How to Write Killer Keywords for your Stock Footage: Best Practices

Victoria Smith, Multi-Passionate Creator

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14 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Project Assignment

    • 3. Description Guidelines

    • 4. Things to Avoid in Descriptions

    • 5. Why Keywords are Important

    • 6. Ideal Order and Number of Keywords

    • 7. Best Practices Tips

    • 8. Things to Avoid in Keywords

    • 9. Brainstorming Methods

    • 10. Concept and Technical Keywords

    • 11. Who, What, When, Where, How

    • 12. Similar Content Keywording

    • 13. Review and Refine

    • 14. Congratulations!!!

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About This Class

Whether you're an experienced stock footage contributor or a complete beginner, this is the course for you!

If you have professional-quality videos and want to do your stock footage justice with equally professional keywording to level up your sales, then you're in the right place.

In this hour-long class, we'll cover how to write SEO-optimized stock footage descriptions and keywords for commercial clips following agency best practices from Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Pond5, and VideoBlocks.


You'll learn how to:

- Write compelling, optimized descriptions
- Choose from several brainstorming methods to write a solid list of keywords
- Review and refine those keywords down to the strongest, SEO optimized words
- Differentiate your writing and choice of keywords even when your clips are similar

NOTE: This class won't cover how to write editorial captions for editorial footage. Let me know if you'd like to see that available as a new class!

PS: I upload all of my stock footage through BlackBox.Global, where I also have a network of over 30 collaborators. I get to upload once, have my footage submitted to multiple agencies, and then share revenue with my collaborators every time we have a sale.
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