How to Write Great Paragraphs | Duncan Koerber | Skillshare

How to Write Great Paragraphs

Duncan Koerber, University Professor

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7 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Course Overview

    • 2. Just What Is a Paragraph?

    • 3. Ideal Paragraph Length

    • 4. The Topic Sentence Gets it Started

    • 5. Don't Be Overly Broad

    • 6. Paragraph Coherence

    • 7. Using Quotations Properly In Paragraphs


About This Class

Does your writing lack focus? Do you wish you could sustain your thoughts throughout a number of paragraphs? 

How to Write a Great Paragraph is for writers and editors of any genre who are looking to develop the important writing building block of the paragraph. 

Many people write "random" paragraphs -- each sentence is about a different, unconnected point. This is a common problem that requires attention to how sentences connect like the links of a long chain. 

In How to Write a Great Paragraph, you'll learn about the ideal function of a paragraph, what a badly constructed paragraph looks like, how to write a coherent paragraph, and how to integrate quotations effectively into your paragraphs. 

The objectives of this course are to help students understand the purpose of a paragraph, identify bad paragraphs, write coherent chronological or logical paragraphs using transitions, and use direct quotes in paragraphs properly. No prerequisite knowledge or materials are required. 

Enroll now to write better paragraphs that readers can easily follow.