How to add realism to photos of Toy Animals in Photoshop

Sarah Hipwell, Photographer + Digital Media

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5 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Photoshop tutorial Motion Blur and Smudge Tool

    • 3. How I did it

    • 4. Adding texture to the Owl legs

    • 5. Creating the Owl's Talons


Project Description

How to add that 'furry' look to a toy plastic Owl in Photoshop!

This short tutorial will describe the set up and some behind-the-scenes-shots of how I photographed these ‘toy animals’ in situ. I describe two Photoshop tutorials and the techniques that I used to achieve the overall result. 

Why not give it a go? Use whatever toys you have to hand. Let that ‘child’ inside of you come out again:-) Post two examples in the Project Gallery.  


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