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How to Write Blog Posts That Stand Out

teacher avatar Rachel Ortiz, Copywriter + Editor + Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Skillshare video intro final

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Identifying Your Audience

    • 4. How to Create Your Outline

    • 5. Finding Your Tone & Voice

    • 6. SEO Best Practices

    • 7. Review Tips

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

Whether you’re just beginning to dabble in blogging or you’re a seasoned marketer, sharing what you know through writing can be intimidating. If you’re looking to step up your blog content, there are several key things to be mindful of that will make your writing stand out among the sea of digital content out there. 


In this Skillshare class, I’ll walk you through identifying your audience, honing the style of your tone and voice, how to organize your ideas, SEO best practices, as well as what to keep in mind when it’s time to review and publish your posts. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rachel Ortiz

Copywriter + Editor + Content Creator


As a copywriter, I’ve had the privilege of writing for a wide variety of industries including retail, e-commerce, home & garden, non-profit, higher education, as well as car & motorcycle. Whether it’s for websites, email, social, or print, I’m most excited when I get to share a meaningful story; one that resonates with people because there is a level of sincere authenticity. 

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1. Skillshare video intro final: I guess I'm Rachel Ortiz, and I'm here to talk to you about how to buy off the block content. So I found my way to copy writing by creating my own blog's. And when I started my blawg, it was really just a creative olive for myself. I didn't think anybody was gonna read my block. I thought, Oh my God, my mom and my sister like two friends with my block But it turned into more than that, and I started having friends and co workers and strangers like common to read. So it's, um no, I get to write for brands and I've had the privilege to write for retail. ECommerce, Home and Garden Motive on higher education Absolutely love it. I love that I get to share brand stories and connect with people so often. When I tell people what I do, they tell me, God, that's awesome. I could never do what you dio. I'm not a writer, but I don't really buy that. I think everyone has a story to tell. I just think people get intimidated by the thought of sharing their story in form because they don't practice it regularly, and they're not always sure what to do. This class is ideal for you if you have exciting things assuring your block, but you're not quite sure where to get started or you don't think you're right. Never them in this last will cover how to write for your specific audience. How an outline helps keep your writing organized. Identifying your tone of voice as the office practices reviewed tips. 2. Class Project : for a class project. You're gonna complete this worksheet by answering Trump's and following the examples in the pdf. This will help you identify your audience tone and style is well practiced Drafting an outlet for 3. Identifying Your Audience: Alright, It's time to start answering some questions about your by asking questions about who they are, what they like. They don't like older they where they live. The novices are the experts. The answer is all these presents are like in a home for your block content and make sure that you're providing most value for you. 4. How to Create Your Outline: all right. So you don't line. Some people are not a fan of an online. I don't do that. It's my opinion that if you need writing in your not very confident don't skip, it's only gonna benefit you. It will help. Give your block focus, help flow, balance every tree. Have a well rounded A story to tell. So what does your own life look like? First, you're going to start with an introduction. Let your audience know what it is. You're gonna talk about your flock. What? Don't leave them guessing. Mystery is sexy here, so let them know what they're gonna learn in most. Next, you're gonna list out supporting ideas for your post. Just making sure you list Egypt supporting ideas. Well, you sure that you have enough to support the hulking with your blood post and help with flow and organization will be your road map and help keep you on track. And next in your conclusion, you're gonna This is the place, Teoh. Let your audience I know what you want them to take away from reading this. It might be an action life common share or just an idea you're going 5. Finding Your Tone & Voice: Alright, guys, we're gonna talk about how to identify your brand boys style. This is a lot of people struggle with finding the right balance between turning professional and keeping their writing easy and country. It's not easy and think everybody's troubles with this, and it's different for every branch. So there's no one answer that visit for everybody. What we can't dio is go back to our worksheets and look at a few of prompts that will help identify what your brand tone of voice what's your ideal? What sounds still looking at the following problem, and we're gonna fill it in with adjectives that would best describe your ideal ran tone of voice. So first prompt is gonna be my brand voices. All of you adjectives just have your band place. Examples are my brand voice is funny, witty, professional. Okay, and then on the flip side, it's also important title by what your brand voice is not. So next from my brand voice is not serious, rude for arrogant and answers that you come up with. I don't wanna be your road Now your guys tell. Find that balance between sonic professional and keeping your reading but easy for the 6. SEO Best Practices : all right. So as CEO best practices what So Seo search engine optimization is essentially anyone could about you because that's what people. So when you're writing your block most, it's important to think about words. Popular search words simpler using Google or other search engine tools. So search word should be part of your headline and should also be incorporated throughout your post. Um, essentially, don't just letter your content with words, because that's good point. You want to write for humans first and making sure that your content is valuable quality that's gonna get you. Another important thing to consider is your meta description description. When searching Google, you come up with a list of surges title, usually a minute description, and that provides a brief and concise summary of your websites content and let your audience know exactly what they're gonna find when they visit. Next thing to consider is four count. Um, And again, this is one that doesn't answer No. Great, right. These best I can do is give you a recommended workout. Essentially 300 words there bare minimum drink. I don't 300. I think 500 words is considered. Okay, you're getting close. Almost there, ideally, want have between 1000 and 1500 words. This will ensure that you have written a well rounded story with valuable content 100 words . That's something. Just make sure that you have spectacular quality content that's gonna keep your engaged throughout. 7. Review Tips : all right. It's so exciting. You're almost done. You're ready to publish your blood post, but not before you. Super crucial, super important makes regular time to review your work. So confident that you're sharing really high quality and expert. So essentially, there's two parts serve you broken like this first part is reviewed your content. Um, this is where you're gonna ask either here or subject matter expert to review. And this really work often times for sharing Block hunted because we're looking to establish a friend as a thought leader in ST and often times people are actually doing writing experts. I've many blood, both where I was not an expert on the subject, but rely them just research and then a subject matter expert to review that work, to make sure that relevant, correct content to post super important. The next part revealed is making your interview for correct spelling. You put so much work into crafting this excellent block post you do not want it ruined by something is the bendable as misspellings grammar. So even if you're not really great writer, that's official job. Their tools out there that will help catch silly Miss Billings silly grammar errors called Family is a chrome extension, and we just download that right to your chrome browser, and it will help catch facility silly mistakes, you know, no one. 8. Conclusion: guys. I hope you enjoyed this wheelchair class. And I hope you have the confidence you could go out right a block post. You can't wait to share, have you writing?