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How to add details to your Animation using simple effects in Adobe After Effects

teacher avatar Dorin Achim, once ... I was chased by a bear ...

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. 0 Introduction

    • 2. Part 1 Wave Warp

    • 3. Part 2 Duplicate

    • 4. Part 3 Plants

    • 5. Part 4 Chromatic Aberration

    • 6. Part 5 Creative Simple Effects

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About This Class

In my previous tutorial I showed you how you can create a simple 2D Animation in this class I will show you how you can improve your animation simply by adding some basic effects.
You only need to have the basic program Adobe After Effects.
You will be guided step by step.
The class is beginners friendly so don't be afraid to jump into it and have some fun.

You will learn:

Part 1 - Wave Warp
Part 2 - Duplicate
Part 3 - Plants
Part 4 - Chromatic Aberration
Part 5 - Creative Simple Effects

You will learn to improve your animation from this


to this ..


Good luck and have fun!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dorin Achim

once ... I was chased by a bear ...


    Hey! I'm Dorin, I am currently living in UK but I was born in Romania in a city surrounded by Mountains and beautiful nature.
    I was occasionally chased by a bears, but that because they wanted to steal my Potato Chips...

    I specialize in Motion and Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Videography and Photography since 2007.

    Worked as freelance and collaborator to many clients.

    I hope some of my courses will help you get better at f... See full profile

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1. 0 Introduction: Hello, everyone. This is Dorian. In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how you can improve your aftereffects, animation or graphics engineer. You can get from this. Do these, and also I will show you how you can improve or add flair to your other animations. Just by adding some simple effects. I'll show you a speed run video of high, created a simple animation and then start to improve it. But if you want to check my previous cars beginner friendly, you can see from beginning to end. Park created the simple animation yourself. We'll also include Simple animation project and the advanced version of it. I will also show you how you can use the simple effects in other projects and create amazing animations like this. Hair blowing in the wind or animating the flag and the sailors of a boat fighting and navigating the ocean waves for simply using it to animate, floating like a warrior escape. So let's get stopped it and have some fun 2. Part 1 Wave Warp: Okay, let's get started. We will at some effects on this animation, the FX will give the impression that is underwater. We will use our affect impress. It's the effect name wave, work. Just type wave, and you will find it right there. We will create an Ellipse store so I can add the wave, work to it and explain how this works. We will celebrate so we can only see the lives we add. The wave work to it and you can already see it has his way. The fact on it, we will change the quality from full too hard so it render fester. Let's make the waves bigger by increasing the way of wheat value to, let's say, 100. Another shape looks like a liquid form like a water bubble. You can already imagine the possibilities changing all the values, the direction, the way with the way fight and everything to change in the values will create different kinds of shapes you can use in different kinds of situations. Okay, let's go back to our animation. I'm going to delete this shape layer. This was just for demonstration, explaining with a wave warp. So this is our fish. I'm going to add a lot more detail to the fish animated. I went to use the pencil to add beans and spines to my fish. We will start for the back one. If you click and drag using the pen tool, you can create curls. I would speed this up so you see the end result. Great. I'm quite happy with the shape. Naming good layers is very important. It will help you find them in your composition and have a more organized structure of your project. But no matter what name you give them, it will not influence the actual animation. I can't even call this. Let's say for example CC, I want this shape to be behind the fish. So I will drag it down behind the fish right here and now we have ah, back wing. We're also parent days with ah fish shape. So it follows our fish. Okay, so now we're going to start to apply effects under shape. We will use the wave warp from efforts and press it's on. Put it all the way on our C C shape and you can already see it has that wave animation on the back of the fish. We will tweak the value. The wave week 100. Let's see how it looks. We will also degrees the wave hate to four on. This is quite nice. We will resume in and we will lose the Bendel to make some wings for the fish. Here we go, just like this again click and drag to curve. We'll use the anchor point to switch the anchor old over here. So when we rotate, it will write it from that point like this, and we will drag this all the way to the bottom near the fish because I want to pair this with the fish. So when the fish most fish wing also moves just like this, the rotation is already visible in order to see a depressed air, and we're taking a stopwatch in order to create some motivation. By Q framing. I just click and drag to the right to change the rotation value, and now I could be in paste for ski frame in order to have the same value, meaning it will resume back to the first original position. I would select all the key frames and I will give them. An easy is for more clean animation, and I would hold out on the keyboard and click on the stopwatch in order to select an expression. Trouble here, goto property and select Loop Out. And this will basically repeat the same key frames again and again and again. I would also the name my shape to Fish Wing and now I will duplicate it going toe edit on click duplicate. I will drug this below the fish, and I will have a bank wing. We will click the selection tool on. If we click and drag on our timeline, it will change the timing and it will show the wing from the back. We'll also change the fear to more darker color because it's in the bike and there you have it. We have to fish wings. I will take the fish wing and I would go to edit duplicate and I drag it all the way. What? Here? I want to make back wings click on the arrow, go to transform and scale or just simply press s on a keyboard and scale is down and I click on the timeline and drag it so I can change the timing of the rotation to be different from the other wings. I will think on this again, and I will duplicate it by pressing control de keyboard on drug it all the way to the bottom. This way will be behind the fish drug. It'll repeat to change the timing as well, and I will change the color. I will go to feel. And I will use the eyedropper of here to select the same color as my other back, Wayne, this dark blue, or click the corners of each layers and dragged them all the way to the end. So they're visible on the entire composition. Now let's see our fish pretty good. 3. Part 2 Duplicate: we were selected all the layers of the fish eyes, the future itself, the wings and everything and right click and go pre compose will named a swish one and every layer and every effect on those layers will be inside that recompose. Basically, it's a folder and you can start editing that folder now. So I'm gonna go. Why? Selecting this fish? One edit and I will go duplicate and I would create a second fish. Right now it's in the same position. But if I click and drag on the timeline, it will change its timing press. As for scale, I was going up a little bit peak position and move it up. Now we have to fish and their timing is different. One is ahead of the other. We go back on fish one control de or ready to pick it. We will drag it down, press us for scale, scale it down, and I will move him right over here just by clicking and dragging on the composition monitor. Or you can just in the press p and move it by changing the values. I want to change his timing even more so I'm gonna click and drag him even more. I want him in front of the others. Here we go. And I'm going to use an effect FX. Impressive, Grady and ramp. Just click and drag it on your layer. This will change the colors. It will give me the option to make a Grady end between two colors. Let's go. First color the spink on second color gonna drag it all over here. I want oh, right. Dish something like this and I'm gonna pick up came. They have this points over here. They're gonna Those are gonna be the points of the colors. This is the point where the pink color start and this is the point where the orange color starts. And now I want to blend with the original just by clicking and dragging this. That's a 60 59% summer on there. You can play the colors and make whatever color you want. I quite like this color. I also want to change that little fish, so I'm gonna integrating ramp again. I'm gonna put it on that fish. And I'm also gonna change colors. Maybe dark blue. Um, maven Doctor, that something like that. Yeah. And again whatever color you want, just see what works. Let's see. Let's see this color and I'm gonna use the point. That's where the look all I'm gonna start And, uh, you know, one, maybe up like the sun is on the back or defeat or something like that on blending Let's go 50 now probably gonna change the the other fishes. Well, let's let's put a collar on him as well. I'm just gonna copy this one controversy Contrave, copy Paste. And I'm gonna replace it on this fish. Since I copy Pasted, it has the cover of the other fish. So I'm just gonna change this, Carlos. My like this blue on the other one. Okay. And let's make this radio around. This guy's gonna be like a circle instead of, ah, linear and again play play with colors and the points and the beginning of the cars. This is quite nice. And then we have three fish with different sizes, different colors on different timing. We're going to select all the bubble layers and I'm going toe klik recompose them again. I'm going to name this baby all bubbles or them, and I am going toe go into this fish. I want to go all the way over here with the web or piece. I'm going to copy this effect because it already has everything that one day there and I'm going toe based it on these bubbles. And now that wave or perfect, is on our bubbles. It gives that the liquid animation we feel given more flair to our bubbles. This is the difference between the bubble on and off. This is the bubbles without the effect. And this is the Bubbas with the effect. Is it a difference? If I play with the right a little bit? Let's take 10. You will see that wobbling effect. Well, to change these toe aid exulted saving. I'm gonna go to fit. I'm going to see this again. Quite nice. I'm also going toe the briquettes again. You can relate my control, your credit duplicate. I'm gonna track it all the way behind our fish and I'm going to use a scale press s and I'm going to scale this up. I want to make bigger bubbles. I'm going to change the timing a little bit ice click and drag on the timeline going to right click and transform, and I'm gonna goto flip horizontal so they are different Variation of bubbles is going to make them look different. I also want to change the colors of this bubbles I'm going to integrating around. I'm gonna put it on these bubbles on the back and I'm going toe changes colors to a darker blue And the other one the more light blue Like this, maybe or more of violent color, like this blue point into the bottom. And I'm going to put their violent point all the way over here on top. You know, when the bubbles rise on the bottom is a darker blue and they become violent when they rise . How much we're gonna play with the opacity, Presti for the opacity, and I'm gonna put them to 40 Have the darkened room from behind and the white bubbles I think I'm gonna change. The front bubbles is, well, the rapacity, Presti, And I'm gonna change them to, like, 80 a little bit. This is quite nice. I love it. 4. Part 3 Plants: So we have the tree fish, the bubbles, and I don't We're going to create some plants. So how are you gonna do that? We're gonna go and create a new composition. We're gonna call his friend, okay? And we're gonna use the pen tool over here. We're going to use, uh, Green calling like this. Okay, so we're gonna start from one point and we're gonna click and drag. It could be any kind of shape. The one for the planned. I'm going to speed this up. So you see the final result. Okay? Taking a little bit. I'm also going to add another shape with, ah, darker green Lamido. Okay. And I went to select both shapes and I'm going to pre compose them, and I'm going to say planned one. And now I'm going to use a different tool. This is the mental. I'm going to only made this plant using the pencil. So I'm going to put one point over there the expansion of the puppet. It is very important here. If it's too small or too large, it will break it image. So I would just changed the value of all the way to four this is gonna be the first point of our capital. I'm gonna put one in the middle and I'm gonna put two more on the bottom. This tour will be the base of all planned The pop. It'll whenever you put the point, it will automatically create the frames. I'll go few seconds ahead and I'll create some key frames here that I will be made. Let's say the first key frame I'm going toe drug it all the way to the right a little bit. So does the middle. And we're just gonna take them a little bit. So it has that bend just like these. And no, I'm just going to maybe just we cut it a little bit like more like this. Every time you play with this is going toe have a different result. This is quite nice. So I'm just going to take the first key frames and I'm going to copy and paste them here, meaning they will start from those key frames it will animate to those in the middle. And it will revert back to the same key frames. And now I'm just going toe apply the look out animation so they repeat over and over again . See them just like this. This is quite nice. I'm also going to use one of the effects wave or then I'm going to put it on my plant. The direction is going to be from top. I'm going to change the weight to 100 the height to five, because it's too much. And this would give the illusion that it's underwater. Now that our plant is finished, I'm gonna go back to my, uh, to d I'm going to take the plant, this one. I'm going to drag it onto my composition and have it. I'm gonna go to the anchor point and I'm gonna drag it all the way to the bottom because I want to rotate this plant and I'm gonna go to the selection toe. I'm gonna drive it all the way over here to the left and I'm going to duplicate is you can control the or just edit and duplicate. I'm going to press for rotation and I'm and slightly rotated a little bit. I must say I'm going to use the great and ramp, and I'm going to change colors of this second plant. You can choose whatever colors you want. I went to Dr Bloom like this, and the 2nd 1 gonna be like, Violet more vibrant color. I wouldn't change the points as well. Gonna put one point over here and it was a concede. It's all the way over there and I'm going to use the other point over here. I think they should be the other way around. Someone attract the doctor called out in the bottom and the violet all the way to the top. But I'm going to use the blend to original 70%. And now we have that color. I'm going to drag these all the way to the back. This is quite nice. Animation. I like it so far. I'm going to click air for rotation. Gonna bring it up again. No greeting to stop, Watch it will automatically greater key frame. I'm gonna go through seconds. I'm gonna click on that and create another key frame. And I'm gonna slightly right ate it a little bit. Maybe Leptis and I'm going to go into my plant and I'm going to select all the difference over here. Right click Give her most Eastern and easy is what this basically does. It makes him more front animation. You know the story of these? I'm gonna go click on the graphics. And this is how the animation is. It gives this car an animation, becomes more friend. Okay, let's go back to our to deem. I'm also going to select my kid firms over here, key frame assistant, and I'm gonna give them disease as well. I'm gonna also use the scale breast. As for the scale, and I'm going to make that one smaller. I'm going to duplicate the 1st 1 breast kill again, and I'm going to make this one even smaller. And I also want to rotate this one slightly beat there. Right. I'm going to copy the effect, Grady and ramp from that plant, and I'm gonna put it on the one in front. I'm going to change the colors, store more. Let's say this car and maybe discover. Yes, I'm going to copy the great room on the second plant, Israel and I'm also going toe change the blend, Torrey, you know, and scale it up all the way to 90 or 91 there. And I would have some plans into our animation. So These are our plans. And I want to take this fish. Let's say that small fish over there and I want to drag it hold away in front of my plans. So I want this fish to have the impression that is going through the plans. You see, the small, long. Perfect. Okay, so now I'm gonna take this plant. I'm going to edit, Duplicated on. I'm going to put it in front of the other plant all the way over here, and I'm gonna click and drag it on the composition to the right in a press air for rotation . I'm going to rotate this all the way to the left a little bit and scare. I want to scale it up a bit. Press s for skin, and I'm gonna track it all the way to the right corner. I'm going to duplicate this another one and I went to press s for scare scale it down rotation, and I'm going to rotate a little bit of the left now. Now I'm going to change the colors. You continue to call us higher where you want. It's up to you going to take the little plan from the right and put it behind the bigger plan. I'm going to press scare, and I'm going to scale this plant a little bit. And I'm going to drop it all the way behind that, right? Fish like this, I'm going to take the bubbles and I'm going to duplicate them. I'm going to press as for scale, and I'm going to scare them up. Now I'm going toe after a little bit on. I want to scare them even more in a position them all the way over here. And I'm going to use a new effect effect. It's called fast blood. And I'm gonna drop it all the way on my bubbles, the one they scare up. I'm going to click and drag. The bull denies all the way to 31 and it makes this soft bubbles. I'm gonna press d for publicity, and I'm going to scale this back to 100 so we can see them. But on the same bubbles I applied the blood. I'm going to duplicate them. I'm going to right click, transform and flip horizontal. And I'm gonna goto if it's impressive and type in fear and I'm gonna change the color of them and you can already see change the colors. I want to change usedto. Um, let's say discover in between blue and green. Uh, let's see our animation. Wonderful. Our animation is complete now. 5. Part 4 Chromatic Aberration: amazing. When you major announcement from that one little fish to this, I want to show you a new interesting effect. I'm going to close all of these. It's gonna be faster just selecting all and just gonna press you toe either show or close all of our fact. And I'm going to create a new adjustment layer. Oh, here. And I'm going to create an effect call chromatic aberration. To create this effect, we're gonna need a few effects to be applied on our address. Men there, we're gonna go to ethic Impressive. We're going to search for optics compensation. Well, nobody can drag it all the way toe our adjustment layer, and we're gonna search another effect. Tree tree blesses, and we're gonna put this under our optics compensation. And now we're gonna go to left you and we're gonna select this adjustment there. And as you can see, it's already changing. We're gonna go to the three D view and we're gonna select ballons Colorado and Boom! And we haven't gonna see anything different just yet because you haven't play with optics. But before we do that, I want to change this adjustment layer to rename it toe. Um, chromatic aberration. It is better to name their lairs. And now let's actually apply this effect. We're gonna goto optics compensation. We're gonna change this field of view. We're gonna click and drag this value all the way toe as much as we want. And you're gonna see this chromatic aberration already being applied. And now you can also play with the balance off the three d glass. Give it more wider. Look, organ just dragged the field of view toe a smaller value until you have to desire, in fact, you want. This is an amazing effect to use on your underwater clips as not just animations, but motion graphics or even your video editing. It plays with the colors on. It gives this amazing effect. And it seems a lot of people are using these for more stylish Look 6. Part 5 Creative Simple Effects: so I'm gonna show you some different way. You can use the effects I order to use, like wave work or to Brynn's place. So he's one of my old animation, Justin Night, Which a sword. So just by using some simple effects, I am an issue and made the cape and give the impression like it's in the wind. If I click on the cape over here, it has the terrible, and displaced and wave were perfect. You can find them at effecting presents just by type to bring this place, and you could just click and drag it same with the Web orb. And by taking the values besides the amount, the complexity, you can get different results. You can experience this yourself and try different variation of this. I went to Disabled Effect Way of war pentru police place. And if you saw my cape looks like it's a simple shape that you can see it goes up and down , pressed higher on my keyboard for rotation, you can see the key frames. I read it it from that point up and down, and I put it on a loop out animation to repeat indefinitely. I'm going toe sort of the there, so you can see it but simple shape. And now, if I click on the travel this place, you can see the effect being applied to this also, if I just click wave or you can see the way for So by combining the two of them at the same time, I get this effect off cape in the air. This can also be applied all kind of different things like flags, other clothes and mating hair, animating water and so on. The idea is just using this effect to bring this place and we're warp until by taking the values off size, amount, complexity, evolution and so on, you can get amazing results that give you flair to our animation. If you can see in this animation, I also use this effect on the belt. When the bell that is a clocked over there, I'm going toe solo it so you can see it. It's right over here and has thes wave warp. I'm going to zoom in a little bit. I'm going to put the quality on half so it renders faster. So this is the shape without the effect, and this is where the effect and if I take the value or wave with it will increase the size of the wave. I'm gonna put it fit and we will see the entire information and the cave moves and blows in the wind. Cool, isn't it? And all of this just by using two simple effects with work and terrible in this place I'm going to show you a different animations where you can do this animating her. Have three shapes over here. One is the face, one is the top hair and one is the back hair I put way were perfect on both of the top and back hair but on the back hair I also use terrible in this place and also used the capital to create this up and down movement off the hair. So this is just the top hair. As you can see, it has only Web work and I changed the values off the wave Hate where wind and a direction . OK, and now let's go with the back hair Here I use the way work to buy this place and pop it. I will disable the wave or pendant of burnt displaced. So you can see just capital. If I press you on the layer, it will show me the older key frames and you can see all the capitals points just how I admitted the plants in fish animation. I was the same method by putting some points on dragging them and bending the shape the shape repeats because the first key frames are the last key frames. So basically I start from the same key frames and and on the sinking frames and only animated them on the middle. Now I'm going to add a way of work. It gives some waves and also took around this place and make the animation complete. Now the head looks like it's blowing in the wind that's also showed the top hair. And there you have it animation, using the puppet to we're work. And to blend this place, you can try different types of shapes and only made a hair however you want. I will leave that to your imagination. I'll show you one more animation using just away warp, you can create this amazing sea with waves and a tiny boat. So basically what this happened here? I have multiple rectangle shapes and I just applied the wave warp effect on them. As you can see, one on top, one bottom and so on. I'm going to hide all of them and just leave one individual. So this is just a rectangle shape and I apply the wave work on it and it gives it waves. I change the value or wave with the smaller the wave with value is, the more waves it will form, the higher the value is the smaller number of ways but larger ones. Each rectangle shape I made. I put wave or perfect on it and it gave this wave effect the wave closer to us, the one it is a darker blue color. It has a higher value of web with and the more I go all the way behind the smaller value and it gives more waves. You contagious for everyone, make the farther way speaker and a closer way smaller and so on. If we zoom in and play the animation, you can see that the boat sails and flag is also animated on the boat itself. A just use the rotation to rotate a little bit from right to left. But on the sales on the flag. I use the waiver Perfect. If you go into the boat composition and click on the flag and the says you can see it has the wave or perfect. And just like that, I animated the sales and a little flag. And there you have it animation off a small boat passing to the waves. And that's it. Guys, I hope you enjoy this course on. You've learned something new here, a challenge jewel to use their imagination and create some amazing animations with what I've learned here. Wish you good luck on half on.