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How to Write Facebook & Instagram Ads that Sell

teacher avatar Dayhanna Acosta N, Client Attraction Specialist & Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to Market to Your Audience

    • 3. Audience Temperature and Why it Matters!

    • 4. Writing Ads that sell

    • 5. Facebook Ad Examples

    • 6. Powerful and Persuasive Words

    • 7. Your Class Project - Let's Create Your Ad!

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About This Class

Are you an entrepreneur, freelancer or online store owner who wants to make a profit with Facebook and Instagram Ads? 

This 26-minute class will teach you:

  • How to make your Facebook and Instagram ads irresistible (so people want to buy what you're selling)
  • How to understand the concept of temperature in marketing and how it can help you make a profit
  • The insider secrets to writing epic ad copy and write your first Facebook or Instagram Ad

This class is for beginner and intermediate entrepreneurs, freelancers and online store owners who want to make a higher profit using Facebook and Instagram Ads. By the end of this class, you will be able to successfully write high converting Ads that appeal to your dream client!

Your Instructor 

Dayhanna Acosta is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the marketing field. She works as a marketing, mindset and money coach and helps her clients maximize their profit by doing work they enjoy. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dayhanna Acosta N

Client Attraction Specialist & Educator


Dayhanna teaches socially conscious entrepreneurs how to sell their products and services and attract their dream clients. She combines strategic marketing and mindset work to provide a holistic approach to each of her clients and students. Dayhanna is a proud mom to a 2-year old + two dogs. Dayhanna is Colombian/American and currently resides in Budapest Hungary. She's obsessed with pink hair, coffee, and avocados.

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1. Introduction: are you an entrepreneur, a freelancer or a shop owner who needs to learn how to bring a steady stream of clients into your business? If that's you, then I really think this class is perfect to meet your needs. My name is a Hama Cho Stop. I am a climb attraction specialist, and my job is to help entrepreneurs get clients into their business so that bacon thrive. And one of my absolute favorite tools to help my kinds do This is with Facebook and Instagram. That's so in this specific sculpture class. I want to get really, really, really focused and show you how to ride your ad copy so that it can deliver results. You will be learning here how to write high converting at copy for Facebook and instagram and actually see results from it. You'll also be able to understand the concept off temperature in marketing and how understanding that can actually help you make a profit with your business. And I will be giving you the secrets to riding epic ad copy and to get in your first Facebook and INSTAGRAM ad Done. Now, there are a few things I will not be covering here, I will not be covered. Having target your ads have set your budget or any of the really technical aspect of the creation. You are free to pulled out or let me knowing discussions below. If you would like a concept class on this, like specific topics that are a little bit more complex. But for now, I really want to focus on the creative aspect of Facebook and Instagram acts, which is my absolute favorite part, and give you a really quick action tool that will get you going quickly to writing amazing at campaigns. So that's what you're interesting in. Please keep watching. I guarantee you, this class will not disappoint. I will be giving you a lot of practical tools and advise the you can implement in your business, starting immediately to see results with your Facebook guys. 2. How to Market to Your Audience: now Step one in the Facebook at creation process should always be having a very clear understanding off your audience. Who are you marketing? Teoh And how is your product? A solution for their problems? Worries for needs. Now, if you can understand your clients from a really deep, uh, level, and you can understand the things that they're scared off the things that motivate them and drive them, you will succeed at writing at copy that sells with this cause. But if you're not really clear who your audience is, why they need or how you how your product meets their needs and desires, you travel a little bit. So Step number one in this court definitely is gonna be learning how to talk to the right audience. Let me give you some tips that will help you do that. So here are some tips to understand your target audience. The first thing you need to know is that your ad would only be as successful as the offer product that you are promoting, meaning that if your product or offer isn't something that your clients want or need, you're gonna have a really difficult time making any cells for obvious reasons. So I'm a successful campaign can only be built upon a product that actually works and serves a purpose for the clients who will be purchasing it. So there is a little formula for Facebook at success, and the firm lives quite simple. The right offer, plus the right audience, equals at success. So understanding your audience underneath and motivations and also making sure that the offer that you are promoting is something that they want or need is critical before we move forward into the actual steps of this class. 3. Audience Temperature and Why it Matters!: can't warm here. I'm just kidding. But what I want to talk to you guys about right now is this concept of temperature in the marketing world. And you're probably thinking like, what is that? And why should it matter? Well, temperature is this belief that marketing should we be targeted towards the stage at which a client is at thereby journey? For example, if you were writing an ad campaign for a person who has never, ever, ever heard from your business, that will be considered a cold ad campaign, you are trying to speak to someone who has never met. You have no idea you exes, and your whole goal when reaching out to them is to kind of warm them up to the idea of you in your business Now when they called me eat. It's kind of like when you meet someone in real life, you have to introduce yourself in a way or tell a boy you're all about. So if your marketing to people who've never heard about your business, your ads should be set up a little bit differently. Your activities at this stage should be focused on getting people acquainted with your business as soon as possible. So if you're running ads to get leads or to get people into your mailing list, you want to give them things that are quick to go through a quick through digest things I check less or quis is, or quick videos or podcasts. Episodes that they can listen to that are no longer than three or four minutes. Because your goal with cold meat is to get people to get to know you a little bit and build some trust. No one should feel that's cross. A client will then lower into something we call a warm league. And a world lead is what the name says is basically a person that has heard from you before , and it's somehow familiar with your business. And they had this stage are much more likely to be invested in the kind of content you're producing and the things that you are promoting. So for world leads, you can do things like promoting free webinars or promoting like Mini Core says that they can access, or even just if you do a live video Facebook or Instagram and you want people to see it, you could Apolo that live video to Facebook. If you did order next around and then run ads to the video just so that people can get familiar with you and your business, the world needs are much more likely to engage and interact with you for obvious reasons. They're not strangers. It's kind of like if you see someone you've met before, you're gonna wave of them in the street and say hello because they're not strangers. So keep that in mind. Next, we have hot leads and Hadley's air basically what we all love in the marketing world. Hot leads our previous clients. They are people who are ready to buy from you and your business, or people who may be interacting. Commenting only your oppose people. We share your content, people who open your newsletters. These people are, of course, the ones that are primed and ready to purchase from you, and they're people that you should care to completely differently than strangers. So keep this in mind, because when you're writing your copy, you need to understand who am I speaking to. Your ads must be created and targeted based on audience. Temperature doesn't make sense. You will not talk to a person you just met on a blind date in the same way that you will talk to someone you've been dating for years. That's just unrealistic, right? So when you're creating your puppy, I think Am I having to introduce my business to a Khalid? Am I speaking to someone who's heard from me in my business before, or am I talking to someone always ready to buy, In which case it could be a lot more cell C and push your higher level more expensive products. Keep this in mind. It is critical to what you're gonna learn next in the next module, which is writing at that set. 4. Writing Ads that sell: congratulations. You made it to the fun part. Hopefully, we did a good enough job that you haven't run away yet. And you are excited to get into the creative part of this process, which is my absolute favorite. So let's talk about how we can write ads that sell. The first thing we have to be mindful of is that people want success, wealth, pleasure, power and solutions to their problems. So when you're drafting your ad copy, you should be keeping this in mind. How can you give people, uh, hopeful? Or how can you make people hopeful that they'll be successful, that they'll gain wealth, that they will feel good, powerful or half their problems solved? This is super important. So here are some of my favorite tips for writing epic ad copy. So the first thing you want to do is you want to start with a question or a hook, basically something that would draw people's attention. You also want to try to use emojis in your ad copy that actually tested at campaigns but without end with emojis and over and over again, the ad campaigns that have emojis perform about 20% higher than the ones that don't. You also want to ensure that the images and the wording that you use, it's not too common that it doesn't fit in again. The main objective would add is to stand out from all of the other content that people are seeing under feet. Now your ad itself shouldn't be to sell. See, shouldn't sound too much like another rather really focused on the benefits and on being conversational in casual with your language. Something else to keep in mind is that Facebook hate images that have a lot of text on them . So if you're gonna be doing image ads, make sure that you keep the text in the image below 20%. Another incredibly powerful tool to writing epic Facebook ad copy is to use sensory words, and these are words that are descriptive. They describe how we experience the world. So how we smell, how we see how here feel or taste something. So really think about how you can incorporate this words into your marketing efforts. All right, so now let's talk about ad formats because you're gonna have to select an ad format before running your ad campaign and I believe at this point. Facebook has about 11 different ad formats that you'll be able to pick and choose from when you go to the ads manager. But the most commonly used ones are images carousel video ads, lead generation, as in canvas ads. So we're gonna break this down, a show you some examples. 5. Facebook Ad Examples: So let's take a look at some well performing Facebook ads and talk about what makes them stand out. So this address here is the at format is an image ad, and there's a few things about this ad done. Make a jump out at you when you're scrolling through your feet. So the person you see is that she's starting her ad with a question or a hook. She's asking, Are you a yoga instructor who is called to help more people with powerful coaching skills? Okay, clear question. Now her next paragraph is a call to action. She's telling people what to do. So click here to claim your three keys to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Now the image is really what guests people to stop scrolling when they are going through their feet because it is funny. It is cute, but also in really relates to the topic that she's talking about. And then when you look at the bottom section here, the learn more section, you'll see that she's also given people are very clear incentive for signing up or for learning more. She's giving them something of value, which are the three keys to powerful coaching and you can see that this ad is very successful by looking at engagement. You see, a ton of likes a ton of interactions in shares, which is so wonderful. Now this next line is a carousel format. And basically, if you're looking at the images, you can click on the little arrow right next to the backpack and keep on, you know, clicking to see what else. What other images are in the act, What really works about this ad it the fact that to start with a hook and they give some urgency so they tell people get an extra 20% off in the next hour. So basically, that creates a rush for people, because if they really wanted this backpack, they will know that an hour later that this count may be gone. They're also using emojis, which we talked about being amazing for conversion for conversions and then down in the bottom area to have a very clear price plus a coupon, okay, and also notice how they use the carousel to show a video, plus different angles off the item that they were trying to sell. So this is a great ad format. If you're a shop owner and you have a product that you want to advertise, all right, so this ad is fantastic. This I'd had insane interactions. It was such a successful at campaign, and I think one of the things that stood out the most about this ad is the fact that this is a fitness company. But they are not using fitness models or people that loved the traditional image off perfectly fit people. They're using everyday people who are exercising with their program, and that worked really well for them. Another thing that really works in this ad is that they're using tons of emojis to kind of create bullet points off the benefits of their survey. So they're telling you there's no monthly subscription, no expensive gym equipment, no gimmicks. Those are all of the benefits that they offer their also using very, very casual language. And as I said earlier, they're using different body types. They're not using the typical model, which is obviously working grade based on all of the interactions and engagement that they are getting all right. So here's yet another image ad, and let's talk about what works in this one. She starts through the question she uses emojis. Notice how her image has tons of different colors are really catcher I, as you're scrolling on Baloch, has a very clear promise, she tells people. Do this and you'll become an influencer, which is very concise and for her ideal clawing in horror people who are trying to becoming freelancers. This would probably get them to click under, add and then notice the amazing engagement as a result. Okay, here's another carousel example again. These are great for shop owners who are trying to showcase your products. And this is actually stored that I happen to find on Instagram, which you know, has Mom style. And that's kind of Hillary, because I don't have any kids, but I don't love with their clothes. So I found her instagram page. I ended up going to their website, but then not buying anything because I got distracted and I started scrolling through my newsfeed, and then they re targeted me. So right after I left our website, I started seeing their ads on my Facebook, and that immediately reminded me Oh my God, I love the clothes from this company and in their ads. Poltical meditation. They started with a cook. They had a very clear offer that addressed possible objections. So not it's free shipping and easy returns because these are some of the most common objections that people have before buying things online. And also their ad uses colorful imagery, which really brings the whole thing together. Now they could have done better, but including some emojis and maybe making it a little bit more fun. But because they were retargeting me and I was already familiar with their brand and the products that they offered. This worked really well for me. All right, so this is an example of a video ad also used by on online store. And there's a few things about this that really worked notice, other using casual language. But more importantly, they're trying to build a sense of community with their war choice. So they're saying, Hey, ocean lovers, they're using the motives and the emojis that they're using are actually related to their products, which is really cool. Now, if you look at the video that they selected, it has are very easy to refund That says flash sale that builds a sense of urgency. And then if you were to play video, you would see that the video is a slide off all of the products with different titles about the cell. Now here's an example of another Carrizo ad for a wellness company, and I wanted to hide like this because the health and wellness industry is very regulated in Facebook ads. And the reason why is because back in the day people used to run Facebook ad campaigns that basically said, Transform your body in 30 days, love, lose £50. And then off course that Rigi was false advertising because it is very impossible for people to lose £50 in 30 days and keep them off or do so healthily. So Facebook really cracked down on this kind of messaging, and they really, really pay attention to any ads that come from the health and wellness industry. So this ad managed to really get around ad by not providing any false claims and let me show you what they did. So that is that earlier they use casual language. Oh my God, I'm so excited you could almost feel the happiness. And whoever wrote this message is voice right there giving a very clear explanation of what the challenge is. But most importantly, they're not given any clear benefits. They're just saying, Oh, you know, you're going to awake in your mind, body and spirit. They're not saying you're gonna loose way. They're not saying you're gonna be ready for summer body. Nothing like that. So be very mindfully view are in this industry that you really have to watch your language . They also use emoji is they have a clear call to action. And the imagery that they selected for this ad is so very beautiful with all of the different colors that automatically draw your I in. All right, So here's an ad from my girl Jenna Culture who? I don't know. But, you know, maybe someday I'll know hurts. I just love her. Anyways, here's that from her, and it has all of the different things we mentioned before. But what I want to highlight about this ad is the sensory word she says them which draws you in right away because you could almost hear that. Bam! I was about to clap and make you guys staff, but I decided to go against it you get what I mean. Also, the imagery is colorful and he catches your eyes. And she's offering people a gift for joining her mainly list. All right, so here is another Carousel ad. Same thing. Notice the users off Emojis off Urgency, The coupon and the highlight, the highlight ing off the products. All right, So here's another example of a video ad that WAAS promoted by masterclass. So a couple things that work here first, they're offering a gift for people who sign up or want to learn more about Muster class. They have a very appealing image, and then the video shows Ah, lot of close ups of colorful food along with Garden Ramsey, and I really catches your eye while you scroll through your feet. So the ad under screen is actually one of our regeneration adds. Let's take a look at it, guys Diana and Peter here. So we're out for a walk here in beautiful Budapest, Hungary, and we're wondering if you have one second to give us your feedback. We just finished having a meeting with a client and went pretty well, but it's pretty overwhelming. Frustrated because she's trying to devise a Facebook ad strategy to attract people to her business as soon as possible and all the courses she sees out there or lengthy and time consuming and boring and super technical. And she just can't deal with any of that. So she was asking us if we would create a course or product to teach Facebook ads in a fun like hard, a creative way shorter, a short So we were thinking is no market for this? Would you be interested now? This ad worked amazingly great for us, for various reasons. It had all of the things that we just told you to do here. It had a hook, had emojis, but it was also a very natural. On scripted video, Peter and I literally went out for launch. We hot something to drink beforehand, and it was a really hot day. But we were like, No, we really should ask this question to see people want things Look at course. So we were walking around as we were heading home, and we picked up the camera and we started talking to it. This was not scripted. This was not pretty plan, and it worked beautifully because when people watched the ad. They felt that that vulnerability, they felt that this wasn't something that was heavily prepared or heavily planned ahead. And so they responded by interacting by sharing the ad. And, of course, by giving us their email address so that we can send them a message. When we did release the course, I also wanted to point out that another thing that really made this video work for us is that it was short and that we added cop shins to the video in different colors to sort of guide the reader as they watched the video, because nowadays most people don't actually watch videos with sound on. So if you pull it, subtitles on your videos. Especially when there are more natural type videos. They tend to perform a lot better. Okay, so this one is an example of a campus at incomes. Add our Facebook's way of creating a full immersive experience with their at campaign. So let's take a look at it. - This is our diffusion. Are you hungry yet? Hopefully you enjoyed watching that at as much as I did. I literally was dreaming of the sushi, so they were highlighting and canvas ads are amazing if your business lends itself to beautiful imagery, videos or storytelling, because you could really use this type of ad to tell a full immersive story of who your businesses and the message that you're trying to convey. Here's another amazing example of a comma page so you can see how it looks like on the new speed. Right now it looks just like a normal add, but when you click on it, the whole screen will open up and you'll get an amazing experience of this skin care company in their whole story. So let's take a look at it. - So this particular skincare company chose to use a compass. Add to really highlight the quality of the ingredients, the history of where their ingredients come from and really show some of their gifts. Says in products. I do want to say that kind of ads are amazing, but you do need to have really high quality images and videos. If you want these ads to succeed 6. Powerful and Persuasive Words: all right. Congratulations. By this point in the class, you should have tons of amazing resource is examples and knowledge on how to ride a great ad. Cocky, but they're still something that's really powerful that I would love to share with you. And that is the incredible A pack that you can create with your ads whenever you use powerful or purse weasel words. Now, powerful and persuasive words are words that create social impact. When the reader reads down that it almost pushes them or propels them to take action. Now, I cannot recall all of these words from the top of my head, but I created a list just for you so that you could basically swipe and deploy. Take the worst. I've been into your ad copy and use them as needed to really create copy that is irresistible for your dream audience. Now, that list is gonna be under resource is folder of this class, so make sure that you downloaded and utilize it to complete the next module, which is the class project 7. Your Class Project - Let's Create Your Ad!: All right, guys, Congratulations. This is the end of our time together. You have made it to the end of the cause. But before you go, I love for you to actually take the knowledge that you gain in the short medicine and use it to write in, create your Facebook or Instagram. I want to invite you to utilize the resource is that we gave you by using our list of power and persuasive words. And I also want to make sure that you shared a project with us so that the skills your community can give you feedback on your project. And you can learn with everyone else who is taking this class now before I leave you. I also want to let you know that you want to teach any other classes on any other topics. Please let me know in the discussion for him. I really This is my first course was killed share. And I'm really excited to be sharing this content with you. If you enjoyed my teaching style and you want to see more courses from me, just let me know so I can go ahead and get those created for you with that I believe you and help to see you again. Taking another one of my closest