How to apply your makeup like PRO! | Temi Olajide | Skillshare

How to apply your makeup like PRO!

Temi Olajide, Beauty Consultant

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5 Videos (37m)
    • Eyebrow Carving Mastery

    • Eyebrow Highlighting Mastery

    • Eye-shadow blending Mastery

    • How to achieve a complete Glam makeup look 1

    • How to achieve a complete Glam makeup 2


About This Class

Learn how to  apply your makeup like a professional, get to look wow and glam all the time to your events and beautiful occasions.

This class is also for fashion and photography enthusiast, who wants to switch up their creativity in photo-shoots to save some money hiring a professional all the time.

This program  is going to solve your struggles and challenges with applying your makeup yourself as a Professional woman like a Pro! all the time in the shortest time possible, saving you money and time. 

You get to learn -

-Eyebrow carving and highlighting

-Eyeshadow blending.

- Applying the correct foundation for your skin color.

- How to achieve a complete makeup look.





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Temi Olajide

Beauty Consultant

I'm a Beauty Consultant .

I teach women to learn how to "DIY" their Makeup and Gele (head-tie) like a PRO using shortcuts and industry secrets which you wont see else where , so you can look GLAM all the time at your comfort, convenience, time and pace while saving money and not have to break the bank to look WOW on your own terms .

I'm also the Founder of Urbanfixmakeupacademy Online , a leading online makeup school in Africa.

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