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How to Write a Press Release

Deborah Ivison, BAY PR

How to Write a Press Release

Deborah Ivison, BAY PR

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6 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Layout

    • 3. Heading and 1st Paragraph

    • 4. Expand your story

    • 5. Finish your story

    • 6. Summary

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About This Class

Learn how to write a press release to maximise your chances of having it published.  This lesson takes you through the media release writing process step-by-step with a real life example so you will gain the know-how and confidence to write your own media release in a professional, well presented manner.  The teacher, Deborah Ivison, runs her own PR consultancy, Bay Public Relations, in Sydney Australia and has many years experience within the industry so you can get the insider knowledge of press release writing from an expert.  This lesson is very straightforward and easy to follow and has a class project for you to perfect your own press release writing skills.

Meet Your Teacher

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Deborah Ivison



Hello, I'm Deborah Ivison - thank you for stopping by!  I do hope you find this class useful.  I have worked in the PR industry for ahem, many years and I run my own PR agency, Bay Public Relations, in Sydney Australia.  I have seen lots of changes in the PR industry, including the move to digital which has revolutionised how we work as PR consultants.  Content now is everywhere, which is why it pays to learn how to write well for the media - hopefully this class will give you the skills and confidence to do so. 

I am so looking forward to seeing your progress and your finished work - please feel free to contact me with any questions along the way!

Happy writing!


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1. Introduction: Hello. My name is Debra Anderson. I run a public relations consultancy in Sydney, Australia. I've worked in the PR industry for many years. One thing remains the same that the importance of writing good content is just as important now as it always has been. Perhaps your uni students needing to practice your practical writing skills. Maybe you are a star wanting to provincial business or service or a new product, or perhaps even inherited NPR role as part of your job. What I'm going to do today is take you step by step, how to write a press weenies on to maximize your chances of having it public. So this is what you will learn in this class essentially, how to write oppressive these step by step going from the beginning with the headline on how to lay it out on right the Way Through to the end with a conclusion on all the information that you need on. Then, at the end of this class, there will be a class project to develop on, write your own press release on, then share it to the Project Gallery 2. Layout: so we can come on now to some practical ways of how to do this. And I will give you an example off a client that I have worked on recently who approached me. They are a herbal drinks company, a lovely product, a bit of a startup, they just being listed to be distributed in a very well known retail outlet here in Australia. Launching a specialist local store on the brief to me was very specific. It was to get them in the local newspaper to support the distribution in the local store, so we'll have a look now as to how we went about doing that. So here we have the first layout for all presidencies. We have started with the logo of the company at the top, which titled it Media Release on also because this was a very specific objective to write for a particular publication on a particular column within that publication called Sprecher . Then I made sure that I put that on the top of the press release the generalised. I'd already spoken with the journalist actually, before I wrote this, because I wanted to see that there was a A space in the publication for this type of story Onda and she said there waas and it was in the spook a section. It's always a very good idea to, as I said earlier, to do your research because it saves so much time in the long run. 3. Heading and 1st Paragraph: the news value is very important. We call it an ankle or a news hook on on. This is what forms the first sentence of your press release. Um, also, the headline is really important, so it needs to be catching. It needs to be exciting, interesting and needs to catch the attention of the journalist under off the reader. So think through carefully how that story is going to be exciting and jump off the page straight away. So here we start with our heading on our first paragraph. So head headline is catchy. Get your herbal fix it calls local. Essentially, that is telling everybody what is happening in this story. And then the first paragraph is very punchy and follows through from The headline tells exactly what is happening in this story. When business manager Maria Kebab has heard her recently launched drinks range, Herbal Fix was to be stocked by the new calls local store in Surry Hills. She almost jumped for joy. So within this week, we've tried to make it very light and friendly. This'll particular column is all about local businesses, so we've given it that community field. This is where we've got to So far we've planned our story. We've come up with an angle. We've written the headline and then we have to write backwards so that we start with the main crust of our story right up the top and then expand as we go. 4. Expand your story: the press release. You get straight to the point from the beginning. So think about what it is you're trying to say on Put that straight up front in the first sentence. From there, you can start to expand upon it on Ben. Move on to adding some quotations from a spokesperson, some key facts which are very important statistics on and information on, then expanding further down the story line from that on. So now we come onto an expanding on our story on often. Now we will use a quote. So here is a quote, um from the manager on. That gives a bit more detail on story and also add some credibility as well, because you actually get to hear from a key spokesperson under gain. What we've tried to do here is is is really focus on the the human interest uncle. So launching herbal fix has been a labor of love from my family run business. We have such a passion for herbs that we wanted to share it by formulating a great tasting drink with benefits that everyone can enjoy. So the message about the product on key message about the taste on the under formulation here from you were able to expand a little bit further, going down a little bit deeper from our original first para with a little bit more information. Not too much so made with a unique blend of organic herbs, vitamins and minerals, Herbal Fix is a lot delicious. Lightly carbonated drink that comes in Detroit of six mouth watering, natural fruit, fruit flavors, etcetera, etcetera. 5. Finish your story: on Teoh. Finish off your press release. You would always make sure that you have all the contact details that you need at the end. Details about the company website Link um, Price on doll so you can pop in if it's appropriate at standard Paragraph, um, about the product or company at the end as well to finish off Andi. So it's short and sweet on, Really, That's how you really want it. Traditionally, press releases were always just a one pager. But now, um as we emailing a lot of content through, we're no longer faxing as we used to do in the olden days, but we're emailing a lot of content through. We can go over a little bit more if it's necessary. But most most journalists actually prefer toe have a quite succinct story that they can just use. Or if they need some more information, they'll ask you on, um, from here. Then you would choose the images that you need, whether they are lifestyle images with people on in them and little bit more detail or stand alone product shots. On Dhere, you can see the finished article that was published in the White horse leader Andi in this book, a section that we talked about on the headline is Specialty Store brings Herbal Fix. They've used pretty much most of the press release that changed it around a little bit to suit their editorial style, which is what most journalists would do. But essentially, it's all the information we wanted included on that they took directly from that press release. Andi. They've included a quote here from the manager. Um, the quote that way wrote earlier. Miska Vargas said she nearly jumped for joy when she heard Herbal Fix was going to be amongst the products launched at the Coals local store in Surry Hills. They've used the price on the website on the local, the address off the local store and also, as we discussed earlier, um, image is a very important. They used a lovely, big, colorful image off the product here with a of photo byline as well. So needles to say the client was very happy. So there you have it. This is essentially nine steps on house, right immediately 6. Summary: and then you go. So that, in a nutshell, is how to write a press release. Thanks so much for tuning in. I hope you found this useful. Pete. Please feel free to practice writing your Presley's using the tips provided on also share your Presley's to the Project Gallery. Thank you.