How to Write a Newsworthy Press Release for Your Small Business (Beginner-Friendly) | Gabriella Layne | Skillshare

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How to Write a Newsworthy Press Release for Your Small Business (Beginner-Friendly)

teacher avatar Gabriella Layne, Public Relations & Marketing Professional

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is a Press Release and Why is it Important?

    • 3. What is Newsworthy: How to Perfect Your Topic

    • 4. How to Format & Outline Your Press Release

    • 5. How to Choose the Right Title & Subtitle

    • 6. How to Write an Engaging Body

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Are you a business owner, solopreneur, or budding Public Relations professional who is looking to generate organic news coverage for your business? Well, this is the course for you!

Follow along as I guide you through a simple, straight forward guide on what a press release is, how to identify newsworthy topics for your brand, and how to turn those topics into an attention-grabbing press release that journalists will want to share with their audience.

Following the course, we’ll work on a simple class project focused on helping you get started on your very first press release. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gabriella Layne

Public Relations & Marketing Professional


Spearheaded by Gabriella Layne, Strut Communications is a mini-boutique agency that specializes in helping emerging, independent black and women-owned brands communicate to their targeted audiences authentically through strategically curated content. We realize that independent businesses are the future keyholders of their markets because of their dedication to catering niché products and services to specific demographics; We offer you that same service through our work. With over five years of experience in copywriting, social media strategy, and experiential marketing in a dynamic range of industries, Strut Communications is passionate about turning your brand's vision into a lifestyle that key customers want to buy into. We accomplish this by being your one... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is Gabrielle Elaine Avery, and I am a PR and marketing expert here. Today it's a guide you on how to write a newsworthy press release for your business. I have a bachelor's degree in English in mashes Korean strategic PR, and today I'm here to bring that along side my five years of experience in the industry to you. Today. It's a help you and getting started running year. Force pressure. This is a beginner friendly tutorial that's perfect for you. If you are a business owner with a small team, a solo preneurs or just someone looking to freelance and marketing trying to get their feet wet, whatever it is that you're trying to accomplish with this skill set today, I'm super excited to share my expertise with you. By the time that you end this tutorial, you'll know what a press release is, why it's important how to pick a good topic, how to outline that topic with key, succinct ideas and information, and how to put all of that together. It's a great piece is that journalists would wanna pick up and cover their media. I look forward to this lesson. Stay stick around 2. What is a Press Release and Why is it Important?: Let's get right into the nitty gritty. What is a press release and why is it important? A press release is a ran communication directed to news media that is intended to announce news where the information, in other words, it is a very specifically formatted trade documents that is sent to journalists with pitch ideas, stories, news where the items that you determine or what they want to cover and you send them so that they know what's happening with your business. Why is it important? It's important because in this digital era that we live in were taught to believe that if we want to expend our audience and we want to get information out there, there's only one way to do that. And it's social media and honestly, that is completely not true and that the case traditional marketing is always king because it allows you to spread your wings, engaging people face to phase and expand your brands. Digital footprint outside of the platforms that you owned, a you control that gives your brand more authority and Miss Trawler voice and a pressure loses a great way to help and building that credibility for your brands. One of the other things that makes it important is that, of course, it helps you to gain free organic media coverage. It helps other people talk about your brands, incredible places where other people need to look for items just like the one that you're trying to sell. Not only does it help with your brand awareness, but it helps with your S E O. The more websites that you have linking back to your website, the better those air known as backlands, by the way, because it helps to boost you in the algorithm. Furthermore, it connects your burns with key key words that people may be looking for over looking for products like yours. So now we know what a press releases and why it's important. Now it's time to move on to determining what is newsworthy and how to select a topic for your press release. 3. What is Newsworthy: How to Perfect Your Topic : So now we know what a press releases and why it's important. Now is time to move on to determining what is newsworthy and how to select a topic for your press release. Just because something is important to you does not mean that it will be interesting to your audience or, more importantly, in this case, the journalist that you're pitching to. That's why, before writing a press release, it's really important that you research the following thing. One. What are toppings that are currently training in your industry and to what topics have been of key interests of publications and journalists that you're trying to get coverage from in order to search what topics air training in your industry? Just identify some key works that align with your business and with your brands category. Google it, go to the new section and kind of city through what's happening. This is the same thing that you should do for media outlets that you're trying to get coverage from. Once you have identified these two things, there's three words that you must always consider when you're writing a press release, go through words are, inform, educate and inspire these three words are really the building block and the guideline for what you should look for whenever you're finding a topic for your press release, no matter what the topic is, it's always going to find itself within these three categories. So if you can't conceptualize your topic into the three categories, maybe you need to think of a different topic or find a way to streamline it a little better . Now I want to go into a little bit more depth into what I mean when I see each of these words to kind of give you some context as to what are some things you can look for in your business that might fit into these categories. Foreign form? It could be a new product that you're releasing a collection launch. Um, in every branding that you're doing for your entire business or a really cool brand collaboration, you're doing either with another brand or with an influencer, or even if you have the budget, a celebrity. Now let's move. Want to educate a few examples of great educational stories or authoritative data driven stories that connect you with important data or trends happening in your industry or connected your brand to of philanthropy or a social effort that's happening in your community or within the industry that your brand is categorised under for inspire. Here are some good story examples If your brand has philanthropy and you've recently done something in the community related to this philanthropy, that's a great story idea. If you have an inspirational story about your CEO and how that CEO got started in the business or in the industry, and this story hasn't been widely spread before, that's a great, timeless story idea. If there's a social responsibility initiative that you guys have just implemented, that's another awesome thing to look at. Or if you have a really awesome customer, testimonials about how your product or your service is really benefited or change or transform their lives. That's always a great thing to look into to it specially. If you get there, permission to write that story first. That's super important now, for any reason, none of these ideas apply to your brand or you're just looking for more inspiration before you dive into the outline for your press release. There's plenty of other resources that you can look Teoh, one of the best places to look to is an editorial calendar for the publication that you're looking to get coverage in. Every publication, for the most part, has the calendar of different topics of the plan to cover it different parts of the year. So you may wanna look at that editorial calendar to see if stories that you're interested again and covered align with that or how you can align those things. You can also read trade publications to be aware of opportunities to align with trending topics and things that are happening. Or you can also identify key competitors and see how they're getting coverage and what people are talking about in relation to their brand and see how you can make your own incredibly unique twist on that. Now that I've told you a little bit about what makes this story newsworthy, and how to identify a topic that will make your story news where they were going to move on to have a format and outlines information that you're gonna put in your press release 4. How to Format & Outline Your Press Release: you know what? In press releases, you know why it's important and you know it makes the top of newsworthy. Now it's time to move on to have a format and outlined the information you plan to put in your press release. Now, if you've ever seen a press release before, you've probably noticed that has a very specific format. Usually says for immediate release on the top. Left corner usually has the contact for the media, just in case they want to reach out for more information than it has a title and a subtitle in all the information of those underneath. This is a very specific out life for a pressure lease, and it is the format that you should use inviting your pressure lease. And we're gonna go through it today so that you are familiar with how your press release should be Format. Now, as I just mentioned, you're gonna wanna put for immediate release just as a formality on the top left corner of your press release. And underneath that you're gonna want to put the contact information for the person who will be the one to answer questions. If media does want to reach out. So you'll put the person's name, their phone number and email address. Right under that contact information, you're going to put your title your main title and then your subtitle, which is gonna provide a little bit more contact right underneath that subtitle you're going to pull its the location that you're in and the date that the pressure eases being sent out. And then a long dash after that is where your first paragraph is going to start. And that paragraph is gonna have the most newsworthy information about your pressure lease , also known as your lead and in this information is gonna be the five W's who, what, where, when and why. That is really important to be at the top, because that's going to determine for, you know, journalists and media if they want to keep going and if they want to read more about what you have to say. Another way to look at this first part of the pressure lease isn't the most important information about your pressure lease, so that if there's anything that's left to communicate, you can still convey the message powerfully. Without that information. Following that initial paragraph, you could go into another paragraph of subsequent information that could provide a little bit more context and depth to the general information that was provided in the first few sentences you premiered in. Your first paragraph following this second paragraph is where you can put a quote from an industry leader, the CEO of your business, your marketing manager or someone who was really integral to the story that you are telling about your business. Now it's time for your bullet plate. Your boilerplate is gonna be the easiest part of your pressure leaks because, really, it's just a summary of your business is who your business is in Sudan. Three, maybe four sentences you can literally take be about me that you've written on your website or that you have in your marketing materials in Just copy and paste that right in as your standard boilerplate after boilerplate is where you going to put three number size and again, this is just a formality. I can't give you a key reason as to why this is done. It's just what we put in a press, and there you have it. That's the outlined for your press release, and that's gonna God. Every pressure Is that you right here are now. Now that we've talked about, the outline for your press release is time to go back and visit a really, really important part of it, which is your title and subtitle. So stick around as my guide you through that. 5. How to Choose the Right Title & Subtitle: Now you know how to outline your pressure leaves. Congratulations. But there's one part of your press wings that's probably more important than the rest. And that's the title and the subtitle. So right now I'm gonna guide you on how to identify the perfect title and subtitle for your press release. No, when you're writing your Tyler some title, you guessed it s CEO is key. And that's why I put in the name of your business as well as buzzwords will relieve related to your industry the super important when you're writing your title especially, you also want to take the most exciting element of your story and try to consolidate it as much as possible and put it into the title and or subtitle. A good method to try to do this is maybe take the lead off your story, chopping up, take out some of the in between words and just try to smash it into a good title that wraps up everything that you're gonna be talking about. Think about it this way. If there's one thing that people could read about your brands, what would it be? And you should think about it. This way because in most cases, the title in the subtitle will determine if someone will keep. Also be sure to use savvy and branded language and traditional PR a lot of the time. The title in the subtitle will be very straightforward, an effort to make it as short and sweet as possible. But there's still the way to do that while branding it and making it an essence of what your company is all about. Try to use savvy and branded language so that people get a feel of who your company is right from the get go when they read your press release. Now that you probably feel a lot more prepared to write your Thailand subtitle, we're gonna move on to how you should go about writing a really engaging body for your personals. So come along with me to the next video. I'll see you there 6. How to Write an Engaging Body : Now you know how to write a title and subtitle for your pressure lease that's engaging, buzz worthy and really attractive for journalists and target audiences. But we don't want to stop there. We want to make sure that the body of the pressure is is just is engaging and justice exciting. So here are some of my tips on how to make the body of your pressure lease as engaging as possible. First things first prioritized the most essential important information and leave out what does not fit. It's okay to start your pressure lease and have it be pretty long, but standard pressure. This is our one page. So if you find that your pressures was going over or it's just kind of loading in certain areas, it's time to cut chopping block and take some things out that probably aren't that important. Remember, the goal is to grab a journalist attention, and if they need more information, they will be talked to you for it. So don't feel like you have to cram all of the information about this topic into the press release in hopes of getting coverage. My next tip is to use statistics and quotes. You want to bring authority to what you're talking about. And the best way to do that is to show that you're aware of what's happening in your industry in the news and what the inches of your key audience is. And the best way to do that is with relevant facts and figures. By doing this, you're riding the pressure lease as you would want it covered, and that makes a journalist life a whole lot easier. So there are a lot more likely to pick up your press release and to distribute it through their channels. Another really important, if I have, is to not exaggerate. Use the information that you have and play it up while being truthful and the best with that. You know how, like I mentioned before you some statistics you some facts, you know, at some insightful information or quote from your CEO. But don't overextend and don't over sell on Lee for the press release to provide information that's not nearly as exciting as what you offered in the title or subtitle. And my last and most simple tip is used. The inverted pyramid. The inverted pyramid is such a good outline to help you to understand exactly what information is expected at certain points in your press release, so continue to refer back to it as you. Retro pressure is to make sure that you're organizing information that you plan to put in their adequately, and in a way where people know exactly where to go for the information that they want. We're almost at the finish line, so head over to the next video to hear my final thoughts and a recap on how to write your first press release. 7. Final Thoughts : we're almost at the finish line. Thank you so much for joining me on this show. Toil on how to write your first newsworthy press with things. I hope that you've learned a lot during this course With the right format topic and the right timing, you're sure to get coverage in real time. Remember, inform, educate and inspire are the keys to getting traction for your story. So combined that with the inverted pyramid as a small tube it's and I've given you today and you are on the path to press release success rate of started writing Yorkers fresh release, Join in on the class project and submit the title and subtitle that you want to use your Remember that this is one of the most support in front of the press release. So take your time to get it out, even give yourself a few options juice from so you get some good feed back again. I thank you so much for joining in of this tutorial. Please leave any comments and feedback on how I can provide you with more information, future and maybe even video you want to see? Thank you so much again for joining it all for you on the next one. I