. No, we don't transpire. What? Half in this ball. So do what I can use exactly nothing. Ball to me that your mixture and I look fake. Is that what we want? They would be about a recipe. Do that. You almost Connell overmix Jackson, Dad. Great. Great about it. It's quick, easy. And those who have to have gets a home knows that, people that and I locked with my friends. I really dough, but But sometimes I just want to something quick and won't be minding. Okay, Okay. So my almost clean, you have to be in it because now you put the New York's inside with him through pretty. Now that I think you got how does when gas of it to tablespoons. Yeah, Yeah. Okay, because he's let's not Summit Steer dispatcher. And exactly the same thing. The same spatula. Oh, way. Just have to mix it. Um, more of the same time. I'll take three minute exactly as their wife. I really want you want the eggs turn from orange e toe the heyler cream? I'll say so. Because I used, um, money apace. Have a very that core. It will still remain. Slevin. Doctor, you have a losing anything or or a three favor. Then you're gonna get Watch your ivory shade all them down and actually ended before God for me. You're on Gradually go a high, higher this piece. And when I go down after two minutes. So with family, I'm just slowing meeting, right? It is good to stop saying somewhere, Let me go. Just pushed out any man's and die for sure. So they just hanging on the wall? What can you say? Everything in the Oh, okay. Ask to see the colors. Very payer. I'm even I did you paste the ever meet pace so doesn't like, um, the war cooking. You put all that you? Yes, table. You are going down the way. If I have time to from the more time the teacher, that's time of me. But I never will. Between the war can cleaning and having a life. You want something quick? So that's the quote off our enemy struck. Who Ed wants. Okay. Allows just a time toe, um, mixed up out of it. And the big problem so often before we just each I cannot Okay, we just need one. The phone on the baking powder. Seven. Fancy. Hello. No, just makes just under move. So even between their flower. Okay? No, just and I wanted for my shaking shaking the moon. It only takes up. It's a while, you said and okay, because there's no lumps. Flower. Well, you okay, now, that's the important thing. I don't want to just grab this. Just makes it around. I want you to put it back with the mix act now. I don't use a spatula and fold the flower end their egg watch insights. Credible. So just take a smart because down and for So how Fickett is doesn't ring around nicely from his father's. More falls down. Yeah. Good. Okay. All right. And gonna turn on our over. So what? We want each I'm hitting from the top on the bottom and your tray Supposed to be placing a place in Iraq Where later on your cake after gonna be in the middle. Okay, so my is now on the lowest level. I only because I want to have the same space I would say between for some and the top the bottom, um, off my path, as in the top and a monkey and the temperature is very easy to remember is 116 so because now we have just a little bit more time Toe white, uh, usually use that time to just prepare my baking pan. 6. Baking pan: my baking paper. What they like to do fast is equal. Course you have the chance. I would advise stones and told like that and have full Okay, now that get rid of this No one don't. Freud. That way we might need it. Like, good for more. E should work. I think I would need that. Okay, um, how much off the biggest hospital would be now? So I won't say more than you have now. Your arm more than you. You're baking pan in the world. So it's very easy to do it. I just if Oh, no, I just measure a bit and then fast recasts don't perform young. OK, so there is all I asked you not to throw away down the case because my wine and catch all the Beatles left from the baby so I can eat a breakaway calf or court piece, But then you have to talk to a dollar anyway, for Jeff out from what we have over here. Oh, no, This was not stick to the wall. So you can either use at bottom artery just little but and, um, make spread around the world. Only stuff definitely so easy a couple of place, so Well Oh, now all 7 31 Yeah. And that way off. Or expect So what if I do? No. What? They go on the peel off. That s chapel play that they were having something stack, they don't work. Hey, looks like that inside. It was almost aggression richer. So I'm just on the track for know about that. We just So this is why I am losing their paper. Palin paper is toe. Make sure that's, uh, the dog. Look, also at the first thing. I'm also a sport. It's like, cool aim pliable things. Um, so even not using baking powder paper, and then it goes toe battle your your arm. Betty, on use are either a flower or are in bread. Campbell. Justo, make sure that the body with I trace it will climb on the wall off your baking pan. All the paper. OK, so my home ready? I'm gonna His eyes, the inside. I'm also with the timer on. We first hits from where? Oh, and nothing. I have one hour. Um, the only thing left is toe. Turn your cake 7. Cooling tips: it is now. Time to take out our kick out for violent. I'm gonna pull the tech with that shambles. Que a couple of times to make sure the kids actually based. Yeah, he's already drive about some of the bigger Still don't they come out? So because they're sold, Jaime, I'll just ignore it Just means that the take is still more things that will be walking on just a very dry sponge cake. So now let's go to know when and okay, that part out formed the rough and just want you to meet their plate or, ah, a cutting boards ELISA got coming for, and I'm gonna singly place it onto theme the fake. Okay, now just wants more. Yeah. Uh, tell that he upside down. Okay. Hey, now we're gonna live it toe cool down for war. I have about 20 minutes, and then we can take out the pan out. Ah, as to 8. Finished project: That's the time to Hey out of the pram. Often very nice in lovely, because on the baking because tope And now I see the case in Dallas you take up so paper sighs and we're okay. It's now for ready to be fast to be cover. I want money from on the rash. I would just come half fill it with fresh cream strawberries. I think she'll go on top and you are enough. 9. Extra tips: the secret path. Its launch. It's not Margie. No excuse. You have to be a master chef. To actually bake up has its own shape. What do you need to have? Is flower? Um, I think she got and that's OK. Last a. So I imagine that I can't fight this k. We doubt to make sure it will just take so much more trend from then that dough that time off. Well, and by this case, absolutely must. Why? He's because for one and one large, you need 30 grams off, I think sugar and 30 grams all the plain flour. Ok, that's a very they must. Okay, so how to know how many ex I need for our become him? Do you want that? If I want to bake How small? Um okay. Yeah, it's OK. Uh, then I would you have call them off that I had inches in the palm, so I left to yours. £2 the same pants off 606 inches, and I would basically youth three eggs for each for the mom. So that would give me 90 grams off Arsene sugar and 90 grams off if you want to use a 12 inch fun. That would be a big path need in six weeks. Okay, The only thing with bigger past that I will always use baking a betting parlor. Um, with the six changes, I don't really have to go because I know that egg What will be strong enough to actually hold the structure off the case together? Um, but the bigger take who have no staff because decayed my caps and going on that So death doesn't mystery on the perfect at foreign proof. Our recipe for a sponge cake. Very easy. Very playing. And they so many possibilities. You can choke last. You can add a how father nots hoping our loved off purposes you can you different flavors. You can use the flavor framework. I think sugar, which I absolutely adore. They're amazing. The sewing options there. Um, basically, on Liyuan, your imagination would stop you from going beyond that recipe. That's now I remember that you need what, 30 and 30 grams off toward a genius