How to Write a Professional Business Plan | Shane Kluiter | Skillshare

How to Write a Professional Business Plan

Shane Kluiter, Knowledge is Power

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9 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction Video

    • 2. 1 Executive Summary, Keys to Success

    • 3. 2 Mission Statement, Vision, Culture

    • 4. 3 Company Summary

    • 5. 4 Market Analysis

    • 6. 5 Strategy and Implementation

    • 7. 6 Management and Operations Summary

    • 8. 7 Important Assumptions

    • 9. 8 Funding and Exit Strategy

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About This Class

In this course you will learn how to write a business plan. Key points of research will be laid out so that you are able to develop a strategy and clearly lay out a full plan for your business. You will be given an outline to follow for formatting to ensure that you do not miss any important parts of your business plan. Included in this course is also a PDF example of a business plan for you to reference.

What you'll learn

  • After taking this course students will be able to write out a clear and concise business plan that is properly formatted and easily presentable. This will include a budget, startup plan, and all the information needed to start the business.
  • Step-by-step walk-through for each section of a business plan
  • Save money by not hiring an outside consultant to write your business plan for you
  • Create an actionable Executive Summary
  • Evaluate your businesses financials
  • Evaluate your break even point
  • Build a long term plan for your business
  • Learn practical skills on how to write each main component of a Business Plan
  • Learn about each main component of a Business Plan including Executive Summary, Marketing Analysis, Marketing and Sales, and Financial Projections


  • This requires no knowledge. If you have Microsoft word or access to Google Doc's you will be able to utilize the included documents. If not, you will be able to reference the PDF example included.

Who this course is for:

  • First time business owners, entrepreneurs, business owners looking to write out a plan to secure funding.
  • New entrepreneurs
  • New business owners
  • Existing business owners who want to learn how to create a plan to scale their businesses
  • Anyone looking for a foundation to build their plan to move from being an employee to an entrepreneur

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