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How to Write The Hero's Journey - Story Plotting Made Easy

teacher avatar Shane Kluiter, Knowledge is Power

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Intro to The heros journey course

    • 2. Heros journey recrding

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About This Class

Ancient myths and legends have something in common with our modern day stories of super hero's and magic. The hero's journey is a path, a template, something that you can use as a framework for your story. 

Why is the hero's journey important? 

Because it is a simple template with proven success for a stories success. 

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Shane Kluiter

Knowledge is Power


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1. Intro to The heros journey course: What does Star Wars, the Matrix and even Harry Potter all have in common? They all follow the hero's journey. The hero's journey is, Ah, essentially a 12 part story that has been used for hundreds of stories over the years. It's a method of storytelling that we connect with us a society, this course we're going over the hero's journey, the parts of it, and don't utilize those with examples. The goal of this is to learn how to use the hero's journey inside of our own writings so that we can improve our writings with a tried and true method. 2. Heros journey recrding: here amid studies were first theorized by Joseph Camp Bell and 1949 he theorized. Originally, there were 17 stages after can't Bill David Lemon came and in 1981 that his own study included There were eight stages which fill Casino also theorized, in 1990. Although the stages were a little bit different between the two, they didn't think it was a much more condensed um, necessary criteria to me. Um, being within the hero's journey. Most recent theories from Christopher Bottler in 2007 who theorized over 12 stages. All these theories included that there were three acts. The departure, the initiation and the return. If you take a look at the plot line, you can kind of make it look like the side of a mountain. So you have the ordinary world that you're starting in your rising up to your deal. There's some falling action before a rise to the resurrection in a return back home with the elixir. This is a very good way to view the plot line. It's kind of a wavy upward line or the side of a mountain with a peak in the middle. Here's journey starts with the ordinary world. This will we meet the hero. The year was yet to start. They've yet to leave home. This is where you're seeing there Monday. In reality, this is Luke on tattooing. This is Harry living underneath the stairs, not knowing that there's a whole world of missing magic. Beyond this is Bilbo before leaving the Shire, he's happy Peace there. He thinks this is the world that he wants to the main character. This is normal in your stories. It might be a world without magic, where the hero then discovers there is magic and it opens up a whole new world for them to learn about this is like a character living on an island. Discovering that there's a mainland has so many more things in it. Next comes to call to action. Call to action is the decision to go forth. This is a point where the hero realizes that their own existence here can't be sustained. They have to go. They have to take on some action, and they realize there's a call for it. They acknowledged that there's a call. They've acknowledged interest, and it they may stumble upon the adventure They may just be casually walk around and something happens. This is what sets everything in Motion Warrior's story. So we've established a world that we have the call to action. We're gonna set things in motion. It wouldn't our world. This is Luke discovering a need to save layer. This is photo realizing he can carry the ring. Then comes an initial refusal of the call. Was is a hero hesitant to take action, hesitant to leave the safety of their world? This is humanizing. That's something we can all relate to is a key point for the character. They drive their feet. They don't want to leave home. They don't want to live the life they're accustomed to. They're in denial. The future that lies before them in The Matrix. New believes that meeting Trinity was a dream. He doesn't want to admit there is a greater world out. There. Can't be. It's not what he believed. Photo doesn't feel comfortable leaving the shire. Luke doesn't want to accept Obi Wan's offer to go toe old Iran. He's afraid to leave tattooing, even though all he had there is loss and comes meeting the mentor. This is where they here decides to go on adventure but knows they're not fully ready. Seeks the help of someone wiser, stronger name Cito Learn They seek to grow. Mentor helps the hero Think back to all the great stories All the great shows, all the great movies you've watched Almost every time there is someone helping the hero. Almost every time you're gonna find someone who helps the hero become better teaches them something helps them learn. That's how we grow is human we can all connect with This is Obi Wan training Luke in the ways of the Jedi. This is Neo deciding to trust Morpheus and learn. This is Gandel leading photo to the Fellowship of the Ring. Next comes crossing the threshold. This is when the rising action really get started. This is when the hero is ready and committed to the journey you hear takes a bold step towards her new world. It's like when Harry Potter goes in the Diagon Alley and friends out magics. Really riel. There's wizards everywhere. People are getting familiar is he doesn't get the wand. This is crossing literally into that next world. This is when the fellowship sets off on their adventure. This is when Luke, it's on a spaceship and flies with for the first time with Obi Wan off into the deeper reaches of space told Iran, where he's never been. It is when Neo takes the red pill, when he wakes up from The Matrix to find that the world he actually has been living in is really just this goo filled pod. Because he's really a battery. This is where things change. Next comes the test in the Allies. This is where the hero faces new challenges, gains a group of allies and enemies, usually so the hero might come against a foe. Or might we find out a friend is actually not their friend, Their an enemy. You learned a new set of rules from friends and allies. They've become accustomed to their new world. Because of these new rules, the group could face some strong foe, like when Gandalf fault the Bell Rock to save the group, and it could unite them for what is to come. This could mean literally just being physically trained by someone like when Morpheus trained neo and transformed him and taught him the new rules of where he is by fighting him . This is when Han Solo and she we agreed to help Obi Wan and told Iran. This is the point in the story where the team is coming together, where all the players on this stage or being aligned and shown kind of where that they're standing. Then we have the in most cave through the here. Oh, it's close to goal. They're in the most danger, this part of this journey so far. Things get a little bit dark here sometimes. This is where Luke in his group are pulled into the death star. It's scary, it's dangerous. Older and was just exploded. And now Luke has pulled in. Neo is told by the oracle who he chooses will die him or Morpheus. Then we have the ordeal. It's where the hero faces their most difficult task. The hero fails. This is important failures to keep heart. Your hero is not the greatest thing that's ever been around the hero human humans fail. This is humanizing. This is important. This helps us connect with the hero is the moment of defeat and a moment of true character development. New was ambushed in The Matrix and Morpheus sacrifices himself to save them. This is a moment of the ordeal. Luke witnesses Obi Wan being killed by Darth Vader just as he and Han have saved Layup and our boarding Ammonium Falcon. This is a moment where all hope comes crashing down because of an event. This is hardship. This is failure, or at least the feeling of failure for the hero. Next comes seizing the sword. That's where the hero realizes they've been through a lot at this point. Although they had been faced with hardship in the ordeal, the hero is prepared to push forward and find the light at the end of the tunnel. They're ready to do what they have to dio in The Matrix. Neil literally decides to do what has never been done. This is to say, Morpheus, rejecting what the Oracle's predictions have been. This is Luke finding his place among the rebel army after completing Obey wants mission. This is Luke choosing to take part in the assault on the Death Star. This is that falling action before we rise towards our final confrontation at the end. This is important. This is humanizing, and we have the road back. The lights a little further down the tunnel than they thought The hero. It's a bit further to go. A little more hardship to go through in the battle for victory ad. It's an attempt to push through an accomplished the goal. The hero must deal with the aftermath of everything that has come before. Everything has culminated into this moment. These are the obstacles that now stand in the way of the hero. Luke chooses not to join Han Solo when he has offered to leave, Look sees his path before him and realizes that his path is not to go back. To Tattoo in it is to assault the death star It is to take his place among the resistance. Knew you was killed by Agent Smith. The filling, the Oracle's prediction. Then comes the resurrection. The test has been met in the final moments they hear almost do or die. That's cause it sometimes Manifest is a hero having a near death escape or having a character utilize abilities that were once thought foreign to them. Earlier in the story, like Neo becoming the one in killing agents meth, our Luke, using the force for the first time to destroy the Death Star. These are moments in the story where things turn and the hero establishes a real victory. Then we have the return with the elixir. That's where the hero returns home. This is important because not only have we established the heroes one we want to see how this has affected the hero. You don't ended. The highest note you come down there was changed. They did not set out to become a new person, but their experience have left them forever. Altered photo When the Hamas returned to the Shire, they look different. They're dressed differently. They've been through and experience. No one else there can identify with. The hero must return to where they came from or something similar. So the story can end by showing their growth. Luke receives the medal in starts, his path towards becoming a true jet I neo returns to the Matrix tells the machines that he will free humanity. The return with the elixir is not asleep literally to their home but to a similar kind of foundation of where they came from. To show the growth. Taking a look at her plot number, Ordinary world would come up. We have the ordeal. We drop down a little bit in action. We experience hardship, come up to the resurrection and return home with the elixir.