How to Write B2B Case Studies That Convert Prospects Into Customers | Rachel Foster | Skillshare

How to Write B2B Case Studies That Convert Prospects Into Customers

Rachel Foster, CEO of Fresh Perspective Copywriting

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10 Videos (43m)
    • Introduction

    • Lesson 1: Why Are Case Studies Important?

    • Lesson 2: What Is a Case Study?

    • Lesson 3: Find Happy Customers

    • Lesson 4: Complete a Creative Brief

    • Lesson 5: Interview Your Customer

    • Lesson 6: Outline Your Case Study

    • Lesson 7: Write Your Case Study

    • Lesson 8: Make Final Edits

    • Lesson 9: Promote Your Case Study


About This Class


Case studies are one of the most powerful forms of B2B content.  

Nine out of ten B2B buyers say that online customer success content has a major effect on their purchasing decisions.[1] Meanwhile, 71% of B2B buyers in the awareness stage and 77% in the evaluation stage cited testimonials and case studies as the most influential types of content.[2]  

This class will teach B2B marketers how to write case studies that turn prospects into customers. You will learn:  

  • My proven, step-by-step process for writing case studies. A great case study is as much about the process as it is about the writing.
  • How to get customers to open up and share their amazing stories with you. I will give you the exact questions that I use when I interview customers.
  • Quick and easy ways to promote your case studies and reach a wider audience.

You will also write a case study for your class project. By the end of the project, you will have a compelling story that you can share with potential customers.

[1] CMO Council

[2] hawkeye





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Rachel Foster

CEO of Fresh Perspective Copywriting

Rachel Foster is a B2B copywriter and the CEO of Fresh Perspective Copywriting. She helps B2B marketers improve their response rates, clearly communicate complex messages, and generate high-quality leads.

Rachel blogs for the Content Marketing Institute and Business 2 Community. She has also taught white paper, sell sheet, and case study writing for MarketingProfs and was one of the Online Marketing Institute's Top 40 Digital Strategists of 2014.

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