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How to Write a 'Paw'some Pet & House Sitter Profile

Shannon Terry, Resume Writer & Career Guide

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    • 1. Class Overview

    • 2. Meet Your Instructor

    • 3. How to Get Started - and Get REFERENCES

    • 4. A Key to Being Selected as a Sitter: Good References

    • 5. How to Write a PAWsome Sitter Profile

    • 6. Tips to Stand Out as a Puuurrfect Sitter

    • 7. Class Project: Write Your Profile!


About This Class

I've been pet & house sitting for more than 15 years, well before it was nearly as popular as it is now! Nowadays, there are even a plethora of websites that connect sitters with home / pet owners that need sitters. 

Why become a pet and/or house sitter?

  • You can earn extra cash as a local sitter as a home-based business, and,
  • House sitting is a GREAT way to travel and have FREE ACCOMMODATION in your area, your country, or even around the world!

I'm also a Resume Writer, and using that knowledge, I can show you how to write a puuurrrfectly 'paw'some sitter profile for the sitter websites. What makes an interesting, attention grabbing profile is very similar to what makes a great cover letter, or resume, even!


Section 1: How I Got Started - and How YOU Can, Too! + How to Get Those VERY Important References

Section 2: How to Write a PAWsome Sitter Profile

Section 3: Pet & House Sitter Tips

Section 4: Class Project: Write YOUR Sitter Profile!

PLUS... there are some REALLLLLLY cute pet pictures in this class! Haha!





1. Class Overview: Hi, I'm Shannon. I'm actually a resume greater and interview skills coach, but I do some pet and house sitting on the side. I got into this about 15 years ago before it was popular as it is today, so I'd like to share with you some of the most important basics to get started. Pet sitting could be an awesome side job And how sitting can help you travel in exchange for free accommodation for offering your services. I've been lucky to enjoy some beautiful house sits here in Florida, in North Carolina, in Colorado, Virginia and even one in the Netherlands. I've made some really sweet, furry friends throughout the years as a sitter, so I brought some of my favorites along to help me show you how to put together a perfect and possum pet and house that her profile to get you started as a sitter. Today, I'll go over how I got started as a pet in house sitter, how you can get the all important references, which are key to getting selected as a sitter by home and pet owners. And then I'll also get into how to write a compelling profile as a pet in house sitter, and this is where my experience as a resume braider really comes in handy because a lot of the same things that help your resume get noticed by an employer are what helps a homeowner in a pet owner notice your sort of profile and choose you. Lastly, this course includes just some basic house and pet sitter tips from someone like me with over a decade of experience as a center, I'll explain. Should you expect to get paid as a center, or is this largely an unpaid type of gig? I'll share some possible house and pet sitting websites that you can check out, and I'm also going to share with you one of the things that some owners have told me they noticed about my profile. That helps them choose me as their center. So let's take a walk with some of my buddies and again we'll go over with you how to stand out and perfect your possum pet and house sitter Profile. Let's go 2. Meet Your Instructor: Hi, I'm Shannon with resume confidence. I'm a resume writer, interview, skills coach and career guide who's been helping job seekers and career changers for more than 15 years. I'm also an animal lover in a bit of a vagabonds who loves to travel. Sometimes a house and pet sit on these trips. My website, www dot resume confidence dot com, has about 100 block posts about resume writing, interview tips, job change and many related topics to help guide you on your own job. Search journey. Let's connect on LinkedIn and, like my Facebook Page two. I also have an email newsletter that I send out once a month, filled with tips and inspiration for jobseekers. Just like you. I know how hard it can be to keep your motivation going during a job search. My business is named resume confidence because my clients repeatedly told me that working together helped them resume and regain their confidence in their resume, their skills and the value that they have to offer to any employer. I'd love to help you reclaim your job search. Mo Jo, too reach out any time 3. How to Get Started - and Get REFERENCES: part one. How? I became a pet sitter and house sitter. I really got into it. Like I mentioned earlier. About 15 years ago, purely by accident, I had moved to a new city and was living in a very small apartment. When friends of mine who had this awesome little dog Seiki asked me when they were going out of town. Hey, Suki loves you. Do you want to come stay at our house? We have a bed. Okay. I had a bed, but we have more than one room. I was living in a very small apartment that I mentioned that we have yard with couch and TV . I did not have a couch or a TV or yard in my very small apartment. And so they invited me to come stay at their house and watch their dog. And how could I refuse that time with Suki? Oh, yeah, no brainer. And that's how I got started by house and pet sat for them a couple of times, and then some friend of their said, Hey, what did you get to watch? Suki? What did you do with your dog while you guys want to out of town last year and they asked me, Well, my friend asked if you might want to sit for them. And so I met those friends of friends and said yes. And then some of my co workers heard that I did this and asked me to sit for them and so on . That's how I got started. It was very informal. It was not intentional. It literally. It was just a way to get out of my tiny apartment for a while. Eventually I started charging, and I realize now how much I undercharged. In the beginning, however, benefits beyond just getting out of my apartment came from that part. Two, as I mentioned a moment ago, those early clients that we're friends and friends of friends were really open a benefit to me as I grew into a now expanding part time business and clientele because those early clients became references for me once I expanded out into using house and pet sitting websites where they were strangers, that we're going to trust me with their precious pups and kitties and their homes. A lot of these online websites will have a place where your clients can then leave you a reference or a recommendation, and that becomes very important and what is now a very competitive house and pet sitting field. These air, actually from an early website. I use the 1st 1 I tried in venturing out into sitting for strangers. It's called dog Vacay. It doesn't exist anymore. It was bought out by rover dot com, and I'll talk more about websites Force Attar's later in the show. You can also ask some of your references to be willing to provide contact information such as email and or a personal phone number for other homeowners and pet owners that may want to speak with them. References are key to becoming a good entrusted petting house sitter. 4. A Key to Being Selected as a Sitter: Good References: So as I mentioned before, a lot of the websites for house sitters and pet sitters will have a place for owners. The homeowners pet owners to write you a recommendation, write you a testimonial so you can see this is my rover dot com profile. Have 38 groups 38 5 star reviews, and then to read those the owner would just scroll down and the reviews air right here. And then they can go through them and see what my clients have to say about me as a sitter . And then they can expand here to read more if they want to and on. For example, House cares that com, which is an international house and pet sitting site, um, here towards the bottom, they have a place for references and police check. Please check. Not a bad thing to get done. I'm not gonna get into that right now, but for references, this site does it click on there, and it opens up into a place where I have seven of my past clients. Ripped have written me more of an old fashioned recommendation letter, and they just click on this word document, download document and they could read it personally. I don't recommend sharing contact information on any place where you can have references listed on a public website just to protect your references. Privacy and their contact information I don't usually share is new a phone number or an email for my references with a pet owner with a homeowner until we're at that stage in the conversation where we're serious and they're interested in me and they just want to check my references, just like in a job search. Remember, I'm a resume writer and job search coach. So this is exactly what I recommend. Team a job search clients as well. Just be respectful of your references time and protect their confidential contact information. While it was editing this video, I decided to add this one clarification. When it comes to references in general, the local pet sitting sites such as rover dot com, that air just sits in your own community. Those owners tend to just look through the testimonials, the recommendations that are part of your center profile, and they don't tend to ask for contact information for any references from past clients. However, the sitter sites that are national and international, such as House cares dot com. Those homeowners do tend to want to either email and or talk to one of your past clients, probably because they're a lot less likely to be able to meet you in person ahead of time so they tend to want they look at your testimonials on the website, assuming it's a site that allows past pets it clients to do that. But they will generally ask for contact information if it's a national or international site. I just want to make that clarification about references. 5. How to Write a PAWsome Sitter Profile: Part three writing a perfect and possum pet sitting and house sitting profile as resume writer. I use a lot of the same ideas in writing a sitter profile as I do with writing resumes, and my clients cover letters and they have a couple of things in common. One of the most important that I'll share here is show. Don't tell. Here's what I mean by that when you have a particular trade or skill, it's one thing to say Hey, I'm great with dogs or I provide excellent customer service. How did they know that? That's true, though it's just you saying it. The more convincing way to share that information about yourself is to show it to illustrate it, to have an example story. So, for example, you can simply say something like pet owners often comment on how quickly their dogs warm up to me and exhibit exhibit trust behaviors. Four. And this is from my from my job search clients. I'm honored it would fit for a sitter to you, though I'm honored to receive multiple thanki letters and above and beyond customer service comments from happy customers Now for a sitter, of course you can translate that into. I have 38 5 star reviews on one of my sitter sites. You also want to address the specific needs and requirements of the ad and how you can meet them. Ah, for example, but you'll see sometimes an ad that has an elderly dog. And if you have experience with older animals, mentioned that and that will help them see how you're a good match. Also communicating with enthusiasm for the opportunity and specific reasons why you're interested in their sit. For me, it's often that I have friends or family in the area putting yourself in the position of the home and pet owner. Or, as in my case, since I'm a job search coach, the employer is also really important, because when you do that, you can understand what they're looking for. My example is that I used to be a social worker and a teacher, and so I have background check, and lots of homeowners very much appreciate that they're some of my favorite pet sitting clients. By the way, this is Skeeter, the 1000 year old Italian greyhounds, and the Chocolate lab is Guinness. You're gonna fall in love with so many of your pet sitting clients to. So what about your background is unique and directly related to house and pet sitting. For example, have you had other caregiving and vaunt or pet related volunteer experience? Have you been trusted with keys to a business where he worked kind of like being trusted with someone's home? If you have handyman handy person skills a za house, that air that could be a big plus. If it's, ah, home, that's older. Some of the ads do you ask in a longer term, sit. Also, some of them are especially looking for someone who can kind of fix the small things that may come up is well, so any of these things that make you unique that are valuable to, Ah, home and pet owner should be included in your profile. A couple of last tips is that you as a respirator, I have to say a word. Choice really matters. And choosing words that express enthusiasm and clarity will also help your city. Your profile standout formatting hopes as well. You know, in the age people looking at things on their phone and the Internet. People don't want long paragraphs try these dashes if you can't use bullets just ways to break up the text so that it's easy for someone to scan through your, um, your profile. Same thing with the use of caps very judiciously. Otherwise it looks like you're yelling. Remember so and then last but not least, my last tip for writing a possum pet sitter profile is to use a call of action. And what I mean by that is don't use like weaker, conditional language. If you decide, I hope to hear from you, communicate with more confidence than that and invite the clients act and cheesy with enthusiasm and a way to do that would simply be were choices like I look forward to hearing from you. Please tell Guinness and Scooter I can't wait to meet them, things that are more positive and affirming that, of course, the the homeowner and their pets want to choose you 6. Tips to Stand Out as a Puuurrfect Sitter: one of the burning questions that many potential new centers want to know. Should I expect to get paid, or is this completely unpaid? Here? Banzer is. Well, it depends. Here's the quickest, shortest version of that explanation. If you are local and you already have a home being asked to go to someone else's house to house it or to have their pets come to you as what they call usually dogs dog boarding overnight in your own home, you should expect to be paid now. The fee I have here is actually pretty low 10 to $40 a day. It often depends on where you live. That's the main factor of what the local going rate is where I live. It's somewhere around 30 $35 a day to have the pet come to you in your own home and somewhere around 40 to 70 or more per day for house. Sitting on a lot of this depends on how many pets and any extra care requirements for the pets special special needs or in the house. If there's tasks to do such a long care etcetera, the short version of what an unpaid house it is is simply for free. It's in exchange for free accommodation when you travel. So, for example, I live in Florida and when I have pets come to me in my house, I charged by the Knights, however, when I want to travel to, say, Wisconsin to see my family or out to Colorado to see friends. But rather than renting, it took her hotel room or on Airbnb. I confined. Ah, house sit. Then that is an equal exchange where I offer my services for free in order to have that private quiet away from my friends screaming Tyler's and my family. God bless him who drive me crazy. I don't have to stay with people. I know I could have my own private accommodation. And that's the essence of housing, especially when you're traveling and International House City is that it should be a free exchange of services. Now, when it comes to International House sitting websites such as House cares dot com that I belong to, they're all going to have a page that something along lines of how does this work? And they'll give all sitters and homeowners pet owners information about what to expect with this even exchange Who pays for utilities are payments of any kind allowed. What about signing some sort of contract? Most of them will provide a sample contract, etcetera. Same with house sitters, America and any the how it works. Page trusted house sitters. There's many sitter sites, and they all have some version of this kind of page. Now, one of my tips that has gotten me noticed as a house sitter and a pet sitter is that I provide all of my clients all of my petting homeowners with an information sheet together all the vitals about their pets, the feeding needs, you know, special supplements, how much they need to walk if they like other animals. As Faras house sitting goes, you know, where's the breaker box? What days of the garbage go out? What's your phone number? What's your your address? All kinds of information. You will need to take the best care of their pet in their home. In fact, several of my clients have commented in their recommendations on these pet sitter websites that the information she is what one of the things that impressed them and how thorough it was and how it made them feel just that much more comfortable hiring me as their house sitter. So to wrap things up in case you've been curious, the document I've been working off of during the class is a pdf that I put together to answer all the questions I was getting about pet and house sitting for friends and smoke. My clients and I have it available here on Fiverr dot com slash d i y resumes. That's where I offer both the information sheets. But how to guide the how to write a possum pet sitter profile with examples and also profile editing for those that are interested there is that link again. And to wrap things up, our class project is next. 7. Class Project: Write Your Profile!: ready to get started. Let's work on your profile and don't pay any attention to those lazy craters there. Let's let sleeping dogs lie and just go ahead. As I shared, the way that I got started was just sitting for friends and family. I gained experience and build a lot of references up to that. When I started sitting locally for a paid local sitter site, I already had some clients who had recommended me. Rover care dot com and Wag are all online websites to do local sits, dog walking and other types of pet and house care. Also, go ahead. Have a look around other international center sites. Most people don't start there until they have some local experience and some references, but it doesn't hurt to look at some of these top sites. This is by no means a next clue. Sieve list. House Sitting magazine is a good resource as well to get started. Well, all the sitter sites are a little bit different. Every profile is gonna have some things and comment. For example, every site will want you to do an introduction or description of you and your patent home care related experience It's also a good place, Teoh. But add any relevant interesting information to help the homeowner notice you and stand out . If you are sitting locally and have your own pets or if you're traveling, whether it's nationally or internationally, and wanting to take your pets with you on, how sits that need to talk about your pets also in your profile or in the designated area, depending on the sitter site. And of course, you want to include photos just of you so the homeowner can see who you are as well as animals and you with animals. Of course, on your profile, a quick look at my rover profile. I get to set my fees. I have my photo gallery. I actually have 46 photos. Oh, I thought it was gonna show you so the owner could scroll through and see all your different photos of you with different pets. Your reviews air. There you can. On this site, you can set preferences for what size and types of dogs that you are animals that you will it will not sit for. And then here's your description or your intro about yourself. A lot of them have a calendar that you should keep or can keep updated. Um, since I sit locally, here's a little bit about my house and rovers actually very thorough about the different areas that they offer sitters to fill in so the homeowners can get to know them. This is my house cares profile. All of them are also gonna have a title or an opening line that you want to grab attention with. Get fill in some personal information about yourself again the area for references and police check. You're about your description section. A lot of them have, um, thes international or national sites in a different areas. Region states, cities that you prefer to sit for a lot of these sites. We'll let the International House that are. Sites will let, um, Am I trying to say they'll let homeowners reach out that let homeowners reach out to you? And this is the back end of house sitters America, and you can see they just have fields that you feel in some information is private and sometimes goes on to your profile, and you can just see specifically how each one does it. Hold your friend, but easy to figure out. So have fun. Have fun learning about pet sitting. Have fun Putting together a perfectly possum pet and house sitter Profile. And remember, If you need any help, please reach out. Thanks so much. What if yeah.