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How to Write a Press Release

Deborah Ivison, BAY PR

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6 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Layout

    • 3. Heading and 1st Paragraph

    • 4. Expand your story

    • 5. Finish your story

    • 6. Summary


About This Class

Learn how to write a press release to maximise your chances of having it published.  This lesson takes you through the media release writing process step-by-step with a real life example so you will gain the know-how and confidence to write your own media release in a professional, well presented manner.  The teacher, Deborah Ivison, runs her own PR consultancy, Bay Public Relations, in Sydney Australia and has many years experience within the industry so you can get the insider knowledge of press release writing from an expert.  This lesson is very straightforward and easy to follow and has a class project for you to perfect your own press release writing skills.





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Hello, I'm Deborah Ivison - thank you for stopping by!  I do hope you find this class useful.  I have worked in the PR industry for ahem, many years and I run my own PR agency, Bay Public Relations, in Sydney Australia.  I have seen lots of changes in the PR industry, including the move to digital which has revolutionised how we work as PR consultants.  Content now is everywhere, which is why it pays to learn how to write well for the media - hopefully this class will...

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