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How to Work with Interior Design Styles Like a Pro! Part 1 of 2

Erikka Fogleman, Interior Designer

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24 Videos (4h 44m)
    • Course Introduction

    • Introduction to Formal Interior Design Styles

    • Traditional Interior Design Style

    • English Country Interior Design Style

    • Modern French Interior Design Style

    • Mediterranean Interior Design Style

    • Introduction to Casual Interior Design Styles

    • Coastal Chic Interior Design Style

    • Scandinavian Interior Design Style

    • French Country Interior Design Style

    • Tuscan interior Design Style

    • Bohemian Interior Design Style Part I

    • Bohemian Interior Design Style Part II

    • Farmhouse Interior Design Style

    • Western Interior Design Style

    • Introduction to 21st Century Interior Design Styles

    • Transitional Interior Design Style

    • Contemporary Interior Design Style

    • Urban Modern Interior Design Style

    • Introduction to Retro Inspired Interior Design Styles

    • Mid Century Modern Interior Design Style

    • Industrial interior Design Style

    • Art Deco Final

    • Zen Final


About This Class

With so many different interior design styles available today, do you find yourself getting overwhelmed and unsure of how to choose a style or pull off a style well in your own home? It becomes even more complicated when you want to mix different interior design styles but are unsure of how to do that so it looks fabulous and well pulled together, instead of flat out chaotic.  

To that end, this 2-part course has been created to help you understand the defining characteristics of 18 different popular interior design styles today so that you can either create one of those styles in your own home and/or learn how to easily and effectively mix different styles on your own.

This entire 2-part course will go fairly deeply into 18 different and distinct interior design styles in areas that include:

  • Defining furniture characteristics
  • Common materials used in each style
  • Appropriate color schemes and patterns for each style
  • Window and floor covering options for each style
  • Lighting, artwork and accessories appropriate to each style
  • Retailers that carry furnishings for each particular style

Part 2 of this course will be focused entirely on how to mix styles well using a simple, formulaic approach and by learning which styles naturally work well together.

This multi-course is a great choice for anyone wanting to learn more about different interior design styles and how to mix them successfully on their own, and for interior designers who want to brush up their skills on different interior design styles.

Join me for a exciting journey into the world of interior design styles!

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Excellent interior design course for learning about different types of interior design styles.





Erikka Fogleman

Interior Designer

While Interior design is my main career and passion, I also absolutely love to teach others, so I am thrilled to have found Skillshare so that I can share that passion and knowledge with others just like you.

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