How to Write an Appetizing Food Blog Recipe | Christine Huston | Skillshare

How to Write an Appetizing Food Blog Recipe

Christine Huston, Food Writer & Photographer

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7 Videos (26m)
    • Introduction

    • Setting the Scene

    • Creating a Photo Shot Sheet

    • Writing the Food Story

    • Creating the Recipe Breakdown

    • Publishing Your Food Story

    • Final Thoughts + Project Instructions


About This Class

Ever feel so passionate about a food experience you wanted to write about it?  Or maybe you want to share your own recipes, start a food blog or become a food writer.  Join food writer and photographer Christine Huston as she outlines the steps you need to write an appetizing food story or blog post.  Whether you are new to the kitchen or an experienced chef, this class shares Christine’s step by step process in writing a story around a recipe, developing recipe ingredients and instructions, creating a feature image with visual props and setting a virtual place for your reader to experience this dish with you.  





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Christine Huston

Food Writer & Photographer

Hi there!  I'm Christine Huston, writer, photographer, recipe developer + founder of Burnt Macaroni.

As a former TV producer, I know what it's like to live in a fast-paced world.  I was always on the go!  I started Burnt Macaroni several years ago so I could slow down.  I wanted to teach myself how to cook and have more time for myself and my family.  I believe we should not only eat our food but experience it ... meaning take the time to sa...

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